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Posted by: TouyaShiro Feb 6 2012, 11:13 PM
Mods, read this first! If this thread is not in the correct place, please direct it over somewhere else - I'm starting by talking about Maximum Tune's music, but I might be talking about the other soundtracks as well so I'm a bit lost on this. For now, since the Wangan Midnight General Discussion talks about music, I'll post this here.

Edit: Just corrected the title to match the Topic Title.

- Sounds of S30Z: A look into the many themes common to characters & settings of the Wangan Midnight franchise -
Act 1: Maximum Tune

The first thing I want to start with in discussing this is to draw comparisons. Listen to these tracks: - - -
Notice that they all start on the same note (E for those who aren't able to figure it out or don't know their music well).
Similarly, the 10 Outrun music in the OST from where they come from has three pieces of music in one track - in the game this would be changed according to what opponent you were facing, like progressing to the last "stage" of Just Flat Out's third music during Level 1 of 10 Outrun facing the final opponent, Blackbird.
To finish off my post before I let you guys draw comparisons to other tracks (hint: try looking for what I would call a mix of Destination Blackout and Get You Cornered in the MT4 Soundtrack!), a good thing to notice is that Maxi1 and Maxi2's Entry, Select and Result themes are very similar (Maxi2 essentially gives it a "more tranced remix", per se).

What I'm looking for in your responses is to see if you guys have noticed any other motifs with any theme of the franchise that are common to what they are associated with - a good clue to start is to look for the pieces of music that play at specific points during Maximum Tune's Story Mode - often a track is specifically created for certain characters at points in time, such as Get You Cornered for some rivalries between the Devil Z and Blackbird. I especially want to see someone try to find a track that sounds more like a Blackbird track than The Final Count Down (while I don't think it's a Blackbird association other people do) which I believe to be less of a specific car theme to more like a theme of eternal rivalry (given that it often plays when either two or both of them are around from what I've heard).
See you later! ~TouyaShiro

Edit 2: Almost a week and I thought there would be at least one message from someone. I feel a bit lonely here sad.gif

Posted by: Wanderer Mar 29 2012, 03:01 AM
Not to call Mr. Koshiro lazy, but I think he was just recycling his ideas on what that certain stage should sound like. I'm not all that good at the technicals of anything really, but I am more in tune with what it makes me feel, or is trying to. All of those are actually a bit more intense than the actual race music, because it's meant to get you psyched and pumped up about what your about to do. Fast paced bass, high and rising synth all is meant to get you motivated to win the coming bout. Just my $00.02USD laugh.gif

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