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> The World Outside Wangan, Post your days outside MT3..
Posted: May 5 2009, 09:51 AM
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Ahhhhh... I'm having a fun day. I've been racing people on Forza 2 and the most recent 10 races were cat-and-mouse races. So much fun!
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Posted: May 6 2009, 11:43 AM
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Back in the saddle.

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Brake job on my car, and the lower caliper slide on the driver's side seized again, and the air wrench rounded off the hex end. Took a reciprocal saw to it last night, and between PB Blaster, heat, and my biggest meanest pair of vice grips, shit's going nowhere. Sad part is that if it were the top slide, I could just ignore it and swing the caliper up to change pads.

It's looking like it's new caliper time. Oh well, I knew this was coming anyway. $45 for a new caliper with a core is pretty much a steal, I was willing to pay that for a used one to get the car back on the road by tonight.

Now, it's time to grab a jar and make a bleeder kit.
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Posted: Aug 16 2016, 06:12 PM
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My apologies for the necro-post, especially that I'm part of the Mod team nowadays. Just felt a bit nostalgic and decided to look at one of the threads that I started from way back. Now that the Random Thoughts thread has succeeded this thread in it's purpose, I'm closing this one.

Geez, I suddenly feel so old. :ph34r2:
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