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> Speed Legend Infinite - Akiyama Chronicles, work in progress dedicated to wmeforums
Posted: May 9 2009, 11:38 PM
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i like nuts

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Dont know whats 1u but im from the good state of Texas i tell you what
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Gunma's 34
Posted: May 10 2009, 04:06 AM
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a.k.a. MyogiWarrior34

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I wish GT4 provided more chapters too... but I guess I have to stick with what is provided... besides, the graphics look good as it is now... ;D Be working on chapter 4 so stay tuned!!
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Posted: May 10 2009, 07:47 AM
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Wangan Noob King

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ooh..texas??wrong person then...hell..i saw this same guy exactly ur name in mt3...so i was juz wonderin...xD
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Posted: May 11 2009, 12:08 AM
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Pimp It Up

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Awesome story, as usual.

Well, good luck then. I eagerly await the return of the Lightning Angel .
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Gunma's 34
Posted: May 11 2009, 04:08 AM
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a.k.a. MyogiWarrior34

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Oh, don't worry, Paladorinas... he will return... with better news, his R34 will be in GRAN TURISMO FORM!! Anyway, here's the next chapter that follows where Daiki is left off at in Ch. 3:

Chapter 4 - Revenge: Futility's Falter

The Purple Mazda RX-8 closes in on Daiki's 350Z - It's Shin's RX-8. Shin has a lot of guts to challenge Daiki after seeing what happened to the seemingly unchallenged Toyota Supra moments ago. The sun sets slowly behind the skyline as another race commences. Shin kept on flashing his hi-beams at Daiki's Z daring him to accept his challenge. "What would make you different from the Supra earlier?" Daiki uttered to himself as he glances at his rearview mirror. Shin kept flashing at Daiki since the latter rejected his challenge for a kilometer now...

"Agh... fine. Have it your way." Daiki pressed down on his accelerator and plans to pull away from Shin. "I knew you'd do that, Z!" Shin exclaimed happily. He follows by pressing further on the gas to catch up to the Z. Miraculously, the RX-8 did keep up with the Z down the C1 inner loop entry, facing Rainbow Bridge. Daiki heard a familiar hissing sound as soon as the RX-8 shifts gears... "A high pressure turbine?" He was right about the sound. Shin installed a high pressure, stage 5 turbine on his 20B NA Rotary engine, making over 600 horsepower. This is bad for Daiki as his Z only currently has 438 horsepower, making Shin gain an instant win if it's a straight line match. There was one thing clear, though... this is the C1 inner loop. Out of all the wangan routes, this is the most technical of them all. Shin has the advantage on the long straights but Daiki could comprehend that with the variety of corners presented on the C1.

Shin easily passed Daiki from the fast lane, reaching speeds of 269 km/h in just 18 seconds. Daiki, not falling behind, keeps sight of the RX-8 in front of him. "It's just a rotary..." he utters... Daiki thinks that he could play around with Shin for the time being, pretending to lose at valid parts of the route and surprise him at the last moment.

Distance between the RX-8 and the 350Z aero is close to a hundred meters with not much traffic in front of them. Down a high speed corner, Shin, glides towards the inside as he taps his accelerator upon entry. Daiki, on the other hand blasts through the corner with full acceleration. Daiki sees a pair of trucks running side by side down the highway and plans to hide at the edge of one of them. Shin calmly runs in between the 2 trucks as he maintains his top speed. Glancing at the rearview mirror for a moment, he felt relieved. "X-8, I have avenged you..." He told his car as he continues to run down the sunset-coated road. Entering the Hamazakibashi branch opening, Shin slows down to gear 3 and power-overs through the corner. A huge powerslide was made; Shin waits for the tachometer to drop and suddenly increase again before he could shift to gear 4. Entering the high speed S curves into the tunnel, Shin suddenly felt the loss presence of the Z. "Did I win?" Suddenly, from his left, the Z appears powersliding with Daiki's foot off the accelerator. "Na-na-NANI!?" Shin exclaimed. As soon as the nose of the Z is leading, Daiki presses hard on the gas causing his Z to power over into the inside, he immediately countersteers and clears the corner with the 350Z infront of the RX-8 again.

Shin was in shock as he sees Daiki clear the rest of the Ginza area without braking. He could see from Daiki's behind that the exhaust burped out balls of flame as he removed his foot off the accelerator upon entry and rockets midway through the apex. Shin attempts it but hits his brakes as soon as his RX-8 begins to understeer, trying to clear the corner at the same speed as the 350Z. He made it out alive yet... sees no sight of the 350Z anymore. Before he could even reach the final end of the Ginza area, the place with the 3 slopes, he slows down admitting defeat and runs at the casual speed of more to less than a hundred kilometers an hour.

As for Daiki, he is drifting through the Edobashi branching and drifts down the tight slope at gear 4, with a speed of 189 km/h. This isn't his Z at its finest but he's still working on turning it to the best Wangan car ever; he only has one thought though against this: 'If I find driving the Wangan boring... then why am I forcing myself to perfect my car's tuning of it?' Is it really this thrilling? He finds an exit around Kandabashi and brings his car there to take a break before heading home. He pulls over to the left side, drops down to the city and parks his car at the Parking area near it. He steps out of his car and buys a can of soda from the vending machine; he took out some money and pressed the Pepsi icon. Daiki sat on the bench near his car and observes the landscape. The sun has already set and the night sky is about to perch over Tokyo. The lights lit up and Daiki notices an odd car bringing forth an immense aura: A white Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II with its back facing Daiki. He looks closer at the lower right end of the Skyline to see the icon: N1. "A lightweight GT-R in the Wangan... that's rare... majority of GT-Rs that trod the Tokyo highways are frikking heavy and lose their tire traction easily. He looks up to see a carbon stock wing equipped on the GT-R.

Daiki decided to stand up and observe the R34 next to his Z even more. He looks at the front to see a 1998 Lightweight Skyline BNR34 I hood. Looking at the front, he sees a similar front bumper to that of the Nismo Z tune; only with canards. The Rims are BBS branded with the mesh lightweight aluminum kind. Not only that... the body is labeled with the MINE'S tuning decals along with a few other tuning and part companies around it. The car from that standpoint happens to be a replica of the 2000 Mine's Skyline GT-R... only in the updated form of the V-spec II N1 type...

"Fine car isn't it?" a voice from behind Daiki told him. The latter glanced to see a gold haired, good looking Japanese youth stare at him with much eagerness. "Hi. I am Raymond Yamazaki. And you are?" Raymond said as he extends his hand to Daiki. "I'm Akiyama Daiki. Just call me Daiki." he replied. "Alright Daiki." Raymond eagerly answered back. "To be honest, I was looking at your 350Z too. This is your Z, right?" Daiki nods back.

"Hmm... I've heard rumors..." Raymond thought out loud; intentionally making Daiki listen. "There's a rumor that a mysterious 350Z has defeated one of the reigning champions around here... a silver Evolution 8..." Daiki knew who it was. Raymond was obviously talking about Seiji. "You up for a race?" Raymond immediately asked. "I am dying to see how your Z performs..."

In fact, Daiki was utterly curious to what this N1 type GT-R could do down the Wangan. Daiki accepts with a nod which made Raymond very happy. "I'll lead." He said to Daiki who didn't bother to answer back. They rode in their cars afterwards and the Z starts to follow the white R34. Raymond didn't tell Daiki of his Wangan name: Lightning Angel since he thinks this might disturb Daiki's driving. To tell you the truth, it didn't matter to Daiki. He'd race anyone, anytime yet would not find any delight in it since there's nothing for him at the end of the battle.

As soon as the line is passed, Raymond pressed further on his accelerator and blasts his way down the Wangan. Daiki sits calmly and follows the R34, equalling his pace with the GT-R's...

To Paladorinas, is it alright if your GT-R in GT4 is the Mine's version? Because the original exterior upgrades of your car are the following: (Note: This is possible in the The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift game [PS2])

Car: Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II N1
hood: R-tune carbon type
body: Nismo S-tune replica by Bomex
rims: Yokohama 5 spoke aluminum compound
Muffler: single pipe, purple tip level 5.
wing: GT-type

I'll post a pic of it if you like... but for the next chapter... we'll stick with the GT4 version. Okay with you too?

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Posted: May 11 2009, 06:14 AM
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Wangan Noob King

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Posted: May 11 2009, 10:17 PM
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Pimp It Up

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You took the specs rite out of my mind. Hahaha

I prefer the Z Tune body kit, personally, but it works.

And if possible, could you change the rims to Volk TE37s?

Or Volk CE28s.

I love Volks...Hahahah
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Posted: May 19 2009, 04:22 AM
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Pimp It Up

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Ahh, I eagerly await the new chapter...
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Gunma's 34
Posted: May 21 2009, 11:23 PM
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a.k.a. MyogiWarrior34

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Then, wait no longer. Here it is!!
Chapter 5 - Before the Night Ends

Slowly, the cars crippled as they exit the parking area onto the Wangan, almost exceeding the 100 km/h bracket before entering its territory. There was something odd about how Yamazaki maintained his speed with Daiki; and no it isn't a tap-tap style of pressing the accelerator; he intentionally lets go of the gas, letting Daiki lead the way. "Hmm?" Daiki just hummed in his seat as he observed the GT-R from his rearview mirror. "Show me what you are made of, Z driver. I want you to prove to me the ability you own, as said by the spreading rumors!!" Raymond thought out loud in his seat as he shifts to gear 3 and attempts to blast his way from behind.

Entering one corner into the Chiyoda tunnel, Raymond stomps on his accelerator and breaks free of the tie.

Suddenly, the gap immediately widens. Daiki, however wasn't surprised. "It's typical of a car like that to accelerate that quick. It possessed a peak power of 558 while my Z is still just on the 430 hp bracket. I am not surpised. Not at all. But it doesn't mean I won't let this race stay like this until the end. I'll still win; even if it is a pointless match." Daiki reclined on his seat and firmly grips his hands on the steering wheel.

Exiting the tunnel, onto the Hamazakibashi branching, the gap continues to widen out even more. Daiki kept his eyes glued on the R34, knowing that there is a way to catch up. There wasn't much traffic at this hour so he couldn't pull off any surprise attacks unlike hours ago against Shin. Suddenly, the R34 turned to the right. "Not into the Ginza road?" Daiki gave some thought. Often than not, most of the people who battled him would take the race around the C1. Is Raymon that confident in beating Daiki's Z?

Surprisingly, on one corner, the R34 braked long, thus causing it to lose a lot of precious earned speed. Raymond looks at his rearview mirror; surprised to see the Z catching up upon corner entry.
Lucky For Daiki, they weren't heading to the opposite way heading to the Ohi U-turn slot. They are heading for the Wangan line so Daiki has to make use of the road infront of him to minimize the gap before they could reach the Wangan line. It goes without saying that Daiki wishes to end it before the Wangan line entry to Ohi. Coincidentially, Raymond is thinking of the same thing.

The End road is a mid speed Chicane section until the Wangan line brancing...

Without too much unnecessary braking, Daiki catches up to Raymond's 34 through the corners controlling with just the gas and his power over drifts.

But Lightning Angel Yamazaki refuses to give his lead and fights for it, even through the narrow junctions. Then, the road brances out from 2 lanes to 3. Daiki notices that Raymond is slowly increasing his braking force. He makes use of this opportunity to get close to his GT-R.

Shifting to gear 4 consecutively with the R34, Daiki felt something was wrong. The GT-R is gaining more accelerating force than the 350Z could pull out. Again, the R34 pulls away from the Z.
Realizing that waiting for another opportunity to overtake would take him too long of a time, Daiki positions the Z right behind the GT-R to lessen the chances of it pulling away further. Yes, he entered the slipstream behind the R34.

Luckily for Daiki, despite the long stretch of road as they turned right onto the Wangan line, he stayed right behind the more powerful R34. Entering the Tokyo Port tunnel, he breaks free at the point where the apex changes in radius, from a straight to a corner as some may say.
But, Raymond is still putting up quite a fight, even on the corners.
"I won't let you!!" He hollered as he pressed deeper on the accelerator. A sweat drop rolled down Daiki's cheek as they battle it out on the corner. Even with Raymond's R34 on the outside, he still manages to pull further into the lead.

They make a hard right at the Ohi U-turn but Raymond, who is leading, decides to make a left than a right turn back to the Ginza road leading them into the Yokohane area. Dominating at the corners, Daiki manages to close the gap once more. He grits his teeth due to the annoying decisions that Raymond makes at junction points. :"Does he really want to end this race or what? It's getting late!!" Daiki said in an abruptly annoyed tone.
A soft right bend is where the battle between Daiki and Raymond continues. "The Lightning Angel... the title I've been given. I have to uphold this name!!" Raymond uttered to himself as he makes a hard right with the tires of the GT-R slightly understeering to the side. "Ugh..." He moaned angrily as they past the Future Lab building near Katsushima.
Daiki pushes every bit of his 350Z just to maintain it's distance from the R34.
Through another left, the R34 understeers again. Raymond is getting annoyed. He didn't expect to find a wangan runner that night so he switched his Full slicks for the R compound tires, which have great grip but fades faster than the all superior, long endurance racing slick tires.
At one point past the Heiwajima tollgate, the GT-R understeered greatly and was about to crash into one of the tolls. Raymond braked long and hard to avoid the accident and regain control; costing him the lead and Daiki was able to gain the lead. He rubs the sweat drop off his face and continues to try to outrun the GT-R. But with its lightweight body, the R34 manages to stick to the Z.
As they enter the entrance to the Haneda tunnel with its steep dropping left, the Z understeers too due to its high entry speed. Raymond brakes at the right moment to gain control of his car upon entry. Daiki manages to regain control with just tapping his gas and brakes. As he countersteers softly, he does a clutch kick maneuvere to increase the countersteer force without turning his wheel too much. The gap decereased more. This time, both drivers were sure: whoever reaches the Haneda tunnel first would be the victor of the night. Daiki & Raymond pressed hard on their accelerators as they blast out of the Haneda entrance's exit.

The race looked like a very close dogfight down the straight. As they shift to gear 5, the R34 is gaining ground, closing in on the Z.
Raymond only had one problem in his R34. The gear setup for gear 6 is too wide: yes he will have a higher top speed but it would cost him most of the car's acceleration upon entering that gear, making the R34, that is near the Z, fall back. They were tied as soon as the end point of their gear is close. 7000 to Daiki and 8000 to Raymond. They shifted consecutively; Raymond didn't notice it and...

He lost the chance to regain his lead. Daiki won as his Z entered the Haneda tunnel first with a ruler's width gap from the R34 on its left. Daiki calls it a night and opens his hazards upon entry to the Haneda tunnel. It was the final race of the night and Daiki was satisfied with the outcome.

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And, by the way, Paladorinas... as promised... somewhat... the pic of your car... is in fettman53's thread: Tokyo Xtreme racer stage 3. This goes the same with my character and kirashin's character.
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Gunma's 34
Posted: May 24 2009, 05:31 AM
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a.k.a. MyogiWarrior34

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Speed Legend Infinite: Akiyama Chronicles
Chapter 6 - First Impressions

A week has passed. Things have become more subtle at the Wangan area. If there were anybody racing at all, it would have to be Seiji Tsuchiya and a few living legends trodding around Wangan. Daiki has had enough for a while with running down the wangan so his Z sits soundly at the Akiyama racing School's executive garage. Recently, Daiki requested to the tuning commentators and the students to revert the car's exterior back to stock. During one session, there was a test for the S class students and Daiki is proctoring the exam. At one instance, he dozed off and remembered what he and Raymond "Lightning Angel" Yamazaki talked about during their last battle...

[Daikoku Futo Parking area. 7 Days ago. 11:07 p.m.]

The Z and R34 came to a halt at the Daikoku Futo parking area. There was a vending machine nearby and both drivers stepped out and bought 2 cans of Fruit cola. Raymond fixed his hair and started to talk: "That was the greatest battle that I ever had... of all the competitors I've battled, you're the only one who gave it to me." "Is that flattery? Because I sure don't think so. Whatever I've done never pleased anyone." Daiki uttered. "Nonsense. This is true. I've been in the street and pro racing business for a long time and..." "Really? So have I." "Sure? Anyway," Raymond coughed. "...and I have raced many competitors of your calibur. Nearly all have faltered over my R34 N1. You are so far the only one who has defeated my record." Raymond stares at the night sky for a moment of silence.

"Raymond..." Daiki uttered. "So you're a legend at these parks?" He asked. "You haven't heard of the Lightning Angel? That's actually me. I heard too stories of a mysterious unrelenting 350Z around the Wangan roads so when I noticed your Z... I gave this conclusion that you are that mysterious Z driver." Raymond gave thought. "I don't believe much in rumors..." Daiki honestly mentioned. "nor am I that up to date with stories of Wangan figures... but I could tell that you have honed this skill of yours for a long time now, Raymond." "Please, call me Ray." Raymond chuckled. "I have. This is how I spent my wealth... part of it to be frank. And I think it is well worth it." Daiki looks at the same sky that Raymond was looking at too. "Someday... I'd like to meet you again and race you one more time." Raymond turned to Daiki and gave a serious smile. "Someday. But not within this moment. I'm still... searching." "Searching?" "For what I desire within this life on the Wangan..." Daiki humbly admits. "well I hope you find it soon so that not only I would enjoy this battle... you would too... Don't let this knowledge and skill you possess go to waste."

Raymond walks over to his R34 and makes a gentle sweep with his left hand. "This R is made equally for circuit and highway use. I now know what it does at full potential and I thank you for that." He opens the door and gets in his car. Turning on the ignition, the finely tuned RB26DETT engine roars immensely at its courageous tone. Raymond opens his window and says to Daiki one last time "Until then, Daiki. I'll be seeing you soon here." Raymond finishes. He shifts the car to R at full throttle on the empty parking area, pulls his E-brake, does a 180 spin, and leaves the parking area in full force. Daiki just stared at the R34 that has left his sight.

"Sir Daiki.,,"

"Sir Daiki..."


[Akiyama Racing School, Present Day, 4:45 p.m.]

"Huh?" Daiki said in a blurr. He dozed off thinking of what just happened a week ago. He looks to see most of the class done with the exam and are handing their papers at Daiki. "Oh, did I kept you waiting?" he asked the class. "No sir." One of the male students in front uttered. "We just finished." "The test was short but was hard. We took our time but I think it is well worth it." another student said as his repositions his glasses on his face. "That's good." He said with a pale smile. "Alright. Just hand them over and I'll see you all tomorrow." Daiki said.

It was a thursday and the class seems to take the lesson well. From afar, Daiki could hear a pair of stomping feet becoming louder at each step. Thomp. Thomp. Thomp! Thomp! He even heard one of the students 'eek' out. Near the classroom where Daiki was proctoring, he saw a famished Kitana leaning next to the wall. "So sorry I'm late. Our principal lectured our batch too long and I wasn't able to get out... C-Could I still take the test? I'm well ready for it!!" Kitana insisted. Daiki just gave a huge sigh. "The test was over." He said to Kitana straight.


Kitana broke down in shame. Her left hand aided her body as she fell on her knees on the floor. "I said that I would do my best when I said I'll be part of the S-class... I guess I'm not proving myself worthy of my word, am I?" Kitana softly uttered to herself. Daiki couldn't feel sorry for Kitana. She really wanted to be part of the class but was already late for 3 days, yet he could see her drive on this. She really wanted to be a racer at this youthful age. He could see the potential that she has in her. "Well..." he quoted. "There's still a way." Kitana suddenly felt a ray of hope shine at her and jumps with joy. "THERE IS!?" She exclaimed. "Since classes are done and I am the only person left in the building, hows say you take the test now?" Daiki got on his knees and held Kitana by the shoulders. "You want to, right?" He asked her with a smile. Suddenly, Kitana's heart starts to race; beating faster and faster as she could still feel Daiki's palm right on her. She gave a slow nod to Daiki.

[CLASS S-3, Akiyama Racing School, 5:12 p.m,]
Kitana is halfway through the test and Daiki is still in the room proctoring her. Kitana browses through the remaining questions and looks at Daiki consecutively. Daiki leans back on the teacher's seat and still looks at her. Kitana suddenly broke into famished sweat and quickly passed out infront of Daiki. "?" he stated as he looked at Kitana. Her hand is still writing on the answer sheet, even when unconscious but she isn't writing the answers...

~Daiki + Kitana~

She doodled all of that at the edges of her test paper. When she got back to her senses, she panicked and enclosed her arms on her test paper. She was all red and ashamed; passing out during the exam with just her and Daiki in the room. "Gomene... Daiki sempai" she whispered.

[CLASS S-3, Akiyama Racing School, 5:28 p.m.]
Kitana hands over her test paper to Daiki. "Here, sir." "C'mon. You don't need to be THAT formal on me." Daiki told Kitana as he took the paper from her hands. "let me check it right now." he said as he turns the paper around. Kitana was in a praying position as she walks away from him. "Please don't get mad, please don't get mad, please don't get mad..." she prayed. Lucky for her, he ignored the doodles and just kept checking. After a minute of checking Daiki shows Kitana her test results. "Here." He hands her the paper with the empty page facing her. She turns around to see "93%"

Her hands were shaking. She couldn't believe it. "Congratulations." Daiki commented. "Guess you are right with your word afterall. You deserve it." Unconsciously, she gives Daiki a big hug with a smile. She came to her senses again, blushed immensely, and pushed herself away from Daiki. "I guess you need some rest." Daiki said. "Go home, don't go anywhere else. Take a long rest and get ready for your school tomorrow. I'll see you tomorrow at 4. Don't be late this time, okay?" Daiki told Kitana who gave a huge "hai!" in return.

[Next day... Akiyama Racing School, 4:00 p.m.]

Kitana arrived at the racing school, all parched. "I'm here sem..." Daiki wasn't there. It was Naoko, one of his colleagues. "Ah, you're the one Daiki's referring to. The underaged..." Naoko commented. "W-where WHERE'S SEMPAI?" "Daiki you mean? He called this morning and said that he called in sick. He won't be coming today." Naoko apologized. "Sempaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!" Kitana shouted out. "Aw, this is so unfair!"

Somewhere at the Tokyo commercial district, Daiki just walked around. He wasn't sick at all. He went window shopping at male clothe stores, played a bit at the arcade, and dined out to ease his mind. He sat at one bench at the Ueno park after all that commercial ventures he had. He looks at the autumn sky, watching the leaves fall down, red and yellow altogether. Some time has passed and someone caught Daiki's attention. Near the sidewalk at the edge of the park, she saw somebody checking the engine bay of a foreign sports car. "Hmm? Who could that be?" He looks at the person's outfit. "A skirt and coat? Hmm... A woman, obviously. I better help her out. She's been there for more than 10 minutes so she must be having a hard time dealing with her car." He stood up and approached the woman. As he got closer the look of the car is familiar to him now: a Porsche Boxster S. "A 01' model Porsche, eh? Excuse me, is it alright if I he-"

"Yes, monsieur?" The woman replied as she faced Daiki. She had mid length, bright blonde-brown hair and flashing green eyes. She had a very wonderful facial structure with peach-like cheeks, unlike ordinary typical french women, her complexion was like that of a model's. She is as high as Daiki, in terms of height. The woman moves her hair to the side to look at Daiki. His heartbeat suddenly raced. "What is this feeling?"

"Is something wrong?" the woman asked.
"No-nothing. Here. Let me help." he said and walked towards her.
He stood next to her and checks the problem. "Hmm... a flat 6 engine, eh?"
"You seem pretty familiar with your vehicles, Monsieur." the woman spoke. "Oh me? I'm in the automotive business. This is nothing for me?"
"Really? That's quite neat. I really adore men who are very familiar with their vehicles compared to their familiarity with women."
Daiki in a sudden shock, rose his head; thus, hitting the trunk in the process. "Ow!" "Did you get hurt?" "T-this is nothing." he assured her.
Looking deeper into the engine bay, Daiki found something unusual stuck near the engine. "I see your problem, miss." The woman got close to him asking "What is it then?"

Blushing at her, Daiki immediately points to the problem: a piece of cardboard paper stuck near the cooling system of the Porsche Boxster. "No wonder the engine is heating up faster than usual." The woman thought to herself. Daiki ripped the piece of cardboard off to shreds until part of them he got it and part of it fell down the underbody.

"There we go. All better." Daiki noted. "Oh..." the woman noticed on Daiki - his arms are covered with grease. She took something from the car's interior and told Daiki to show her his arm. She had a damp cloth with alcohol on it and wiped the grease off his arms. Daiki just blushed in his place and watched her clean it like a concerned sweetheart.

"I don't know how to thank you um..."
"It's Daiki. Daiki Akiyama." Daiki introduced himself. "I'm 20 years old, I own the Akiyama Racing School, still single, I like to eat chicken and..."
The woman just laughed. She wasn't asking much of Daiki's bio data still, he gave it away.
"Did I do something wrong?"
"you're funny. I like guys who are funny..."
"!!... what was you name again?"
"My name is... Claudia Fortescue. But people call me Chloe. Chloe as in: kuh-low-i. Got that?"
"Claudia... or Chloe... I got it."
With that, she ran off. Halfway to her pink Boxster... she stopped. "Um, Daiki-san... when... would I meet you again?"
"You want to meet me again?" He asked again in an awkward tone.
"Well..." she thought. Daiki just gave a huge sigh to himself took out his phone and gave it to Claudia. "Type it."
"Your phone number and e-mail."
"Oh... okay."
Claudia... eh, Chloe texted onto Daiki's cell her e-mail and cell phone number. Daiki called the number and dismissed it when Chloe attempted to answer it. "Save the number."
"Okay. I'll Tell you when and where you want to meet. Je vous verrai bientôt !."
She ran off straight to her Porsche and drove off.
"When and where eh?" he wondered. He looks at his cellphone to check on Chloe's number. He stared at it and suddenly his heart starts racing again.
"Is this..." Daiki thought as he touched his chest.
"...love at first sight?"

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Posted: May 24 2009, 07:28 AM
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Wangan Noob King

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ooh..cool..love story..xD..
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Posted: May 24 2009, 11:33 PM
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Wangan Midnight Sky King

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cars, women, and money is all that matters in street racing world. If you got too much on one side, it's all become unbalanced, and therefore it'll look boring. Nice one (now Daiki know what it's like to like a girl XD)
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Hehe, love story.

Wow, that R34 is sexy. I am buying one of those in my GT4 game. Hahaha
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At last! After another long wait, chapter 7 is up. Lemme know what you all think, okay?

Chapter 7 - Priorities

[Akiyama Racing School; Friday 7:07 p.m.]

It's the late hour at the Akiyama Racing school. Only a handful of employees stayed for the sole purpose of checking the condition of the vehicles for Tomorrow's exhibition day and second hands on of the current students of the S-class. Kitana had already missed the first hands on exhibition and is feeling quite a bit gloomy about it. The person leading the check-ups of the entire garage committee is Naoko Takahashi. Tying her hair into a slender ponytail, she flips it to one side and takes out a clipboard to do a status check and discussion of the recent condition of the vehicles listed in it.

"Are the cars good to go for tomorrow?" She asked all the mechanics.
"Yes ma'am" all have confirmed.
"Tomorrow, it will be under the jurisdiction of the students as to which tire compound they'll be requesting for tomorrow's exhibition."
"With all that settled, I think we managed to finished everything undertime."
"SIR!!" All of the mechanics stood still like a troop of soldiers upon seeing their commanding officer. Actually, it was Daiki.
"Sir Daik- I mean, Sir Akiyama. Good evening." Naoko greeted.
"So" he said with a smile, "How's the final check up?"
"Um... good to go?"
"Glad to hear that. You may all go home now." Daiki told to everybody in the garage.

The mechanics stretched their legs, removed their jackets and walked out of the racing school, feeling famished and angst to get home in order to sleep. When Naoko turned around to ask Daiki something, he disappeared. "Daiki? Where are you?"

Daiki is actually in his office; it's the obvious place for Naoko to find him first. She arrived right on time to see Daiki sitting there by his table, thinking. He had his first two upper buttons of his long sleeved shirt unbuttoned and his sleeves folded. Daiki just stared at the shining moon right out his window, looking as if he was hypnotized or drunk. "Are you alright Daiki?"

"I think..."
"That's not a good sign." Naoko shrugged.
"...I'm in love..." Daiki said.
This shocked Naoko and she dropped her clipboard upon hearing the news. Is he really the serious Daiki Akiyama whom she is working for? But the ambiance, however, is driving Naoko closer to him. Daiki does have astounding good looks for an automotive business man. It's quite fascinating to look at him in the dark with the moon reflecting its light at his face. Naoko's heartbeat starts to thump harder and harder by the minute. She has been working for Daiki for the past 4 years; make that ever since this Akiyama racing school was made. She had no feelings for Daiki right until now, when she saw him smile for the whole night.

"So..." She curiously stated. "Who are you in love with?"
"A woman from France. Her name is Chloe..."

Exposing the name of who Daiki likes somewhat gave a bittersweet effect on Naoko. She shows happiness for Daiki's success but is in pain as to why it isn't her. She's pretty; Naoko I mean, but Daiki evidently has no interest in women at all right until he met Chloe.

"R-really?" She said in a surprised tone. "Congratulations, Daiki. I'm happy for you (yet at the same time, envious)"
"She's like the most beautiful western woman I have met. Her looks captivated me for some reason." Daiki said with the same drunk face.

"W-what's she like?"
"Blonde hair, a great figure, a smile of a goddess, all that you could ever think of and wished to have..." he said still with the same drunk face.
Naoko was quite disturbed about that last statement. "What in the hell are you saying Daiki?"
"I just feel as if I am walking on air, that's all."
"Pfft. Give me a break." Naoko shrugged incessantly.

Daiki gets rid of his love sick face as he tilts to face Naoko. "By the way, it's late at night. Shouldn't you like go home and rest?" Daiki asked all of a sudden.
"I can't until I get your viewpoint on this."
"What is it all about?"
"It's about Kitana Tioseco."
"What about her?"
"She missed day 1 of our hands on exhibitions. We have a policy for all students to synchronize their hands on activities so that they won't cause a casualty on the next hands on session. What are we gonna do about it?"
"I have a plan." Daiki smirks. "Leave her to me. She'll be ready by Monday. I guarantee you that."

Daiki and Naoko left the office together and closed the entire place for the night.
"Is everything set?" Daiki asked before he boards his 350Z, which was by the way returned to its stock body. Naoko nods in agreement. "Good. I'll drive you home."
"Y-you don't have to do that. Just until the station is fine."
Naoko boards the Z as well as soon as Daiki steps foot on the car. He turns on the gas and drive off.

"Say, Daiki..." Naoko asked upon stopping at an intersection.
"What is it?"
"I was wondering when could you go to my place... to see my car, you know..."
"Why not now?"
"I-I can't because my place is a mess at the moment." She says with a laugh.
"I'll see what my schedule has for me."
Naoko just sat on her seat and decides not to talk to Daiki at the moment. She starts thinking to herself, 'so this is the Daiki I know. A bit cold but concerned. I wonder what is in that girl he keeps talking about back at the office that intrigues him?'

Daiki dropped Naoko off at the station, bid her farewell, and drives off into the Wangan. He checks his horizon to see if there's anyone gullible enough to challenge him at all. 'Hmm... no takers tonight. Better light up my Hazards just to be sure.' he thought as he did just so.

At the opposite lane, a battle was commencing. Seiji Tsuchiya's Evolution 8 MR is in action as it faces off with a Blue Subaru Impreza version 6 GC8. Down at the long straightway, before the New Belt line junction, the Impreza brakes hard but the body slightly sways awkwardly. "Hmph. Bad brakes I guess..." Seiji uttered as he goes side to side with the Impreza upon braking. Seiji halved his braking power as soon as he gets closer into the corner, whereas the Impreza driver is pressing it with all that he's got. Seiji, in order to break the driver's concentration, nudges the car right onto the lane of the Impreza, nearly causing a collision. The Impreza thought that he plans on crashing to win and raises his e-brake upon panicking. Seiji removes his feet off both pedals as he makes his way into the corner and goes full throttle upon passing the apex clearing the corner perfectly and smoothly.

The Impreza just entered the apex and has a view of the Evo 8: far far away at an estimate of 200 meters in an instant. He slows down upon admitting defeat. Seiji, passing the 155 mph mark speeds down the New Belt line. Seiji enters the tunnel and blasts through traffic like hell. 500 meters away from the tunnel, Daiki is maintaining his cruising speed of 120 mph down the freeway, where coincidentially, Seiji is 700 meters away from the end of the tunnel. At the exact moment, at the tunnel's end from Seiji's point of view, the Evolution 8 and the Fairlady Z clashed lanes. Both drivers, though didn't expect each other to show up and thus ignored their presences... well, one of them actually.

"Akiyama..." Seiji whispered. He knew that it was Daiki's Z that passed on the other side of the road.

[Kitana's General High School, southbound of Tokyo; Saturday 12:15 p.m.]

Kitana and her class is at school for sports practice for the upcoming sports festival by friday. She is leading the class' mixed soccer team to victory with a 'flawless' plan she had in mind. At this moment, they're on the last minute of their practice round. She's running to the opposing team's goal with just her and another striker with her at the opponent's mid field area. Back row mid fielders and defenders did their best to attempt sliding tackles on the striker who had the ball. At the moment where the striker nearly loses his balance upon impact, he kicks it to Kitana 20 meters away.

The kick was far off and Kitana decides to jump to reach it. She does a diving header and aims the ball at the left edge of the goal. The ball was going high so the goalie thought that she was aiming for the upper left corner. She jumps at the wrong moment to block it - too early. The ball loses its vertical momentum and is slowly falling towards the ground as it still flies over to the goal. The ball flies below the goalie's shirt and hits the net. Goal! Kitana scored the last goal of the game.

"Woo hoo! Kit! you were awesome!!"
"We'll definitely win the soccer games of the festival by Friday!!"
"You guys are right!" Kitana smiled happilly.

[15 minutes later]

The entire class is ready to leave for their personal trips. Kitana runs off to the school's entrance. She is wearing just a simple pair of denim pants, right until the middle of her legs, her everyday sneakers, and a red, sleeveless windbreaker with a standard sando inside of it. She stops to check her change if it is enough for the train fare.

"Hmm... let's see... train fare today is at 350 yen per head... let's see... 100...200...50..."
"You don't have to do that, you know... counting your change in broad daylight..."

Kitana turns to see somebody she wasn't expecting at all, leaning next to a shiny 350Z. It is Daiki.

"D-D-D-Da-Dai-Daiki Sempai? W---what are you doing here?"
"I'm here to pick you up."
Her heart staggers upon hearing that.
"I'm going to tutor you to catch up to the rest of the group."
"Are you with anyone?" Kitana asks out of the blue.
"Nope. It would be just you and I for the afternoon."
"I see. (Ya-tah!!)" Kitana smiles at Daiki. She runs off to the passenger side of the Z and enters it.
"Well? What are we waiting for? Let's go!!" She addressed Daiki with a fist up in the air.

[Akiyama Racing School - Motorland exhibition course; Saturday 1:00 p.m.]
Everything is quiet at the racing school at this hour. Daiki requested no one to report that day, not even the janitors; all but current B-class and A-class students renting the course for track meet practice sessions. Since he owns it, he has the keys to the entire place and could go in and out as he pleases. He opens the garage gate onto the exhibition tracks and brings his Z to a halt. Both he and Kitana stepped off the car to examine the course.

"What is this place, Sempai?"
"This is where we do most of our exhibition hands on classes. Naoko told me that you missed day 1 so I want you to catch up to the rest for Monday afternoon's day 2."
"So I'll have the first chance to race my Lambo here?"
"Whoa! I wouldn't go that far just yet. This is just part 1 of your solo training. As I told you before, the students I handle are aiming for the pro league even when they're still on their late teens. They're veterans at this and what I teach them is what you could say a basic-veteran course. This is why the S-class students are of the elite group in the entire school." Daiki explains.
"Elite? (Hmm... I do like the sound of that one. Heh heh)" Kitana wonders while chuckling at the end.
"They wouldn't give a damn if you are a kid at all. They'll hate you if you ever beat them. And more so if they knew that I'm giving you special training; they may think I may have favoritisms for little girls taking up big lessons like this..."
"Too bad for them and good for you though..."
"And what is that supposed to mean?" He asked Kitana with a serious face.
"No-no- nothing. heh heh" she reacted with a sweatdrop falling on one side of her face.

"By the way, sempai." Kitana asks.
"You said this is just part 1. What is part 2?"
"If it is okay with you tonight..."
Kitana blushes and says "Yes I am free tonight for dinner."
"I'm kidding again. Heh heh." She was thinking of something that came out of television and just acts out the scene to confuse Daiki but to tell you the truth, she thought it was something else.
"Har har har..." Daiki ironically laughs. "Not what I had in mind but actually, part 2, we'll be going to Doushi Touge to do a run with a couple of my friends from team Kansai."
"This early!?"
"Don't worry. You'll be facing the girlfriend of their youngest member. Don't worry, she's a novice too. Just be cautious about her car."
"What about it?"
"Nothing. You'll see later. For now, choose your vehicle as per training."

Daiki extends his hand, which has a remote control in the end. He presses it and a click out from the garage sounds off; then the gate lifts up revealing two cars...

A red Toyota MR-S 1.8 V edition 2002
A green Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX 1996

"An Eclipse and an MR-S?"Kitana asks.
"Yup. You see, I've observed your Diablo when you first came here and by how it looks, it's a mid engine 4WD... a bit untraditional compared to the Mid Engine RWD of first Diablos. So you need to choose between a pure MR or a generic 4WD based from a FWD."
"I'd definitely go for a pure MR over something generic. I knew that the Eclipse handles more like an FF anyway, which sucks anyway."
"Good for you... to pick the MR-S."
"Hey, sempai. That's my line and thanks."


"Day 1 of our recently concluded exhibition race was about selecting the best line to use in a course. I am pretty sure you know basic acceleration, braking, and cornering skills so we don't have to go over those, even if you are a complete starter at this."
"Okay. My mom said that I should feel my car in order for me to know where I am exactly going." Kitana shared.
"That's a good thought given to you by your mom, Kudos. In order for us to at least get the closest feel of a mid engine 4WD in this MR-S..." Daiki explains as he boards it. "...I changed the compound of the fronts to be a little more harder than the usual. A standard MR would spin out if you're not careful. and a standard 4WD swerves over to the outside if you're not careful either so... we'll try getting to that part in this MR-S. It might spin... or it might swerve to the outside... who knows."
"What will you do, sempai?"

"I'll make a warm up around the track then set my fastest lap time within 5 laps. What you need to do after this is to get your fastest lap time close to this. I'll give you 5 chances as well. If you succeed, as in get it close to half a second, or even beat my basic time... we'll go tonight to Doushi touge."
"Why not straight after?"
"My peers from Team Kansai don't appear until past 7. That's why. Don't worry. you'll be safe with me. Now, let's begin the training session By the way, you'll be running with 5 students from the A-class. I'll demonstrate with the B-class students what you should do. Pay attention."


The MR-S enters the pits and Daiki steps out of the car as soon as he brings it to a complete halt.
"Now, it's your turn." he told Kitana. Who was simply sitting at the pits waiting for Daiki to pull over.
"OKay." She noted as she slowly steps onto the car.
"Hmm..." She noticed. "It feels so compact."
"Alright. To familiarize yourself with the course and the car, I'm giving you one warm up lap. after you pass lap 1, concentrate on breaking the time record, okay? Or at least try to get close to it." Daiki noted. Kitana just nodded her head upon agreement.
She shifts the car to gear 1 properly and the car idly exits out of the pit lane. Once she gets sight of the first corner, she floors it. Daiki had the TCS of the car on so its natural for it to cause skidding during cornering. The car's power, however, lessens those chances and it went smoothly through the first corner at a constant speed of 100+ km/h.


At the moment that they reach lap 2, Kitana's attention is being veered from concentrating on the lap record set by Daiki to fighting the A-class' top student: Hiroshi Hideokawa, driving the dark grey Toyota Supra JZA70.
All of the combatants of the current race are using vehicles which have 170++ horsepower, with Kitana at the lowest advantage, as her MR-S is only at 141 hp. "That JZA..." Kitana utters... "Am I... being drawn by its performance? Or am I being drawn by the driver's performance?"

Entering lap 4, Kitana just reached a time of 51.478; still not passable. Her lap 2 was enough though to pass but Kitana wanted to beat the JZA70 infront of her. The 2 drivers get close to a white Lotus Europa Special, upon entry to the first J-turn. The Europa understeered onto the sand pit. "This is what Daiki is telling me about... I better be careful..." Kitana uttered to herself.


At the last corner, Kitana sees a flaw on the JZA70 & Europa's entry point; they were too centered on the middle of the road. She takes this chance and brakes towards the inside, overtaking the JZA and Europa successively and fights for the lead at the straightway to lap 6.

Well... for two things, it was a double win: Kitana defeated Hiroshi AND got close enough to Daiki's record despite the fact that she had the TCS on , whereas Daiki drove without it, at lap 5: 50.249 seconds. She felt so relieved that she enters the pits while decelerating to idle speed not minding to finish lap 6.

"Well, sempai?" Kitana said as she stepped out of the car. "Did I do good?"
Daiki looks at the watch and sees her time: 0"50.292. "It's a good time. I was expecting that you'd pit in after lap 2 but I guess... being drawn to challenge that JZA70 did something better. Congratulations, Kitana." He said with a smile.
"Now... where do you want to go before we head to that place, sempai?"
"I'll treat you for an afternoon snack at McDonalds. How's that?"
"Neat." She replied with a big smile at Daiki.
They both rode the MR-S and drove off the Motorland speedway.

[Doushi Touge, outskirts of Tokyo - 7:10 p.m.]

Team Kansai's members have gathered for a meeting: A GDB Impreza type V 02', AE86 Levin, AE86 Group-A Trueno, FD3S RX-7 R1, and FC3S RX-7 infini IV. Some have mistaken the last 3 as the famous Project D® from before because of their cars. "Tell me..." Hiroto, leaning on the Trueno, asked. "What is it?" Kyosuke, sitting next to his FC, answered. "You said we're going to meet somebody. Who is it?" "Oh, just a good friend of mine back in the day." Kyosuke answered back. Reisuke, leaning on his FD, could hear an incoming 1.6 liter Toyota engine from afar. "Sounds like a Toyota. But it's rear wheel drive... and the engine is at the back..."
"An MR-S?"

As soon as the red MR-S comes into view and parks at the opposite side of where Team Kansai is, two people stepped out of the car. "Hey, Kyosuke. It's been a while." It was Daiki Akiyama who gave the greeting. "Hey, Daiki. How are you? How's the racing business?" "Oh, the usual. say I got a request for you. Could Masayo, the girl riding the GDB, race my student here one on one downhill, if you don't mind that is?" Daiki requested humbly.

"Why, anything for you Daiki. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have made this team in the first place, eh? Masayo-san!" Kyosuke called out to the girl leaning against her Impreza, talking to her boyfriend sitting in the hood of his AE86 Levin.
"Hai?" she asked as she approached Daiki.
"It's time to put what you've learned in the team so far to the test."
"See that girl with my friend Daiki, the one standing next to the MR-S? I want you to race her one on one downhill. I'll send Hiroto to check on the results at the base and Reisuke by the mid point near the reservoir."
"Wa-kata." Masayo answered in fluent Japanese.
She got on her Impreza and pulled it to the starting line.
"Kitana." Daiki called.
"Yes, sempai?" Kitana eagerly awaited the orders to be told by her teacher.
"Just do what you did with the JZA70 back at the track, you know, following the line your rival took... and you'll win this. After the race, both of you come back up."
"Okay." Kitana humbly answered.
She got on the MR-S and went to the point where Masayo is waiting.
Masayo's boyfriend, Katsushiro also went to the starting point to start the countdown for the two girls.

"Katsushiro-san. Did Kyosuke-san told you to join in as well?"
"No." Katsushiro answered. "He told me to start the countdown for the two of you. It's part of our routine, right?"
"Yeah. I remember. C'mon, let's do this. I'm psyched about racing already, don't you know?"
Masayo, before she boards her car, faces Kitana and does the usual introductions.
"Yorusuku. I am Masayo of Team Kansai. It's nice to meet you." She said as she extends her hand to Kitana.
"Kitana Tioseco. I'm an S-class student of Daiki Akiyama. Nice to meet you too." She answered as she gave her hand too.
The two girls shook on it and got on their cars for the battle to commence.


Katsushiro rose his right hand signaling the start of the countdown. "Alright!! The race will start in THREE!!..."
Masayo and Kitana shifted their cars to gear 1.
They both raised their e-brake.
They timed their accelerator press to the right rpm upon the signal...
Both the MR-S and GDB took off perfectly. Because the Impreza GDB is a 4WD, Masayo gained a lot of ground and positioned her car right infront of Kitana.
Neither driver taunted nor cursed the other upon that attack and they were both silent.
Kitana had her concentration on the Impreza whereas Morishita had her concentration on the road; the wide, speed-tempting road. She (Masayo) tries to calm down and focus on the line that Katsushiro always used in his AE86 Levin.

Back at the parking area with Kyosuke and Daiki...

"So... what's your agenda this evening as to this battle?"
"You never change, do you Kyosuke? Only cars roam around in your mind, isn't it?"
"Well... you have to if you want to go pro. I'm training my group to be just that. It's what they need."
"I can't contradict your logic there." Daiki admits to Kyosuke.
"How's the team then?"
"Well, Hiroto and Reisuke are becoming the drivers I trained them to become; both are good role models at that too. Right now they're focusing on the correct form of drifting. They're not used to concentrating on just drifting but both are doing well. Katsushiro though is a problem; he keeps on insisting that he'll get better but I see not much improvement on his part. Masayo is different, she's improving after every battle I sent her to."
"Talk about proud accomplishments."
"WHY DIDN'T you go pro, Daiki?"
"You have the means, and the school to prove it. Why just limit yourself to this?"
"I'm still searching..."
"For what I really enjoy about driving that might inspire me to become better and finally go pro."
"What? I don't get you."
"It's something that logical thinking wouldn't answer. I tried so, I know and I still couldn't find the answer to it. Perhaps I could find it if I well..."
"Enjoy it a little?" Kyosuke hypothesized with his right index finger and thumb on his chin.
"Enjoy? There's no fun in this."
"Maybe you haven't realized it within yourself, Akiyama. That's something Hiroto shared with me in one session." Kyosuke shared.
Their conversation was interrupted by Katsushiro who called the two enthusiasts concerning the race. Kyosuke took his phone from his leather pants and answered it. "Update?"
"Kyosuke-san, Masayo leads the MR-S. and they have passed 4 corners already."
"That's good be updated. Ask feedback from Hiroto and Reisuke as soon as they come upon their stations."
"Roger." Katsushiro hangs up after that command.
Daiki walks over to the guardrails and stares at the downhill horizon. He starts talking in his mind.
"So Kitana chases, huh?" He wondered then gave a small grin on his face. "Masayo just made things easier for her. Well, if Kitana could catch up that is. Power is exceptionally huge even if this is a downhill; Doushi-touge has a pretty basic area that hi-powered cars could dominate in as well. If Kitana masters this and beats her, I might have her final lesson in mind already." He thought.

During the battle with Masayo and Kitana, the Impreza just increased the gap two fold and is at the exit of one corner whereas Kitana just enters it. Kitana attempts to drift her car at one corner but realizes that she lost a tremendous amount of speed doing so. She grits her teeth upon her mistake and focuses back on the road. "Drifting, even if this is an MR, is a stupid thing to do here; since this MR-S is pure stock. Could I possibly catch up to an A-class Impreza?" Kitana wonders to herself.
Seeing how wide the pass is, is tempting Kitana to go full throttle.
At the tunnel... upon approaching a right hairpin, she enters one corner WITHOUT pressing on the brakes. She just simply lets go of the gas and turns the car as hard as she can. Being an MR, and susceptible to instant spinouts, the MR-S initiates an accel-off kansei [also known as inertial] drift at full speed. Countersteering to prevent a spinout, she was able to exit at an extremely fast speed of more than 100 km/h in a low-powered mid-ship roadster.

Kitana smiles in her seat upon accomplishing such a reckless move. "I like it this way. I'm not so sure if my mom would approve of this but... boy do I like it. Drifting rocks!!" Kitana utters to herself as she continues to speed downhill. Masayo feels relieved without the sight of the MR-S behind her yet she is still serious about the run.
"Kyosuke keeps telling me not to be relieved and just keep going until I finish the race."
She grips through the rest of the corners and reaches the reservoir point of the course.
Reisuke, waiting at the entrance to the reservoir, sees Masayo upon the corner's exit. He immediately calls Daiki and the rest via radio phone and tells the update, as soon as Masayo passes him. Before he could finish dialing, the MR-S is closing in, running at a much faster pace than Masayo's Impreza. "Nani!?" He freaked out as he nearly drops his phone, seeing the MR-S drive by.

Masayo exits the huge, high speed U-turn through the reservoire and looks at her rearview mirror only to be surprised of the comeback of the red MR-S. "H-huh?" Morishita was in total shock. She couldn't believe that the underpowered MR-S kept up halfway. Kitana closes in on the Impreza and manages to get back on its tail.

Exiting another dim light tunnel, Masayo is pressured by the MR-S's close presence. Kitana on the other hand could somewhat predict behind her mind what Masayo would be doing. Normally, entering the inside is a good plan, but entering it at a completely safe speed is way to cautious and slow. Kitana decides to make use of the entire course to follow up her plan on overtaking Masayo. As they enter a mid-to-high speed right hander, Masayo brakes; since Kitana is right behind Masayo, she swerved to the left and decelerates to the right entry speed to gain ground.

Masayo entered too close to the inside that she nearly caused a mark between her Impreza and the guardrail. Kitana doesn't brake and enters the corner with full accleration, letting her car understeer beyond expectations. She continues to steer hard and manages to tie alongside the Impreza upon exit.

They only have to clear 2 more corners before they reach the goal. Masayo goes full throttle as well down the straight to position her car back at the front of the MR-S. Her attempt failed as they have reached the corner's entry point. They brake hard and Masayo does a classic 4WD tactic: the out-in-out. Kitana's entry though was a fatal mistake so she needs to improvise. She enters from the inside, veers towards the outside and re-enters the inside at a slower speed at the exit. "Tsk." She uttered. They're still side by side after that encounter and both girls are giving all they've got. As they enter the last, high speed corner, Masayo does what she never does before: use the grass as a rally terrain to gain ground.
"This way", she noted. "I'll be able to induce part of my car into a slight drift in order for me to gain even more oversteer." She was right, but she forgot one thing: Kitana. She mimics the out-in-out done by Masayo at the corner's entry and exits at a far faster pace than Masayo. Left behind, Masayo cuts her acceleration by half and lets Kitana speed onto the goal; 150 meters away.

Back atop...

Daiki saw a familiar looking car crawl onto the entrance of the Parking area. "Chloe?" He knew because it is a pink Porsche Boxster. Someone steps out of the car and gives a warm "Bonjour" to Daiki.

Kyosuke just ignores Daiki and listens to Hiroto's report, who happens to call on time. "Masayo lost at the last corner. The MR-S won." Kyosuke calmly puts his hand down and thinks about the result. "Looks like she has a long way to go. Masayo isn't fit enough to race students of the likes of Akiyama." Thinking about Daiki had him wondering where he is as he suddenly disappeared. "Daiki? Daiki?" He walks around the parking area then steps on a piece of paper lying on the ground.

Kyosuke reads it and wonders to himself what happens to that guy right after he saw that Porsche...

[10 minutes later, when Masayo, Kitana & the rest of Team Kansai returned...]


"Sorry, Kitana. You just missed him. He left right after your race. He told me to tell you to bring the car back to the school by Monday, till then, it's yours as a training car for the time being." Ryosuke explained.
"Bummer..." Reisuke noted. "Poor girl."
"Sunimasen-desuta." Masayo apologized.
"No need to apologize. You did well, Masayo. It is a good run. I'm actually proud you could last this long now." Kyosuke praised. "Who knows, sooner or later, you might end up as fast as Reisuke, Hiroto... or perhaps take me on."
"Ha...Hai!!" She exclaimed with full confidence.
"Let's go home. I'm beat." Hiroto insisted.
"Very well. We'll meet up at Akagi next week, same time."
"Good. Let's go, Masayo."
"Where to?"
"I'm giving you a treat to a fancy restaurant for your famous run!"
"Really!? Thanks, Katsushiro san!"
The Impreza, Levin, Trueno, FD, and FC left the area leaving Kitana all alone.
Kitana stood there, looking at the MR-S handed to her temporarily. She couldn't believe Daiki abandoned her at a crucial time as this. She never said a word, even as the lights begin to dim and die...

"Stupid night. I'm going home..."

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well, this isn't actually an update but more of an intermission post: pictures of how the characters look like. Oh, credit both goes to kirashin and Paladorinas for their character contribution so here's to you guys as well.

Remember, guest character slots are still available here, so if you want your characters to appear here, tell me and give me their data and car of choice and I'll happilly slip them into the story it will be very epic, I guarantee.

now... back to the pictures. tell me what you think too, okay?

Daiki Akiyama, Chloe Fortescue, Seiji Tsuchiya
Kitana Tioseco, Shin Ayamazaki, Raymond Yamazaki, Naoko Takahashi
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Wangan Noob King

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cool..character...finally get to see it..xD..ah well..it quite cool..xD..
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Hmm, well, if you don't mind, Gunma,

I envisioned the Lightning Angel as more of an elegant, relaxed, suit-wearing character instead of a grease monkey, considering his upbringing.

But you know, your call. hahahahha
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a.k.a. MyogiWarrior34

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is that so? Well, consider this case that he's just wearing that when he's battling. If L.A. looks like a grease monkey, in your definition, in this pic... that's just during private battles (as I reiterate). He has a more modest look, like that with Daiki if he is with many people. If I feel like doing another comic chapter, I'll make him (and Shin) appear again, but with L.A. wearing more modest clothing. Okay with you?

I envisioned him only wearing what he wears when he comes from his personalized auto tuning shop. ;D
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QUOTE (Gunma's 34 @ Yesterday, 7:24 AM)
is that so? Well, consider this case that he's just wearing that when he's battling. If L.A. looks like a grease monkey, in your definition, in this pic... that's just during private battles (as I reiterate). He has a more modest look, like that with Daiki if he is with many people. If I feel like doing another comic chapter, I'll make him (and Shin) appear again, but with L.A. wearing more modest clothing. Okay with you?

I envisioned him only wearing what he wears when he comes from his personalized auto tuning shop. ;D

Oh, okay then. Give him a more like... umm, relaxed outfit, if there is such a thing. ;)

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a.k.a. MyogiWarrior34

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Here's another chapter update... more complications in terms of relationships coming!!
Chapter 8 - Golden Age

A week has passed, nothing much happened. Daiki did not expect much from Kitana by the time Day 2 of the Hands on lessons went underway. She wasn't able to go beyond what she could do and placed an overall 3rd by the end of the exhibition lap.

Daiki, has now been dating Chloe everyday. The only thing fishy about Daiki and Chloe meeting everyday of their lives is Chloe's side. It is very questionable. Only Naoko was able to wonder what it is. She's the only person whom Daiki shared Chloe to making her the only witness to this relationship yet making her question their relationship. At one instance, at a wednesay afternoon at the Beginner's course track...

"Tell me something Daiki." Naoko asked out of the blue.
"What is it about?" Daiki wondered in reply.
"What is it that Chloe does for a living? You've been seeing he- no... she's been seeing you after hours for many consecutive days now. Isn't it weird that she keeps on seeing you?"
"What? As in stalking me or something? Don't tell me you're jealous of her?"
"It's not that. She should at least not see you due to secular reasons. What's her job?"
"Ah... eh... you see... um..." Daiki staggers upon trying to answering that question.
"You don' know do you?" Naoko concludes.
"Of course I do!"
"Then tell me."
"She's... an... I mean... a waitress to a fancy french restaurant."
"A waitress, eh?"
"No... I mean... an Accountant?"
"Make up your mind already, Akiyama!" Naoko is getting very irritated with all of Daiki's ways of avoiding the question.
"OKay! I admit! I didn't ask her about it yet. But I'll try later."
"You're seeing her again?"
"Yeah. We've talked about it already."

Naoko walks away and just tells Daiki...

"Just don't forget to ask her okay? or else."
"O-okay. *I don't like the sound of it if she says 'or else'."
Daiki left the garage and Naoko and went for Chloe, who is waiting by the Hakone's entrance waiting area.

Boarding his stock-looking 350Z, Daiki drives off, leaving his racing school in Naoko's hands.

Kilometers away, by the brink of Hakone's pass an hour later, a race is commencing. A yellow old generation Porsche 911 is racing a carbon hooded panda Levin... no, a 2 toned 180SX type X. Drifting through the S curves beyond 138 km/h, the 911 closes in on the 180. While the 180 slides towards the outside on the following right hander, the Porsche driver smirks in his seat and presses fully on his accelerator. In a split second, the 911 overtook the 180 and doubled its pace, immediately making a gap of 8 car lengths and increasing.

The Porsche driver happens to be a foreigner, a south American. His name? Santana Swarovski. It may sound more central American than south American, if you ask me. He feels happy even after that quick battle. He doesn't despise his rivals, no matter how weak they are; he makes use of that moment to have a good time for himself.

"Where oh where could I find that new legend that everybody is talking about?" He uttered to himself. He is definitely talking about Daiki, that's for sure. Leaving the pass, he parks right next to a familiar looking white BNR34 and blue widebodied FD3S. They're no other than Raymond Yamazaki and Kazuhiko Aizawa.

The 2 racing specialist noticed the incoming Porsche. "Hmm? Do you know this guy?" Raymond wondered addressing it to Kazuhiko. "Don't ask me. The only sports car owner I know for sure is just Seiji." "This person could be another newbie." Raymond followed.
"I wouldn't call him a newbie if I were you." Kazuhiko warned him. "Take a look at that aura surrounding the 911." Kazuhiko said in a serious tone. The dark yellow aura is enormous. In fact, even if he is hiding it, Kazuhiko is slightly trembling over the 911's presence.

"What is this...? Why am I trembling? Is this driver... that good? Who's he after?" Kazuhiko thought to himself. The driver stepped out of the 911, revealing his identity to the 2 wangan experts. He fixes his light toned jacket upon standing and looks at the 2 other drivers.

"Pardon me for asking but do you know anyone driving a silver 4th generation Z?" Santana asked the two.
"Are you referring to Daiki Akiyama?" Raymond asked in return.
"You know Daiki?" Kazuhiko asked Raymond.
"Know him? I lost to him by a snitch." Raymond answered showing an L shape with his right hand. "He's Seiji's bitter rival. Seiji kept telling me stories about him as to how desperate he is in beating him." Kazuhiko shared.

"Do you know where he is?" Santana asked them again.
"Well..." Raymond was not sure of where he is. As for Kazuhiko, he listens fervently to the tone of an incoming car. He is pretty confident that it is a VQ35DETT. Only the 350Z holds such a V-type engine. "He's coming down." Kazuhiko said.
"Coming down?" the two wondered.
"THe 350Z is here." he answered as he points to the hilltop.

Following Daiki is Chloe's Porsche Boxster... make that, Chloe's RUF 3400S. It's an RUF not a Porsche in reference to the changed logo on the hood. They parked far away from where Santana, Raymond, and Kazuhiko parked their cars. Daiki, wearing a striped sleeve-folded shirt and contrasting slacks, steps out of his car and in a gentleman like manner, escorts Chloe, who is wearing a sleeveless blouse paired with a mid-length skirt and dark-toned stockings, out of her car.

"So, he has come."
"Looks like he's on a date."
"Doesn't matter." Santana uttered. "I want to race him real badly."

Santana leaves the two and walks over to the couple.

"So your job is a CEo of a French company here in Tokyo?"
"Yeah. I'm also the head model of our latest garments that we showcase in Tokyo's fashion magazines. Why do you ask, me amor?" Chloe asked.
"My colleague was curious. and asked it all of a sudden. Sorry if I have to ask."
"It's alright. If you need to know, just tell me. I'm all ears for you, my love." Chloe told Daiki as she wrapped her hands around his arm and giggled next to him.
Daiki and Santana's eyes met and they both gave each other the stern look. Chloe looked at Santana and was familiar with his face. She held Daiki's arm tighter and looks afraid.
"Why is he here?" She wondered.
"You know this guy?"
"He is my ex back at France. He's a good racer just like you."
"He is? Wait! How did you know that I race?"
"I'll explain later." Chloe staggered. "Right now, we have to leave."
"Wait!" Santana uttered. "Chloe!! Who is that guy you're with?"
"Don't you get it, Swarovski? We're through! Couldn't you get that through your head? Or weren't you listening when I told you that?" Chloe complained.
"You broke up with him?" Daiki asked her, who nodded in reply.
"He just won't quit after that. He's a good driver but there's something in you that isn't in him which I have been looking for in a guy..."
"Chloe... is this about that last race we had at Germany?"
"I lost to you, so what?"
"Didn't we have a deal that you're mine if I won?"
"Who says I am owned by somebody. I own myself. I don't belong to anyone else unless I said so, you arrogant fool."
Santana though is short tempered and couldn't take the insults he's hearing, even if it is from a girl. He charges for Chloe with a closed fist and is ready to punch her. "Take that back you whore!!"
Before the fist connects, Daiki held Santana's arm and stopped the carnage.
"I detest violence. Especially if it involves the woman I love."
Santana doesn't like Daiki very much, considering the fact that he is Chloe's boyfriend and that Chloe thinks that Santana is a nobody compared to Daiki.
"Alright then, how do you propose we settle this?"
Daiki took out his keys and the answer was clear. They race it up Hakone and back.
"Hmph. Glad to hear it. I was supposed to only come here to face you but I didn't expect that I'd meet up with my ex here, changing my plans." Santana told Daiki.
"What would it take you to get out of Chloe's hair?"
"Since you say so, here's the plan. I win, I take her back."
"Like I still love you... get over it Santana." Chloe comments from behind Daiki.
"And if I win, stay away from her, you got that?" Daiki demands.
"Fine. It's a deal." Santana said with an evil smile on his face.

Kazuhiko notices the car. It is a porsche but there's no Porsche logo anywhere. He looks at the badge... RUF. It is the same as Chloe's Boxster. He looks at the interior... there's a rollcage equipped. "What car is this then?" Kazuhiko wondered.
"An RUF yellowbird."
"A street version of the Porsche 911 turbo type before it even has its racing version. A formiddable car. Lightweight and powerful..." Raymond noted to Kazuhiko.
"If this is the car that Daiki is facing, then this would be interesting."

Santana boards his car and so does Daiki. The two left the parking area and proceeded down the O-turn at the lowest point of Hakone. They go on to a rolling start and blast off with Santana leading. Raymond and Kazuhiko approached Chloe. "So this is a battle of love, eh?" Kazuhiko thought out loud.
"The new versus the old. I wonder how this would go about." Raymond wondered.
Overhearing what the 2 men said triggered something in Chloe forcing her to board her Porsche and make chase after the 2 racers.

Daiki clings on to the CTR with all that his Z has down the short straight. The gap slowly increases even after they cleared a series of corners... A kilometer away, Chloe follows...
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Pimp It Up

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Ahaha, the Lightning Angel becomes an onlooker now. Great!!! ^_^ ^_^

Good switch of roles. I don't expect him to be good at Hakone. Hahaha
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a.k.a. MyogiWarrior34

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Now, we go back to our regularly scheduled program along with the next chapter. This one was a toughy to make so forgive me if ever it took me longer than usual to prepare this chapter. I was able to finish this yesterday. Hey, we all have other priorities, right? ;)
Chapter 9 - A Sense of Triumph

The race commences a few hundred meters from where they started, with Santana leading the race. His Porsche 930 is well tuned and has the upperhand when it comes to acceleration. Daiki's 350Z isn't falling behind and clings on to the yellow CTR.


Reaching the first corner leading to a sudden drop in elevation, Santana positions his Porshce perfectly on one lane, close enough to the sidewalk. Daiki goes over the sidewalk and lets his Z ride it, as if it is an elevated gutter. Santana didn't dare look at his rearview mirror. It's just the start of the race, even if he did just so, it wouldn't affect his driving... yet.

Daiki shows off a pretty angry face during his drive. A man approaching a woman with a closed fist is just too low. He couldn't take such insults, especially if it involved Chloe. "I'm gonna teach this guy a thing or two on handling a woman. This race might just be the thing." he thought. He shifts to gear 4 and balls of fire shoots out of his twin exhausts.

He did a couple of internal modifications to the VQ35DETT. He momentarily installed a supercharger on it for some secret reason. He is probably testing out the differences of a turbo, an NA, and a supercharged car. Passing through a couple of high speed S curves, he lets go of the gas and nudges his steering wheel to a certain angle, causing the rear to trip but not too much as to induce it to a drift.

Santana seems pretty confident about holding his lead against the Z. Daiki's Supercharged 350Z has 470 horsepower at the rearwheels whereas Santana has around 510 horsepower. A disadvantage at Hakone? I don't think so.

"A Porsche 911 is known for its high peak power and incredibly light and agile body. This framework is just perfect for the narrow and unpredictable roads of Hakone. Ever since I lost to Chloe back at Germany, I've practiced at Nurburgring Nordshiefder a couple of times just to perfect my driving. My car is close to a thousand kilograms now. Add that to the equation and I have the perfect rear wheel drive car for roads such as this. That guy does not stand a chance against this!!" He thought out loud in his seat as he shifts to gear 4 as well. The gears of his 911 are well set as well, for optimum acceleration.

"You have a pretty good car, Santana; is it?" Daiki thought to himself from behind. He just observed how the car reacts to each bump, elevation, and change in angle of the road. The 911 moves pretty smooth through such roads. It's a good car. A well tuned one at that.

From behind, Chloe carefully maneuvers her Boxster through the treacherous corners of Hakone's pass. She feels uneasy as she imagines bad things that might happen to Daiki if ever he pushes himself over his limits. As her Boxster hits the change in elevation, the springs came into play along with the shocks to absorb the sudden jolt. Her Boxster may be tuned but she isn't the type who would go in the way of making it a racing machine; she just wants enough power from the Boxer Engine to get her to where she wants. She shivers as she shifts to gear 3; a smooth upshift with no backfiring sounds. She really cannot take the pressure that the two are having. "Don't overdo it Daiki..."

Through a long right corner, Daiki does it again and rides the sidewalk to get more of the apex in comparison to Santana.

"The gears of his 911 looks as if it is aimed for acceleration. Not a bad setup. Santana, you may be the charismatic type of driver, yeah?" He rhetorically asked him from his seat. "Only somebody with that much devotion and willpower to tune the car perfectly for a place such as this. You have my praise as a driver of your calibur." Daiki smirks in his seat noticing the difference between their tuning preferences. "There's only one part in your car that you overlook. The suspension setting is quite low compared to my Z. And your camber angles seem to be a bit off. Are you trying to lessen the chances of too much oversteer?" he thought once again. He is being all cool and calm of the race as he knows that his setup is far superior. He changed the hardness of the springs and changed the shocks of the car. Daiki maintains the camber and toe angles of the car to be close to the default setting, but it didn't mean that the handling response is inferior to the 911...

Upon reaching one of the tightest corners of Hakone, Santana and Daiki brake at the exact moment; well, not exactlyat the exact moment. By the time Santana brakes, Daiki leaves a third of a second before he brakes, thus bringing the gap to a bumper to bumper status.

By the time they exit that corner, flawlessly nailing the apex at speeds beyond 100 km/h, Santana pulls away easily, thanks to his transmission setup of his Porsche 911. Daiki's Z faltered a bit upon the corner's exit and made his attempt to minimize the gap, well, a failure.
They make another aproach upon a series of S curves, a lot of them in succession. Down one corner, both Daiki and Santana rode the nylon-like canal; only Daiki's Z is closer to the grass.
Santana, still didn't lose concentration. Yes, the Z is still behind him up close but his 911's tachometer reading is at the high RPM range, giving him a stalemate advantage. He can make Daiki attack closer but the gap will remain constant through the turn.

They cleared the rest of the S curves, later on without a scratch and passes by the flat bridge with the 911 still leading. Daiki isn't pressured to the fact of 'how could I close in more and maintain it?' impression on the race.
Past the bridge, is a long stretch of road in front of them. Daiki does a standard Wangan-based attack against Santana which is none other than the Slipstream attack. His Z, which is inferior to the 911 in terms of acceleration is gaining more speed compared to the 911. And because this is a straightway, Santana has the ease to look at his rearview mirror. Only, the image behind him isn't that relaxing to see - the Z closing in behind him.
"H-how in the world!?" He is starting to panic.
This didn't 'paralyze' Santana's driving, however. Furthermore, it doubled his force on the pedals and the steering wheel, making the 911 run faster than before. Through one corner, Daiki miscalculated his corner entry and entered the corner slower than Santana; he countered this flaw by getting as close to the inside as possible.

After a series of more corners, Daiki managed to minimize the gap once again; at corners where Santana brakes a lot, Daiki brakes fully on one corner and releases his gas on the others, if ever his speed seems too high. As soon as they reach another straightway, Daiki & Santana shifted gears - a perfect shift with no backfiring sounds.
Back with the two other racing specialists, Raymond Yamazaki and Kazuhiko Aizawa, they analyze the condition of the race in their own background...

"You sure that Daiki can win against an RUF CTR?" Kazuhiko wondered.
"Well... There are possibilities. The last time I battled his Z, it was turbo charged. This time, it doesn't sound like a turbo at all. It sounds different." Raymond concluded.
"Did he remove his turbo?"
"Possibly. A turbo has that hissing sound when it reaches its optimum rev and the driver shifts gears. This sounds way different; and I am telling you as early as now that it isn't a Naturally Aspirated Z either."
"Supercharged perhaps?"
"Maybe. A Z is equippable with a Supercharger." Raymond theorized.
"The only advantage of a supercharger, especially in a course like this", Kazuhiko thought out loud. "... Is that Corner response is better and power is directly gained from the crankshaft, unlike a turbo car that needs the turbine to spin and gain as much air as possible to unleash power. Even if his Z is underpowered in comparison to the CTR, the race may still be a deadbeat at that context."
"I can't argue with you on that."
Kazuhiko closed his eyes and listens to the sounds of the CTR & the 350Z.
"They're not too far from each other; as of now."
"So the race is still tied, then?"

Reaching the uphill section, Daiki is gaining as he rockets to the side of the CTR.
As soon as the elevation changes to the steepest point of Hakone, The Z is not gaining as much speed as a while ago, giving Santana's 911 a chance to escape from the Z. Daiki attempts another slipstream attack midway through the uphill to limit the gap and escapes through the right side of the 911 as soon as they reach the very peak of the pass.

Because of the many corners of the pass, it is natural for a car to lose its traction by the time they reach a quarter of the remaining pass. Through one corner, Santana executes a wonderfully timed out in out attack with one problem: his rear tripped and understeered further, causing him to veer off course.
"Oh, Shi-!" Santana cursed as he removes his foot off the gas to bring his car back to its usual lane. Daiki saw this and was proud to have done a test between a turbo, NA, and supercharger. His car's front tires did not give in that much in comparison to the 911. He, frankly, did more grip attacks than drifts, which Santana did very well in relation to the latter. Although the corner was a wide right, Santana quickly regained his lane and forces his 911 to cover the 350Z's lane.
"Oh no you don't!!" He shouted in his car as he forcibly turns the wheel to the right.
Daiki wasn't concentrating on Santana's incoming 911; he was more focused on the road. Right at the very end of the right corner immediately comes a low speed left corner with half of its radius.

When Santana saw this, it was too late. He knew the upcoming corner but subconsciously, his hands are still aiming for the right. He stomped on the brakes and tries to turn as hard as he can to the left. Daiki braked early to give both Santana the slip and to avoid a collision. He enters the inner lane beautifully and goes side by side with the 911 by the end of the left corner uphill.
At the exit, Daiki had more speed and accelerating power in contrast to Santana, who had his car on the lower powerband at gear 4 - bad move. Daiki, who had his car at 5000 rpm on gear 3, stomps on the gas, causing his Z to push forward, as if it is a turbocharged car. He positions his car right in front of the 911, thus concluding the race. Once he is in the lead, Daiki will just keep pulling furhter and further. Santana never bothered to act dumb and try to regain the lead where there is just a third of a kilometer from the goal.

[Minutes later...]

Daiki & Santana waited for Chloe to arrive in her Boxster. They both knew that she was spectating the race from behind. The only sarcastic thing about her action is that she was 3 minutes late in comparison to their overall time.
Chloe steps off the car and has her left hand on her chest, as she looks at Daiki.

Looking at his Z and knowing that she is looking directly at him, he rose his head with a smile and said...
"I won... for you..."
Thinking about it, it is a very dangerous match. Two high-powered cars racing at a place as narrow and tricky as Hakone. Chloe showed off her happiest smile and frolics over to Daiki. As soon as she is a few feet away, she jumps hoping that Daiki would catch her, which he actually did.

Santana, standing at the side, looks at Chloe's face seeing that she is happier when she is with Daiki rather than him. "No wonder she chose you." He uttered, which caught Daiki's complete attention.
When the couple got on their feet, Daiki was about to ask why.
"You are one unpredictable guy, Daiki. I knew from the very start that you are quite as talented as the rumors say they are. In fact, it is the only reason why I came to Hakone in the first place. I wanted to race you; just you and I. I just didn't expect to see Chloe with you which complicated things quite a bit."
"Santana..." Chloe softly thought out loud.
The defeated 911 driver walks over to Chloe and tells her, "You are very fortunate. To have met such a man as him. Do not do anything that would ruin your relationship. I bless you for that, my dear." Santana said with a concerned smile. Chloe, knowing that Santana admits total defeat and isn't acting like a child over it, smiles and gives him one last hug.

Santana faces Daiki afterwards. "Don't make her cry or anything, alright?" He told him. Daiki nods in agreement and never spoke a word.

Getting his coat, hanging by his seat and wearing it, Santana leaves with a few words. "I have admitted defeat. Daiki, it's been fun battling you. Let's race again sometime; in the Wangan if I ever return."
"I will be looking forward to that day, Santana Swarovski." Daiki agreed with a smile.
He rose his fist and shouts out to the couple "AU REVOIR!!"
Shifting to gear 1, he pounds on the gas one last time and causes a huge burnout while executing a 570 circular drift.

Chloe runs up to the burnout point and watches Santana, her ex-suitor, leave with pride and honor. Daiki glances at Chloe, who didn't know that he is looking at her, and thought to himself...

"I swear, by my honor, I won't do anything that would soil my relationship with her. I won't make her cry. I swear it."

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Pimp It Up

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Lol, awesome. Love story is nice now...

Where is Seiji though?
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i've just finished reading the story , nice job keep up the good work.

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a.k.a. MyogiWarrior34

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Thanks a lot guys. Where IS Seiji right now? The next chapter is coming soon... oh, and romantic people will like this one... with a special twist in the end of this upcoming chapter!! ;D

By the way, while there is still time, slots for guest characters are still available... So that Daiki will have more competition... ;D
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