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> Speed Legend Infinite - Akiyama Chronicles, work in progress dedicated to wmeforums
Posted: Jul 13 2009, 02:34 AM
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Pimp It Up

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Hmm, maybe I am getting greedy, but I feel like making a joke guest character.

Hope that's alrite. Hahaha

Name: Pierre Leblanc
Age: 23
Nationality: French
Car: Toyota Aristo

Description: A Frenchman who is a complete Ricer, Gatchan-esque character. Obsessed with what he calls, the Perfect VIP and Elegant Look, he equips his Toyota Aristo with a plethora of useless ricer items, such as stickers, extreme bodykits, and oversized rims, with a sound system to boot. The car is practically useless on racing in Wangan, due to its absurdly heavy weight, but Pierre refuses to accept this and continuously try to race in Wangan, and most of the time, ending up stopping midway to pick-up a hot girl at the side of the street. Yet, he is also a failure at trying to be a womanizer, ending up getting slapped on the face most of the time. But his brash confidence remains, and he never stops trying to pick up Japanese girls, with comical results.

Note: I made him sort of cause I am bored, feel free to have Daiki kick his ass or something. Hahahha
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Gunma's 34
Posted: Jul 13 2009, 06:14 AM
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a.k.a. MyogiWarrior34

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Hmm... I can use him right after the Daiki vs Seiji second encounter as a spoiler or intermission chapter... Thanks Paladorinas. Now I know what it would compose of thanks to Pierre. I might make him indirectly related to Chloe in some way as the fact that they are both french... heh heh. :lol:
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Posted: Jul 14 2009, 04:36 AM
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Pimp It Up

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QUOTE (Gunma's 34 @ Yesterday, 6:14 AM)
Hmm... I can use him right after the Daiki vs Seiji second encounter as a spoiler or intermission chapter... Thanks Paladorinas. Now I know what it would compose of thanks to Pierre. I might make him indirectly related to Chloe in some way as the fact that they are both french... heh heh. :lol:

Lol, I'm glad to be of help.

Oh, and uhh, not to be nitpicking or anything..but it's Paladinoras..not Paladoniras..

It's basically Paladin with an oras in the back.

Lol, I was gonna put in Paladin as my username, but someone took it already, so I added some random suffix. Hahaha

Oh yeah, btw, I hope you don't mind, but I wanna make a spin-off story with the Lightning Angel. Hahaha.

This post has been edited by Paladinoras on Jul 14 2009, 04:45 AM
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Posted: Jul 14 2009, 06:17 AM
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a.k.a. MyogiWarrior34

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Sure. It's fine by me. Oh... my mistake... sorry Paladinoras. (finally got that right)

Good idea on making a spin-off story about Yamazaki Raymond. This way, readers can see also why Raymond is called a Legend and Daiki heard of this after their first-encounter/battle. Very nice idea. I'll be looking forward to how it will turn out. ;D

(finally, loopholes are being filled. Seiji won't have one as there is a chapter dedicated to his spin-off story too.)

Chloe: Gambate-ne, Yamazaki-san. (faces Daiki) Was my japanese good?
Daiki: Superb. Tres bien!!
Chloe: Oh... (blushes) don't you go Frenchie on me, Daiki. (giggle)

[ Post merged on Jul 15 2009, 05:01 AM ]
Now is the time for a good romance update... Enjoy!
Chapter 10 - Knowledge of the Heart

Months have passed ever since that last battle between Daiki and Santana at Hakone. Daiki's rebirth began at near-mid April, in the middle of spring. Now, it is October 10 in Tokyo. It's been a while since trees kept shedding their leaves off. The color and scent of Autumn is in the air. It's quite troublesome though for drivers, especially those in the touge; they couldn't drive like they used to because of the falling leaves... who knows what could happen.

At the Akiyama Racing School, things are going on as usual. Daiki, even, trained his students the proper way of driving and racing through leafy roads. But, for now, it is Naoko teaching the principles.

Where's Daiki? Well, he's in his room; at his private mansion a 2 and a half kilomteres away from the school. He's still asleep and it is already 11 in the morning. All his clothes are scattered in the place. For some mysterious reason, Chloe's watch is lying next to his watch, but there is no sign of Chloe anywhere. She must have left it or something...

Daiki is still dreaming of that last battle. His 350Z against Santana's RUF CTR Yellowbird. He knows something is different about that race. He realized that he drove at a much higher pace in comparison to the previous battles: against Shin and Raymond Yamazaki. Was it something significant? It may seem that way. It was because the race involved Chloe - whoever wins that battle at Hakone gets to win Chloe's heart for real; and Daiki proved himself worthy over Chloe's ex boyfriend, Santana. He has been doubting his feelings for Chloe, even though they have been seeing each other for the past 5 months. Kitana, one of his students, though doesn't know this relationship... yet; but, Naoko has a pretty good feeling and is only hoping in the sidelines that He'd forget Chloe soon enough and come rushing to her. Well, that's just Naoko's dream between Daiki and her.

He slowly opens his eyes, seeing the bright morning sun greet him. The window was open, thus he could hear the chirping of the birds. Daiki's hair is all messed up, and he has that spaced out look momentarily with his eyes half open. He looks around his horizon seeing his clothes from last night crippled and lying on the velvet, grey floor. He gives off a huge yawn and stands up, heading towards the bathroom.

Opening the faucet, he gathers a handful of water and wets his face. As soon as his vision clears up, he grabs a face towel, hanging next to his bath robe and heads back to his room. He looks at the side to see Chloe's watch lying next to his watch and cellular phone - a black Nokia N86. He looks at it with a sloppy face and at the back of his head, he sees Chloe, with a black background, smiling at him. He extends his hand and picks up the watch, looking at it intimately as if there is something in it that he wants to see.

"I guess, I should ask her out formally... on a date."

[October 9, 2004... Akiyama Racing School... 2:45 p.m.]

The students are all going about in their advance tuning class - modifying their personal vehicles for the upcoming exhibition match at TWin Ring Motegi. Even Kitana was psyched about this, despite the fact that the car she is using is not her red Lamborghini Diablo VT. She wore a smile on her face as she changes the suspension setup with a couple of her classmates. The good news about her is that she was able to catch up to the program, thanks to Daiki. Naoko and a couple of the other staff members are supervising the students, making sure they don't do any reckless setups or stupid ones at that.

Naoko, standing next to the Garage's main door, looks around with a serious face. She ties her hair to a half pigtail and continues to supervise until a 350Z parks right at the Garage's entrance. The Z though did not enter. Only the driver entered the premises as he got out of the Z and closed the door. He is none other than Daiki himself. Normally, sessions such as this would end up with Daiki not showing up at all. This seems different.

"Daiki. I thought you are not going to show up today." Naoko thought.
"I have something to ask of you, Naoko." Daiki told her straightforward.
Naoko's heart thumps in angst. This might be going her way or not but she has a very strong feeling that it is.
"Have you been on a date before?" He asked her which made Naoko lose balance and nearly fall on her knees onto direct pavement. She had her head down in surprise. Daiki thinks otherwise and wonders what it is all about.
She immediately rose her head and said a short selfish prayer "Oh Thank you lord for giving me this blessing that I have been waiting for my entire life!"
"Oh!" She rose up immediately and briskly fixed herself up. "I do. I have been asked out my some before I started working."
"Really? Tell me, what should I do?"
"You're asking coz you didn't have a date in your entire life, have you Daiki?"
"Why? Is there something wrong about me asking somebody on dating tips?"
"Why don't you try the rest of the male staff of your school?"
"You're the only one I am closely associated with, Naoko."

Those words really lifted Naoko's spirits and was sent walking on clouds. She has not felt this sort of happiness ever out of Daiki. "closely associated... the only one... oh, wow those words have touched me!!" She thought in her mind.
"Alright!! Here's what you do!!"

As Naoko keeps telling Daiki what to do on a date, at the back of her mind, she thinks: "Yes! I know where this is going! Because this is very first date with me, he wants everything to be perfect! The Ambiance, the music, the moment, everything!! He's doing all this; going through the most embarrassing of moments to please me. What a man you are, Daiki. You're amazing!!" Naoko thought in her mind.

But for Daiki...
"Wow. Naoko knows a lot on dating. This way, I can give Chloe the most flawless date that she ever had. I'll be able to get to know her even more; dig deeper into her personal information and love every bit of it. I never felt this way over a woman before and she's my very first to know if what I am doing is right. I will win her heart with this."

From afar, Kitana notices Daiki talking to Naoko. Her eyes flashed with confidence and has a plan of approaching her Daiki-sempai for questions in order to get closer to him. While they talk, Kitana formulates a scene in her mind.

After 10 minutes worth of Dating 101, Naoko's attention diverted when a couple of students, working on a Subaru Aclyone SVX called her attention in terms of which suspension settings would best suit a NA 4WD car such as this. As for Daiki, he rushes to his 350Z, which is by the way refitted with a 3rd stage Turbo kit and a new suspension kit courtesy of Opera Performance and Nismo, and drives off to accomplish all that he needs to do for his big date with Chloe.

By the time Naoko is done talking with the student, she turns to Daiki to check if he has known enough for that date. "So, Daiki. Is that okay with..." But when she turned around to find nothing. "W-where'd he go?" She kept on thinking where until it hit her. "Oh..." A picture of Chloe flashed in her mind. "So he asked just to taker HER out..." She turned very pale upon realizing that fact. "Boy was I stupid to fall for something so primitive..." she said in a pale tone talking to herself.

Kitana makes her move and rushes to where Naoko stands idly. "W-here's sempai Daiki, Naoko-sama?" She honestly asks. In a slow movement, Naoko whispers where Daiki headed off to. A gust of wind passes by the two girls. Kitana stood the same way as Naoko right after. "We were too late..." they both moaned.

Daiki ran off to every restaurant he could find which can accomodate a week-early reservation for two and inquired to each and every one. He did the same thing with the Tokyo Amusement Park, the flower shops, movie theatres, Operas, etc. - All forms of entertainment that is suited for a romantic day.

By the time the sun sets, he stopped his car on the Aqualine Bridge. He notices as the sun sinks onto Tokyo Bay. Then it hit him. "This place is a perfect place to end the date rather than a crowded area like the Daikoku Futo... This place is perfect." He boards his 350Z and drives off. While on the straight leading to the Tokyo commercial district, he plans to call Chloe.

At a certain building near the Tokyo Tower district, Chloe sits on her office chair, with nothing to do. Wearing standard business attire, a bluish-white long sleeve blouse with bristles in the middle of the blouse and a tight thighed skirt going down all the way to her knees, she slouches on her seat. "Agh! This is boring! Well, the famous Tokyo Tower is just a walk away, I guess I'll just catch some air there first. At least it is more exciting and amusing than this place that they call an office." She thought aloud with a pouting face.

She calmly walks towards the elevator, only to be stopped by a colleague. "Ma'am CEO. Where are you heading to?" the man in a formal outfit, carrying papers, asked her. "Um...ba...ba...bathroom." She thought aloud again. From there, the guy just kept walking. Chloe gave a huge sigh and goes out of the building. She prefers the windy weather outside rather than the chilly office she's assigned to. She stretches her arms high and removes a button or two from her top, which nearly exposes her brassiere but isn't that obvious, and walks over to the Tokyo Tower elevator to see the view.

As soon as she got the obeserving the lounge, her phone rings at the same time. The pink phone she owns has a key chain of a chibi version of Daiki and herself cheek to cheek. It is pretty obvious that she too has feelings for the young racer. She answers it with a very eloquent "Bonjour".
"Chloe. It's me."
"Daiki? What are you doing calling me at this very moment?"
"I was going to ask you that. Isn't it that your office sounds more... quiet? I can hear a lot of people there."
She starts to panic. "Um... no! That's just my laptop. I'm working on a video project for the company you see..." she faked.
"I see." Daiki might have said that but he knows that she's lying. Her voice says it all.
"What about you, cherie?"
"I don't have work today. I gave myself the day off for once. Anyway..." He said before gulping.
"Are you free next Friday?"
"That's what day again?"
"The fifteenth."
"Well... (I have a job on that day but I can't turn him down at a wonderful moment such as this...)"
"I want to ask you out..."
Chloe's heart thumped faster and faster and immediately told him.
"Sure!! I am free on that day. What time?"
"Around 9 in the morning at the Shibuya station. Is it alright?"
"Okay. So I'll see you on the 15th then..."
"It's a date!" Daiki finished.
"I'll be looking forward to that Daiki." She said with a sound of her kiss on the phone to finish the conversation.

Daiki closes his phone and breaks into joy. How? He stomps on the gas all of a sudden causing the car to lean forward, the revvs of both the turbo gauge and the tachometer to jump, and it causes a boom out of the exhaust once again. From 120 km/h, he blasts to a 259 km/h speed all of a sudden. From afar, Seiji just got out of work and cruises down the Wangan at 75 km/h only to have his concentration broken by Daiki's bullet-fast Z pass him by from his left.

"N-nandatoo!?" He shouted.
He looks at the car before he loses vision of it.
"A Z!?... Akiyama..."
He lowers his head and shows an evil grin.

"I finally found you!"


Daiki, wearing his rarely used light lavender-sky blue colored, long sleeve shirt, paired with a velvet dark blue tie that matches his navy blue slacks and brown, well polished shoes. He covers his top with a navy blue coat, that blends well with his pants. He shows out a list of things that he grabbed from the internet; a list of things to remember when on a date. This is his first time doing this so he has to be well prepared.
"French types, in general, are well peculiar about their dates. I have to show her that I am no so-so type of guy."
He starts reading the paper once more. Before he does so, he looks at his watch; a Bentley Branded silver coated sports watch. 8:28 a.m. He has half an hour to review. The wind is slowly catching around Tokyo, so Daiki won't have to fear of sweating needlessly.
Think more on the terms of an activity that involves you both “doing” instead of “watching and viewing.”

"So... good thing I didn't go for any loud areas or something like that." he thought. He continues to read further.

. But choose an activity that distracts from talking (putt-putt) so that you don’t have the pressure of talking the entire time. Having dinner on a first date gives you the opportunity to talk without noise or being in a taboo environment, but dinner with weird silences makes things uncomfortable. Dinner puts too much pressure on talking, and it’s exacerbated by it’s formality. Compare that to talking, playing pool, and shooting darts at a bar. If nobody is talking, it’s not obvious because you’re both also concentrating on the act of playing a game. This frees you up to ask questions at random without pressure, and you’re able to talk on and off.

    5. Forgo formal activities. Save the ballet, opera, museum and four star dinner for later on. The more formal the event is, the more uptight you both will feel. You’re already both a bundle of nerves, why make it more difficult by placing yourself in a formal environment? You both want to loosen up, relax and be comfortable. You don’t want to worry about a dress code and proper etiquette on a first date. The key to great first dates is laughter and flirting, and you want to do an activity or be in a place that doesn’t discourage that. I’d rather go to Bingo than an upscale restaurant on a first date! At least with Bingo you have the entertainment of watching old people who are deathly serious about a game. It’s hilarious! If you’re thinking, “But I want to impress her with these classy, expensive outings,” remember, you want someone that’s impressed with you, not what your money can buy.

"Well... that cancels out the cinema, the musical, and the morning breakfast at some place fancy... Better cancel those out." He calls the 3 areas that he made reservations for and cancels it, demanding not to be charged... even for just merely reserving.

Daiki continues to browse and concludes the following advices:
Choose activities involving both doing something together where you exert effort but not to the point of profusely sweating, Save the formal stuff last (especially dinner), Loosen up & relax, Be in the public eye (at least)...
"With these resolutions, and my reservations... the only places I could go are..." he told himself as he takes out another piece of paper...
  • Breakfast at a coffee shop
  • CLUB X
  • Dinner at Reserved Restaurant
"... 5 of 9 places would be nice..." Daiki thought.
" I totally agree with you on that." a girl's voice said behind Daiki.
"Really, because I think..." He said as he turned around. He choked on his words when he saw Chloe glancing at the paper. He quickly hides the piece of paper and withdraws a bit from her, to daze at her beauty...

(Music: The Corrs - What can I do)

Chloe is wearing something, not what I call typical but, matching. What she is wearing looks to be a set dress, and it well defines her as a French girl in a Japanese environment: The classic aqua colored french hat, like that of painters, paired with a half body, soft material coat of the same color and a skirt that goes 3/4 way down her upper leg and is darker than her top. Chloe blushes on a bit of light cover up, darkened eye lashes and finishes it off with a touch of a rose-toned gloss on her lips. She looks absolutely beautiful, especially in Daiki's eyes.

"Y...you look fantastic." He said, all red.
"...Why thank you. You look good yourself, Daiki." She chuckled with a smile as she observed Daiki's outfit. "You look more like a man in those clothes."
"Same with you, Chloe." He said. "Your outfit goes well with your eyes."
Chloe smiled back at him.

They just stared at each other for the moment, cherishing the beauty of the morning sun. Chloe breaks the sentimental yet happy moment by asking Daiki. "So, what plans do you have for me today?"
"So, have you eaten already?" He asked her.
"Well... I was busy so much with fixing myself up that I didn't."
"Let's start this date, shall we?" He asks extending his left hand out to her, as if he's asking her out for a dance on the dance floor. Chloe, willingly takes his hand and they walk towards his well & newly cleaned 350Z just around the corner.

"Wow. It looks the same months ago, since we went to that pass, eh?" Chloe asked Daiki. "Yeah. I still remember that time. I know this good place just a few blocks away that serves the best breakfast items."
"I'll see if what you say is true..." She sarcastically contradicts him as she gets on the passenger seat, well escorted by none other than Daiki himself.
Daiki slowly ignites the car and shifts to gear 1, letting the idle movement kick in and slowly bring the Z up to speed onto the intersection.

[Coffee Shop/Bistro - 9:16 a.m.]

"I have to say, Daiki. You were not kidding when you said that they serve good food here." Chloe complimented. "They even have my favorite French item here: Fruits galore Crepe with light strawberry sauce and chocolate. It really reminds me of home so much."
"I'm glad you like it. Even their coffee is well brewed. And I rarely go to this place because of my job."
"It must be hard to manage a driving school, huh?"
"I was trained hard by my parents."
"Where are they, by the way?"
"Overseas at the moment."
"Oh, that's too bad. And here I was wanting to meet them." Chloe said in a pale undertone.
"When they come back, I will... introduce you to them. They'll be glad to meet you."
Chloe gives her heart-assuring smile once again.

(Music: Stevie Wonder & Cast - Seasons of Love)
As they continue about their date, going to various places, they continue to talk.
"How'd you know I like desserts so much?" Chloe asks as they browse around a nearby Chocolate shop.
"Well..." Daiki said as he gets his words together, hoping that it is a successful punch line. "Because I can tell that since these are all sweet... I know that you too are a sweet person."
She felt uneasy, in a good way, hearing that from Daiki. She crosses her legs and plays with her fingers, trying to avoid eye to eye contact with him, blusing so hard like a red tomato.

At the carnival, Chloe has her eyes on a cute rabbit doll with a box, shaped like a heart, hanging by its teeth with the words I LOVE YOU on it. Daiki looks at the same doll and decides to get it for her. It is an archery booth and Daiki has 3 shots at this for 400 yen a set shot. At his first hit, he nearly got the bulls eye and nails it at the second try. He hands it to Chloe and she was so happy. They got on to different rides together including the bumper cars, the roller coaster; where Daiki had a sudden seisure right after, and the large Ferris Wheel. There weren't many people out at this time but it is composed of families and couples all around. The place isn't that noisy nor crowded - a good ambiance for a date.

"Are rabbits your favorite animals?" He asked.
"Well... second to that. I like poodles. They are so furry and cute to handle. And I like horses too."
"I know what you mean."
"You like poodles too?"
"A little. Especially whenever I am alone at the park during my days off."
"Do you hang out with your peers or staff?"
"Rarely. Most of the time, I am at the office arranging papers or negotiating with clients and consulting teams also."
"That sounds hectic but at the same time exhilirating, is it?" Chloe asked.
"I dunno. I never thought about it that way. I was too serious most of the time. It was how I was brought up."
Chloe lowered her smile but not to a point that it was a frown. She shows a sign of empathy.
"But today is different. I want to smile at least for the very rest of the day with you." Daiki confidently said.

Out of the blue, Choe kisses Daiki on the cheek. Daiki blushes immensely from that sudden 'attack'.
"Hope that helps you smile to your hearts content." Chloe assured.

They had lunch later at a Fast Food lounge near the Carnival. They didn't order anything fancy. Just stuff that is available and delicious is enough for them. When they had enough of the carnival; well, Chloe insisted and is anxious about the next venue. "You like horses right?"

Right after the carnival, they went to a huge petting zoo with a booth that allows you to ride the horses at an open field located at the outskirts of Tokyo. The time when they went there is around at 3:45 p.m. Chloe rode on a well bred mustang while Daiki rode on a ferocious looking stallion that had a serious look on its face. Daiki tossled and turned on his seat but held on until the end. Chloe laughed at his hair as it was messed up right after. They looked at the other animals and continued to talk about each other and what the place offers.

By the time Daiki and Chloe are angst for dinner, they headed back to Tokyo to a fancy but not fine-dining but a family semi-casual restaurant. They served some wine, which was optional on their menu, ordered something they can have together: A classic dish of Spaghetti Bolognese with some Caesar Salad on the side which is both good for two. Chloe decided to make things interesting...

"I challenge you, Daiki."
"Me? On what?"
"Let's see who can finish this dish." She said pointing at the Spaghetti.
"Okay. Anything on the line?"
"Nope. Just for the heck of it."
Daiki remembers to let the girls do what they want at certain moments and plays along.
They won't take portions off the plate. They'll eat from the same plate without touching the plate itself. I think you know where this is going...

When they reach one long strand of pasta, they started slurping at the same time until...
It looks like they are slurping on the same strand. Daiki was blushing as Chloe gave an intimidating smile. Daiki is being pulled to Chloe through the slurping but he refuses to give in. He slurps the pasta back. Until there is a small strand standing in between them before they end up kissing each other lip to lip.

He looks at Chloe's shining blue eyes and from the sudden shock in his heart, he ended up biting on the pasta, letting Chloe slurp the win. She laughed as she reclines on her seat and shouts out to Daiki. "Ha! I am the winner!!" A sweatdrop drips down Daiki's side. "What the hell was that? Yeah, we're on a date but I didn't expect that to happen..." He thought to himself.

When they billed out and left the venue, they got on the Z and went on their way down the Metropolitan. Daiki wishes to drop her off at her place but...
"Um... Daiki-san..." Chloe said on an unsure tone.
"Yeah?" Daiki said as he glances at Chloe while driving, softly pressing on the gas.
"There's someplace that I want to go..."
"Where could that be?"

(Music: Tatsuya Ishii - River [Gundam Seed OST])

As they enter the Aqualine bridge, Chloe points to the parking area of the Aqualine, a few kilometers ahead.
Daiki slowly brings the car up to the parking area, as Chloe wished. He parks right next to the bank of the area, pressing the gas hard once to bring the car to hiss its turbo off. They both stepped out of the Z and Chloe rushed to the view of Tokyo Bay and the Neon lights reflecting on the water surface.

"I always loved to go here..." Chloe thought aloud.
"You never been on the Aqualine?"
"It's not that. The only time I get to see this is in the morning. I always wanted to know what it looks like at night. Now I know... and it's... kawaii"
"Not exactly a work of art..."
"What is?"
"the moon reflecting on the surface..."
"But I think..."
"Along with the sight of the Neon lights also reflecting... it is a work of art..." He said as he looks at Chloe. "Were you saying something? I'm sorry."
"Oh, no. You actually got the words right out of my mouth."

A gust of light wind blasts by softly around Daiki and Chloe and she showed signs of shivering. "Brr... the winds at night sure are cold." she said as she held her arms. Daiki caressed Chloe by layering his coat on her fixing it up with his hands, making Chloe put her arms down as Daiki's touches it. Chloe blushes and feels the warmth of Daiki's coat enveloping her. "Thanks." Chloe softly said to him.
"You're welcome."

They stayed that way as they looked at the neon nights, a shooting star that passes by, and a quick fireworks display later on. It was a beautiful way to end their first date: a sight seeing beauty of the Aqualine Bridge's scenery.

Daiki had a feeling that their date is about to end forcibly...
He senses a presence of another driver about...
A driver that spent most of his time on the wangan searching for him.
"I've found you..."
"AKIYAMA DAIKI..." A voice said from behind.

Who is it?
Daiki turns around, leaving Chloe for a short moment.
Chloe noticed this immediately and went to Daiki.
"Finally, all my time searching for you has paid off." The voice said.
Daiki's face suddenly became serious. He knew who it is by the time the guy starts to talk.
"It's you isn't it?"

The Man turns on the lights of his car: A Silver Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 MR. The man, wearing a red jacket and brown cargo pants steps out of his car and leans on the side of the door. He crosses his arms and faces Daiki. Chloe feels uneasy with the situation and wraps her arms around Daiki's left arm, all scared as she too can sense the ferocious aura engulfing the driver and his car.
"Glad You remember me..."

The lights in the middle of the parking area start to light up one by one from the front of the Evo 8 right until it reaches the guy's place. The bright yellow light reveals the person's identity to Chloe and Daiki.

Seiji Tsuchiya.
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Posted: Jul 16 2009, 06:41 AM
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Lolz, umm, one complaint.

The Nokia N86 was not released in 2004 yet. Hahaha

Other than that, awesome story, as usual. And that song, River..is awesome. Hahaha
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Posted: Jul 16 2009, 06:16 PM
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cool...i wonder if the car aura is super purple...like mt3 purple with 100k mileage!!
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Posted: Jul 16 2009, 07:04 PM
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Lolz, umm, one complaint.

The Nokia N86 was not released in 2004 yet. Hahaha

I have to kill my cell phone enthusiast sister/cousin later... heh heh...
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Sora: Man, that Evo dude totally craps out the date... he needs a lesson to learn
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Chapter 11 - Untimely Rendezvous

The once quiet environment of the Aqualine is starting to revolve around an ominous glare. Seiji Tsuchiya appears at the most unexpected of moments, when Daiki and Chloe are intimately together. Their romantic and quiet date is interrupted just because of one driver's persistence and pride as a shutoku warrior.

"Who's he, Daiki-kun?" Chloe asked softly.
"A once made rival of mine..."
"A rival?"
"I defeated him easily on our first encounter... After the race, he looked at me with a stern reaction in his eyes." Daiki explained.

Daiki looks at Seiji's eyes. He could see a flare, immensely burning at his pupil and it is consuming his entire body - something that only Daiki could relate with and see.

"I've finally found you, Akiyama Daiki."

"What is this about, Seiji?"

"Don't play dumb with me. People as yourself should know what happens when 2 drivers come face to face on the Shutoku at a night such as this. I've come..." Seiji's words were cut short when he takes out his alarm and activates it. "...for my revenge."

"Is this because of that loss?"

"What else is there for me to despise you?"

"I don't understand it, Daiki-kun. Why does this person hate you so much?" Chloe wondered.
"Are you ready for an explanation, Chloe my dear?" Daiki asked first.
"I'm all ears." She said with confidence.

A Silver Evolution 8 has defeated another rival car on the C1, entering the edobashi district. Upon entering the right turn towards the Rainbow Bridge, He stumbles across the arrival of a Silver 350Z which has that stock body kit. When the Z flashed its lights at the Evo 8, the Evol increases its pace and attempts to pull away from the Z. Entering a left high speed corner right after the bridge, the Evo 8 skids a bit on the outside due to too much battling before this one; he has faced an Impreza GC8, Mazda Cosmo, and a 240SX Nissan beforehand. The Z slowly gets closer and closer to the inner wall. They were Side by Side all throughout the road since then. The Z slows its pace down and positions right behind the Evolution - it gained more speed afterwards via slipstream method. By the time they reach the sudden S curve and hillclimb that is soon leading to a downhill, the Z gains more ground than the Evo with the race ending with the Z overtaking and outrunning the Evo 8...

"...and that is about it, love." Daiki told Chloe.

"Wow. So you beat him hands down?" Chloe asked in awe.

"Are you done, Akiyama?" Seiji is starting to get pissed. "You know the reason why I am here."
"Yeah, yeah I heard you." Daiki said as he cleans his ears with his pinky finger which looks like an insult to Seiji. He starts to get angry up to the point of shouting at Daiki. "You little..." Before Daiki nor Seiji could even say a word, Seiji heard a couple of cars coming up fast on the Aqualine...

He runs to the edge of the parking area to see what cars are they as one is very familiar to Seiji. "Let's get out of here Daiki and..." Daiki wasn't listening to Chloe. Even he went to where Seiji is to see who it is. One of the cars is also familiar to his tone as well.

Afar, they saw a white car and a blue car coming down on the Aqualine fast, as if passing the 290 km/h mark and counting up. When the cars were clear enough to be distinguished, Seiji and Daiki are surprised to see what models they were!

A white Nissan Skyline BNR34 GT-R V-spec II N1 dressed to look like the Mines' BNR34, only it has the Nismo R tune carbon bonnet, a GT wing, and the Spec II front bumper with the R logo removed and is equipped with the Volk TE37 Six spoke silver toned rims. Next to it... well a bit infront of it, leading the race is a blue Mazda FD3S RX-7 R1. The FD is dressed with a Defender Body kit. The car looks menacing... both of them do. The FD, though looks more like a sleeper as its lights are just halfway open. They are past the 300 km/h mark and still at it. Both Daiki and Seiji chased towards the other side of the parking area to see who is leading. Up close, the R34 is gaining ground and is close to overtaking the FD. By the time that the R34 has reached the limit of its fifth gear, it has positioned itself directly infront of the FD. As soon as he did that, the driver inside the R34 grinned happily as he shifts to gear 6. The car lost a certain amount of momentum and pulls back right infront of the FD which is close to the R34's rear by the way. The FD driver removes his foot off the gas momentarily and allows a safe margin between both vehicles. They retain a speed of 298 km/h from that point and are slowly gaining more speed...

"Kazuhiko..." Seiji uttered.
"Yamazaki... Raymond..."

"Looks like we are not the only ones who are eager to race today..." Seiji said looking at Daiki with that serious face. "I can hardly say the same thing about the said matter too, Seiji." Daiki said showing the same face too.

As they face each other, a gust of soft wind passes by them and at the same moment, they heard a pair of tires screeching from afar but not too far from where they are.

(minutes later...)

Daiki, who is with Chloe stands next to the Z as Seiji stands next to the entrance of the Parking area awaiting the arrival of the two cars. He can tell by ear that the drivers have settled their race and are now entering the Aqualine Bridge Hotspot to talk it out.

Seiji walks away and approaches his Evolution, perpendicular to Daiki's Z, 7 car lengths away. Then arrived the first car - a white Nissan Skyline R34 with the Defender Body kitted FD behind. They brought their cars to a halt meters away from the Z and Evo and stepped out of their cars afterwards.

Both Seiji and Daiki are right, in terms of who are driving. The one who stepped out of the FD is wearing a Kashmir coat, 5"11 in height, wears a pair of square type sunglasses and black toned denims. He has a square type haircut, closely resembling a grown military haircut. He is Kazuhiko Aizawa - a very close associate of Seiji Tsuchiya.

The R34 driver wore a black coat paired with a dark purple turtleneck sweater. He has blonde hair which looks as if it waved with the wind. He has a half-half face - looking both American and Japanese. He is Raymond "Lightning Angel" Yamazaki. Daiki was right.

"Daiki, it's fancy meeting you here when I just had a battle." Raymond said.

The result, if you were ever wondering, is that Raymond Barely won once again. Both the FD and GT-R had the same power output but Raymond's professionally tuned R34 proved faster than the FD, claiming another win. Kazuhiko didn't show any signs of regrets or deceit from losing. He was glad to face Yamazaki all the way since on their last race, the winner was yet to be decided when Raymond suddenly ended the race that time.

"So you're facing Akiyama today, huh Seiji?" Kazuhiko asked him who just nodded.
"You're racing Seiji Tsuchiya.?" Raymond asked Daiki.

Chloe felt a bit left out and butts in saying that "Daiki isn't here to race... we just had a date and..." her words were cut short when Daiki started talking. "I've decided to battle him at this very moment."

"There goes that ending I desired..." Chloe thought with a huge sigh.

Seiji gives a huge grin and says. "Good. That's what I am expecting you to say."
"But I won't gain anything from this pointless battle, now am I?" Daiki added.
"T-this race isn't pointless!!" Seiji said in anger.
"Oh? How so?"
"This battle is a matter of pride. The only way to know which of us is better suited to be a God of the Wangan."
"There are not Gods on the Wangan, Seiji. We all are mortals here."
"Cut your nonsense talk! Thanks to you, I have lost my sense of pride as a racer and my credibility was ruined. I couldn't race to my own potential thanks to you."
"Why are you blaming it on Daiki?" Chloe interrupted.
"Why? WHY? IT'S because of him that I... I..."

"I lost my place as the number 1 driver on Tokyo's Highways!!"
"So what? That is not my problem."
"You little..." Seiji said keeping his curses to himself.
"So what if I beat you in a simple battle such as that. It isn't the end of the world. There is nothing for us to gain in racing each other."
"A person like you, who just showed up all of a sudden here would never understand the meaning and value of what it is like to race in the Wangan." Seiji started.
The discussion is starting to get out of hand as two principles start to clash with each other.
"Credibility. Respect. Pride. These are the things that I... no we Shutoku racers earn through our wins. It is the only way for us to know that we are not just some outcast members of society. It is the only way to show that we have a role in this world. The commoners would not understand what we drive for. And you call yourself a driver? You are no better than a peddler of secular society if that is how you think of us drivers as worthless people!!"
The term peddler of secular society to Daiki is felt as an insult. He wouldn't take that comment as it is. He gritted his teeth during the discussion.
"As much as I detest violence... I detest insults more which pertain to my identity as a person. 'Peddler of Society'? You've gone too far Tsuchiya." Daiki said in a smite of Rage.
"What do you know? You've insulted us racers and you expect to be treated as somebody higher?" Seiji replied. Kazuhiko and Raymond seem to agree with Seiji at this point. Chloe on the other hand is the only one who cannot understand the politics of street racing in Japan and by default sides with Daiki.
"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO JUDGE US!?" Seiji shouted at Daiki.
Chloe is starting to fear Seiji with those words. She held tighter to Daiki's arm and goes closer to him, feeling safe in his presence.

"You know that talking like this won't get us nowhere. Not even you guys." Kazuhiko commented. "He is right. We both understand what you mean but in this world of ours, actions speak louder than words. There's no better way to prove your principles by racing for it." Raymond suggested.

"So this is the only way, is it?" Daiki thought aloud to Seiji.
"They're right. The only way for us to get anywhere with this needless talk of opposing principles is to see which one of us is the better driver. We race from here to the other end of the Wangan Line Kanagawa freeway."
"Why refuse now if this is the only way for us to settle this topic?"

Daiki steps into his Z and asks Chloe to ride alongside him.
Seiji boards his Evolution also and gets ready. He takes out a bottle of water and drinks to calm his senses. "I'll show that rich guy Akiyama what I mean..."

Chloe is looking down on the floor as she thinks that this is the true form of street racers in Japan. Daiki notices this and comforts her.
"Chloe. I'm sorry I got you involved in this. Even I never expected to meet with Seiji this way. This is sudden and I'm sorry that you got involved in my personal confrontations."
Chloe won't say a word. Daiki thought that she's angry over the matter, thinking too childish about what Seiji was saying.
He turns on the engine and shifts to gear 1, placing his car parallel to Seiji's Evolution. Chloe starts to say a few words.
"Win this for me, Daiki. And I'll forgive your errors tonight."
"Just win. I don't ever want to see you all caught up in matters such as this. It destroys the atmosphere we have. Win this and I will forgive your transgressions."
Chloe said while shivering. Daiki notices this and puts his left hand on Chloe's hands.

"I'll do my best." Daiki said.

Kazuhiko starts the countdown and does it on the side. When he brought his raised arm down, which signals a go... both the Evolution and Z blast off onto the Exit of the Aqualine Hotspot. As they enter the long tunnel, Seiji's Evo 8 claims the lead on the first half of the race. Daiki continues to follow the Evolution infront of him, willing not to lose to Seiji's car and be thought of as a peddler, in Seiji's context. Chloe looks at the tachometer and assures herself of the matter...

260 km/h and rising...

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I just noticed now, after watching episode 2 of Wangan Midnight Anime at Youtube (the one that looks like the Initial D fourth stage CGI)... Eriko and Chloe have the same front hair style... what a coincidence, eh?

<_< And Akio seems like a brat there... no offense, IMAO only..

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Now comes two more annoyance... glad Sora isn't racing on those times
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Oh yes, the Lightning Angel prevails once again!!! Hahaha

This ought to be interesting... Should start finishing my fanfic too...
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Oh yeah, sorry paladinoras... didn't mean to offend Yamaaki there :lol:
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It's been long but here's the next chapter:

Chapter 12 - Grand Evolution!!

Down the Aqualine tunnel... Seiji is increasing the gap. He looks full of energy in his seat as he shifts to gear 4. His Evo 8 blasts after every shift down the long tunnel's straightway, instantly leaving the Z as if it was just standing there.

Daiki, in his 350Z... is not that scared of Seiji's faster and more stronger Evolution. He was completely calm. Even Chloe feels safe with him in this kind of composure. In Daiki's mind, he is analyzing the current capabilities and upgrades of the Evolution, even from afar...

"Maximum output 530 hp... acceleration rate, 0-60 in 4.5 seconds present, lateral G is good... all around estimate weight... 1280 kg..." Daiki thought as he drove. He was referring to the Evo's numerical statistics. He compares it with his Z's.
"Maximum output 500 hp... acceleration rate, 0-60 in 4.75 seconds present, lateral G is okay... all around estimate weight 1340 kg..." He thought once again.

As he shifts to gear 4, his Z gains some ground...

Seiji looks at his rearview mirror, as 3 kilometers worth of straight road has passed. The Z looks as if it is around 150 meters away from him. "Hmph." He smirked.
"You won't beat me this time, Akiyama." he said in a serious tone as he shifts gears.

When the gap is close to 175 meters, Daiki positions his car right behind the Evo... barely making it to its slipstream. From there, his car starts to gain more acceleration as it closes in on the Evolution. Well, to Chloe, that is what she thinks.

Actually, the end of the Aqualine tunnel is close and it signals the turning point of the match. As Daiki reaches Seiji's maximum speed of 298 km/h, Seiji decelerates down to 180 upon corner entry... there are no oncoming traffic cars blocking his line so he sets up for an out in out attack.

Daiki sees through this and copies Seiji's move.

-at the Aqualine parking area (Umihotaru)-

"So..." Raymond utters to Kazuhiko who is leaning on his FD. "Who do you think would win?"
"I can't say" Kazuhiko humbly answered. "It is hard to tell. I know these two very well in terms of driving." "What do you mean?" Raymond asked once more. "We've seen Daiki drive twice already against two aces. But I've seen Seiji drive more. They're equal in a sense." Kazuhiko explained.
"Well, my vote is for Akiyama. I don't want him to lose to anyone except me... when the time comes." Raymond proudly thought aloud.
"Hmph. Feeling a bit cocky, eh? Just coz you nearly won against him back then?"
"How so?" Raymond answered back calmly.

Friction starts to burn between Kazuhiko and Raymond once more.

"Hey." Raymond uttered. "Yeah?" Kazu answered back. "Let's go at it."
"You mean another round?" Kazuhiko guessed.
"You betcha. I think I can beat you a second time around." Raymond said.
"Well... I beg to differ." Kazu said frankly. "I've seen you drive all out and I now have a plan to go against yours."
"Okay then. We go on the same route as Daiki and Seiji. First there wins." Raymond answers.

With that, the White R34 and blue FD slowly make their way out of the Umihotaru parking area and onto the tunnel down the aqua line.

-back with Daiki and Seiji-

"Huh!?" Seiji wonders as he glances at his rearview mirror.
The Z is closing in pretty fast near the Kawasakiukishima junction to the left.
They both know that at the end of the race is the Daikoku Junction, continuing to the Honmoku junction... But Seiji isn't disturbed by the Z closing in. He keeps his cool but on the inside, he is slowly freaking out. He has made such a huge gap. How could Daiki close in on his Evo just like that? "I already have the FQ-400 engine installed with a much bigger turbine!! How could his standard V6 just catch up to it. Don't tell me... he copies my line!?"

Seiji slows down upon entry through the S curve like junction starting off with a medium to low speed left with a sudden drop in elevation. Seiji lets go of his accelerator and maneuvers through the tight inside.

As Daiki enters the corner, he takes into account that Chloe is with him throughout the trip. He induces his Z into a drift slowly through inertial movements. Outside the Z's cockpit, they may say that Daiki's aggressively entering the corner but truth of the matter is, He's taking it easy. He never allowed too much steering through the corner. At an estimate... it's angled at 25 degrees to the left. He rocks the body upon entry to bring the car to a slide without exerting much cornering force. The tires are not skidding for the sole fact that he is feathering his accelerator at a steady 6500 rpm.

"Incredible feathering..." Chloe whispered. "He's a phenomenal driver." In her mind, she's all over Daiki as she thinks to herself... "No wonder I picked the right guy for me. Tee hee." She softly chuckled.

At the exit, Seiji halved his gas and exits into the long straight to Daikoku Futo with full power. He stomps on his gas as soon as the car is placed directly on the straight. Hoping that he leaves Daiki for good.

Daiki on the other hand, goes even more aggressive with his driving style and stomps on the gas upon entry to the second, right-left corner. His tires smoke endlessly upon contact and the revs start to go wild near the red zone.

He lost a fraction of grip upon exit, about to hit the outside wall. Chloe sees this coming and crunches his left arm to a fist of fear with her other arm holding on the handle bar. She looks at Daiki for a split second and is confident with his driving.

Daiki feels as if he's reached his limit, exceeding the grip level of his Z. It is about to hit the outer wall. Suddenly, a supernatural thing happened, the Z regained 50% of its maximum grip and instantly regains balance. Daiki sees this as a good sign of unknown origins but Chloe feels otherwise. She didn't tell Daiki and keeps it to herself. To her, the feeling was familiar. She lets it pass and watches Daiki gain on the Evo 8.

According to their spedometers, the Evolution is reaching 299 km/h and slowly rising down the Daikoku Futo straightway. As for the 350Z... it's reaching... 310 and still rising at a drastic pace. It is as if Daiki's Z has a stronger acceleration pull effect, in terms of tuning, in comparison to Seiji's Lancer Evolution.

Back with Yamazaki and Aizawa...

Down the long tunnel of the Aqualine, Yamazaki is confident in leading the race with the FD just behind his bleaming white R34. From a distance, Yamazaki's R34 looks like a cross between the Mine's R34 and the Nismo S tune R34 GT. Passing the 260 km/h mark, Kazuhiko and Raymond shifted gears; the FD going to gear 5 with the GT-R on the same gear too.

"He seems pretty confident in beating me as if I am nothing..." Kazuhiko thought. "But it doesn't mean that I'll be left behind that easily. His R34 carries as much power as Seiji's Evolution... at 530 maximum. The weight is as heavy as Daiki's 350Z. Could he even come close to beating them?" Kazu thought once again. As soon as their cars reached 278 km/h, Raymond shifted to gear 6 - the problem in his R34. The R34 pulled back a bit upon the moment when the gear closes. Kazuhiko breaks free from the slipstream and swerves to the right side and goes side by side with the R34.

"Hmm... You seem oddly faster than our last race, Kazuhiko." Raymond smirked. "But that won't stop me!!" Raymond said, gluing his foot down on the gas even more. The FD continues to gain on the R34 but the R34 is slowly pulling away from the tie, regaining the lead. As soon as both cars got out of the tunnel, they are both signaled by their automated GPS systems to watch out and slow down for the fast incoming hard left. It's finally turning into a braking contest.

The R34 and FD braked side by side. Raymond gritted his teeth knowing the full advantage of the RX-7. He exerts all braking effort that the GT-R could possess. As soon as he sees the FD gain ground and speed against his own car, Raymond turns the wheel and attempts to block the FD preventing it from overtaking during braking. Kazuhiko was not surprised and never lets off the gas even for a second. As soon as they enter the corner, Kazuhiko realizes that Raymond attack was for another cause, he saw the corner coming and turns earlier than expected. "He makes me think that he's blocking my line but the fact is that he is setting up for the corner ahead!?" He smiled and thought about it. "You're crazy, Yamazaki. But that's why I like racing against you."

The FD and R34 are neck to neck down the S curve section, with the FD sticking to the R34 by only a mere millimeter from hitting the rear fender of the R34. Yamazaki nor Kazuhiko budged as they feel the immense pressure between them. As they exit the section and enter the straight leading to Daikoku Futo, the FD exits the last corner far faster than the R34, despite the fact that Yamazaki extended the gap to 5 car lengths before the end of the corner. Slowly, Kazuhiko is gaining. Raymond's R34 only has reached 273 km/h from the straight's entrance whereas Kazuhiko has went beyond that reaching a far fascinating speed of 288 km/h and is closing in on the GT-R ahead of him.

Back with Daiki and Seiji...

Seiji, knowing that it is a straight and there are no traffic cars on the way, relaxes on his seat and cuts his acceleration press by 10%. He is sure that the Z won't catch up and he is 900 meters away from the goal... until...

"Na...NA-NANI!!??" Seiji freaked out in his seat as he stomps fully on the gas. His speed increases but not that much. He looks at Daiki's calm face as he never bothers to notice Seiji get passed and laugh at his pathetic attempts to hold his lead. The Z effortlessly passes the Evolution 600 meters before the goal but it is as if the race is far from over... in Seiji's context. Only six hundred meters... would anything happen in that short distance between them and the goal?

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Awesome, as always.

Will update mine soon, almost a month since the last one... so sad.
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great job man

keep it up
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This is just a short update. I am running out of ideas... and free time at the moment... things are getting serious at college... :lol:

Chapter 13 - State of Profession

Seiji steps out of his Lancer Evolution and walks over to its front. Before he stepped out, he turned on the hazard lights. He listens fervently at the sound of the 350Z which kept fading and fading as far as it went.

All of a sudden, Seiji blasts in rage punching and kicking the fence at his side. He releases all his rage as soon as he sees the face of Daiki upon blinking. "DAMN!! DAMN!!" He said as he continues to punch the wall.


After one last punch, his blood from his battered fist slowly spurs out.
"Akiyama... of all people, you are the king of fools. Nobody has ever looked down upon a fellow street racer and gets away with it. You are a total disgrace!!"

His thoughts came to a halt upon the tone of a Nissan's RB26DETT and a 20B Rotary coming up close. It is Yamazaki and Aizawa, fighting it out on the last straigthway. The blue FD sweves to the left side of the white R34 and is instantly gaining the lead. Kazuhiko has passed Yamazaki's R34 yet Raymond doesn't show any sign of fear or regret. He smirks in his seat. "So you got even with me."

Raymond slows down and waves to Kazuhiko, who stops infront of Seiji's Lan Evo 8. Kazuhiko waves back at Raymond and turns to face Seiji.

"Whoa... bro. You alright?" Kazu asked him. He can tell because Seiji's body is shivering in rage at the moment. "Y...yeah." He groaned. He is lying and Kazuhiko could frankly tell.
"Let it go man. Don't care what that Daiki guy says to you. You are a great shutoku racer. No one could take that fact away from you. Not even him. Yeah, so what if he is good." Kazuhiko told Seiji straight.
"As long as he doesn't have the heart of a true shutoku racer... he doesn't deserve to be called one at all..." Kazuhiko finished; hoping that telling Seiji that Daiki's wrong would calm Seiji's senses.

From afar, inside the silver 350Z...

Daiki halves his press on the accelerator and talks to Chloe.
"I am sorry about a while ago. I am sorry that you have to see me act that way, Chloe." Daiki says in a humble tone.
"At least you won, right... my love?" Chloe assures.
"But I don't think I've won." Daiki admits. "Seiji's words have left a huge thought for me to think over..."

"But I won't gain anything from this pointless battle, now am I?" Daiki added.
"T-this race isn't pointless!!" Seiji said in anger.
"Oh? How so?"
"This battle is a matter of pride. The only way to know which of us is better suited to be a God of the Wangan."
"There are not Gods on the Wangan, Seiji. We all are mortals here."
"Cut your nonsense talk! Thanks to you, I have lost my sense of pride as a racer and my credibility was ruined. I couldn't race to my own potential thanks to you."
"Why are you blaming it on Daiki?" Chloe interrupted.
"Why? WHY? IT'S because of him that I... I..."

"I lost my place as the number 1 driver on Tokyo's Highways!!"
"So what? That is not my problem."
"You little..." Seiji said keeping his curses to himself.
"So what if I beat you in a simple battle such as that. It isn't the end of the world. There is nothing for us to gain in racing each other."
"A person like you, who just showed up all of a sudden here would never understand the meaning and value of what it is like to race in the Wangan." Seiji started.
The discussion is starting to get out of hand as two principles start to clash with each other.
"Credibility. Respect. Pride. These are the things that I... no we Shutoku racers earn through our wins. It is the only way for us to know that we are not just some outcast members of society. It is the only way to show that we have a role in this world. The commoners would not understand what we drive for. And you call yourself a driver? You are no better than a peddler of secular society if that is how you think of us drivers as worthless people!!"
The term peddler of secular society to Daiki is felt as an insult. He wouldn't take that comment as it is. He gritted his teeth during the discussion.
"As much as I detest violence... I detest insults more which pertain to my identity as a person. 'Peddler of Society'? You've gone too far Tsuchiya." Daiki said in a smite of Rage.
"What do you know? You've insulted us racers and you expect to be treated as somebody higher?" Seiji replied. Kazuhiko and Raymond seem to agree with Seiji at this point. Chloe on the other hand is the only one who cannot understand the politics of street racing in Japan and by default sides with Daiki.
"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO JUDGE US!?" Seiji shouted at Daiki.

"Am I really fit to be a hashirya?" Daiki thought to himself.
At that very moment, Chloe felt the ominous presence of a fearsome aura surrounding Daiki's Z. 'No... it can't be... can it?' Chloe thought to herself but ignores this afterwards.
The Z disappears into the dark unlit part of the highway and vanishes.

The next day at Akiyama racing school...

Daiki walks around the halls to see if everything is going as it usually does.
So far, things are going the way it used to until...
He passes by Naoko's class - the class where Kitana is. The weird thing is Kitana didn't show up. He calls Naoko's attention through a hand wave from outside.
"Oh?" Naoko notices and sees Daiki.
"excuse me for a second class. Go on with your seatwork for a while."
They are doing a module on drivetrain differences & Setup Maintenance, their second module.
"What is it, Akiyama-sama?" Naoko asks.
"Where's Ms. Tioseco?" Daiki wonders.
"Kitana? Now that you've mentioned it, she didn't come to class again."
"Again?" Daiki's confused with the situation. He thought that Kitana was angst to become a racer. I guess his judgement of her was incorrect.
"Even last monday, she didn't come. She's missing for a week now..." Naoko admits.
Daiki gets suspicious by every bit of evidence he gets out of Naoko.
"Are you planning to go to her school to investigate?"
"Eh?" Naoko reacts.
"Perhaps she is busy. If ever she comes back, I'll talk to her about the matter." He said as he walks away.

"And what if she doesn't come back?" Naoko asks as a follow up. Daiki stopped and thought it over for a second. "Then... I have no choice but to go to her school and talk to her from there. See you later." he said as he leaves Naoko be. He heads for his office.

By the time he gets to his office, he closes the door and is still thinking about what Seiji said. Pictures of Seiji talking in rage appear in Daiki's mind. Driving him nuts. He slowly walks over to his desk to ease his mind.

He looks at his table, noticing an unfamiliar, unprinted envelope on his desk.
"Hmm?" There's no name on it. This got Daiki's attention for the meantime.

"I wonder who sent this. Seiji probably? Kitana?"
He opens the envelope, revealing a wallet sized picture of a Nissan R390 GT-1 road car. He ignores that and focuses on the letter.

Akiyama Daiki.

I am glad to have this opportunity to talk to you. My name is Shimizu Ohyama. Noticed or not, I was a spectator on your battle against that Evolution 8 MR yesterday. I am glad to have gotten the information from a couple of nearby street racers of your whereabouts. My purpose is to recruit you to our local racing team at Mie Prefecture.

We are known as the Midnight Masters and we often hold team meetings around and at Suzuka Circuit; located at Mie Prefecture, as stated. Having you on our team would be a fine asset and we can assure you that you could find our team interesting enough to your expectations. We are primarily composed of young retirees from different fields of automotive racing; from Rally racers, to experimental car testers, to ex Le Mans contenders. I find it that getting to have you in our team would help us become a better team and be good enough to match that of the semi-professional teams in the area. If you wish to contact us, feel free to contact me personally. My cellular phone number is located at the back of this note. An immediate response to this would be of high recognition to us and we hope to get one from you soon.

Yours truly,
Shimizu Ohyama
Founder of Midnight Masters team

"A local racing team at Mie, huh?" Daiki thought.
He hasn't associated himself to any other professionals and veterans from automotive racing for a while. He has mostly isolated himself from associating with such and only retains valuable contacts. This sounds quite new to Daiki and intrigues him for a bit.
"Maybe associating with a racing team outside of Tokyo might not be so bad..." He thought to himself.

From outside, a blue Nissan R390 GT-1 is ready to leave the area. The driver, who is wearing a kashmir coat and square-type sunglasses shifts the car to gear 1 and taps on the gas, leaving the Racing School venue.

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Fine, mine will be upped by Monday, latest.
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I'm quite in the mood now actually...
Chapter 14 - Persistence

A few days have passed since Daiki faced Seiji once again on the wangan, realizing that Kitana waived herself from her personal oath to Daiki, and getting weird letters from somebody named Shimizu Ohyama. He could be a fan of Daiki's but is he? Perhaps not. His first letter doesn't sound like something a fan would say. This is just making Daiki ignore the letter even more. But it doesn't stop there.

Daiki goes about his usual business at the Akiyama Racing School. After boringly checked the garage cars, the classrooms and organizing important documents at his office, another letter appears. "It's the same content." He said as he browsed through the letter. He crumples the letter again and throws it at the nearby waste bin; continuing his usual business afterwards. "I wonder how many more of these letters would be coming..." Daiki thought.

As he boards his 350z, there's a letter attached to his windshield wiper. Again, it is from Shimizu. The only good thing in this situation is that Daiki's patience is very vast. So it would take him a while before he'd explode and furiously search for Shimizu Ohyama, whoever that is, himself.

The next day arrives...

And again, the same thing. More letters from Shimizu on places you'd never expect - his drawer, at every door in the classrooms, the toilet, the toilet itself, the garage doors. "Tsk. What does he want?" Daiki thought. "Maybe if you even bother to answer that letter, he'd stop this nonsense." Naoko uttered behind Daiki who just came by with a couple of small boxes with her as she approaches Daiki.

"Naoko. How'd you know about this?" He asked her.
"Well... it isn't that hard to notice, Daiki..." She said as she shows off a couple more letters. "Oh... Those..." He said in slight embarrassment.
"If you want these to stop, Daiki... You have to reply. Or else he won't stop messing with you and us..."

He goes back to his office and thinks it over.

"If you want these to stop, Daiki... You have to reply. Or else he won't stop messing with you and us..."

He reclines on his seat and thinks the letter over in his mind...
Akiyama Daiki.

I am glad to have this opportunity to talk to you. My name is Shimizu Ohyama. Noticed or not, I was a spectator on your battle against that Evolution 8 MR yesterday. I am glad to have gotten the information from a couple of nearby street racers of your whereabouts. My purpose is to recruit you to our local racing team at Mie Prefecture.

We are known as the Midnight Masters and we often hold team meetings around and at Suzuka Circuit; located at Mie Prefecture, as stated. Having you on our team would be a fine asset and we can assure you that you could find our team interesting enough to your expectations. We are primarily composed of young retirees from different fields of automotive racing; from Rally racers, to experimental car testers, to ex Le Mans contenders. I find it that getting to have you in our team would help us become a better team and be good enough to match that of the semi-professional teams in the area. If you wish to contact us, feel free to contact me personally. My cellular phone number is located at the back of this note. An immediate response to this would be of high recognition to us and we hope to get one from you soon.

Yours truly,
Shimizu Ohyama
Founder of Midnight Masters team

"What am I to other people? Am I that of use to them? Why do they even bother to strive for the professional league? What's so great about it? It's boring once you get there..." He thought. "I know because when I was 14, I already saw their light. The light is pretty dim if you ask me. Why bother to continue?" He said with his head looking up on the ceiling. "But their team profile sounds fantastic... I mean... retirees of previous racing groups and divisions... this at least gets my interest..."
He thought aloud.

"Perhaps... I'd like Shimizu to test my wits even further... to see how persistent he is to get me in their team and what purpose I might serve for them... Just a little more, Ohyama Shimizu... til that time comes... I won't respond for a while... Sorry Naoko. I'd like to see his determination level..." He said in his mind.

It's almost a week now ever since that time Daiki has resolved to test Shimizu's wits; and his own. But it seems that Daiki's patience is at its limit at the moment. Shimizu's letters are compiling along with important documents. Daiki doesn't have much time to sort out his letters from the documents... not to mention, his Z, and all of the other cars are covered in letters from Shimizu Ohyama.

He opens his locker and finds a mountain of request letters. I think Shimizu is going a bit overboard with all the request letters he is making just to get Daiki's attention. "Rrr..." He groaned. "This is just too much..." He said aloud.
Naoko who was the only one with him when Daiki's complaining said that "well, if you only answered back a week ago, this catastrophe never could've happened. Hows say you call him now?"

Daiki, all of a sudden hears footsteps close in from outside his office. "Naoko. Be quiet for a moment..." He sees the shadow of a person crunch down and slide a letter below the door. Daiki smirks as he has deduced that the person outside is Shimizu Ohyama. He reclines and smiles as he says "You don't have to do that, Shimizu Ohyama..." He shouted his name in the end.

Naoko immediately rushes to the door to apprehend Shimizu in his tracks. Naoko pushes the door away and like a police officer rushing to capture a criminal, she immediately grabs Shimizu by the arm and restrains his movement perfectly.

"O...ow. Watch it, woman..." Shimizu said as he looks to see the person grabbing him. He gasps as soon as he sees a beautiful, green toned long haired woman grab his arm. "For a woman such as yourself... you sure know when to go to the offensive." He said with a evil snicker.
Naoko, who has a bit of a short temper with men like him, was about to slap Shimizu into discipline until... "Naoko! Bring him here. I'll deal with him myself." He said with a serious face.

"Um... yes... Boss..." Naoko gave in to the orders and brought Shimizu in.
Shimizu Ohyama, is a tall Japanese person... around 180 centimeters tall, wearing a turtleneck sweater overlapped with a Kashmir coat. His hair is quite straight and goes down until half of his neck. He looks quite intelligent, as he wears a pair of glasses. He wears a pair of black-brown slacks down and a pair of adidas driving shoes, similar to the Duralite rubber shoes.

He looks at Daiki from his seat. "My my... you're quite young..." "How old are you exactly...?" Shimizu humbly asked Daiki. "I'm just 18." daiki admits.
"Eighteen, huh? I'm not surprised. But I am quite curious... aren't you a bit too young to manage a racing school?" Shimizu asked again.
"Well... I just inherited the school from my father. It is as if I have a choice or anything like that." Daiki shares his sentiments to Shimizu.

"Well... I am 26 years old now. And although, you are young in comparison to me, I am honored to meet you, Mr. Daiki Akiyama."

"Now, why are you intent on recruiting me to your team? What purpose do I serve you and your team?" Daiki frankly asks him.
"We need you on our team Akiyama." Shimizu admits with conviction.
"We need someone with all the technical knowledge and connections to make our rag out team, as I hate to admit that fact, into a semi professional like street racing team."
"If that is your only reason as to call me..." Daiki closes his eyes and analyzes the situation.
Shimizu intently listens to what Daiki has to say.

"I'd decline your offer..."
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Chapter 15 - From Rivalries to Friendships

Shimizu shivers in his seat. It is first offer from a professional to aid them in their team arrangements and now given the chance to talk, Daiki immediately declines the offer.

Shimizu fiercely stands up and gives Daiki a piece of his mind. He throws his arms down on Daiki's table and demands an answer.


Daiki looks away from Shimizu with just his eyes moving and explains. "It's because, Mr. Ohyama... I don't see any benefit in it for me."

"Benefit for yourself? Is that why you declined Seiji Tsuchiya's battle announcement to you before?" Shimizu explained. Remembering Seiji, the only thing that pops out of Daiki's mind is what Seiji told him... calling him a peddler of society, unable to understand the essence of what it means to be a street racer.

"W...were you there that night?" Daiki asked Shimizu all of a sudden.
"Was I there? Of course I was! Anybody who is anybody should see Seiji in action. He is mostly at the Daikoku Futo parking area where all racers meet up. He rarely goes to the Umihotaru parking at the aqualine. It just happens that I was near the umihotaru parking area."

"Tell me, is Seiji Tsuchiya that famous?" Daiki followed up another questions.
"Are you sure you are Daiki AKiyama? All street racers must keep up with the times, man." Shimizu insisted. "Seiji is a famous driver now of our lifetime. He has scored a straight 40-0 win in the past with his undefeated record tarnished in your presence. If you stayed in the Daikoku Futo more often, you'd see how many people are putting their money on you and Seiji for the title of the strongest wangan driver in Tokyo."

"That doesn't concern me too much." Daiki commented as he stood from his chair and faces the shelf.
"I am not interested with the racing world. Especially that of the Wangan. I am not, in general fond of racing. I am just forced to do this. It must be my destiny to own this school but I never gave interest to racing of all kinds. If I am, then my point of view over stuff like this would totally be different, I assure you that." Daiki said aloud.

"Then, if you're not interested, why do you run the Wangan night in and night out?" Shimizu asked a serious question.

"It is simply a way for me to relieve myself of endless stress. I don't care who's out there. I just want to roam free."

"But if there is somebody and you defeat them, don't you feel a bit of relief or sense of longing from racing?" Shimizu asked him.

"What do you mean?"

"It's simple, really." Shimizu crossed his arms, ready to talk serious about street racing. "IF you do feel any relief in doing this sort of stuff, then you should understand that deep inside you, you enjoy racing. Why must you contradict something you really like deep inside? Street racing is a very infamous art but there would always be a group of people interested where it becomes a part of their everyday life, I guarantee that."

"What's the deal? They're just boxes with four wheels." Daiki told him.

"They're not just boxes, Daiki. Cars were built for a reason. And it is not only to get to our destination faster. We men, want to reach the heavens in one way or another. Those who kept on racing down long wide straightways here in Tokyo were close to that feeling - an indirect route to that inhuman goal."

"What happens then?" Daiki asks. "What happens when you see or get to the heavens? What is in it for you?"

"Nothing to be exact. The feeling of reaching it is something indescribable. I mean..." Shimizu stood up and approached Daiki. "...you don't need something in return or expect something in return when you do something. Not everything we do has a counterpart of the same kind. For example: you don't do a good deed just because you expect to be paid. You do it because it is the right thing to do and it gives you that 'good' feeling inside. In some way, it is the same with racing. We say that it is a matter of pride. But realize, Daiki, that when you race people, you don't just gain respect and a sense of acknowledgement. You also feel that you get to meet a friend on the same ground standing with you."

He places his left hand on Daiki's shoulder and says...
"So, with that in mind, I hope you understand my side on things and reconsider your answer. Seeing you with the group would most likely help us a lot; I guarantee that, with something in return or not... it will help us to see you there with us." Shimizu said as he heads for the door.

Daiki thinks it over for a second or two and immediately calls out Shimizu's name before he could step out. "Shimizu!!" Daiki shouted.

Shimizu turns around and says something.
"What you said is something abstract; I can tell that's true. And if what you are saying is right, then, I'd like to see what you mean. I'm going with your team."

Shimizu can't help but smile. He has Daiki finally on his side but...

"On one condition. We do battle on Suzuka Circuit." Daiki proposes.
"Anything in it for us?" Shimizu joked around.
"Don't get sarcastic on me and don't you dare copy me." Daiki told him. "Here is the deal - We battle. I won't use my car. Prepare a car for me. And I do battle against the entire team, including you in it. We do a full lap around Suzuka. If I manage to pull away from you guys by 50 meters from the goal, I win, and if the situation is not favorable to me, I'd reconsider my answer. If you or anyone from your crew manages to trail behind me by less than 50 meters or has overtaken me by the end of the full lap run, I get to stay in your team. Deal?" Daiki asks as he extends his hand.

"Those are fine conditions you've suggested, Akiyama." Shimizu commetned as he throws his hand at Daiki's open hand, closing the deal.

A contract was made. If Daiki beats the entire group with a 50 meter gap, he wins. If anyone decides to stick before 50 meters, even if Daiki wins, he's in the team. Before Shimizu ever leaves...

"Before you go... There's something I'd like to ask you." Daiki asks one last time. "Why are you a racer?"

Shimizu answers it without facing Daiki. "I am one not because I was once a Le Mans driver. It is because I adore driving. And it's been my entire life to search for that unreachable feeling. I mean, it is possible on the wangan, but my car forbids me. And I love my car as if it is a part of me. That's my answer." Shimizu finishes as he leaves the office. He gives a smile to Naoko, who was waiting outside and leaves the institution.

Naoko wonders what happened and approaches Daiki. "What happened, Daiki-sama?" Naoko asks immediately.

"We just made a deal and contracted it."
"Contracted it?"
"I'll be out tomorrow, Naoko. I'll be going to Mie. So I am leaving the racing school in your hands."
"What do you mean?" Naoko wonders.
Daiki takes something out from his coat's pocket - a badge of some sort with the initial VP on the badge.

"Most of the time, I noticed, that I won't be around to manage the school. So I am promoting you to Vice President of the Racing SChool."
Daiki said with a smile at Naoko's face.

"A...are you promoting me?" Naoko wonders while blushing.
"You're the only one I could trust who can do things how I want it here, Naoko. Congratulations. You're not just my secretary anymore." He said holding both her shoulders. Naoko can't help but blush. And not to mention the fact that Daiki's face is so close to hers. If she was a bratty teenager, she's kiss him but even if she is older than him by 2 years, she can't help but fall for Daiki.

Daiki leaves the place under the care of Naoko.
Naoko holds dearly to her new badge. The badge gleams brightly at the light. Daiki, on the other hand, who makes his way to the faculty garage thinks of what Shimizu said and relating it to Seiji's rhetorical questions.

"I guess... it's thanks to Shimizu... thanks to him... why I am able now to understand what it means to be a street racer. Seiji is right. I shouldn't have looked down on street racers... because... officially now..." He thought to himself as he walks to his garage."I am a street racer as of this very day onwards. I don't know my purpose in becoming a street racer or what drove me to race in the very beginning... but I will find the answer eventually."

His thoughts were disturbed when he got a call and message from Chloe.
"Daiki! Hi! Are you free tomorrow?" Chloe asks from the other side of the phone.
"Sorry, honey. I am not."
"When are you free then?"
"When are YOU free?" Daiki asks her back.
"Well... this friday I am... oh and tonight." Chloe admits.

"What about you, love?" Chloe asks him back.
"Well... I'll be gone for a day though. Tomorrow I'm going to Mie prefecture." Daiki answers.
"Well..." Chloe asks. "Mind if I go and see you there? I have no plans on working tomorrow, just between you and me."
"I could use a ride. I'll be leaving my Z for an overhaul tomorrow and the rest of my cars are in self impound on my garage and are due for maintenance. Could you pick me up at my apartel?" Daiki asks.

Chloe leaped for joy from the other line and answers happily. "Oh yes! Tres bien! I'd like ... no, love to pick you up tomorrow."
"So it is a half date, then?"
"As long as it is a date, it is a date!!" Chloe said with a little giggle.
"I'll text you my house number later on. Au revoir." Daiki said.
Chloe does a kiss sound and hangs up.

He enters his garage and sees his team of mechanics working on the Z. "How are you sir?" One of them greeted Daiki.
"I'm fine. So, how are preparations?" Daiki asks.
"By tomorrow aftenoon, the parts for your Z will be arriving. You aksed for the full, newly released S tune GT parts, right, sir?"
Daiki gives a simple nod on that note.

He sees his Z getting new parts installed - a new air cleaner, intercooler, a Blitz brand turbo kit, Amuse exhaust set, the Race spec Nismo GT type suspension kit, a new set of durable semi racing brake set and a few more; including a rollcage setup.

Daiki likes how things are going. He got fed up momentarily with his coupe type Nismo setup and wants to experiment with the type E GT setup. He reminds them not to forget to the Chargespeed GT wing type 4.


-Suzuka Circuit; Mie prefecture, the next day at 11:15 a.m.-

The pink Porsche boxster S, an RuF 3400S enters the Suzuka circuit compound and slowly brings the car to a stop at the parking area. Daiki, wearing a simple business short sleeve polo shirt and black tight fit denims escorts Chloe, who is wearing a spaghetti strap blouse, topped with a denim jacket, and a mid length light colored skirt, into the control tower.

(Control Tower, Suzuka Circuit)

"I'd like you to watch the race from here, Chloe. It'll be more comfortable for you to watch it here than below." Daiki assures.
"No, I'd like to be with you, cherie." Chloe insisted.
"SOrry, honey. It's better for you here for the meantime. I'll be alright. Nothing is gonna happen to me."

Daiki turns around and leaves Chloe in the air conditioned room. Chloe was unsure of Daiki's safety. She can feel the ominous feeling again, when Daiki is about to race. She quickly rushes to Daiki, calls out his name, and...

...Kisses him on the lips as he embraces him. Daiki was shocked at first, and slowly gives in to the feeling; extending the duration of the kiss even more. After a minute and a half of kissing, Chloe pulls away. Daiki caresses her by the cheek.
"Be safe out there, Daiki-kun." Chloe asks from his fiance.
"I will. For you, I'll be safe there." Daiki softly told her then makes his way down.

(Garage area where Shimizu is...)

"Looking for your car, Daiki?" Shimizu asks him from behind.
"Oh, Shimizu. It's glad to see you." Daiki greets humbly.
"Your car is over there, already in the starting grid - second place." Shimizu points to the silver NSX-R 2003 placed on the track.

"A Honda NSX huh?"
"One of our members just bought that but is unsure of its performance and double thinks his decision."
"So you want me to make him reconsider his right decision by using this in our agreed battle."
"That is correct. Besides, it is fresh from Honda Motors, to make things fair." Shimizu comments. "The rest of the 5 cars placed on the track would be the other competitors for this race."

Daiki makes a run down on the cars he'll be facing off against. On first is a silver Mazda FD3S RX-7 Spirit R type A, the silver Honda NSX which he'll be driving, a white Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7 RS, a white Mercedes Benz CLK 230 coupe, a Ford FPV GT sport, and Shimizu's blue Nissan R390 GT-1 road car.

"A street R390?" Daiki wonders.
"DOn't be scared of it. I detuned my car for the sole purpose of our battle. It goes equal to that of the cars placed on this race today. Everything is set to your assurance of a fair match, Daiki." Shimizu assures.

"Gee. Thanks a lot for all this, Shimizu." Daiki thanks.
"After 10 minutes of a final run down among the Midnight Masters members, led by Shimizu, their race is about to begin.

Daiki gets in his NSX. Everything feels like it's fresh from Honda Motors itself. It'll be interesting for Daiki to make the first run of the said car. He buckles up and revs the car slowly in place. Shimizu boards his R390 and so did the others in their respective cars.

Chloe, watching from above could see a very weak but threatening red aura come out of the NSX. "Oh, Daiki..." she moaned in slight fear.

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Chapter 16 - Crossing Boundaries

The cars in the starting line of Suzuka Circuit are all set; and they are all like what Daiki has deduced in the beginning. He'll be riding a silver stock Honda NSX-R 2003 and his opponents would be riding the following: A Mazda RX-7 FD3S Spirit R, A white Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7 RS, A white Mercedes Benz CLK 230, A Ford FPV GT, and lastly - Shimizu's detuned R390 GT-1 road car.

What got Daiki's interest in this race is obviously Shimizu's car. It is a complete relic. And according to history, back in 1999, Nissan only produced 2 R390 road cars of that generation. One was owned and the other was left for the Nissan showroom. "How did he ever get hold of a car such as that?" He wondered.

In the R390, Shimizu just taps the steering wheel with his fingers waiting for the countdown to begin. "Well, my 390 maybe detuned, but majority of its stock parts are all race bred according to the Le Mans version - all except for the V8 engine it has. The Le Mans type holds 550+ horsepower while this one is as powerful as the Nismo 400R's RB engine... simply put, just 350 horses."

"Although I told him that the race was set to be fair for Daiki's part. The truth is... it'll narrow down only to a battle between him and I later on. Among the cars line up here, the only cars with a full advantage is my R390 and that stock NSX. Everybody knows that the NSX is a supercar in itself; it's capabilities are only limited according to A class standards. If Honda wanted to, they could increase the displacement of the NSX or change its engine to a much more powerful VTEC combination... but they don't." Shimizu uttered to himself.

"Daiki even doesn't seem ashamed or disgraced when I told him that the NSX would be his car for the race. He seems fine with it. Is it because he has driven one before?" He thought.

One of the members of the top group within Midnight Masters, Kawasaki Kochiiro, goes near the lights and starts the countdown from the pits. Another one from the typical tier raises the green flag, denoting that the countdown has begun.

The red light blinks on all sets. The drivers start to rev their engines; all but Shimizu. Even if he comes out of a cold start, there's not changing the fact that the R390 could obliterate all the other cars around.

The second light blinks on all sets. All drivers got hold of their raised e-brakes. Then the light turns green. A split second later before the lights turned green, Shimizu raised his tachometer level and by the time the lights turn green, he has made a huge cloud of smoke from behind his R390. All cars have blasted out of the starting point.

As Shimizu predicted, the NSX is a beast when on the podium position; he could easily outrun everybody else in it. The Evo 7 stays behind the two coupes with the Benz gaining on the Evo. All of a sudden...
The benz decelerates upon noticing Shimizu close in. Shimizu's R390 blasts through the others as if they were just standing there. He cuts through the Evo 7 and places himself directly behind the Spirit R.
As they enter the next corner after the first reverse J turn, indicating the uphill chicane section, Shimizu passes the FD smoothly, boiling down to a race between Daiki and Shimizu. Daiki glances at his rearview mirror and wonders. "Shimizu... I thought this was a fair match...?"

"This is a fair match, Daiki." Shimizu uttered in his seat. "The race is actually down to a duel between us here in Suzuka. They're just in it for the background. This race is MEANT to be a duel!" Shimizu shouted as he closes his R390 on the NSX.
Shimizu gets as close as his tires could on the nylon road to close the gap. Daiki positions his car on the center of the road, setting up for the next corner and cuts through it by riding the nylon as what Shimizu did. On the short straight before there is an increase in elevation upon entering the final corner of the uphill chicane, Daiki's exit speed is slightly higher than the R390. This however, didn't stop Shimizu though from closing in. There's relatively a man's width worth of gap between the two.

Entering the last half of the chichane, both Daiki and Shimizu rode the nylon on the inside and both position for the last long corner of the chicane. "He's quite an aggressive fellow..." Daiki uttered. He was talking about Shimizu and his driving style. Yes, he is aggressive on the corners." The gap made is closed in at no time flat. "He's a top class driver. Why would he even bother to stay in a group like this? Take a breather perhaps? What's his logic in this?" Daiki thought.
It seems that, to Daiki, Shimizu's aggressive cornering and attack was too aggressive as they enter the last corner. Daiki has the inside completely but Shimizu's R390 understeers towards the center and outside of the road. But Shimizu isn't losing any pace. At all! The gap is still retained beside that fact.

Both drivers begin to increase their pace after passing through the uphill chicane section of the course. It is a bumper to bumper match. The next challenge is close: the L corner at the underpass. Behind them, some of the other racers veered off course and experienced tremendous understeer, trying to keep up with Daiki and Shimizu.
The FD came out unscathed but lost a tremendous amount of speed, making the gap between it and Shimizu's R390 expand. Daiki executes a perfectly planned out in out while Shimizu rides the nylon like a gutter.

Going past the checkpoint, Shimizu continues to tailgate the NSX, copying Daiki's line in the process. Neither driver however, didn't show any sign of pressure or adding pressure.
-Control Tower, Suzuka Circuit...-

Chloe sat there watching the entire race through the LCD screen. She isn't cheering for Daiki but she isn't cowering in fear over Daiki's dangerous rival. She just placed her palms over her chest, praying for Daiki's safe return. Then, all of a sudden, she felt like her heart skipped a beat. She could feel the presence again...

"Why...why is it on him? Of all people... why him!?" She thought.

"Daiki. Cherie. Survive this battle but don't do anything harsh for it..." She thought aloud. What could that 'thing' she's fearing of be?

-BACK with the race-

As the battle continues to progress, Shimizu knows that they're halfway through the course by now. "Daiki. From this point onwards... the race is more on what you do at Tokyo for sure!! I'll beat you on your own specialty!!" Shimizu said with a grin as he gets ready to overtake, positioning his car very close to the NSX!
"The next corner is my key!" Shimizu noted as he refers to the incoming J turn before the straightway. "I must say..." Daiki thought in the NSX. "You are a pretty good driver, Shimizu. And your car is a good and rarae one at that. I can't find any weaknesses on your car at all nor in your driving style. But this doesn't mean that I'll give in to your desires..." He said as he shifts a gear up.

The cars lunge forth as they shift one more gear before entering the braking zone of the corner. Entering at speeds of past 250 km/h, They immediately stomped on the brakes, downshifted to gear 3, and removed their foot off the gas simultaneously upon turning.

The NSX cuts on the inside giving Shimizu a run for his money. "Tsk. Too close" Shimizu noted. He lets the NSX pull away at the apex. He didn't mind this as he knows that once he enters the straightway, there's no stopping him at that point in time.

Once on the long straight, Shimizu's eyes narrowed. The gap between the NSX and R390 seem relatively large but is enough for Shimizu to tailgate the NSX again. He enters the slipstream and watches his car gain twice the acceleration it has.

Within seconds, Shimizu nudges his car to the right and attepmts to overtake Daiki before the turning point.

Daiki plans to intimidate the ambitious R390 and 200 meters before the braking point, he leans the car to the right. Shimizu sees this and just follows the NSX's movements. Unknown to Shimizu, this is a trap set by Daiki.

"I don't want any collisions here so I'll go with your flow." Shimizu noted as he too swerves the car slowly to the right. "Aha! I got you now." Daiki said with an evil grin.

As soon as they enter the braking point, the NSX brakes but the R390 brakes half a second later, thus gaining the lead from the side. "I win, Akiyama!" Shimizu said before braking.

Daiki's plan was right. As soon as Shimizu brakes, he just realized now that his outside tires are on the grass. When he turns after braking, the R390 begins to skid. Daiki closes in to a certain extent.

Both cars maintained their momentum at the center of the road.
"Crap! What is this!!" Shimizu said in an irate tone. He had no choice but to countersteer his way to safety. Holding his lead, he drifts his out of controlled R390 against the NSX losing speed in the process.

As Shimizu gains control, he veers off to the outside, giving Daiki in the NSX ample time and space to regain his lead. He rides the nylon like a gutter and regains control of the race.


Shimizu was amazed by his resilience. He selflessly placed himself in a dangerous position to intimidate him yet it didn't work. The gap increased and increased. Shimizu's last chance would have to be the low speed S-curve before the home stretch.

"I'm not through yet!!" Shimizu exclaimed as he presses a button in his dashboard. As he enters the corner, his tires begin to smoke while braking. While he enters the first corner at the high rpms of gear 2, his rear begins to slide. Yes, he turned off his TCS momentarily. "The traction control is nothing but a hindrance to this car's absolute power. I need to extract every bit of it to catch up and overtake this NSX!" He uttered.
Exiting the second half of the S curve, his car slides even more but Shimizu has full control of the car. "It's all down to the 390's acceleration!! Give it your all!!" He said, directing it to the car. As he shifts gears, a ball of fire bursts out of his exhaust, the revvs rise tremendously and the car chases after the NSX.

On the stretch, Daiki reclines in satisfaction.
Shimizu desperately tries to chase the NSX. But the gap was too big for him to regain. Afterall, despite the fearsome acceleration of the R390, he detuned it for the sake of a fair match.
Down the checkered line, Daiki has made a gap of exactly 50 meters from the incoming R390. He crosses the home stretch with a huge sigh.

Chloe runs down to the pits to see her lover.

Daiki and Shimizu decreased their cars paces and slowly drove them to the pits, through the exit. Once they parked, both drivers stepped out.
Shimizu stands up with a depressed look. He knew it was 50 meters. Daiki stands up with a smile; with not a care in the world of the battle. The only thing awkward about him? He sweated. His chest seems moist. It seems that he was pressured so much by the R390 during that drifting moment after the straight that got him to sweat. It's a sign that he was afraid of what is gonna happen but he let those feelings aside.

When Chloe saw Daiki, he runs and hugs him. "Daiki!!!!" Chloe cheered. "Are you alright, Cherie?" She asks.
"Yeah, Chloe. I am fine. It's nothing really."
"You sure! I'm so glad to hear that."

Daiki then turns to Shimizu, who was blushing over Daiki and Chloe's affair. Daiki walks over to Shimizu and declares his answer. "So... you won't be part of our team, is that what you're gonna say?"

"Actually, no." Daiki corrected.
"My answer would be on hold. I won't guarantee it is a yes. But I am not saying it is a no either." Daiki assured.
"So, you're still undecided on the matter?"
"We could say that. I just need to finish a few matters then I'll see where this is gonna go."
Daiki nods and leaves the area, with Chloe of course.

Shimizu stands there in awe. When Daiki declared the race, he thought that he is going into a suicidal battle. But no. He knew the result at the very beginning and was confident about it. "AKIYAMA!" Shimizu called out to him. Daiki turned his head and looks back at him.

"Thanks for the race!! It was a good learning experience!"
"I'M GLAD YOU THOUGHT OF IT THAT WAY. Come to my school at 6 PM I want to show you something."
"Sure!" Shimizu agreed.

He listens to the pink Porsche boxster ignite its engine and drive off; heading back to Tokyo.

-Akiyama Racing school 5:30 p.m.-

Daiki steps out of the drivers seat, escorts chloe to the said seat afterwards and says a few final words of the day.
"Was it your first time to go to Mie prefecture?" He asks her.
"It was. I never get to go anywhere else besides Tokyo, my workplace, and home."
"Although it wasn't like a date... the trip we had... I had fun riding with you today, Daiki." Chloe answered.
"Hmm. I'm glad you thought of it that way."
Both kissed on the lips to seal the deal as the sun goes down. Daiki watches the Boxster leave then walks over to his 350Z.
He raises the garage door of his car and looks to see what progress has been made.

His 350Z was equipped with the said type E body kit, with Nismo R tune rims, the 5-spoke type; bronze in color, a GT wing, and a lowered ride height. His car looks as if it came from the D1GP or a street version of the GT500 Z. His car now looks as if it's the 350Z S tune GT-GT type. He gave a smile and indirectly tells his mechanics "Good job. I'm happy with this."

He turns on the engine and listens to the car come alive.
The car sounds more like an RB26DETT than a VQ35DE. He raises the car's tachometer past 6500 rpm and the turbine hisses upon his release on the gas. "High pressure turbine... stable." He looks at the gauges, all giving a normal reading. He glances at his rearview mirror and plays with the gas. As soon as the wall reflects a yellowish color that coincides with a bang sound from the exhaust... he says "Exhaust piping. Stable." In place, he nudges the steering wheel left to right. "Steering sensitivity... stable."

He looks outside to see a dyno machine that wasn't turned off for a long time. "I guess my mechanics are too tired after this that they forgot to turn this off. I can't blame them for that." Before Daiki presses on the off button, he sees the dyno reading:

NISSAN 350Z [Z33]
MASS: 1390 KG

Daiki shows a grin seeing the number. "720 huh...?"
"My Z's an absolute monster now... I'd normally would request to detune this to 700 flat or 680 to my liking but... power doesn't matter to me. This is obviously an overdose... that I like."

He looks at the wall clock which reads: 5:58 p.m.

He remembered that he's gonna meet up with Shimizu.
He gets back on his car and slowly brings it out of the garage. Nobody is left in the campus but him. So he plays around with the gas some more, making erratic sounds around the area. The turbo hissing and the exhaust releasing bursts of fire every now and then... it's the devil's sound to Daiki's ears.

Unaware to Daiki, the aura that Chloe fears is showing when he gives off that evil smile just because of the immense power. As soon as he hears the 3.5L VH35L V8 up close, he stops playing with the car. He opens the lights of the Z and steps out.

The car that just arrived is the R390 of Shimizu.
"Daiki. What is it that you want to show me as to why you want me to come here?"
He smiled and tells him. "You want to experience the thrill of speed that your car doesn't right?"
He addresses Shimizu to the newly modified 350Z of his. Shimizu felt something in his legs as he saw the car. It looked a lot fearsome than his R390. The Z looks very intimidating.

"Let's take a run..." Daiki noted which caught Shimizu's attention. "...a run to the Wangan."


The Z just runs at a very slow pace of 100 km/h as it makes a turn on the toll gate. "Don't tell me this crappy speed is the one you want to show me..?" Shimizu wondered. "Take it easy." Daiki said. We'll get to that soon enough. You want me to challenge someone here?" Daiki asks. "If that's what it takes to satisfy me, then alright."

Daiki sees a black Mazdaspeed 6 on the side as soon as he exits the round of the 'tear drop'. The person driving seems to be French. He is with a woman, who is wearing a tight miniskirt and tank tops. All of a sudden... SLAP!! The girl walks away from the guy. "Was there something I said?" He thought aloud. His Mazdaspeed 6 on the other hand is painted in jade black, with neons on the chassis and a larger body kit equipped. His rims seem large and shiny... giving it the 'ricer' look, as defined by other Wangan commoners. "Would he do?" Shimizu wondered. "Let's give it a shot then."

As soon as the guy gets in, he turns on the ignition and is ready to leave the aqualine. "Another night another woman another break up. Why is it I can't score a girl when I want to?" Before I forget, the French guy's name is Pierre Leblanc. He makes use of the title 'a wangan racer' to woo the girls but as soon as he goes for the kill, he gets busted in the end, gets a slap on the cheek for being too aggressive or perhaps a kick to the groin. Even his Mazdaspeed 6 looks like a joke to many.

When Pierre payed the toll, he is ready to leave, he notices the Z at the far right of the road and accepts the challenge. He drives off in full acceleration hoping that it is enough to outrun the Z. When Daiki finishes paying, the Mazdaspeed 6 is now almost a hundred meters away. He shifts to 1 and causes an immediate burnout. His Z's tachometer erratically lunges on the red zone but it still gaining some speed. Daiki shifts immediately to gear 2, onwards.

Looking at the rearview mirror of his Mazda 6, Pierre seems relieved to see the Z not chasing after him. To tell you the truth, he's just running at a maximum of 248 km/h at gear 5. "That'll show him. This way, I get to get more girls once they find out this success of mine. Theyz have to believe me!!" All of a sudden, a car on Pierre's right rockets out of his side. He gives it a close look before it disappears. "Sackrebleu!" He shouted. It was Daiki's Z, running at an immense pace of 310 km/h and rising to past 324 km/h. Shimizu could barely hold his ground and grabs hold on the harness. Daiki never bothers to show any emotion or thrill over the Z's current capability. It's just fearsome to be in... driving at 330 km/h on a straight road. It's just madness.

What happened to Pierre? After Daiki passes him, all of a sudden... his engine blew. He spun out and stopped his car to safety. Looking at his headlights and side mirrors, they broke because of the immense strength of the Z that passed by. Is it because of that? Almost all cars that got passed by Daiki experienced engine trouble, their glasses breaking, or even their engine stalling for a moment. This isn't a coincidence now.

"Wow..." Shimizu thought aloud. "The Wangan is exhilirating!! It's just unbelievable!!" I can't believe it... It's so tempting."
"Go on... that ain't half of what Wangan Racing is all about... but that's the only thing I'll be showing you. You showed me circuit driving at our battle. This is just payback for that. A ride down the wangan. We've crossed each other's borders..."

What about that scenario where cars that got passed by Daiki experience mechanical failure? It might be what Chloe's fearing of. What is this entity that foreshadowed Daiki unexpectedly?

The Awakening is not fulfilled yet.

He's a worthy host for me. He'll do my tasks and my soon to be accomplishments.

That was but a warning.

But in order to fulfill this, I must be awakened completely.

Something in him prevents me from doing so.

Soon, I'd destroy that thing to ensure my arrival.

I've returned.

To Finish what I should've accomplished.

I will be that legend.

And Obliterate anyone foolish enough to stand against me.

No one would beat the Silver...

All those who'd oppress me, shall fear the blood that I'd leave behind.

The Legend Silverblood will return!!

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Lol, teh Pierre is present.

Awesome update. What is with the poem thing at the end tho?
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Nice update , keep it up
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silverblood eh...hey..havent been seeing my character around..lulzz...
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He'll appear again, Kirashin. Promise. This is a spoiler of the next chapter so pay attention:
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Chapter 17 - Legends

Daikoku Futo. A haven for most wangan drivers. It is a parking spot which seems exclusive for the likes of them as soon as the clock hits 7 in the evening. Today's event seems special in comparison to the other times. Why is that? The entire parking area seems full; you could barely even find a good parking space within the crowd of modified automobiles.

Among the automobiles in the area, there are a couple of familiar vehicles along the way. There's a silver RX-7 Spirit R with a red Toyota Altezza right next to it .A red S30 just across the FD is paired with a black R34 M-spec GT-R and a black NA2 Honda NSX-R, a couple of Porsches... no a Gembella; more specifically, an Avalance 997 and there's even a well maintained KPCG10 Hakosuka GT-R amongst the crowd. There's even an entire row of GT-R drivers in the area. On another side of the parking area, there's a crowd dedicated to the Evolutions and the Imprezas. Moments later, a couple of familiar car models enter the parking area, despite the fact that the place is packed.

A white BNR34 GT-R V-spec II N1 enters the place. The driver parks his car right infront of a blue Nissan R34 GT-R Z-tune, which seems to be the 19th. The driver of the white 34 steps out and looks at the horizon. "A lot of people today, isn't it my friend?" The man uttered. He had cunning looks for a foreigner, his foreign distinction is mostly based on his gold hair. He wears a Wallstreet brand black coat where it covers a POLO brand basic toned polo shirt. He's well known around the Wangan area and is a legend at that point. That's right. He is Raymond Yamazaki. And the person he's with who drove a white Ferrari 550 Maranello is his mechanic named Kazuhiko; and no, he isn't Kazuhiko Aizawa...

"You always come to this place Raymond. The last time I saw the place as packed as this was 4 years back, when you were but a young rookie climbing up your stats." Kazuhiko uttered.
"Well, the past is the past. You can call this instance deja vu." Raymond answered.

Moments later, a young kid driving a white striped purple RX-8 with a canard-based body kit enters the parking area. He seems out of it for some reason and happens to be searching for somebody whether in angst or fear. "A high school student?" Some of the drivers wondered.
"He's no pushover though." Another person answered.
"I've seen that X-8 before. He scored around 18 victories all in all if I remember clearly."

According to those statistics, he's none other than Shin Ayamazaki, a young gun of the Wangan century. His face really seems out of it as he browses through the crowd. "Good. He isn't here. I don't like it if that Z would challenge me again. I may have owned my RX-8 now but I cannot stand another loss in his hands ever again." He thought aloud.

Another driver, once more, enters the parking area. Driving a well maintained 930 based Porsche 911... an RUF CTR Yellowbird, to be exact, he parks right behind the RX-8. The person wears nothing but a hat in his head that carries the colors of Germany. His shirt, however, speaks out Jamaican. Another high class driver - Santana Swarovski. He's familiar with both wangan and touge areas.
"I may have went against her agreement on this but at least I vowed not to intrude on her personal business..." Santana uttered.

Then came the two reigning, rising champions of the Wangan - they arrived as a pair: a blue Chargespeed Defender Bodykit fitted RX-7 R1 and a Silver Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 MR. The Evo was different...it doesn't sound like a traditionally modified Evolution. It is the MR-FQ400 type. The car seems more fierce in comparison to before; it now has canards and a carbon hood. This car is none other than Seiji Tsuchiya's pride and joy driven by he himself. His associate, driving the FD, is a well known 'wangan artist' Kazuhiko Aizawa. He sees Raymond from afar and gives a wave.

From behind the two of them comes another car... it seems different in comparison to others and not only is it because it is a B class car. But also, of all makes, it is a Honda. A Honda Integra DC5 type R fitted with a custom body kit. Painted in a sheet of Milano red, with the special hood and GT wing, it stood out as a Honda brand. You rarely get to see FF type cars on the wangan. This has got to be the first. It came along with the Evo and the FD recently mentioned. The person who stepped out of the Integra popped the hood open. His face seems a bit square like and shows qute a serious face. He has his hair combed well and is moderate in height, around 5'7. He carries a camera around giving him the impression that he is from a car magazine; a journalist. The name? He's Kazuhiko and Seiji's long time friend known under the name Keiichi Iwata.

"It's great to see you come Keiichi." Seiji said as he closes his door.
"I just saw you guys at the Edobashi junction along with a couple of other drivers so I followed you guys." Keiichi answered.
"Well..." Kazuhiko said as he notices the Integra. "You've done pretty well with your ride."

"The only thing left for this baby is a VTEC friendly turbo kit to bring out maximum power." Keiichi noted.
"You better be easy on what you say, man. The VTEC and a turbo don't mix at all. Understand that." Kazuhiko warned.
"Hey, he did mention about the word -friendly after the VTEC. It'll take time and if he lands on a good kind, it'll last long." Seiji assured.

A couple of strangers in the middle, who seem to own a BMW M3 CLS, a 1988 TVR resembling much a combination of the S30Z and the Porsche 944, a Yellow Evolution 7, and a midnight purple Skyline R34 2000 model, gathers everyone around. They approach the Swiss German looking foreigner standing next to the M3. He's famous around the area, as a non Japanese Wangan Legend - Karl Schneider. "Has anybody heard of the news around Tokyo's Metro?" Karl started.

The upcoming discussion made by Karl got the attention of Seiji and the rest of the mentioned audience. They approached and talked about stuff.

"Before we could even start" Karl interrupted as he saw Seiji and Raymond's faces, "let's give a warm welcome to a few of our prime drivers here: Seiji Tsuchiya and Raymond Yamazaki, este the Lightning Angel." The rest of the audience gave a warm of applause. Karl then gets serious and continues on to the main topic.

One of the audience members decided to share something with Karl. "Karl, have you heard of the rumors of a silver Z33 running down the Wangan?"
"A Z33? The only Zs I see here are just until the Z32 model kinds. It is rare to hear a Z33 run the area." Karl noted.
Raymond and Seiji's eyes flared as they know who they're talking about.

"Why didn't we hear from a driver such as himself. Is he even here? Are there any Z33 drivers around?" No one seems to answer, giving the impression that nobody owns a Fairlady Z33. "Thought so. So who is he?"

Seiji walks closer to Karl and dictates his side. "I know who it is. Its driver is named Daiki Akiyama."
Majority of the crowd was impressed with the news. They know Daiki Akiyama as the owner and head of the Akiyama racing school and nothing more. He being a Wangan driver is quite new to their ears.
"So... who has challenged this Z33 Akiyama person?" Karl said in a bragging manner.

The ones who raised their hand were Seiji, Shin, Santana, and Raymond. From the back, there are even more people raising their hands, summing up to a total of 59 racers who suffered defeat in Akiyama's hands on the Wangan.

"So many victims. No wonder he is good. He must be a legend. Yet, why is it that he isn't here?"
"Probably too busy with seculars?"
"Ah businessmen, their turmoil never ends."
Seiji said something in his mind. "Fools. you don't know him the way I do. He doesn't give a damn on things like this and doesn't attend them in general."

"But your battles were not witnessed, were they?" Another person from the crowd asked them.

"Well, it is because he ambush battles us and races us at times we don't usually race." Shin answered. "Well, your case Shin..." Karl frankly answered. "Is different. you ARE a high school student afterall, which makes you race at a much later time, in comparison to us."

"You know..." Karl thought. "All this chit chat about him is not enough to satisfy me. I need an explanation on his skill, though."
One person leaning on a sleet bay side blue tone BCNR33 GT-R V-spec LM, gives an idea. "How's say those who have battled Daiki's 350Z and could remember all the details explain it?"

"Shin." Seiji uttered. "Why don't you go first?"
"I dunno." He staggered. He drives but he can't describe driving as good as these veterans. "I dunno what is the best way to describe it but I'll try." Shin answered...

When he challenged me, it was at the trophy Dash at the New belt line. I just defeated my 18th rival, the last rival was a honda Prelude SiR. All of a sudden, when I was about to call it quits, he shows up. He flashes his headlights at me and I willingly accept. His car, by ear, sounds pretty weak in comparison to my turbo-ed RX-8. So I try to outrun him but all of a sudden, after I pass a truck and a van, he quickly appears infront of me. Out of fear, I turned the wheel of my car and it went to a spin. Lucky enough that I survived but it was the most humiliating defeat I got.

"Kinda reckless, don't ya think? Suddenly appearing right infront of your opponent is taking things too far." One of the lower tier members of the crowd commented.

Right after that, I asked someone from some shop to upgrade my RX-8. I believe it was a tuner shop owned by Mr. Yamazaki over there. he said pointing at Raymond's face. I got his mechanic to install a stage 5 turbo, where it boasted 600 hp on their dyno. I, this time, challenged him back at around Sunset of past mid-april. He accepted my race and we took it on C1.

"C1!? That's very bold of you. And with 600 horses at that?" Another rookie from amongst the crowd said in awe.

Despite the huge power difference, he still beat me. At the Shidome junction, he outran me, right after the dividers of C1. I avoided him ever since. I considered him as a bad luck experience. No matter what I do, I'd still lose to him.

"You're still a kid, Shin." Karl said patting his shoulder. "You still have time to develop your driving skill, if that is your passion to be after you graduate college, at least."

Raymond, crossing his arms, sounds very confident about his experience. "Well, a kid is a kid. But he happens to be the worthiest rival I have ever faced."

"Oh really, now, Mr. Hot shot legend. Tell us your side of the story." Keiichi uttered.

"Very well." Raymond uttered back.

We met at Daikoku Futo. At this very spot here. The place was empty. I was here before he did. He stared at my newly modified R34 that I tuned with Mine's co. Japan. I got myself a soda and that's where we caught eye to eye. He shows relatively enough sign of interest at my part to a battle. I noticed his Z as well... it was a fabrication of the Nismo S tune, by the way.

"I thought his Z is a basic one with Nismo rims?" Santana uttered.
"He must be experimenting with different tuning modules and designs, afterall, he is the owner of a famous Racing School. He has the finances." One of the ace tier crowd members uttered.

Then we did battle. The route was from Daikoku futo all the way down the Kanagawa section, past Edobashi, ending at the Trophy dash at the New Belt line. It was a close fight. I have the same case as Shin. There was a huge difference in power but he was able to control the race. He must have some pretty good tuning parts for his gearbox and overall drivetrain. His speed was quite exceptionable in comparison to my GT-R N1. He was a fine driver. I was about to win at the trophy dash but he got the best of me as soon as we hit 6th gear.

"Ah. Your 34's weakspot. The 6th gear. In order for him to reach past 210 km/h, his gearbox has to be adjusted." Kazuhiko Aizawa noted. He remembers his last two battles against Raymond.

"Well... with that said, we can see that This Akiyama person has pretty good connections with car part companies and institutions. He knows his thing and always has the upperhand." Raymond's mechanic said as he sits on the hood of the white 550 Maranello.

"Now..." Karl noted as he puts his hands on his pockets. "What about you Swarovski?"
"Mine was a pretty straightforward match at Hakone. I declared a match out of selfish reasons. I saw him with my ex."

"Ooh. Cheezy stuff..."
"Get serious!"

"It was a very close match. But he caught me on my 911's weakness and beats me to the goal. Self explanatory." Santana quickly finished.

"A straightforward match as that is still worthy to be taken into account." Some of the locals said.
"So even on the touge area, he can easily adapt. He's more like a monster than a driver."

"Heh. I am not afraid of him. I'm disgusted by him to tell you the truth." Seiji said in discontent.
He crosses his arms and faces his back on everyone else. "Why do you say that?" Keiichi wondered.

"He raced him twice already and lost both times." Kazuhiko said aloud.

"are you kidding me!? Seiji losing twice?"
"Doesn't he have that 41-0 victory before he came along?"
"I only know that he lost once and that is it. How could he lose twice against the same person? It's uncanny. He maybe faster than any of us combined."

"Don't think such nonsense, people." Karl explained. He is not a great person in Seiji's context. He only has good auto parts to support his driving."

"But what about that race against Shin? Only a highly skilled person could pull off a move like that without denting their vehicles..."

The entire meeting is soon to sound like a debate of whether Daiki is good or not.

"SHUT UP!!" Seiji said. "I detest him, but I don't want anybody to bad mouth the person who I am supposed to beat!!" Seiji said in rage. Everyone stopped talking for a moment. "I may have lost to him... but thanks to him, however... I have taken my Evo to the next level. SO if you have anything else to say about him... do it through me and prove my point, will ya!!" Seiji said in anger. No one ever bothered to battle him.

"Seiji..." Kazuhiko and Keiichi wondered in fear.

"SO Seiji..." Karl calmly started off. "What do you know about Akiyama's racing style from those two races?"

Seiji calms down and thinks about it. "It can only be explained in one technique: slipstreaming."
"He makes good use of that technique very well. Drafting right behind your opponents to get a momentary boost in speed is well essential in the Wangan. For eons for those who have raced him... We have taken him lightly, not considering the outcome of the race. Sure his car is weak but it didn't prevent him from executing his attacks perfectly. He defeated most of us using that attack and that proves my point. I try to run away from him before he could even execute a slipstream but I always end up losing, reason being that he could get to me easily with no effort at all."

"Is that all that you can say?"

"Aside from the fact that he can exit corners at a much higher speed than what we could do, there's nothing more for me to say about him. That's how good he is." Seiji finishes.

"but there is more to that." A female, foreign like voice interrupted. She is wearing a pink jacket with her hood on and is leaning right next to a Pink RUF 3400S. Could she possibly be Chloe?

"Who are you?"

"Just a regular bystander." She explained; keeping her hood on.
"What do you know about Daiki and his supernatural talent of gaining at every rival he has, as what Tsuchiya said?" Karl asks her.
"Well... there's an entity possessing him."
"Entity you say?"
The crowd starts to wonder what's this entity she's talking about. It sounds awkward and weird. Who would believe such explanations?

"There was once a silver 280Z who has made a name for himself back in the 70's right?" She asked them all. Only a few amongst the crowd remember that 280Z.
"I thought that was but a myth. Or a legend that has faded?"
"What's it about?"
"The legendary 280Z. A true fighter. Striving to be the best, the driver of that Z died at the exact moment that it succeeded in its obligation."
"So... when he finally became the best... something bad happened to him?"

"That's what the legends say." the hooded girl continued. "A silver 280Z... tainted with the blood of its driver at the end. He was one of the very first legends of the Wangan. Before, there was once a silver Hakosuka that conquered the wangan. Then came this 280Z. It tried to be better than the Hakosuka but died trying. Because of his resilience, he achieved his goal... but he wasn't there to witness it."

"What's the involvement of this myth in our discussion about this Daiki fellow then?"

"Remember in our classic Japanese stories of reasons some spirits continue to linger about in this current world?"
"Yeah?" Everyone wondered.
"Well, this legend is no different. It seems that its spirit remains unrested."
"What on earth do you mean?" Karl Schneider wonders.

"This legendary ghost is still amongst the Wangan. Feeling as if its obligation is not over."
"What's its obligation then?"
"For somebody to beat it on the spot perhaps?"
"Defeat the ones who surpassed it?"
"A combination of both may well explain it." The hooded girl continued.

"Who on earth could have beaten it?"
"Well, because of modern technology" Kazuhiko hypothesized. "There's no better reason to see that the modern generation easily beats the first of its kind..."
"Unless..." Shin wonders for himself. "That he is only after a specific kind..."
"Kind of what?"
"Person or a specific kind of car that he is after..."

"Are you saying that it is after Z drivers?"
"Looks like I have a lot of explaining to do..." The hooded woman continued.
"It is like an awakening, as you can see..." she started. Before she could do so, Santana thinks that the discussion is getting dumber by the minute. "I did not come here to waste my time over some stupid Japanese bed time stories. I am outta here." He boards his Yellow Porsche and exits Daikoku Futo.

"Looks like to him, he detests the Japanese culture... for a foreigner that is." Keiichi thought.
"Anyway, what were you saying?" One from the crowd mentioned.
"...This thing... this spirit... selects someone as a host to continue his obligations... like a medium. Let's say that it fears to be targeted so it chases after those capable of beating his record by racing AND beating them, making sure his post is safe."

Before she could continues, Raymond wonders. "Being a current legend here, I don't see where this is going. But I have one important question to ask you, miss. How do you know all this things that we do not?"

"It's because..." the hooded girl said after a deep breath. "My ancestor has encountered this abomination."
"My grandfather... Jean Gilbert Fortescue used to pursue his passion for automobiles here in Japan. Surely, he was about to become such a great legend around Tokyo in the early times with his black Porsche 930 turbo. When he was capable enough of beating the previous legend, it appeared right before its eyes, glaring at it in fear, as my grandfather told me."

Everybody is starting to get fearful over the matter.

"That Z, showing an ominous aura, raced my grandfather. It was a close match. He was about to beat it until... drafting behind it, something in his car snapped sending it to a barrelroll down the Daiba junction. He got out alive but his entire body was paralyzed. He told me this right before his death. I remember that story every now and then, although I am not as passionate as he is about these things."

"Our condelences to your grandfather." Karl humbly commented.

"After my father's incident, other stories follow. Multiple numbers of street racers crashed trying to defeat the same car. After that, it rested for an entire decade by 1990, as history records it; because casualties of a car on the wangan crashing because it raced 'it' became inexistent."

"So... based on what you said... it gives us the impression that whoever trails that 280Z behind, suffers something horrible?"
The hooded girl just nodded.
"And according to those records, its host drives the same car as he did. A Z of all sorts. Now, I believe that it has reawakened, after 10 years of rest. It rested but not in peace. So all Z drivers right now, beware of this legend, I am telling you now. It is for your own good."

"Tell me." Seiji wonders. "Who are you?"

The hooded girl lowers her head and speaks softly. "I am but a messenger. A messenger of my grandfather. He doesn't want history to repeat itself. Neither do I want it either. This is for the future of racers everywhere."

"This discussion is pure bull! Like heck we would stop meeting up and driving just because of some myth around town."
"That's right. We're drivers with brave hearts. We face death hundreds of times running down the wangan past 200 kilometers for our entire lives."
"We just won't let anybody, claiming to carry a warning, stop us from driving."
"Let's get outta here."
"Who even invited her into the parking area in the first place?"

One by one, the cars leave... Until everybody left, the only ones remaining are Raymond, Shin, and Karl. "You heed my warning right?" The hooded girl asked them.
"I don't believe in such supernaturals but if it is for the best... what then should we do about it."
"I have a feeling that this person, Daiki Akiyama, was chosen by this 280Z ghost to be its host. It seeks the abilities of someone great behind the wheel of a Z to be considered as its host. He qualifies very well. His battle aura gives full evidence to my theories and feelings about the matter."

"You sound like you are quite close to Daiki. Mind if I know who you really are?" Raymond asked.
The hooded girl removes her hood and reveals her identity. A girl with blue eyes, slender gold and copper toned hair, with a French complexion around her face. She is Claudia Fortescue, also known as Chloe, Daiki's mate.

"I have this huge feeling that this legend has nested within him. I fear it. It won't be good once it has awakened. The legend of Silverblood. I thought it was over."

"Is that the name of the legendary 280Z that crashed, trying to beat the Hakosuka's record?"
"That's the one." Chloe confirms.

"What should we do in order not to get mixed up in this?" Shin wonders.
"In saving yourselves, I advise you not to challenge Daiki Akiyama from this moment on." Chloe warned. "Silverblood has the uncanny ability to aid its host by giving it supernatural driving ability and god like speed but it comes with a price. The person possessed by it would lose control over himself and Silverblood would definitely take over. This in turn causes anybody trailing him from behind to experience a random form of catastrophe... like a heart ailment or something bad that would happen to their cars that would untimely result to at the most, death."

Shin gives a sigh of relief. "Glad enough that I have given up on beathing him. I was about to experience those when I faced him."
"DO you think that explains why he caught up with me in a 450 hp Z against my 590 hp R34 that time?"
"It's possible." Karl told Raymond. He immediately faced Chloe. "Would it stay with Daiki for long?"

"THe only possible answer to that, I think, is for Daiki to accept this fact declare battle, and win against Silverblood. But he cannot just declare it at once. His willpower to control himself might not be enough to withstand Silverblood's power. Silverblood could immediately take control of him without warning whenever a battle or race is commencing."

"All of this, was said by your grandfather at his deathbed?"
"I believe it though... real or not. THe superstitious phenomenon... I'm still unsure... But its presence and the news to cover it back in the 70's... that I believe is true."

"For now... he might linger around Tokyo if Daiki won't be racing. Just be on your guard. Even away from its host, Silverblood could present himself anytime anywhere." Chloe turns around and leaves the parking area. Before she could close the door of her 3400s, Karl approaches her.

"Miss" He said grabbing her by the arm. Chloe wonders what is it.
"Thank you for the warning. I will be on my guard against this... thing. True or not... I won't allow it to wreak havoc anytime soon."

"I wish I could trust you on that. You might risk your life giving dignity to your words. But I thank you as well for believing me."

As the 3400 leaves, a race commences. A group of Z and Impreza drivers are on a battle against Daiki Akiyama himself, who is running his E-tuned Fairlady at the Kanagawa straight. The 350Z however, possesses a blood red aura around it as it attempts to beat the crowd of die hard wannabes in their cars.

Daiki seems different tonight as he drives. What is it? His eyes. They are opaque; it looks as if whether he is sleep driving or is actually dead as he drives. Pressing on the gas furhter, his speed increases two fold: from 290 to 300 to 330 in a group of 5 seconds. He outruns the lower generation Zs and Imprezas and places himself directly infront of them. What for? As soon as he stays in the middle, something happens with the leading 300ZX and the GC8... the bolts in their front tires start to lose and in turn made them wobble. The Z gave up and slows down, but ends up crashing to another Z driver because his tailights, unknowingly died. As for the die hard Impreza, the wheel loosens and breaks free off the suspension, sending sparks all over the Impreza until it induces itself to a barrelroll. THe other drivers evaded the collisions but lost control in the process. Some spun out and collided with each other while others ran front first into the concrete walls. Half came out alive and seriously injured while others died in the crash.

Daiki speaks in his car, compelling about the incident with the ones behind him.

"Imbeciles. It's mindless of you guys to try and race me. Only he is worthy and capable of defeating me , if he dared. My mission is not over until I ensure my position as the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan. But in order to achieve this... I must be fully awakened. I shant hold myself in this container for long. I will break free of myself and accomplish what I should've done years ago. In order to be free... I must first remove the obstacle standing in the way of my presence... She must be eliminated..." It is obvious that Daiki isn't the one talking. Perhaps it could be...

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