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> Supido Densetsu [Speed Legend] S, The international stories of racing!!
Gunma's 34
Posted: Dec 10 2010, 01:02 AM
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a.k.a. MyogiWarrior34

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I guess you could... if possible refer the videos and this link to a couple of your other friends too if you can. :) I'd highly appreciate it Lethalbiscotti.
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Gunma's 34
Posted: Feb 6 2011, 08:23 AM
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a.k.a. MyogiWarrior34

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Update/progress has been a bit late; with regards to transferring the chapters from ID Forums to here; I've yet have time to transfer them so please be patient a bit. For now, I recreated some Wangan Midnight battles with the aid of Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero:

Episode 17:
YOUTUBE ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEcQYnZ0qLI )

Episode 18:
YOUTUBE ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfI5C8yCsks )

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Gunma's 34
Posted: Nov 11 2011, 11:59 PM
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a.k.a. MyogiWarrior34

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Le bump after almost a year worth of inactivity:

Reposted from IDForums:

Le bump.

Thanks to Meteor for the Professional Criticism of the Recently posted Chapters. The best bit that I like with this is Tomo's new nickname *coughHomosexualStereotypecough* IF anyone agrees, please post on or read through that chapter and post on.


Current Series:

Supido no Densetsu OVA I Parts 1 & 2 have been released.
YOUTUBE ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTCcJCAOjlE )

YOUTUBE ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1aV2d5-BiQ )

Part 3 is coming soon.

Current Project working on:

The time has arrived. Speed Legend Z: Viaggio Grande is in the works. The story will follow the last text chapter of this web novel. All help, assistance, information & talent is much needed for this project. Commendations will be given to respective members who wish to participate and support this series. From car information, driving technique descriptions, voice acting & media providing, all is needed & much appreciated upon doing so.

Going 4 years with 19000 views (by newcomers & returnees) is a feat that I cannot accomplish without your help to inspire me to write on. I would also like to give my gratitude to the other talented writers of IDForums & WMExpressway who triggered ideas that I never thought possible would aid me in this story venture.

Promotional Videos will first be made while the script for Viaggio Grande is being made & proofread in the future.
YOUTUBE ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUgg0s2m7IE )

This is just one of those promo videos that I'll be making. I've finalized a list of 4 more promo videos to make. I hope the rest of the web novel hasn't bored you (despite some misunderstandings that were point out and some information re-clarified) and I hoped that you also followed the last video series I accomplished. IT could've been better if it weren't for my deadline that time and limited resources.

Viaggio Grande will be featured by the video game: Test Drive Unlimited, with the aid of TDU Forums in providing extra car-mods. Some features of the video will be limited but I try to expand my materials to be used for this series.

I also want to request from all who read this to subscribe to my Youtube Channel & refer both my channel & my videos to anyone else who are interested.

And also by request, once Viaggio Grande has reached Youtube shores, I will also upload & post the Manga that follows this video series; which would end all loopholes between Viaggio Grande & the V-series.

Thank you very much for all your patronage & support & I wish that our upcoming efforts would be a success as well in the long run.

Current progression, chapters will be uploaded (in accordance with the current Arc) upon request so if anyone wishes for the continuation, please shoutout.
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Gunma's 34
Posted: Dec 13 2011, 10:20 PM
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a.k.a. MyogiWarrior34

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The first video of Supido no Densetsu VS Initial D & Wangan Midnight has been released.

Featuring Tomogashi Kitsumoro VS Tomoyuki Tachi
Course: Happogahara Inbound
BGM: THe race is the game / Dave Rodgers

Want to make your requests?
Like our Facebook page and post away!
All the details on this by-request series is noted on the page.

Supido no Densetsu FB fan page

YOUTUBE ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ecnzf-Gd96A&feature=channel_video_title )
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Gunma's 34
Posted: Jan 17 2012, 05:15 AM
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a.k.a. MyogiWarrior34

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I know it's been a month since my last post; I was busy updating the other parts of the other thread as another story arc is being made as we speak that takes place right after this arc that I'm gonna add.

For now, here's what I promised you guys (despite the delay). Expect Drama. HEAPS OF DRAMA. And a McLaren F1. You have been warned. Enjoy.


The tests have ended at the North of the World.
Curiosity was put to rest.
The instigator was conviced most of all.
All has been accomplished.
Not all, though, has been settled.
There is no end to it all.
In this world, a finish is inevident.
The completion, when would it arrive?
No one will know.
The jack's service to 'superiority' was put to a finish.
The Knight was slain in the end, even if the hero died first.
Yet, the hero rises once again.
The demise of failure has faded.
Things begin and restart the way it was before.
There is no originality abounding this fate.
Everything goes in a circle.

SPEED LEGEND Z - Argentina, Hawaii
Episode 14 – Wonderful…wonderful Woman
Chapter 61 - The Natural Wonders of the South

Inside the Main Airport at Vancouver, team Japan gathers and sat in the lounge, waiting for their flight to commence.So far, the team is still composed of Daiki Akiyama as leader and general manager, Tomo, Sakura, Kitami as the main drivers of the team, Kasumi - their muse, Hiei, Ryusen, Tetsuya, Hiroya & Shimizu as the pit crew...
"How long are we gonna wait here?"
"Chill, alright? We're a few minutes away from boarding."
Hiroya is getting a bit impatient with the time. He has been in the airport for 2 and a half hours with Daiki, Shimizu and Tetsuya. The rest of the group came an hour later.
"Do you think our baggage is placed on the same plane?" Kasumi wondered.
"No need to think it that way. Everything is fine." Hiei answered.
Tomo was still busy thinking, in his mind, what Nathan Archibal Sr. last told him. As he looked at Daiki from a distance, he couldn't help but get serious, even by just staring at him. It looked as if he doesn't know him any more; he feels as if Daiki is a total stranger once again. Hiding something this mysterious from him frustrates Tomo. He isn't used to that feeling.
Moments later, somebody tapped Tomo's shoulder. It happened to be Kyosuke.
"Sorry I'm late, Daiki."
"Oh, Kyo... you're here... W-What are you doing here!?" Tomo asked as he jumped from his seat.
"Right... you're the only one who doesn't know." Daiki says. "From now on, he's part of the team... once again. He'll be taking over Shinosuke's role in the team."
"Why wasn't I informed of this days ago?"
"You're busy with work, remember?" Ryusen answered.
Since Tomo just saw Kyosuke as of now, he hardly recognized him. Back in Italy, he still had the same hair he had ever since graduation. This time, his hair lengths down to his neckline, from the back; he still has those gel-like spikes in his front.
"Well... welcome back to the Team, Kyo." Tomo greeted as he extended his hand.
"Come on, Tomo. Don't be so subtle and formal." Kyo said as he passed him and went to talk with the others.
Kasumi, a second after that, asks Tomo "What do you want?"
"I want to quit the-..."
"No, I don't mean THAT. What do you want?"
"huh?" Tomo looked back at Kasumi who was holding a menu card of a vending machine. She was asking him what he wants as something to sate his stomach. "This one." He points to a picture of a chicken leg club sandwich.
"The boneless chicken leg sandwich?"
"Okay." Kasumi heads off to the vending machine a few feet away from their waiting spot. Once Kasumi got his order of a chicken sandwich and her order of a small sugar free strawberry short cake, the receptionist announced: THE FLIGHT TO CORDOBA, ARGENTINA, please go to hall 7. This boarding call is final. Please board your designated plane. Again, those boarding for the flight to Cordoba, Argentina... please go to hall 7 as of this moment. Thank you.

"I guess, that's our cue." Daiki answered.
Everybody stood up and went to hall 7. Kasumi hurriedly followed the team.
While walking, Kitami asked. "I thought we're going to Buenos Aires?"
"we are. Cordoba is a stop over and is the only public airport close to Buenos Aires."
"Can we just bord the Buenos Aires airport?"
"No can do. They're doing renovations to the main building there. I got news from the Committee about it."
They passed through the metal detector, into the plane, and towards their designated seats in the plane. Kasumi is seated right next to Tomo, Kitami next to Hiei, Ryusen next to Kyosuke, Daiki with Sakura, Hiroya with Shimizu and Tetsuya sitting alone but seated behind Kitami. "So, Tomo... what side do you want to take?" Kasumi asked.
"I guess... I'll have you the honors." he answered in a gentleman like manner. "Okay. I take the window side then."
The flight attendant stood in the middle of the second class group of guests and announced that they'll be flying in a little while. The plane was one of a kind. It was like a cross between a jumbo jet 747 and a concord. Their cars are being transported by sea with surveilance of the Committee. This was also a standard operating procedure of the other teams involved in the tournament. All national teams have to comply with this rule. 10 minutes later, the plane's engines start to pick up their momentum as soon as the captain turned the engines on. They begin to spool like turbines.
Inside the coaches, the 'FASTEN YOUR SEATBELT' sign just lit reminding guests to fasten their seatbelts. They were about to take off. The plane got on the runway, slowly.
The captain is talking to the control tower personnel via radio telling them that their flight is about to take place.
"This is flight BBF6749J, we're about to commence take off. Awaiting your confirmation"
"Affirmative BBF6749J, you are clear for take off."
"Thank you, control." The plane starts to increase velocity as it makes its way down the runway. 100 meters before the end, the plane is starting to gain vetrical momentum and the wheels have lost contact with the pavement surface. They are now airborne. The wheels of the plane have electronically raised into the underbody of the plane. The hatches were deployed making room for the wheels to enter. Once all 3 wheels of the plane are intact, the hatches close once again.

In the plane, the captain has made an announcement, as the 'FASTEN YOUR SEATBELT' sign turns off in the process. "Ladies, and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We hope you enjoy your flight. Any services you wish to have, our lovely flight attendants would entertain your needs. Thank you and enjoy flying with Vancouver air. We'll be arriving in Cordoba Argentina within the parameter of 6 to 12 hours respectively. Have a nice flight."

"Um... Tomo?" Kasumi asked as she shrugged Tomo's shoulder.
"mind if we switch? I want to be in the center row. I'm not that used to the window side. That's all..."
"Huh?" Tomo looked at Kasumi with a spaced out look and nodded. They changed their seats and continued on with their flight. 3 hours passed and Kasumi fell asleep. Tomo just bluntly stared at the setting sun. As he looked at the horizon compromising of the green mountains of the countries below, the view of the large sea, and the ever-puffy clouds, he remembers all that happened in the Archibal residence. It is like working and staying at home. He was glad enough to meet with the Archibals.

All those moments, all those conflicts, all those battles between what Tomo wants more of all is yet to continue; for now, they BOTH make up who he is. The Ford GT, Nathe's Viper, and that mysterious Exige which happens to be Kyosuke's... not as many battles as compared to the US but is even more thrilling and challenging than America.
As Tomo felt a sudden amount of weight in his shoulder, he looked to see what and from who the weight came from. It was Kasumi. Her head is resting on his shoulder; she couldn't help herself. She is in a deep sleep and her body functions, well some of them, are subconsciously moving to where she desperately wants to go to. Tomo didn't mind at all. He was too busy reminiscing to ever be embarrassed or disturbed by the one who sympathizes with her the most. She was the only one who understood him and was the only one who could sympathize with what he feels and thinks most of the time.

The silence was calming. It was soothing to the mind. It brought tranquility to the people in the plane. The only sound that they're able to hear is a soothing classical piano piece by Mozart - His Sonata in D major. A lovely piece it was. Tomo, though still has a serious thought in his mind - it's still about Daiki. There was an odd eminent aura surrounding him everytime it involves Daiki. But, at the back of his mind, he still remembers Kasumi telling him to calm down and forget what he currently feels about Daiki. Moments later, he slept as well; the cold air has massagged him to sleep.


The time now is around 3:45 early in the morning. It is still dark but the neon lights surrounding the main cities of Las Vegas and New York keeps it as bright as possible. Sakura was one of many who is now wide awake after a relaxing nap. She looked around to see the rest; they're all sound asleep. Sakura is often used to waking up very early. She took out her laptop to send an e-mail to her other friends to make a storytelling of her adventure to them. She heard a voice call out to her saying "So, you're awake too?" She looked to see who it was. It is Tomo. He waved right next to her. "Tomo... you should rest more..."
"I'm alright, Sakura. I'm quite used to this. Really, it's alright."
"Well... if you say so."
Tomo slowly stood up to see what she was typing.
"That's uh...?"
"I'm sending an email to my college friends back home. Some of them are online and I'm chatting with them right now."
"I see... say, I need a favor to ask of you..."
"Yes?" She looked at Tomo with a bright smile on her face.
"I need information on Buenos Aires, the race course we'll be driving on days later..."
"Okay. Coming right up."
She opened a new tab and quickly typed the info she's to look for on the search engine.
"We're going first to Cordoba, right?" Tomo asked.
"Yeah. I searched about it way before you did."
"Thanks." He answered happily.
Sakura searched through the search results page on Cordoba province and Buenos Aires state.
"Here we go..." she clicked on one of the links and she waited for the site to load.
Tomo sat back on his seat where Kasumi is on the aisle side with her head resting firmly on the head rest.
He looked on the window to see the Mexican Gulf in view near the southern states of the United States.
"We're halfway then." He said. He glances at his watch to check the time. 3:49 A.M. was shown on his digital watch. They left the airport at 11:40 p.m. and have been on flight for at least 3 hours. Tomo couldn't see anything from his window but grayish clouds illuminated by the Moon light.
"Here, Tomo. I got some information you're looking for."
"Mind if I look?" He stood up again and knelt right next to Sakura.


"...Buenos Aires is the capital and largest city of Argentina. It is geographically located on the southern shore of the Río de la Plata, on the southeastern coast of the South American continent. The city of Buenos Aires is not located within Buenos Aires Province, nor is it its capital; but is instead an autonomous federal district. Greater Buenos Aires is the third largest conurbation in Latin America, with a population of around 13 million.
  Buenos Aires (English: Fair Winds or Good Air) was originally named after the sanctuary of "Nostra Signora di Bonaria" (Italian for "Our Lady of Bonaria") in Cagliari, Sardinia. In the 1994 constitution the city became autonomous, hence its formal name: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, in English, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires..."

"...Cordoba, on the other hand is one of the neighboring countries around Buenos Aires, and is the second largest city in the country; located on the central part of the country. Tourism, as in the rest of Argentina, is a growing industry favored by the mild weather, a number of small rivers, and low height green hills. Around 3 million tourists from the rest of Argentina and other countries visit Córdoba every year. The province has 500,000 hotel beds, including hostels, tourist farms and other types of accommodation. Important festivities include the Cosquín National Folk Music, and Jesús María Folk and Taming Festivals.

Córdoba is connected by rail with Buenos Aires, Rosario, Mendoza and Tucumán. The Ingeniero Ambrosio L.V. Taravella International Airport, known as Pajas Blancas, handles international and domestic air traffic, while the Las Higueras Río Cuarto Airport handles only domestic flights."

"That's a lot of historical information, don't you think?" Sakura asked Tomo.
"Yeah. But what about racing homage and sports?" Tomo asked.
"Hmm... I've thought about that, for you, as well. I asked one of my male friends back in college to give me information." She answered. "The good news is they do have a love for racing, aside from their national sport, soccer. It is composed of the TC2000 and the WRC..."
"The bad news?"
"there are too many courses here in Argentina itself."
"How could that be bad news?"
"Well... the courses aren't like in America nor Japan. South American courses have very unique styles of layouting their courses. I could say that it is more difficult than Infineon or Suzuka... but not as hard as Nurburgring Nordshiefdier."
"Well, good thing we had that short trial before round 2 at Cote D Azur." He laughed.
"Give my thanks to that friend of yours,Sakura."
"Can do."
Tomo sat down again and thought to himself the information that Sakura has recently gathered.
"So they're into Soccer and Racing itself."
Visions of a WRC match and touring car match comes into Tomo's mind. Before he could think about something else he had in mind, Tomo asked another important thing to Sakura.
"Say... Daiki said that since it is mandatory for participants in the International league to bring their cars via ferry, where would they land it? Afterall, Cordoba is in the center of the country..."
"In Buenos Aires of course. There's a main port there. Estacion Saldias, as the site says."
"How do we get there, then?"
"By train. There is a train connected from Cordoba to Buenos Aires and at other parts of Argentina surrounding the main state. Come on, Tomo. I know you're somewhat smarter than that."
"Yeah... I know a-... HEY!!" Tomo jumped in a fit.
"Tee hee..." Sakura giggled at her seat.
Tomo sat back at his seat with a pout face because of what Sakura said.
"Aww... come on, Tomo. I was just kidding." He smiled hearing that and said back to her "Yeah... I knew that."
Kasumi is getting restless at her seat and is starting to curl up next to Tomo's left arm. The bad news is, Sakura was looking at Tomo at that very moment. It was a sight she couldn't dare to take. Kasumi wrapped her arms around Tomo's left arm.
"S...Sakura! It's not what you think!!"
"Whatever." She answered in a disappointed, pissed tone. She closed her laptop and sat there like a little kid punished by her parent. "Aw! C'mon... gimme a break." Without Tomo knowing, Sakura was laughing at the back of her mind. She wasn't taking that view that seriously. She couldn't possibly be angry nor jealous at 2 of her best friends in this trip, Tomo and Kasumi.

Tomo does nothing but look at the cloudy view that he could see through his window. He later heard Kasumi moan in her seat. She was having a nice dream; perhaps a too personal dream. She was dreaming of her, Tomo and a field of golden wheat. Tomo later heard her say "...Mmm...Tomo-kun...aishite..." Hearing that sent Tomo's heart racing. She looked at Kasumi with an embarrassed look. "Am I... that important to her?" Tomo's thinking started to blurr. The sound of his heartbeat is overpowering the sound outside Tomo's body. It's all he could hear.

[11:50 A.M.]
Their plane has arrived at Pajas Blancas International Airport at Cordoba dela Nueve Andalucia. They boarded off the plane and is set to go to their hotel. Which hotel are they going to stay in? Daiki has that covered.
"Where are we gonna stay in?" Hiei asked.
"Funny you should ask..." Daiki said.
"Why do you say that?"
"We won't have a problem with that. Because Cordoba hosts 500,000 hotel rooms all in all!"
"F-FI-FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND!?" Everybody gasped in awe. "That's right. But we better reserve ASAP. C'mon."
They all followed Daiki and all of them took a cab. 4 cabs to be exact. They head for their hotel, not too far from the City of Cordoba Andalucia nor that far from the border to the province of Buenos Aires.

Kasumi, Sakura and Tomo rode on the same cab. Hiei, Ryusen and Tetsuya rode on the second. Kitami & Kyosuke rode on the third while Hiroya, Daiki & Shimizu rode the leading, and the fourth cab. Within half an hour, they were able to reach their hotel and were able to check in on time. Before everybody got set in, there was another problem... everybody was dueling on which room they would stay. All are arguing which room and room mate they would go with. When everything is going wrong, Kitami calmed down the group by shouting out "EVERYBODY PIPE DOWN!!"

"Here's what we do." Kitami suggested "We pick papers. There will be two with the same name. So if two of us will hold the same note, then..." He adjusted his eyeglasses before he continues. His eyeglasses reflected the view of the bright sun outside the hotel and they could barely see his eyes. "...they'll partner for the rest of the stay here in Argentina."
All the guys; except for Hieiand Ryusen, agree with Kitami and caused Kasumi and Sakura to have a chilly feeling. "Daiki. Give me the list." Daiki did just so and Kitami started writing the room numbers and ripping them to strips. He crumpled them up into balls and started distributing the strips of paper. Everybody got a piece and Kitami commanded them "Now, open your papers."

Before everybody did just so, they have their own thoughts of wishing who their partner is.
Kasumi - I hope I stay with Tomo-kun...
Sakura - I could only trust Tomo. I must be his room mate.
Ryusen - I hope I get Hiei
Hiei - Anyone but Ryusen!
Hiroya - Kasumi or Sakura
Shimizu - I'm good with anyone I get paired with
Kitami - Kasumi or Sakura
Kyosuke - Kasumi or Sakura
Daiki - Kasumi or Sakura (who ever thought this serious guy had the natural male impulse still in him.)
Tetsuya - Kasumi or Sakura
Tomo - Hmm... I think Anyone BUT Daiki would do (he still doesn't trust him even after Canada)

They reveal their papers witnessing their fate. And the results are in!
Room numbers: 428, 425, 426, 421, 420

Room 420: Daiki and Hiroya
Room 421: Kyosuke and Tetsuya
Room 425: Tomo and Kasumi
Room 428: Kitami, Hiei and Ryusen
Room 426: Sakura and Shimizu

Kitami felt as if he lost his will to live. He got, to him, the worst room mates. Daiki and Hiroya were okay with the selection. Sakura was disappointed but didn't mind. It was Shimizu she's paired up with. Kyosuke and Tetsuya, the two tuner rivals, were paired together. Tomo and Kasumi were paired together. Probably it was fate for them to be paired up.
"CHEAT! IMBECILE! NO GOODER! TWO TIMER!" All the guys hollered on Tomo who were hoping to team up with Kasumi or Sakura.
"Hey! Why blame me!? I didn't do anything."
Kasumi's heart started to race and she couldn't help herself. She successfully got her 'dream partner'. She is surrounded by angels and flowers. She was happy. As for Sakura, she told Shimizu "Please take care of me." as she bowed in courtesy. "Yes, I will." They went up and got settled. Daiki watied for them at the lobby half an hour later.
Tomo and Kasumi are the last ones to exit their room and go down to the lobby. "Um...Um...uh..." Kasumi is very embarrassed of what happened - they're room mates and she still couldn't believe it. Tomo looked back at Kasumi as he knows that she is going to tell him something important. "Um...uh..." She couldn't say it directly to her. "Go on... say it..." Tomo encouraged Kasumi.
"p...ple...please...PLEASE TAKE CARE OF ME!" Kasumi immediately 'shouted' to him as she courteously bowed down to him.
Tomo smiled in return and says "Yes I will take care of you." as he blushed. Um... "hai!" she answered. She was red as a tomato. She never thought that it would be like this. She scurried along and went down with Tomo.

Everybody waited for the last 'couple' to meet up with them in the train station. "Took you guys long enough. Stopped by to get flowers for her?" Kitami said in a neutral tone.
"Would you cut that out?" Tomo said. He knows they're all jealous of him. Why'd he get Kasumi? Hasn't he had enough time with her? Tomo didn't care much about that. They rode the bullet train to Buenos Aires. On their way to the train station, there are lots of barbeque stands near the local streets of Cordoba Andalucia. They passed through the shopping district and saw more barbeque stands whereas the children playing in the fields are playing soccer team against team. The cinemas they passed by depict wonderful nostalgic classics and new modern movies. It all seems wonderful at Argentina but Cordoba is just a part of the whole country itself. There's more to Buenos Aires than meets the eye; well that's what they all expect.

They'll be passing by Rosario before they reach Buenos Aires. They will be taking the High Speed Rail. It reaches 320 km/h; and it happens to be new. Team Japan is one of the many groups who'd get the chance of riding this high speed railway. Other contenders of the currently held tournament would be landing on other parts of Argentina; but the most important thing of all, Buenos Aires would be the state where the next race would be held. Argentina happens to pay homage to legendary Formula 1 events. It is also one of the place where many famous F1 drivers claimed victory like Bruce McLaren, 2 time winner, Damon Hill and the world known german, Michael Schumacher.

Their itenerary is to do time attacks for the first day at Buenos Aires Oscar Galvez racing circuit - the venue of the next race of the current tournament. Tomo is awaiting what Sakura told him about the Argentina racing circuit. Argentina would be a worthy homage of racing legends. He can't wait to begin his time attacks at the circuit he's about to race on.

In the next episode/chapter:

An Angel lowered from the heavens
A Forbidden Sword of Gold
A Sword made by a legend of the early times
Undefeated in Buenos Aires
She never felt defeat
She never felt anything
THe only thing she feels
is the call of her late brother
Her name depicts beauty
In the road, it depicts Royalty
But at home, it depicts silence
Silence conquers all to her
She is a slave of silence
For an Angel, she is enslaved to her heart
An awaited siren of the South
she returns from the heavens to the earth
She steps once again to the road she's accustomed long ago
only to see someone dear to her in another person's being

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Chapter 62 - Queen of Argentina

The life of a young woman revolves around part of the state of Los Hornillos, Argentina.
A subtle yet peaceful rest house lies upon one of its many wonderous cliffside properties located at the Totoro Hills. A young, long golden haired woman, probably at her late 20's sits on the grassy land, 10 meters away from the cliff. She looks at the beauty of the rising sun that everlasts her in unforgotten awe. She may be in her late 20's but she's as young as the newly blooming flowers of a field of roses. Yes, she looks as if she's just in her early 20's or late teens. Innumerable colors that the sky behelds upon here left her drunk with the beauty that is the land. She feels this, yet her face doesn't show such happiness. Most of the time she is in a slumber. She remembers her late brother from time and again.

Her name? She is Adriana Eizaguirre. She is well known around Cordoba as well as the country's prime state, Buenos Aires. Her appearance was claimed to be the best of the Lord's creations. Some call her the second Eve that ever stepped forth in this earth because of her immense beauty. Her slender, perfectly made body paired with that long and gorgeous gold hair of hers make her the talk of the town and the answer to the men's dreams. She seems perfect, and so was her way of living. She has no problems in life - she believes in the lord, she's financially stable, she's surrounded with well caring friends but...

She had one thing that stood amongst the rest - she was a street and professional racer. Her family was part of this business even for a short while. She wasn't associated with just any racing team that she could find. Oh, no. Her family was partners with the TC2000 and the long going LeMans committee. The Eizaguirre family was well respected not for their money, but for Adriana. In a short period of time, she made her way up the ranks and has been the number 1 champion and contender during the late 90's events. Her car, if you ever ask? It was unordinary. She didn't use any prototypes nor does she use those old le mans favorites. She went with history. She has been driving a McLaren F1 LM and has been driving it until this time.

What is the reason for her painful demise? It was the death of her older brother, Marcelo. Marcelo is Adriana's prime idol and the reason why she went pro in the first place. He has taken care of her for years and has even been with her since childhood. He was more than a brother to Adriana; he was a guardian angel until one faithful day that they permanently went their separate ways. It was the year 2001 when it happened. At Circuit Dela Sarthe, France, Marcelo and Adriana are doing time trials for their big debut on becoming the next Argentina champions. There were many drivers that have made Argentina proud but Adriana and Marcelo went up a notch to make their victory absolute.

The rain was pouring heavily that day. Marcelo is going for his time attack to set the podium. Although he and Adriana are a team, Marcelo decided to win this alone. Adriana didn't hinder her brother from doing so and watched at the sidelines. She was unsure of the condition of the rain and asked Marcelo to go with her as a back escort on his time attack.

She got on her McLaren as Marcelo got on his twin-performer; a Mercedes Benz CLK GTR. Holding 700 horses that power a V12, Marcelo was a God of the tournament. As long as he is in the road, he never loses. Once he holds the lead, he holds it until it is over. Marcelo ups his pace once the race started. Adriana's 630 hp McLaren could barely catch up to the Benz. Even slipstreaming could not aid her. As they got on the 6 kilometer straight of Sarthe, The gap increased and increased. Adriana reached a peak speed of 330 km/h but Marcelo is pushing it to 370. Halfway through, Adriana has lost sight of Marcelo. She slowed down and thought to herself if she was still good enough to be catching up to her brother. Her thoughts were scattered when she heard a loud boom a few kilometers ahead. She slowed down upon entry to the braking zone before the hairpin. She couldn't believe what she could see. A CLK GTR engulfed in flames. She immediately got out of her McLaren and ran to her brother.

Where is her brother? What could've happened? All that Adriana could find is her brother's gold necklace that was given by their great great grandfather. It was the last thing that Adriana could see when it comes to her brother. There was nothing more she could say. Tears suddenly kept falling from her Amber eyes. Her hair was moistened by the pouring rain. She screamed the name of her brother towards the cloudy grayish sky...

"MARCELOOOOOO!!!" She called at the top of her lungs. He was gone. She just lost the only person who had loved her besides her parents.

That was the past and it still haunts her present. She barely could go out of her house as she believes that she doesn't want to leave her brother's memory behind. She can drive but not as far as to lose sight of her house either. She was at a huge slumber. Painful it is yet time couldn't change the pain. It looks as if an Angel that had her wings plucked out. She has broken up connection with the outside world after that but her name still lives on. Sometime soon, she had to step back in her car and drive off farther away...

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Buenos Aires...
The Land of Fair Winds
The Land of Good air
Team Japan has inhailed
they're forever in its debt
The Beauty of the land
The beauty of it all
Foreigners would Appreciate
The movements of the wind
Left then right
Upon sighting an Angel
in Radiant Light
With the Golden Sword in Hand...
Tomo could barely stand in front of her being
The Angel has stepped out of her home
and has revealed herself to him...
At the most unexpected land...
The land of Oscar Galvez...

Chapter 63 - Sentimental Angel

On the high speed railways routing to Buenos Aires, A blue bullet train rockets through the rail road. The passengers inside it could barely see a clear picture of the scenery that passes them by. The magic of the green fields could barely be appreciated as 320 kilometers are blazing through it. Despite this fact, Kasumi and Sakura still look in awe of the grassy fields of Argentina. Who would have thought countries other than japan could hold heritage to even better taken natural wonders.

"This is great!! Japan has these but this is too much for it!" Kasumi said in amazement of the view. "Hey guys, why don't you check it out for yourselves?"

Tomo is half asleep to even bother to look at it. Hiei and Ryusen are busy card dueling while Kitami is on his music player. "Pff... boys..." she said in disappointment. "What about you guys?" Sakura asked afterwards.
"We've seen tons of stuff like that years ago." Shimizu answered.
"Yeah. Especially Daiki." Hiroya added.
"I see... well, more for me then! Tee hee." Sakura smirked.

They enter a dark tunnel that continues to their destination. There were just mild yellow lights illumintating the dark tunnel. "OKay Hiei. Take 5. We resume after this tunnel." Ryusen urged.
"Fiiiiinnnneee... (I was about to bring out my trump card. Stupid ass tunnel wrecking my moment...)" Hiei complained as he reclined in his seat.
The lights of the train lit but it wasn't enough for the 2 duelists to continue with their fight. Ryusen notices Tomo sleeping where he is about to fall off his seat.
"I wonder what Tomo's dreaming about..." Ryusen wondered.
"Probably another wet dream with Kasumi, I guess."
Kitami can't help overhearing the discussion of Hiei and Ryusen about Tomo.
"Do you think he's still in love with Rikona? It's been more than a year since we left Japan."
"Are you nuts?" Kitami interrupted. "But in the end... that bonehead Tomo sure cannot let go of his pasts."
"Yeah well..." Tetsuya added, who was sitting behind kitami. "If he's still at it on Rikona, he's hopeless. That moron of a guy he is. Just look at him drooling on his seat as he sleeps."
Well, Tetsuya was right about the drooling part but they were all wrong about the dream part. He wasn't dreaming of Rikona nor Kasumi. He was thinking what would Argentina show them especially about their food and cuisine... he was utterly curious.

Minutes later, the tunnel ceased and they were back on the bright and wonderful horizon once again, passing by some metropolitan landmarks on the way.

Finally, they arrived at their destination. The train stopped at the Retiro rail terminal. The team steps off the railway and takes a complimentary bus to the docks to claim their vehicles. All transport are compliments courtesy of the Abiding International GT racing committee, except for airport selections even though air fare is another compliment of theirs, the team's selection of available flights would depend solely on the team's General Manager. They had a 2 hour trip by bus to the docks at Puerto Madero. The 132 Collectivo or bus line drops them off at the Docks. There, the boat carrier, which was there for the past 4 hours, holds team Japan's individual cars.
Slowly, each car was driven out of the carrier. First out was Daiki's 350Z, followed by Tomo's GT-R34. Afterwards, is Kyosuke's Lotus Exige 240R, Kitami's Mustang GT-R replica, Sakura's GT-R34, and the team's official Truck & carrier.

"Now, team. We'll convoy together to our Hotel to check in, then we head straight to the course to begin exploring the Oscar Galvez race track." With that said by Daiki, they rode their individual cars while the rest car pooled with others. Hiroya and Shimizu were slated to ride the truck & carrier. Kasumi rode with Tomo. Tetsuya rode with Kitami. Hiei rode with Daiki and Ryusen rode with Kyosuke. As soon as they reach the main road of Buenos Aires, the Avenida General Paz, Daiki upped his pace a bit, hoping that the rest would plan to race with him, except for the truck-carrier of course. To his dismay, he wasn't able to taunt Tomo in upping his and maintained his 40 mile speed. "Doesn't he want to at least play around in the Gen. Paz?" Daiki uttered to himself. "Oh, well... I'll save it for next time." The Z slowed down and maintained its pace with the other cars.

They pulled over at the Southeast Freeway's exit to discuss who'll go with Daiki to the hotel and who will go straight to the course. Everybody had their hazard lights turned on and got out of their cars. They gathered behind the carrier to talk.
"So, who'd like to go rest up and come with me to the hotel?" Daiki asked.
"I would" Sakura answered. "I need my beauty sleep."
Kyosuke, Hiei, & Ryusen rose their arms in agreement.
"What about you Tomo?"
"I'd rather go straight to the course and see it for myself...
"Same with Kitsu." Kitami added.
"And you, Kasumi?"
"I don't feel like checking in at the moment so I'd rather go with Tomo for this one."
"This is a good chance." Tetsuya uttered. We could now setup your car for this upcoming event." Tomo nodded in agreement.
"Then it's settled." Daiki finalized.
"Sakura, HIei, Ryusen, Kyosuke and I will go to the Hotel to saddle up. Tomo, Kasumi, Tetsuya, Hiroya, Kitami and Shimizu will go straight to the Oscar Galvez track. We part from here. I'll be coming in a little while after we checked in."
Everyone nodded and headed back to their cars. Sakura volunteered to bring Tomo's & Kasumi's luggage. Kitami said that he'll check in later and asked Kyo to reserve him a slot. The Z, Sakura's R34 and the Exige went straight to the main freeway whereas Tomo's R34, the Mustang, and the carrier went to the SE exit and headed for the Oscar Galvez track.

30 minutes later...

Prime Formula 1 races were held at this course. It has paid tribute to famous F1 drivers in the world, 5 of which champions are Argentines. And now, Tomo is stepping into History that was made.
"So this is the course."
"It looks as if it is 5 kilometers long."
"It must be like Sarthe back at France."
"Tell me about it."
Kitami looked at the GT-R and Mustang and compared it to the course layout.
"Elevation wouldn't be much of a problem as the course layout seems minimal but..."
"But what?" Tetsuya curiously asked.
"Would our cars hold on for long at this course per lap?"
"Waddya mean?" Tomo asked.
Hiroya hurriedly raced from Tetsuya's Commander and went to him, holding a printed page of the course from a Bird's Eye view.
"Here you go. The course layout." Hiroya panted.
"Thanks." Tetsuya looks at it and understood what Kitami is talking about. Tomo took a peek and understood it as well.
"Kitami-san is right. The course seems long." Kasumi said in agreement.
"Yeah but not as long as Sarthe."
"More like half its total length,if you ask me."
"sarthe has a 6 kilometer straightway all in all. The total length of the Oscar Galvez extension track compromises of the same quantity." Tetsuya analyzed.
"Not only you should set it up for corner precision, as the last section of the course denouces, but you should set it up in a way that your tires would last long too." Shimizu suggested.
"He's right. We could use hard or medium racing tires on the day itself..." Tomo thought.
"... so it all comes down to the Suspension set up. If we make it a bit oversteery upon corner entry, the lack of grip at the start due to colder tires would compromise that." Kitami added.
"...but you must be careful as once the tires are on their peak grip, It'll become too oversteery." Hiroya warned.
"Hey, look!" Kasumi pointed to the mysterious orange car racing on the track.
"Looks like somebody is racing already on the course." Shimizu followed.
The unknown orange sports car races through the course at astonishing speeds. Acceleration was completely God like and how it enters the chicanes is a pure work of art. The team stood on the last hairpin and is ready to see how this driver would face it at a very high entry speed. Tetsuya immediately took out his binoculars to see the car's badge upon its exit.

The car enters with full braking force. It oversteers suddenly as the driver brakes and turns at the same time.
"Bad move! He's going to spin!!" Kitami concluded.
Suddenly the fronts countersteered with amazing speed. And the car drifted through the corner smoothly at 179 km/h where that hairpin is usually taken at a 150 - 160 km/h speed. The car is still in the drift as soon as it faces the exit. The driver removes his foot off the gas by half and was able to stabilize the car. It's now Tetsuya's chance to see the badge. As soon as he did, his hands shook. His whole body is shaking.

"W-what's wrong?" Hiroya asked.
"M...Mc...M...Mc..." He couldn't say it.
"What? Mc Donalds? You're hungry? We just had that drive through moments ago." Kitami joked around.
"Go on, say it." Kasumi encourages.
"That car... IT'S A MCLAREN!!"
"Say what!!?" Everyone shouted in surprise.
Everybody knows of the McLaren. It was the previous Guiness record holder of the world's fastest production car. It is a living legend; not to mention the fact that they all saw it with their own eyes.
"C'mon. We got to see who the driver is!" Kitami said as he got on his Mustang.
"W...Wait up!" Tomo called out as he rode his GT-R. They all got on their cars to give kudos to him - the driver.
The driver, in his Racing suit, got out of the Orange McLaren to talk to his superior mechanic. The two of them noticed the oncoming cars and decided to take a look at them if they are ever locals or not. Once the gang stepped out of their cars, they were amazed to see Japanese people.
"Oh. They're Japanese." The mechanic said in surprise.
The driver just raised his visor upon noticing them. The driver had aumber tone eyes. That's all we could see of him at the moment.
"Hey. Sorry to barge in. We just arrived and can't help noticing that car drive. It was amazing. We were all amazed!" Kitami said.
"Yeah. He's right." Tomo added.
The mechanic looked at the driver and said "Why don't you show yourself to them?"
The driver nodded and removed his helmet. His inner head protecting mask only shows his eyes. He removed it and removed the mask next.
"I can't wait to see who's behind that mask!" Kitami said in his mind.
"Who could this guy possibly be?" Tomo wondered himself.
"An amazing driver piloting an amazing McLaren..." Tetsuya thought.
Once the driver removed his mask, he happens to be a she! Gold long hair, amber toned eyes, pinkish rose lips and with the face like that of a Goddess... the team was shocked!
"A girl!?" Kitami said in excitement.
"Piloting..." Tomo said in shock.
"...A MCLAREN F1!?" They all screamed out.
"Surprised?" The mechanic said.
The gang nodded. Once Kitami got to his senses, he immediately asked.
"Say, Miss. What's your name?"
She softly said her name: Adriana Eizaguirre.
Tomo's eyes slowly went from shocked to normal as he now knows the name of that amazing McLaren artist. Kasumi was shocked as well...
"Adriana..." Kasumi uttered.

In the next chapter...

Pain and demise...
The enemy of a Woman's heart.
More powerful than their being
One couldn't comprehend
A past filled with gray images
A present filled with self doubt
The winds go against them
But Kasumi stood against it
Holding her ground
The pains shoot at her
She didn't budge
Despite receiving it all
A woman's slumber...
It is all the same
she knows this and feels it
How an Angel nearly shed off her wings
when her halo was lost forever...
No one understands
except for two of the same being...
The Breeze of a Woman
is what only a woman feels...
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seeing as I am about to release Viaggio Grande, I might as well finish up on the remaining chapters of this web novel.

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Chapter 64 - Breeze of A Woman

Adriana has revealed herself to Tomogashi. An Angel beholding the ability of a goddess of the road. Purely an artisan of great beauty. She doesn't talk much however. But she does talk with her driving. She was like that ever since that faithful day...


"...the day that Marcelo died... her beloved brother..."


losing him is as tough as losing her own life

She showed no emotion whatsoever. Despite her heart throbbing human features, she couldn't respond to any form of compliment in a way that ordinary people would. That's Adriana's entire being.

"Um... if I may ask... how long has she been driving?" Tomo asked.
"Around 12 years or so if you ask me." The mechanic answered.
"And how old is she?" Kitami asked.
"She's around 27 years old."
"So she started at age 15..." Hiroya uttered.
"Nearly just like Daiki... but at a time where racing wasn't much given attention..."
The guys stayed with Adriana's mechanic asking tons and tons of questions. Kasumi notices Adriana go to the back of the garage, and so she followed her. Step by step, she makes sure of it she's undetectable. Her movements are sly as a fox. She peeks from her position, just enough to see her but not too much as to be exposed.
SUddenly, the north winds changed direction and speed. A huge gust of wind breezes by everyone in Autodromo Oscar Galvez.

"Feels great..." Adriana whispered. She loved how the winds touch her flawless face. She always adored the wind ever since she was a little girl; she still does up to this day. Kasumi still continues to observe her. She can't say why but she has that strong urge to discuss something with her. Adriana's face seems to show uninterest most of the time which made Kasumi hesistate. She just stayed there looking at Adriana who had her head high at the clouds. She takes one more step closer where she accidentally steps on a twig. The breaking sound caused Adriana to stir.
"T...this is bad. She figured out." Kasumi thought to herself.
Later on, she heard footsteps fading. She's on the move again. Kasumi didn't waste any time however...

Adriana continues to walk up to the center of the course, where the large high speed section of the Oscar Galvez track is. She stealthingly followed her. Step by step, she tracks her destination. Once at the center of the track, she stopped walking. Kasumi hid right next to one of the trees. "Did she figure out I'm following her?"

Suddenly... she could hear whimpers. "...hic...hic...hic..." is what Kasumi could hear. "Is she sick?" She thought once again. When she tilted her head to check, she saw Adriana in her knees... crying...with her head down on the ground. She felt so sorry for her. Why was she crying though? What is she crying over? One by one, her cries become even louder. "Poor girl..." Kasumi said. She took out her handkerchief and slowly approached Adriana.

Who would've thought a woman like her is this fragile. The leaves of the fields crunch as Kasumi steps on it. Adriana's tears endlessly fall onto the soil. She had her face covered with her hands but it wasn't enough. Her racing uniform is slowly coated with her never ending tears. At her side, a hand holding out a handkerchief is extended to her. Adriana stops 'hic'-ing for a moment and looks. She raises her head to see Kasumi whose face is shadowed by the light behind her.
"Here..." she softly spoke to her.
"...gracias..." Adriana said in spanish.
Kasumi sat next to her. She held her hands together. She intimately looks at Adriana. Adriana looks back at her. Kasumi staggered in embarrassment and told her "Um... it's nothing... really..." she laughed at herself feeling so stupid infront of a stranger.
Adriana raises her head slowly and stares at the moving clouds.
Kasumi notices this and decides to take a look herself. What's so special about the clouds here in Argentina? "We live in different lands... per se... different worlds..." she uttered, talking to herself.
"But... they share the same sky..." Adriana followed.
Kasumi looks again and smiled. "Hmph... I guess you've heard that one already..." She stared at the sky again.
There was nothing to say. They just met. When a thought landed on Adriana, she asked Kasumi...
"What do you think of the sky?"
"What do you think of it? The Sky?"
Kasumi puts her left thumb right on her chin and thinks what to say. "Um... well I couldn't say much about it except for the fact that it is endless..." she looks to see what Adriana's reaction is to her question... she didn't budge and just stared upward.
It's Kasumi's turn. She forgot the most important part of making a discussion with somebody - once a conversation starts, immediately introduce yourself after the first question was raised and answered.
"I forgot to tell you my name." Kasumi said as she intimately looked at Adriana's amber eyes. "I'm Kasumi. Nadeshiko Kasumi... My name actually means pink mist when translated from Nihon..." she said confidently with a smile. Adriana didn't show any response of any sort. Is she uninterested to have met Kasumi?
"You..." Adriana said afterwards, looking at Kasumi... "Nihon... Japanese, right?"
"That's right..."
"Is there anybody you like?"
She suddenly blushed. Whenever that comes into her mind, there's only one person who could be her answer - it's Tomo.
Adriana's face became quite serious as she asked it again to Kasumi.
"Well... there's this guy... He's with our group. Black Spikey haired, smart, happy go lucky sometimes... although quite emotional..."
As Kasumi kept going, another tear fell on Adriana's cheek.
"Oh my God, I'm so sorry. Did I say anything wrong."
"No... you didn't... I just remembered somebody..."
"Somebody you like?"
Adriana nods in response. She softly spoke a phrase to Kasumi. "I lost the one I like..."
Adriana couldn't take her emotions any longer, she broke into tears again. Yes, she was thinking of Marcelo again but she couldn't say to Kasumi that it was her brother who she likes most of all.
Kasumi wrapped her arms around Adriana's shoulders and comforts her. Slowly, Adriana stopped crying. "There, there..." she said.
Slowly, the two girls walked back to the pit area.

Adriana and her mechanic stayed as they notice Tomo and the others got to work on the Mustang and GT-R. Tetsuya works on both cars well with the help of Tomo, Kitami, Kasumi, Hiroya and Shimizu. Their cars are being tuned to match the course. It may look so ordinary but each race track has their distinct features. If it's going to be like Twin Ring Motegi, there is still a lot to be done on the cars. By the end of the day, they finished tuning and saddled up.
Tetsuya noticed the mechanic and Adriana still there, noticing the way they tuned the cars.
"Oh, were you two watching? Sorry if our job ever delayed your plans for this afternoon." Tetsuya apologized.
"Oh, no." The mechanic said in return. "In fact, we were done hours ago and we just happen to notice how you guys go about your business. It is fascinating to see young people like you strive so hard."
Adriana slowly took a step and approached Kasumi who was talking to Tomo and giving him a towel and a bottle of water from the carrier.
"Kasumi, right?"
Kasumi tilted her head to see Adriana. It was breezy that late afternoon, with the sun setting beautifully on the sky. Adriana's gold hair followed the wind current; Kasumi's hair followed the same current and both girls' hairs flow wonderfully with the setting sun. Adriana gave her a piece of paper. Kasumi extended her hand to it where Adriana placed it in her hand and firmly closed it.
"Tomorrow. Take at most 2 of your friends with you. I have something to show you."
Kasumi looked at her with a confused face.
Adriana turned around and faced her mechanic.
Speaking in fluent Spanish, she told him that they'll come back the day after tomorrow for fining the camber settings and the rest of the car.
Adriana got on her McLaren and the Mechanic got on his local car - a Land Rover Defender 90 and both locals exited Oscar Galvez onto the freeway.
Everybody who was left behind intimately stared at the two drive off.
"What was that about?" Kitami wondered.
Hiroya and Shimizu shrugged their shoulders in response.
Tomo looked at Kasumi and asked. "What is that she gave you?"
Kasumi peered at the piece of paper showing her the address to Adriana's rest house at Los Hornillos, COrdoba. She looks back at Tomo saying.
"Let's go somewhere tomorrow. Just the two of us."
"Does it have something to do with Adriana?"
"She asked me to come... and if I want to, to take a friend or two along with me."
"Okay then. I'll ask Sakura to come along as well. Where to exactly?"
"Los Hornillos, Cordoba."
"So we'll be taking the train to there, then a cab."
Kasumi nods in agreement.
"Great..." Kitami commented in a serious tone. "First, a Diablo VT, then a Corvette Z06... then a Ford GT & SRT10 Viper... now this? A McLaren F1?"
"Come on Kitami, cheer up. Those are cool cars owned by cool drivers if you ask me." Tetsuya said.
"Weird but true. There was a team that existed with nicknames such as those before. And it seems that..."
"Daiki and Kitana are two of the many successors of this..."
"Ancient team... we think alike."
"yeah, but that's freaking me out."
"Same here. But, that's all that I could help you with. The rest of this "puzzle" is up to you to finish."

... It's just like what Kazuma said before..." He softly spoke to himself... "This must be what he actually means..."
The winds pass by Kasumi's hair once again. Her orange eyes intimately looked at the yellowness of the upcoming night sky.
"hmm...?" Tomo wondered why Kasumi would bring her name up suddenly.
"She seems like a nice person... not too snobish or tactless..." she said with a smile as she stared at the Oscar Galvez exit.
Tomo stares there too and says "Yeah... she is..."
In the Next Chapter:

Family is uniform
Family is one
Family is everlasting...
The death of a brother
plagued his sister for years.
A sanctuary made to her brother
Dedicated to him alone
Only she could 'talk' to him
as She lives independently for him
His memory lives on
Everyday in her life
Days pass, he exists
Unforseen presence, yet he exists
The time that pains her
becomes part of her
She isn't safe even in her dreams
For he also is there
'It wasn't meant to be' she says.
She calls out to him
her only brother, that she ever loved
and asks him...
even in the depths of her own dreams...
With open arms she says to him

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Episode 15 - The Queen's Golden Sword
Chapter 65 - Abrazame

That night at their designated Hotel...
Tomo and the rest came in at 9:00 p.m. and went to their designated rooms. Tomo and Kasumi entered room 425 and was amazed at the bedspace. The place was quite huge for a hotel space. The room is equipped with 1 king size bed, an LCD screen with Satellite cable, A bathroom with a shower and bath tub, and a small dining area with a "mini kitchen".
"Wow... they even have a window view of the City skyline" Kasumi excitedly said.
"I'll ask our bags from Sakura." Tomo said as he exits the room.
Kasumi happily jumps onto the bed. "So soft... it feels great... It smells so clean. Su-goi-na..."
Then, she remembered Adriana again.
Her mood changed. It suddenly quited down. It feels awkward. Kasumi never felt this sad before. what feeling is this feeling? Could she be emphatizing with Adriana? How could this be or is it a subconscious ability of Kasumi - to comfort the others in need? She turned around the bed and stared at the ceiling. Placing her left hand on her head with her right hand caressing her bright silky orange toned hair that rests on top of her chest, she took a deep breath.
She stared at the ceiling light until her eyes couldn't take the light anymore.
She exhaled deeply.

At room 426, Sakura & Shimizu's room, Tomo knocks at their door to ask for their luggage. Somebody opens the door - it is Sakura.
Looking right at her eyes, Tomo blushed and in a broken tone says... "I-uh...um... our... luggage...where...it...is"
It obviously looks as if Sakura just woke up. Her hair is messed up, and her blouse is shrivelled.
"Wait a sec..." she closed the door and went to the corner of the room where their luggage is. She took out those that have their names on it.
She opens the door and hands them over to Tomo.
She gave a lazy smile and closed the door to get back to sleep.
Shimizu, who's sitting on the veranda's hand rest with his PDA in hand. He notices Sakura lazily walk back to the bed. He fixes his glasses as she notices the tired female walk in a zig zag motion towards her bed.
She lands her head really hard on the soft bed's comforter and is sound asleep.
"Poor girl... guess that is how it is..." Shimizu uttered as he got back on his PDA...

Tomo placed their clothes in the closet and places the empty bags under the clothesrack and closes the door. He looks at Kasumi who suddenly fell asleep. She looked so defenseless. Tomo subconsciously walks towards her and notices her from a distance. His heart is beating fast. Faster as he gets closer. That gentle long hair, her wonderfully built body, and those pinkish cherry lips of hers... Tomo couldn't take it. He is slowly getting closer and is attempting to kiss her. As he got close enough he nearly lost his balance but to his dismay, he fell right on her. The Good thing is she's still asleep... but not for long. She couldn't breath properly with his weight supressing her. When she couldn't take it any longer she breathed out deeply and rose her head just to see Tomogashi right on top of her... Their eyes met and Tomo gave an embarrassed smile. "Eh heh heh..." he laughed. Kasumi turned red and screamed at the top of her lungs. "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkKK!"
There was a very huge banging sound that everybody heard.

The whole group of team Japan rushed to room 425. Daiki had a second key card to the room being the team's GM. "What happened!?... uh..."
They witnessed Kasumi wrapping herself around bed blankets looking at Tomo whose face is kissing the wall right next to the Television with his body partly in mid air with a few cracks on the wall.

"Who-hoa! Nice one, Tomo!!" Tetsuya and Kitami called out with a huge thumbs up.
"EPIC FAIL!!" Hiei and Ryusen said from behind.
Slowly Tomo's knees touched the ground and fell unconscious.

Half an hour later, the housekeeping and maintenance representative arrives and repairs the damage done by Tomo. Sakura, who's in room 425 is healing his face wounds.
"What has gotten into you exactly, Tomo-chan?"
"I dunno... ow! ow!..." The pain in his nose is not that severe nor painful. It's how Sakura dresses the wound that adds to the pain. "...It's subconscious if you ask me."
When Sakura heard the word subconscious she squeezed too much alcohol onto Tomo's injured left arm. "YYYYYYyyeeeeeooooouuuuucccchhhhh! It burns!!"
"Sorry about that..."
"Subconscious? Yeah, right!! You do want to do it!!" Kasumi said who was at the other side of the bed.
"Oh, come on Kasumi. Don't start on me again......OUch!!" Sakura just pressed Tomo's sprain a bit too hard when Tomo said a few stuff seconds ago... "You were saying...?"
"...nope..." he replied in a very high pitched tone.
"Say, Sakura..." Kasumi said without facing her.
"Wanna come tomorrow?"
"Where to?"
"Los Hornillos. Tomo and I are going and we need one more to join us."
"Okay... sure, I'm game."
"Great maybe we could..." When Kasumi turned around she saw Sakura holding Tomo's left arm and mistook it for another awkward moment...
"Let me do it this time..." she said as she took out Sakura's healing cream.
"I got this one, Kasumi." Sakura insisted.
"Easy girls! Easy!" Tomo assured the two of them.

[the next day...]
Tomo barely had a good night's rest that night. As punishment for his 'subconscious actions', he is slated to sleep in the floor. His back ached really bad.
Kasumi and Sakura walked to the nearest train station at Avenida de Mayo

From there, they bought tickets on route to Los Hornillos at the city of Cordoba. The trip would last for more than 2 hours from Buenos Aires as the whole trip would be an estimate of 700 kilometers at 200 - 260 km/h. They sat on their seats and waited.
Tomo is still thinking of that McLaren the day before.
Sakura is very interested on who this Adriana Eizaguirre is. She's so curious that she bombarded Kasumi with tons of Questions. Good thing for Kasumi, she was able to answer most of them and neither question became a bother to her - it's only what they know though as they only met for a short period of time.
"But... there is one thing that is kind of unordinary when it comes to her..." Kasumi mentioned.
"What's that?"
"She has some sort of like a traumatic experience..."
"Her brother, who died 7 years ago... she still remembers him and grieves over his death up til now."
"Aren't you just exaggerating things?"
"If you're trying to relate her experience to what we know of death and the ressurection hope, then you couldn't point both things against each other."
"She's not like us, is she?"
"Bingo. And at that statement, we should at least respect her privacy concerning it. SO whatever you do, do not mention 'brother' infront of her. She might break into tears again... but who knows when that would happen... it might suddenly 'trap' her without us saying it..."
"What are you talking about Kasumi?" Tomo decided to join in the discussion.
"It's girl talk, you might not understand."
"Oh, come on... are you underestimating me?"
"Now, don't get things the wrong way, TOmo-kun." Sakura assured.
"This has something to do with Adriana."
"Is it now..." He softly replied.
Kasumi started storytelling to Tomo what she and Sakura just recently discussed. The talk lasted for almost an hour. When they got bored halfway, they stopped the discussion and went about their personal business. Tomo took out his ipod and listened to a few electronica-house music, while Kasumi reads a book that she brought, entitled Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom, and Sakura reads alongside her.

Another hour passed and they reached their destination. They took a black taxi to Adriana's rest house... or we should say... rest "house"...
Like the time when Tomo first met Daiki and first came to his mansion, he also stood in awe over the rest "house". Furnished with Roman like towers at the front of the house with tall windows surrounding the first floor, a replica of the Venus de Milo as the water fountain statue, a bed of roses, orchids and sunflowers around the walkway.
Upon stepping off the cab, the gate was one of a kind - personalized with a Quill mark of an "E" in the middle of a circle. The E obviously means Eizaguirre. They came to the right place.

Tomo pressed the Doorbell located at the left of the gate. The doorbell has a minispeaker and mic right on top of it. A voice of a man in his late 20's blurred out of the speaker saying.
"Yes, how may I help you?"
Kasumi offered to answer the call and replied.
"We are friends of Ms. Adriana. I'm Kasumi and..."
"Ah, the mistress has been expecting your arrival. Please wait a moment."
The small red light, located right next to the speaker turned off and automatically, the gates open.
"Well? Let's go in." Sakura cheerfully said.
"After you, Ladies." Tomo offered in a gentleman kind of way as he extends his hand towards the walkway to Sakura and Kasumi.
"Oh, why thank you." Kasumi played along and slightly knelt to Tomo as she held her mid-length skirt in a lady like manner.
Sakura giggled a bit and bowed to Tomo the same way.
The 3 friends walked down the 144 meter walkway as they passed the gardens, the fountains and all the natural wonders surrounding the rest 'house'.
At the door, there is a well built, 28 year old man in a black coat welcoming the guests. He has mid length hair right up to his neck that has the same hair tone as Kasumi. His eyes also have the same color as that of her. The man bows down to the 3 of them and humbly introduces himself. His face shows a bit of East Asian-ness but it's pretty obvious that he is raised here or has been living here for most of his life at Argentina.
"How do you do. I am a servant of the mistress. My name is Ein. The mistress has been expecting the three of you to arrive. Please follow me to the living room."
Upon entering the hall, it was filled with wonderful lights held by 3 golden chandeliers. There are vases located successively at the sides of the hall - 3 each side where one doesn't coincide with another.
"Man, they must be really rich." Tomo stood in awe as he kept walking.
"You could say that again." Kasumi said.
"Man, they must be really rich." He reiterrated.
"That was a rhetorical question Tomo-kun." Sakura corrected.
"I knew that." He smirked.

Inside the living room is a huge glass wall that shows the swimming pool just at the other side of it. The pool is a bit standard, as in it's like any ordinary swimming pool of the elites; much like the ones in hotels - a pool forming a number 8.
Ein directed the 3 to the sofa where they could wait for Adriana.
"Your trip must be long. Do any of you want any refreshments. We have the finest luxury wines imported from the countries of Eastern Europe or even the local drinks we have here in the south..." Ein offered.
"Um... thanks but not to be picky... do you have lemonade?" Tomo asked.
"Lemonade it is then, for the young male. And for the ladies?"
"We'll have the same. Is it alright with you, Sakura?" Kasumi asked.
"Mm. It's okay with me." Sakura answered.
"Very well. Please wait for your refreshments and Mistress would be coming down shortly."

At Adriana's room on the second floor, she's finishing herself up with combing her long golden hair. She's wearing her pink morning gown covered with her Ordinary unbuttoned red 'shopping' blouse. She took out her necklace from her jewelry box and wore it. It was her favorite necklace for she had a specific reason why. It has the picture of her brother and herself in it when they were young. She closed her jewelry box and got out of her room to meet her guests. At the same moment, Ein arrived with their drinks - Lemonade with a slice of tropical orange, dalandan as called in the Philippines, slotted in the rim of the glass. All 3 of them gave their thanks and drank their drinks. It was refreshing to their throats. The sun in Argentina is very bright and hot at this time of the day and lemonade is the very drink that would soothe your throat. That could be the reason why Tomo requested that or he just had a craving of it.

"Sorry to have kept you waiting." A woman spoke behind the 3.
Kasumi tilted her head to see Adriana, who is showing a pretty decent smile. Back at Oscar Galvez, Kasumi never saw her smile right until they left the course. This is the first time she saw her smile. "Her smile is beautiful..." She said to herself.
They embraced each other as a sign of hospitality and Kasumi introduced Sakura and Tomo to her.
"Yes. Tomo. I believe we have met." Adriana spoke. "And Sakura. Nice to see you and I welcome the 3 of you to Los Hornillos, Cordoba, Argentina." She welcomed.
"So... tell me, Adriana." Kasumi asked. "What is it that you want to show me?"
"Ah yes... I have just the thing." Adriana answered as she told the 3 of them to follow her to one of the different rooms around the house.
She directed the 3 of them to her room, where Kasumi awaits the thing that Adriana is going to give her.
"Ah, here we go." Adriana uttered as she found what she was looking for.
It was a silver bracelet with the Argentine flag.
"It's my way of showing thanks for your kind hospitality to me back at the track. I highly appreciate it." She gave it to Kasumi and enclosed her hand upon giving it.
"A...arigato..." Kasumi replied in Japanese. "I mean... Thank you."
Tomo noticed something that got him intrigued.
"Hm... what is this?" he asked himself. It was a closet separate to that of Adriana's Wardrobe. There was no bottom drawer. It's a one layer closet standing on a separate wooden table. He opens it to find out it had a picture stuck at the inner wall of the closet. Once Adriana heard the doors of the closet open, she immediately closed it before Tomo had a glimpse of whose picture is it.
"Lo Siento... I cannot let you see what's behind it..." Adriana pleaded.
Tomo could empathize to the reason why... somewhat. He could feel that whatever is behind that closet is something very important and very personal to Adriana.
"Alright. I won't look at it."
"gracias, senior" Adriana thanked in Spanish.
They went down to the back of the house where the pool is and Adriana wanted to show Tomo & the girls one of her pride and joys around her life. She exposes a remote control in her hand and presses it towards the garage that reveals her very own 1997 McLaren F1 LM supercar.

"This is..." Sakura just saw it first hand and personal and she couldn't believe her eyes.
"Your McLaren... the one you used when we just arrived at Oscar Galvez." Tomo uttered.
"That's right. It has been my car for more than a decade now."
"I hate to be an oddball nerd here but, could you tell me the stats of your car?"
"It's with Ein. He keeps the records. Personally, I don't give any information of my car to any stranger but seeing that you're one of Kasumi's closest friends, I don't mind." Adriana agreed.
"By the sound of it, looks like you two are beginning to become close friends, huh?" Sakura asked Kasumi.
"Mm... probably... I guess..." Kasumi answered back in an unsure tone.
Ein arrived with a folder containing the statistics of the car. Tomo browsed through the contents and became silent. His eyes narrowed as he looked at the numbers. It was inhumane - the numbers. Could a car possibly hold such numbers in complete accuracy? This isn't a car, he thought. It's more than a car... It's history...
Adriana showed her gloomy look again as she begins to visualize Tomo as not Tomo but... as Marcelo. Her brother is also very analytical, knowledgable and curious about automobiles. What Tomo's reactions are are what Marcelo's reactions back in the day - when they first got their personal supercars: his Mercedes CLK GTR and her McLaren F1.

Afterwhich they talked more concerning Argentina and they are ready to take their leave.
"We appreciate all the hospitality you have shown us today." Kasumi courteously said.
"It's no problem at all." Ein replied. "The Mistress barely gets guests coming into her house."
"Huh? Why is that?" Sakura curiously asked.
"It's because of the sad predicament she has experienced with her brother."
"Like his death or something?" Tomo answered.
"Hmm? How on earth did you figure out?"
"It's simple really. Her reaction when I was about to open that one closet at her room says it. It's definitely not her lingerie. It's something else." Tomo explained then later faced the girls.
"and you two said I won't be able to understand girl talk!"
The 4 of them laughed and Ein helped in finding them a cab that would bring them back to the train station. Once they were able to find one, Ein gave his last words to them saying "So the mistress will be seeing you tomorrow, then."
"She'll be coming back to Oscar Galvez with her chief mechanic. And I suppose that you'll be there with your team. The chief mechanic told me everything when the mistress wasn't at home yet yesterday."
"I see." Tomo wondered. "Tell her that we'll be seeing her then."

Back at the house, in Adriana's room, she opens the closet that Tomo failed to perceive. It does hold a picture - her brother's picture in grayscale. Everything that belonged to her brother, his remains, is there in that very closet. She looked at her brother's picture with sincere grief. "Brother..." she softly spoke.
"Have you come back to me?" she wondered.
She took out the racing uniform of her brother, that was partly covered with black ash from that incident, and embraced it dearly.

In the next Chapter...

An Unprepared test
The most powerful opponent
The absence of fear
Just 2 drivers, their cars, and the road.
Daiki initiates a test
to ensure Tomo's failure.
The sword will be wielded against
another sword that was befallen
Could Tomo survive this encounter?
A new form of curiosity would endown
Daiki's attention...
to see if the Battle God
is but a mere mortal.
Once again...
at the land of Oscar Galvez
a duel would take place
Unofficial it may be...
but the stakes would rise
to the befallen one.
A demand that could not be denied
Determination is what to be sought
where the inevitable victory
is from the start...
well assured.
No form could interfere
with such souls.
For once it begins...
the end has begun...

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Chapter 66 - Demands of the Determined

At Los Hornillos, an orange McLaren F1 slowly cripples out of its garage. It is the break of noon and the sun stands in the sky with all its shining glory. Adriana steps out of her house wearing a simple, short sleeve, aqua and white stripped blouse; which quite resembles the flag of Argentina. It is paired with an above-the-knee, country style denim, tight fit shorts. Her hair is combed the way she wanted and she is wearing her most cherished jewelry - the necklace that her brother once had. She clipped a disc-shaped pendant on it, as a carried memory of Marcelo. He meant everything to Adriana, even after death. She feels that he's always with her, from time and again.

Ein was busy watering the bushes until he notices Adriana's car right under the sunlight. While Adriana reminisces on one corner of the house for a moment, Ein gave the car a quick wash to give it a bit of shine. Right after that, Adriana is on the move and got on her car. Ein went up close to talk to his mistress.

"So mistress... will you be meeting your newly met friends at the course?"
Adriana just nodded in response to Ein's question.
"Here." Ein reaches to Adriana a small basket that has freshly picked tropical fruits - ranging from oranges to lemons and on the side, some apples and strawberries, although technically, they're not tropical but seasonal fruits.
"I picked them from our trees this morning."
"I'll give it to them." Adriana answered.
"Okay. Now you best be on your way, mistress. Traffic might be congested, as I heard from the news." Ein warned.
"Thanks for the concern, Ein."
With that, Adriana shifts to gear 1 and slowly brings the car out of the gate and onto the public road where she slowly presses deeper on the gas. How she pressed the gas was phenomenal as there isn't a trace of burnt rubber yet you could hear the revs go wild on the higher points of the tachometer.

[At a Hotel in Buenos Aires - valet parking area]

Daiki and the rest of team Japan head out of the hotel and onto the freeway once again to go to Autodromo Oscar Galvez for some trial runs. Within half an hour, they're onto the small stretch of road that leads to the entry way to the course for participants.

They saddled up on their designated garage space and parked the carrier right behind the garage space with a gap large enough for 2 cars, parrallel to each other, to pass through. Daiki gathered everyone for a team meeting.
"So... how would we go about on this race?"
"I got a call from the commitee on how the race would take place and I was able to get most of the details correctly."
"And they are?"
"Each team could have a maximum of 2 main participants for the team and at most, only 1 back up driver in case of any untoward incidents that may come about during the race."
"Okay. With that information on our hands, who are the 3 who'd race?"
"Our participants would be...Kitami..."
"Yes!" Kitami agreed.
"Good." Kyo replied.
"...and for our back up, Tomogashi."
"...uh, okay." Tomo answered.
"However..." Daiki interrupted. Everyone went to listen. "The probability that there would be any untoward incidents would be minimal and the back up would only commence if both representatives are unable to continue if that is ever to happen."
"So, we don't need Tomo for this one, is that it?" Kyosuke asked.
"Hey! It's like you never needed Tomo, do you guys?" Kasumi protested.
"On the contrary. We wouldn't know the exact situation of the race until it commences but whatever the case may be, just make sure TOmo, that you're well prepared, even if the chances are minimial."
"Alright, Daiki. You're in command." Tomo agreed.
Just then, another carrier enters the course, which carries the Argentine flag, painted on one side. It's definitely Adriana's carrier. The McLaren is right behind it.
The team notices it get into their post.
Daiki looks at the McLaren with intimacy. He has this feeling that he encountered it years ago, but he couldn't remember when, yet he is certain that he has. As for the rest who weren't there like Hiei, Ryusen, and Kyosuke... they stood in awe with just looking at the car. The class isn't like that of the Ford GT, the Corvette, or the Viper back in America. To Kyo, it possesses a demeaning aura around it, a very strong one at that.
"It's her..." Tomo uttered to himself.
"She came..." Sakura thought.
"...Adriana..." Kasumi wondered.
The 3 of them walked towards team Argentina's garage space.
"where are they going?" Hiei wondered.
"Don't worry." Hiroya assured. "They know her. They went to her personally yesterday."
"I see. Wait, did you say...'her'?"

As Adriana stepped out of her car, Kasumi immediately greeted her.
But her expression isn't like the one yet back at Los Hornillos. She shows no interest on seeing Kasumi but she is eager to have met her again.
"Mm... hey..." she softly spoke.
Before any of the 3 could say a word, Adriana took something from the seat of the F1.
"What's this?" Tomo received it and wondered.
"Something from Ein. Newly & Freshly picked fruits of the season."
"Really? Thanks." Sakura said.
At team Japan's post, everybody were jaw-dropped upon looking at Adriana; all but Daiki. He gave a serious smirk on his face. He has some sort of plan for somebody against somebody... but what?

They, the pit crew, tuned up Kyosuke's Lotus while Tomo & Kitami started doing runs around the course. The GT-R is handling fine, and so is the Mustang GTR. Adriana, however hasn't stepped off the space as of now. She isn't in the mood to drive while the chief mechanic and his crew are working on another McLaren inside the garage space, a white McLaren but not like what Adriana uses. It had a more aerodynamic body kit, 20 inch chromated wheels, Pirreli racing tires in the front and back, and a colored carbon GT wing - a huge GT wing. The front and side had a FINA sticker around it with a second tone of blue on the side. The car seems like the one from the Le Mans, and it is that car, a replica of it based on how it was first made. It could be the car that Adriana would be using on the race 2 weeks from now.

After 5 laps of testing the course settings, Tomo was called by Daiki to enter the pit stop. He brings the Skyline to a full stop and wonders why. He exits the car and says "what's the hold up, Daiki?"
"I have a request... no... a demand from you as your General Manager."
"Hmm?" He wondered.
"I talked with the Argentine representative and agreed upon my request. I want you to... race Ms. Adriana Eizaguirre."
Holding his racing helmet, Tomo suddenly lets go of it in shock. The helmet crashes on its rim and rolls down to Kasumi's left foot.
"Are you serious?" Tomo asked.
Daiki just gave him the serious look. Even Tetsuya wasn't agreeing to Daiki's demands.
"Are you planning to put Tomo in a suicide match?" He freaked out in fear.
"What you call a suicide match is beyond my knowledge. All I want is a race between you and the top driver of Argentina."
Tomo isn't liking this one bit but he has no choice and just agrees with Daiki's commands. He looks at Tetsuya and says "Give me a new set of tires. The ones Nathan gave me."
"But, those weren't tested yet. And I have yet to consider it's structural compound"
"I just need a pair for the front. I won't be using the rear compound. You could examine those for the time being."
Tomo brings his car into the garage as Adriana drives the white McLaren out of their garage. Lucky for Tomo, she won't be using her own car. Due to restrictions and regulations set by the board of Governors of the racing committee, the McLaren has been detuned and weight added for the equality of the match in order for teams not to be, hows say, technologically at an advantage over another.
Ryusen wonders over what Tomo requested from Tetsuya. "Why just the fronts?" he asked.
Shimizu starts explaining to Ryusen: "The GT-R's fallback is its weight, thus causing the front tires to give in first. That's why Tomo suggested that from him. Get it now?"
"If you put it that way, it does make some sense. Because the tires could only last long according to the car's weight, the compound should at least compliment the duration..." Ryusen described.
Tetsuya removes the standard tires and installs the special racing tires, that Nathan Developed and gave to Tomo before they left, in the fronts.

Adriana waits, in her McLaren, at the starting line and awaits what Tomogashi is capable of. She knows that he is a racing representative all the way from Japan, but she's still unaware of what he could possibly do. She might over or underestimate Tomo's abilities but who knows? Only the race itself would show if she would or she wouldn't. The car is set and Tomo drives out of the pits from the entrance and slowly turns the car facing the right direction. He is ready, and so is Adriana.

To make things fair, Daiki asks Adriana to give Tomo a 15 second lead before she starts, considering the power of her McLaren against his GT-R. Adriana agrees upon terms and patiently waits for Tomo to park parallel to her.

Kasumi and Sakura are worried over the upcoming race.
"Don't you think it's a bit too soon?" Sakura wondered.
"I mean, we've seen her race and she's in a pace of her own. Tomo couldn't possibly compete with such skill." Kasumi feared.
"Well..." Kitami answered as he fixes his glasses in place.
"We wouldn't know until it begins. I heard that there's a handicap for Tomo's advantage in the start."
"Phew. That's a relief." Kasumi said.
"Yet I don't think it's enough to let Tomo survive this epic 'war'." Kyosuke described from Kitami's right side as he looks at that McLaren.
"Because... both Tomo and his car... they're unfit for the LeMans..."
"the leMans?" Sakura doubted.
"That car isn't an ordinary McLaren. It's from the 1997 LeMans, one of the many that Bruce McLaren has built fit for such events..." Kyosuke continued yet interrupted by Shimizu who was once a contender of the said racing event before.
"...the McLaren F1 GT-R..."
"GT...R?" The girls whined.
"Hearing about that extension really scares me." Kitami admitted.
"Yes. Weaker than the stock McLaren in terms of numbers but far more superior than any McLaren ever made." Shimizu concluded.
"Then, Tomo's defeated..." Kasumi finished.
"...from the very start." Sakura concluded.

In the next Chapter:

The race of Endurace
The race against ones self.
Tomo has stepped into an unfamiliar territory of sorts
Where his defeat is ensured.
The fall of the so called God of Battles
Its fraility is soon to be revealed.
No form of nature or words could counter this.
The horses of the McLaren, come in full force.
The horses of the SKyline, comprehend it
yet it isn't enough.
The huge gap of technology
between the 2 automobiles
isn't worth battling.
For one knows
a legend... shines at every pace
A legend survives the longest
Its legend lasts a thousand lightyears.


Chapter 67 - Powers of the Legend is Still Strong

A Nissan Skyline GT-R34 in Argentina. Equipped with a Nismo R tune body kit, was known to be a world class competitor. Unlike Lancer Evolutions and Impreza's of the same drivetrain, speeds of this car have qualified for the world class. It's uncanny for a car such as this to be equipped with a 4WD system yet that same system has worked wonders for drivers of this automobile. It was said to be possessing FR characteristics despite being a 4WD GT-R. Given the nickname, the battle God, the Nissan Skyline is a long-time legend.

The Home supercar of Argentina, a British originated McLaren F1. Created by the late Bruce McLaren, it was renowned in the Guiness Book of World records as the most powerful and the fastest production supercar in the world. It was all thanks to its BMW V12, prototype used Engine that pumps out 627 hp aided by its graceful and powerful Mid engine rear wheel drive drivetrain. Combined with the perfect aerodynamic, aluminum body, the car is well balanced even at high speeds. Beware when challenging one of the ultimate legends in the world.

Daiki has set the arena for Tomo and Adriana. As Adriana patiently waits for the race to start, the GT-R crippled at low speed into the starting area; parallel to the McLaren F1 GTR. Tomo's Skyline possesses 549 hp; they detuned it 2 days ago, upon their first arrival at Buenos Aires Autodromo Oscar Galvez. Adriana's McLaren GTR originally had 670 hp, yet they detuned it to a mere 617 hp; yet it isn't a bother to Adriana. She never cared about numbers. What she cared most of all is what she drives and to come in and out in one piece.

Kasumi seemed to be worried of this upcoming race. She doesn't know much about other automobiles and she doesn't even bother hitting herself to the auto books, but she could feel a huge aura coming out of the white McLaren; and it isn't associated with her car either. She knows that it comes from Adriana herself.

"Adriana Eizaguirre... this could be the first and last time I'd see her drive all out." Kasumi uttered. She could understand how this race would fare and Kasumi knows very well that it wouldn't end very pretty.

Shimizu was told by Daiki to manage the control tower, and the electrics of the whole course from there. It is just a two lap race so a pit crew isn't needed. As for strategy services before and during the race, Tomo has Daiki and Adriana has her chief mechanic. The delay between the McLaren and the Skyline would be 15 seconds. As Daiki approaches Tomo, he could see that Tomo is feeling a little uneasy behind the wheel. He has never raced a McLaren before. He knows the capabilities of it virtually but never up close in reality; he was shaking. He tilts his head to see Daiki who looks at him with a smile. "Daiki..." he uttered.
"Just do what you usually do." Daiki commented.
"Just that!? Anything like the attack points of the course?"
"Well, you and half of the group has raced here before I or Kyosuke could. You should at least have an idea of the attack points here. Just go all out and let me see how long you would last." With that, Daiki turns around and leaves Tomo all on his own.
"...how long... I... could last...?" He questioned.

"Adriana..." her chief mechanic called out to her via in-car radio. She takes it and replies. "Yes?"
"You know this course like the back of your hand. You should give only at most...56% only on this battle but you should not hold anything back. Just cut your speed by more than half, alright?"
"Yes." She answered as she puts the receiver back on the radio handle.

Shimizu activates the lights from the tower which shows to the 2 drivers a pair of red lights that flashed at them from above. There are 5 lights per set, one on the left; another on the right not too far from the center. The first red light from the left is lit. A second later, the second red light is lit. Since Tomogashi would drive off first, he firmly holds the steering wheel and slowly raises the revs - all the way up to 7000 out of 10000 rpm. The third light lights up; the rest went closer to the edge of the pit lane. The fourth one lights up. Tomo reclines on his seat and positions his right hand on the gearbox, his left hand on the steering wheel, his right foot on the gas - slowly pressing it to raise the revs, and his left foot on the clutch. The fifth light, a green light, is finally lit and Tomo shifts from N to gear 1 and the Skyline blasts out of the starting line. At the pit lane, the chief Mechanic of team argentina simultaneously started the timer on his stopwatch to tell Adriana when to accelerate.

The first section, right until the Curvon Salotto, is a high speed section and is composed only of 3 high speed corners. The only disadvantage that Tomo has is that his car is too boxy compared to the McLaren, which was aerodynamically built for speed. He needs to widen the gap as much as he can given the 15 second time limit. Adriana patiently waits for time to pass and for her mechanic to give the signal. As Tomo presses deeper on the accelerator and shifts to gear 4, the exhaust burps out a sphere of fire and the car pushed to a higher speed. At S del Ciervo, he turns the car to a higher angle to the left and nails the apex upon entering Recta del Fondo.

15 seconds have passed and now Adriana is on the go as well. The McLaren blasts out of the starting line, faster than the GT-R. The F1 GTR uses not a gearbox type but a semi-manual transmission, with the shifters hiding behind the steering wheel's sides - shift up on the right and shift down on the left end of the steering wheel. The GTR F1 could reach a revolution of 9500 rpm. Upon entering Curva Uno, Adriana clears it at a higer speed of 210 km/h whereas Tomo just cleared it at 184 km/h. Just as Adriana has exited S del Ciervo, Tomo has just entered the cornering zone of Curvon Salotto. He brakes lightly, downshifts 1 gear, and kicks at the accelerator, pressing deeper on it.

He maintains his speed on the mid point of Curvon Salotto, just high enough for him not to stray away from the inside lane. As soon as he exits the corner, he glances at his rearview mirror.
"I'm making good time..." he uttered. The McLaren isn't behind him... yet.
At Recta de Lago, the straightway is very long and gives the McLaren a flawless chance of catching up. The McLaren did catch up. When? When Tomo glanced at the rear view mirror. The McLaren isn't in his rearview mirror limit. The McLaren is actually 100 meters behind him from the inside lane near the course wall. When Adriana's car is straying off due to the wind, she immediately positions her car onto the slipstream. That surprised Tomo when he glanced again, 5 seconds later.

"W...what...the!? How did she...!? I didn't feel her car nor did I hear it." he said in fear.
Limiting Adriana's acceleration by half has decrease the noise induced by the V12 thus allowing her to secretly nudge right behind her opponent. It was a delayed speed tactic that is one of her trump cards.

Tomo delayed his shifting due to the surprise impact that she did to him. And has caused the Skyline to lag a bit. She swerved the F1 to the side and attempts to full her acceleration and in half a second, the F1 is now side to side with the SKyline at Recta de lago. Tomo couldn't counterattack this one and is prepared to face the music... or he has a plan of somesort.

In the next chapter:

In the land of Fair Winds...
The winds went against Tomo.
The home course advantage...
is still superior over the advance mind.
The race is halfway...
yet the conclusion was brought to a close.
The Winds have proven the Battle God
but a mere mortal.
Never again would a loss like this
could destroy ones pride
The race was impossible at first
and is impossible at the end.
Inevitability... is everlasting.
No law or action could bend it.


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Chapter 68 - Ultimate Defeat

Closing in on the underpowered GT-R34, the McLaren shows its pure superiority on the straightways. Its speed is unlike any being that has ever exceeded the 200 kilometer barrier. Despite this fact, Tomo doesn't give in to defeat just yet. He knows that it just begun. All of his impossible battles start out like this: he leads, loses it very early and comes an alternate pattern of gain and lose the lead. The question then is raised: what makes this race different from his previous ones? Is there any or is it all the same? The McLaren F1 increases in pace and overtakes the Skyline. Tomo dodn't show any signs of budging in his seat. He concentrates on the car that is infront of him. "Could he possibly have a chance at this?" Sakura wondered. When she looked at the others, they were all silent; even Kasumi. All of their heads were down when Sakura raised the question. It shows one sign, they all know the result.

Halfway through Recta de lago, the McLaren increased its pace from half a car to 3 cars in a mere 5 second duration. "Horsepower difference isn't that large of a number, yet what makes her car more faster than mine?" Tomo wondered. "I mean, with the likes of Lucas and the Nathans, their power range was quite huge compared to my GT-R yet I was able to keep up; same with my race against Kitana and Daiki back home. What makes her so different from the others?" He thought to himself. What could it possibly be? If the answer isn't technical; could it be something supernatural? It can't be; or is it all technical... or a mixture of both.

Upon sight of Chicana de Ascari, the mid-to-high speed chicane after Recta de lago, Adriana just removed her foot off the accelerator 150 meters from the corner's entry point. "Is she toying with me or something?" He thought as he notices the F1. To Tomo, he feels this as either a chance of getting the lead or a sign of insult to injury. No matter what the reason is, he takes the chance and goes full throttle within the 150 meter gap. "Little more... just a little more!" He says as the GT-R closes in on the mcLaren. As soon as the cars are on the 50 meter range, Tomo brakes hard and angles his steering wheel a bit. There was just one problem. When he starts to brake, she presses on the gas and hits the same area of the corner. "Na-nani..." he whispered in Japanese.

As for Adriana, she didn't bother to look at the rearview mirror ever since she overtook the GT-R. It wasn't a sign of overconfidence or fear of breaking her momentum. She concentrates best when she's on focus. And when she IS on focus, only she could tell herself when to rest. Her car just keeps on pulling away at Chicana de Ascari. 3/4ths of the track shows a low speed section from Mixtos corner to the Senna straight - a small area where low HP cars would gain advantage - but would they gain such against the Queen of Argentina? At Ascari, Adriana intentionally strays off to the outside making Tomo think that she's understeering and has lost grip. "There!" He shouted in his car. He thinks it's another chance. He presses hard on the accelerator and turns hard throughout the Ascari corner. The distance between Adriana and Tomo is 10 car lengths; it's quite huge.

Entering Mixtos, Adriana brakes hard. Mixtos is one of the 2 main low speed hairpins in the Oscar Galvez race track. Tomo decides to drift through Mixtos while he notices Adriana's entry. Tetsuya, who is watching the race in a small TV, though a mini-cam on the roof of the GT-R, could know what Tomo's planning by just noticing the SKyline's movements. When he saw the car swerving slightly from left to right at the straight between Ascari and Mixtos, he knew that he is going to drift. "Bakero!!" He cursed in Japanese. "The tires aren't warm enough to give you enough grip through the Mixtos hairpin." When everybody in the pits heard Tetsuya, they all turned their heads to see why.

"Tomo's going to drift?"
"In a circuit?"
"That's the most stupid thing to do, especially in a race!"
"This isn't a practice run, you dope!"

They were all disappointed with Tomo's plan. If ever he accomplishes it, it would be futile to use. He will clear the corner faster but at the exit, his speed will stall and would cost him more than just the race. At Mixtos, he executes his drift. Halfway before the apex, he flawlessly executes it with his front tires countersteering at a proper 34 degree angle. The tail of his car is sliding purposely like that of any other drifting car. Tomo could feel his car closing in on Adriana's F1, who just entered the midpoint of the small chicane before the Ombu corner. He exits the hairpin with just 8 centimeters away from the edge of the road. That's the status of his front. His rear however, which is slightly worn out, slides right into the grass. He grits his teeth and decelerates to stabilize the car. Once stabilized, he downshifts and presses on the accelerator, only to see Adriana's McLaren pulling away at Ombu's midpoint. He didn't budge like awhile ago and still continues to catch up.

"I need to decrease the gap before the final hairpin... I must!" He thought.

When Adriana enters the last mid speed corner before Senna, Tomo just came out of Ombu. True, he did decrease the gap all the way from 10 to 6 car lengths; but it isn't enough. At the Senna straight, Adriana once again cuts her acceleration down: down to 3/4ths of the way this time. Is she waiting for Tomo or is she planning to take the pits? Neither if you ask me. 3/4 way of pressing the accelerator of a supercar is equivalent to a full press of the same pedal of a regular Japanese sports car. There is no difference though.

Tomo is still persistent on catching up. It was an impossible race to start with. He wanted to prove everybody wrong but all his efforts seemed to fail. He couldn't catch up at all, even at the low speed section where he thought that he could catch up. Once Adriana exits Horquilla, it is all over. From the start to Recta de lago, it's all straights and high speed corners - Tomo would not catch up at all at that state. They're two corners away from Horquilla. Tomo shifts over the red zone and up to the limit. Flames keep consequently burst out of the Skyline's exhaust pipes with his car being pushed harder and harder. The harder he pushes it, the Skyline wails in pain. Every over rev shift, every stomp on the gas and brake; he's not racing anymore, he's self torturing his car. It is just like before, when he tried to get away from the cops. His desperate attempt to regain his place has cost him his own vehicle. Tetsuya's modifications for the GT-R would be considered top-notch and fit for Endurance battles but pushing the car like this would hasten its duration; and that's what Tomo is doing. A Skyline vs a McLaren is like a turtle against a hawk in the heavens.

Entering Tobogan, Adriana hastens her speed again as she prepares to enter the Horquilla hairpin. She'll be doing what she has done before - a perfect drift through it. Question is, is it possible? Her personal McLaren is very different compared to the F1 GTR that she is currently using. There is just one switch in the F1 GTR that make her to do just so. The switch on her steering wheel says "TCS". It doesn't stand for time-temperature control system used in the food industry. It obviously stands for TRACTION CONTROL SYSTEM. It is a switch that disbles the TCS momentarily and reactivates when the driver presses it again. To execute the impossible supercar drift, Adriana deactivates the TCS. Midway through Tobogan corner-straight, The car suddenly got a boost at the exit while cornering. The length between the two is increasng once again. The GT-R, that is desperately catching up is being left behind more and more. Tomo becomes even persistent and desperate and enters the Tobogan S-curve without; yes without braking. He slightly cuts through the S curve by placing his car close to the grass, yet leaving a part of it to stay in the asphalt. At the Tobogan exit, he slightly lost control when his right rear tire starts to smoke a bit and lose control. He decelerates and countersteers to regain balance but once he saw Adriana's car enter Horquilla, for the second time, she executes the same attack as when they first came and witnessed it. The same speed, the same angle, and the same exit... but in a different vehicle.

"S...Su...su-ge..." he uttered in Japanese. "Just like the first time I saw it." he uttered.

Adriana ends the race by going full throttle down the straightway and S del Ciervo. Tomo's outclassed. He exits the corner with a grip maneuvere only to see the McLaren not anymore in view. When Tomo reaches the straightway, she is already at S del Ciervo's exit. He is defeated. It is a complete defeat. He opens his hazard lights and stops his car on the starting line. Disappointed, he removes his helmet and turns the car off. The car released a lot of steam once the engine was turned off. It looks as if one of the parts in the engine bay was too worn out. when Tomo stepped out, Tetsuya rushed to see the problem. He shows a spaced out look as he faced Tetsuya. He never experienced a defeat as crucial as this in his racing career. Tetsuya pops the hood open and looks at the source. A lot of steam came out of the car. He looks at the parts one by one and sees the problem. - The fan in the turbine is slightly loose and the water ran dry causing a huge crack on his radiator. If the engine is diagnosed the same way, there might be another internal problem as well. He pushed the car too hard; they all know that very well. Too much persistence has lead to the car's breakdown. Good thing that Tetsuya has another spare turbine in the carrier, but it isn't as powerful and performance wise as the turbine installed in Tomo's GT-R, which broke. Tomo wondered if the excessive over revving has worn out parts within the RB26DETT. By analysis, it most certainly has caused internal damage. But before Tetsuya could conclude such, they need to wait for the car to cool down and take the RB26 apart.

In the next Chapter:

The Sword that Tomo wielded shattered.
Everybody wondered if the R could revive.
All focus was on the shattered sword.
They forgot the presence of another.
Curiosity interferes and they wanted to see
If the wielder of the Golden sword is still there.
Absence of a wandering angel...
Only the presence of the wind...
Adriana is gone.
In a blink of an eye, she vanishes...
and becomes one with the wind
As a competitor, they wonder...
why she never said a word.
She left the battlefield without warning.
She wanders around the fields & rivers.
Curiosity and concern trigger the only friends she has met
and they set out to discover the reason of her disappearance.
Only to see her looking...
looking at her reflection
with deep feeling
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[Apologies for Necropost - Updating based on progress; since I at least have to finish this off before ending the thread]

Episode 16 - Thoughts of the deceased and of Royal Blood
Chapter 69 - Subtle Victory

Still wandering about at Oscar Galvez race track, Tetsuya does his best to identify the inner problems within the Skyline's currently damaged Engine bay. He disconnects every nut and bolt, every clamp and joint in the RB26DETT. He removed the pistons and the housing with the help of Hiei and Ryusen. Once the engine bay is close to empty, Tetsuya went deeper into the removed parts seeing a very battle-scarred set of pistons when he removed it off the housing. There's also a crack on the pipe line. Tetsuya cleans them optimumly before but it must be how Tomo uses it that caused all these internal damages.

He walks to Tomo who is sulking in his seat with his head covered with a towel. When Tomo, who was looking at the ground, saw Tetsuya's shadow he raises his head to see a very angry and demeaning Tetsuya Kudou. He hand crafted all those parts and this is how Tomo treats it? That could be the thought you have in mind that Tetsuya would say. But, he actually said this: "Parts like these don't grow on trees, you know. I couldn't replace all of them in one sitting, you know that?"
Tomo just nods in agreement. He didn't bother to say a word. The whole atmosphere was quiet; too quiet. Not even the others bother to say a thing. Everybody was in a slumber. Their arrival in Argentina and they have met defeat days before the main event. It is quite embarrassing. All but Daiki is showing off faces of disappointment. As for Daiki, he couldn't help but show a very small grin on his face. Did he plan for Tomo to lose? Why would he make him lose an important race such as this? Is it personal or does it have something to do with his future plans for the next circuit race?

"Look. I'll try to find replacements for these parts. If the truck doesn't have any other extra parts, I might as well look at the aftermarket stores around Buenos Aires if they have stocks. You won't be able to drive this for a while. Fixing the whole engine bay would at least take 6 days; and it would probably take me until the evening of that day." Tetsuya said. "S-six days? The race is in the 7th day." Tomo objected.
"Well you should have thought about that before you thrashed your own vehicle." Tetsuya answered back in an angry tone. "The race was impossible to start with. Did you even think that you could bend physics and laws on mechanics? An Inline 6 such as yours would never par nor keep up against a lightweight high-tuned V12 such as that!"
"I'm... sorry... Tetsuya..." Tomo humbly responded. Tetsuya was right. Tomo is just a driver. He's no Superman of the road. was it the desperation to win that made him wreck his car? That's pure recklessness on his part.

"Hey... where's Adriana?" Hiei brought up, that caught everybody's attention. The White McLaren is parked, but her orange McLaren is gone. Did she leave for the day? Isn't it a bit too early to do so? Things are getting more peculiar by the moment. Daiki 'wished' for Tomo's defeat that came about and now Adriana leaves without saying a word. Normally, in a competition, even the smallest of all competitions, the person who wins shows a sense of gratitude for the race or for the Lucas-like ones, they'd rub defeat onto their opponent's pants as a sign of pride and disrespect. But this is higher than what is mentioned in the latter. Leaving without saying a word, a sign of uninterest and thinks that the whole race was a waste of time. "I have to go find her." Kasumi said as she asked Sakura to take her to where she could possibly be in her GT-R.

"I-I am coming as well..." Tomo said as he removed the towel from his face and threw away the empty water bottle he was holding. The 3 rode on Sakura's Custom Nismo R-tuned R34 and it accelerated out of the circuit, hoping to see the McLaren again. As for the rest of Team Japan in Oscar Galvez, Kitami decided to have a mock battle between him and Kyosuke. "I highly discourage such." Daiki commented when Kitami gave the call.
"What? Why?"
"Save the cars for time attacks. We don't have time for such shinanigans. Hiroya will be handling the setups of the Mustang while Shimizu would help Kyo with the Exige." He then faced Tetsuya who is still analyzing further damage on the parts. "Would you be okay there by yourself? We'll also need Hiei and Ryusen for the same purposes."
"I'll be fine. This is something that needs delicate attention and care. Take care of our two combatants." Tetsuya assured.
Tetsuya's Jeep Commander has a carrier trailer attached on its back. He Laid the Skyline, by mechanical clamp onto the platform and brought it out of Oscar Galvez.

As for Tomo and the 2 girls, they kept a sharp lookout for an orange McLaren in the main freeway. Tomo has something to say to Adriana; where at least one from the party should give gratitude for the race. A long stretch of road extends to them but no sign of an Orange British Supercar. Sakura ups her pace on the freeway and brings her car from a steady 100 km/h to a 143 km/h current speed. "Where could she have possibly gone off to?" Kasumi wondered.
"Tomo..." Sakura called out to the back of the car.
"Yesterday, you said that her depressed look and situation has something to do with her deceased family member, right?"
"Don't you think that that race reminded her of something like that and she needs some time alone?"
"I couldn't conclude as of now. It could either be that or something else. Best I should now."
"But butting in on other's privacy is..."
"It's not butting in. I just need to give my thanks and we'll all go back to our hotel."

The group in the red Skyline past through traffic just to maintain the pace between them and the McLaren. She goes into one of the freeway exits, and the rest caught up to her on the exit. From there, Adriana punches on the gas and pulls away; she's no longer in the freeway so she's free to up her pace. Sakura noticed this and accelerates further as well. "Hold on everyone. I'm gonna accelerate further." The Skyline releases a boost of air from the exhaust and continues to raise her car's momentum. They seem to pass by a familiar house that has a huge gate; it's Adriana's house; they're now at Los Hornillos' entry.

Adriana, in her Orange McLaren, passes by her house for some reason. Ein was able to recognize the car through its engine sound. He knows where she is going so he never bothered to step out of his training room. Ein happens to be doing some martial arts training to keep himself physically fit. He stepped out for a moment to get some fresh air where he happens to see another car; a red car, pass by that seems familiar to Ein's memory; since he has some Japanese blood in him. They approach a fork road and Adriana takes the left without hesitation. Sakura didn't expect the sudden swerve of the car they're following which forced her to slow down - not to mention the load in his left and rear: Tomo and Kasumi.

The left road is pretty narrow for a pass, compared to the right. Tomo tells Sakura to slow down. Kasumi takes out a small map of Cordoba-Buenos Aires, which she borrowed from Tetsuya. It shows that there is only one destination leading to it. A lake at the end of the road. It's just one way where the way back is the same way. No one actually bothers to go here so the group wouldn't expect an oncoming car. The road is covered with autumn leaves and trees surround the area. "Take it steady Sakura." Tomo uttered as Sakura answers with a "hai." Sakura slows down to a steady 20 to 30 km/h while they go through the narrow pass. 100 meters away there is a hairpin that is angled at 30 degrees.

A few more corners and they're near the end of the road, according to Kasumi's map. One last corner and Kasumi was able to see Adriana's McLaren parked sideways. "STOP!" she called out to Sakura, who suddenly stopped. "Why?" she asked the orange haired maiden. "We should be very discreet, as to not for her to recognize us. We might get into her bad side for following her."
"But I need to tell her..."
"later. Who knows how she'll react-"
"she won't go anywhere as we're blocking the road right?"
"It's settled then." Sakura ended. She lets the car idle and brings the car close to the McLaren.
Once they stopped, Tomo stepped out to talk to Adriana. He peeped on the side window only to see... no one.
"Nobody here?"
Kasumi and Sakura stepped out of the car as well. "What's wrong, Tomo-kun?"
"She isn't here." Tomo answered.
"Eh?" Kasumi questioned.
"She isn't here. Where'd she go off to?"
Kasumi closes her eyes and listens to her surroundings. She could hear the wind touching the water; a big body of water. She could also hear the bristling of the trees. "Water..." she spoke.
"Hmm?" The two asked.
"Water. There's water nearby." She took out her map again and double checked. There's a blue circle close to where they are. It's a lake. "There's a lake here."
"Do you think she's there?" Sakura asked.
"I'll check." Tomo volunteered who started walking. Kasumi caught him on the collar and said "Oh, no you don't. We're going together." She commanded.
The 3 of them slowly walked, following Adriana's footsteps. When they got a glimpse of a body, Adriana, they hid in the bushes. Tomo, Kasumi, and Sakura saw Adriana doing something...

She was taking her clothes off. When Kasumi saw Adriana removing her shirt and shorts, leaving just her bra and pantie, out of embarrassment, she quickly knocked him out of his misery. Tomo quietly fell into the ground, unconscious. Sakura and Kasumi observe why Adriana is taking her clothes off in natural, public land. Adriana slowly steps into the edge of the water, step by step. Her feet emerged into the water, and Sakura & Kasumi observed quietly. The environment seems awkward and unnatural. Half of her body is now emerged in the lake. She softly says "Marcelo" as the wind touches her hair once again. The bristling trees and the gusting of the wind has passed through the only 4 beings present around the lake. She could feel her brother embracing her, as his 'spirit' caresses her with a warm embrace.

Kasumi is slowly intrigued by the very different atmosphere and is slowly being drawn into the situation. Her eyes become opaque. Her body, for some reason, is acting on its own. Her breath slows down. She is completely drawn to Adriana. Why? The scene is very unnatural. We wouldn't be able to know the exact reason. It is very different - inhumane in a certain degree. Then finally, Tomo woke up. He raises his head to see Sakura slightly shaking with the feeling of the wind n her face. He looks and sees Adriana, who's third of her body is submerged in the lake and Kasumi slowly walking towards her. "Ka-Kasumi-chan." Tomo budged as he accidentally caught his foot on a twig and tripped, causing a flock of birds to flee from the trees and re-caught the attention of the two women.

"To...Tomo!! I thought you were unconscious." She uttered. "Well..." he said as he rubbed the back of his head "...it takes more than that to knock me out..." Tomo answered with pride. Sakura followed that up with an ironic statement "Or is it because you could finally see a partly naked woman submerging herself into the water up close in reality than just through the television." "NOT TRUE!" He answered back to Sakura. Adriana gives a cough to get their attention. "Um... I am sorry... to be doing something such as this in public. It comes... well... N-naturally." she answered. The 3 look at her in an awkward state as they were disturbed when Adriana said that that was natural to her. "Natural... she says..." Sakura quoted.

When Tomo got his thougths straighten up, he quickly told Adriana what she needs to say. "Um...Adriana...I..." he said in uncertainty. "I...would...um..." "About the race?" Adriana continued. "Uh...yeah." He answered back. She look at her reflection and replied... "Oh...it's nothing. You're welcome for the race. I did what your manager just told me." Tomo just gave a nod... seconds later, he raised a question. "Tell me..." he asks Adriana. "Did my manager, Daiki, tell you any reason why you should race me or did you even ask why you should or what for?" Adriana faced away from Tomo and looked at the sky. she answers "he said... 'that it is 'necessary'. Because I am a local of this area, he wanyted me to show you what its like to drive with us... that's all he said."

"I think that isn't a good answer to it. He has something more in mind than that." Tomo answered in a serious tone. "How are you sure?" Kasumi asked. "I have a strong feeling... as if..." When Tomo is finishing his sentence, the girls are getting tense. "it looks as if he wanted me to lose by using you to completely defeat me." "As in dispose of you or something?"
"I dunno. It is how I look at it." "Don't you think you're overreacting things?" Kasumi asked. "No. He could be right; or the very least... half right." Sakura answers. "I mean, we just arrived 3 days ago and he suddenly asks you to race her?" she continues as she looks at Tomo. "I am getting the same feeling as well." Adriana followed. "But it's just a feeling." "The situation, though..." Tomo commented "has finished. this could be the first of some changes within the group but a vague request such as this without any direct motive or purpose, is still questionable. Because we don't have any answers and asking Daiki about this personally would be very crucial, it's best to leave this be as a confidential matter between us... just the three...no...four of us." The 3 women nodded in agreement as no never bring back further discussion of the said even again.

"Adriana, we'd like to meet you again personally." Tomo requested. "Sure...(whispered) brother" she replied along with a nod for agreement. She didn't, however, show any smile upon accompanying her word. Either it is natural for her to do so or she has something else in mind. Adriana got dried up, dressed again rode on her McLaren and drove off back to her house to rest up. As for the rest back in the lake, Kasumi wondered why Tomo wanted to see her again. "Why do you want to see her again? Are you developing something like a love interest on her or something?" "What? Of course not, sure she is as pretty or, ahem... prettier than you..." when Kasumi heard that, she broke into stone. "but there is something more to her... something like when Nathan Sr. mentioned something about being with Daiki even though they haven't met face to face."

They went silent and finished talking. Everything is getting out of hand once again. Daiki is keeping something from Tomo and he knows it very well. Whatever it could be... they'd soon get to the bottom of it all and know why Daiki is secretly going against Tomo... the 3 boarded the red Skyline and drove back to the hotel.
In the next chapter:

Memoires of the past continue to haunt the suppressed one
There was silence abound the household
Marcelo the forgotten
Adriana the independent
The memory among brother and sister
Lasted for nearly a decade
Haunts of the good and bad
the happy and sad moments
the times in and out of the battle lands
Racing between past and present
she sought out the thoughts of her brother
She sought for her past
Some answers to why she is now
would be revealed
Why her brother is completely a part of her
The death would be a cause
Then the cause would tell the effect on her
She won't be alone realizing this
There would be witnesses.

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Chapter 70 - Pains of Memories

Water. It is endless... it is eternal. We are surrounded by it. We are it. A shadow of a man is shown against the sunlight, looking from the bottom of the sea. The body floats but is not on the water for he is in it. It shows as if he isn't that light nor is he that bouyant. His body floats in the middle of the sea, vertically.
The man is asleep and his body is slowly floating up to the surface. The refracting rays of the sun onto the water has blinded the man and forced him, even with his eyes closed, to wake up. He sees a body of a woman infront of him. His whole body was numb; he couldn't move at all. The woman faced the man and gave a cheerful smirk. She giggled a bit. There was not much to see of the woman as her face is against the sunlight as well. Her being posed as a shadow to the man's eyes. She extends her hands and called the man "...brother..."

The man finally woke up. TOmo had a dream. He got out of his bed and looks at his hand. He touches his face. It was slightly dry. "It was all a dream" he stated.
A day has passed. It was their third night in the hotel at Buenos Aires that they slept on. "What was that dream." He closed his eyes to remember the person, the woman, in his dream. "Adriana?" he asked himself. He could remember yesterday - Adriana in the lake, partly submerged.

He glances at his side to see Kasumi sleeping next to her wearing her glossy night gown. "Oh, it's just Kasumi..." He said calmly. After a few seconds, his emotions reacted and he jumped from his bed, surprised. "KA-KASUMI!? IN MY BED!? S-Slept with her side by side!?" A sweatdrop fell from his face. But he remembered that when they dressed and got ready for bed Kasumi slept on the bed right next to Tomo's. "She probably sleepwalked towards my bed this time..." he said with a sigh. "I couldn't say that I'm lucky or something. If the rest found out of this..." he suddenly had thoughts of what bad things that the rest of the team would do to him if ever they found out - especially the likes of Sakura.

Later on, Kasumi woke up as well from all the commotion coming about. "You-'re awake?" she softly said. "Why were you in my bed? Was it the whole night?" He immediately asked her. "huh?" Kasumi hummed then looked at the bed. She isn't in her bed. "Oh, that..." she answered with an awkward smile. "You see... last night was very chilly. Even my comforter couldn't warm me up. So I thought I'd sleep with you. Well, right next to you actually. You didn't even budge." she said blushing. "Oh..." he reacted. "You were warm..." she quoted, where Tomo suddenly turned reddish. "T-thank you..." she murmured.

At the same moment, Sakura opened the door telling them that they're to head down to the dining hall for a breakfast buffet. She came in at a bad time. She heard Kasumi say to Tomo... "Thank you... for last night..." Kasumi spoke as she blushed even deeper. Sakura suddenly snapped and yelled out "TOMOGASHI KITSUMORO!! WHAT DID YOU TWO DO EXACTLY!!?" "I-It's not what you think, Sakura seriously." Tomo pleaded. Kasumi decided to play along and made up a couple of lies about what happened. "You see, Sakura, Tomo was quite something. You should try sleeping next to him sometime. He hugs you at the right spots." She told Sakura with a sinster smile. Sakura flipped out in rage and continued nagging at the top of her lungs saying things like "WHAT THE F IS GOING ON!? TOMO, YOU PIG!..." etc. etc...

[dining hall - East wind Buffet Area.]

"So Daiki and the others didn't come back, now did they?" Tomo reacted when Sakura told the two that no one else from the team came home to sleep in their rooms. She said this because Shimizu didn't come to Sakura's room either. Maybe they overdid their work at the course and slept there... that's what they all thought...

"Say, Tomo..." Kasumi walked over to him as she brings to their table a tray containing their food: 3 fried eggs, Java Rice - American style, and what looks like some 6 strips of bacon for their breakfast. On their table is a set of seasoning condiments, 3 cups filled with Cappuccino latte, table napkins, 3 plates and silverware: spoons and forks. Kasumi lays the tray infront of them. "Thanks... and what?" Tomo commented. "Isn't...um...isn't this the day that we go to Adriana's place?" Kasumi confirmed as she sipped a thick spoon of cream of crab and corn soup. "Yeah it is..." he answered. "So then, what time do we go?" Sakura asks Tomo. He stood up from his seat, acting high and mighty and says "we leave immediately!" as he walks French style. This is quoted from a family animated movie and both girls played along. "What about breakfast?" they asked. Tomo walks back and does the same pose and gesture infront of them saying... "We leave... in five hours..." Sakura and Kasumi laughed. "No seriously girls, we leave an hour after breakfast. We'll take Sakura's GT-R there." Sakura agrees and the 3 took their portions of breakfast.

[1 hour later...]

Tomo is waiting at the lobby for the 2 to come out, he's wearing a white printed shirt with orange long sleeve extensions, blue denims and his Adidas branded sneakers. He has his hair gelled, his facial hair shaven and his eyes free of any sandbags. When he glanced at the elevator, the girls came out. Sakura is wearing her yellow sleeveless blouse, which has an aqua lining on the top, paired with one of her walking skirts - a black, mid length one, and clog like sandals...este slippers. Kasumi came out wearing her favorite pink printed, sando-like blouse, semi-mini skirt that goes right above her knees and wore clear stockings and for semi-casual purposes, her pink Nike branded sneakers. The girls glanced at each other saying...with Kasumi to start off: "A bit too early to wear something as that?" Sakura answered that back saying "Well now... attracting anybody else with that outfit?" Kasumi took it a bit seriously instead of a sarcastic joke and replied "Well... I'm not trying to attract any attention You see." She says as she lowered her sepia toned sunglasses. They walked normally as they chatted, walking towards Tomo's position. They got on the red car and drove off.

Driving for an hour, they reached the midpoint of the main expressway from Buenos Aires to Cordoba's Los Hornillos province. While driving, Sakura noticed some of the locals driving on the same route are upping their pace; Even the trucks. Later, a couple of teenagers and their classy European exotics: A Porsche 996 Carrera GT3, Lotus Esprit V8 SE and a Ferrari 360 spyder flying across the expressway. They suddenly ganged up at Sakura's R34 and taunted her to race. She resisted at first where the 2 exotics showed their far superior acceleration. On a side note, their cars are just stock and Sakura is just following the speed flow of traffic. She controlled herself as to not to give in... but in fact, she couldn't. A long straightway and all that power under her hood... she needs to show these locals that it's bad to intimidate her. When the Porsche, Lotus, and Ferrari shifted, Sakura gave into pressure. She accelerated and plans on taking on both of them. "Sa-Sakura... what are you doing!?" Kasumi screamed in fear as she held tight to the arm holder on her side of the car. "Tomo, do something!!" She said as she faced Tomo who's looking at the main road with a smile. "Let her be, Kasumi..." He softly spoke. "But...?"

"Hold tight, Kasumi." Sakura quoted while concentrating on the road. "Eh?" She curiously asked as she faced Sakura who's hands are gripping on the steering wheel with a tense look on her face. "I-keh! Atashi R-san-yoh!" She shouted in Japanese as she deepens her foot on the accelerator. A loud thump sound came out of her exhaust as she shifted. Because she shifted a bit late, the 3 exotics are gaining ground by about half a quarter of a kilometer. The 3 cars are playing amongst themselves until one of them, the driver of the Lotus sees a couple of flashing lights at them in mid day. The Lotus then gave a signal to the 2 other cars saying that 'the car we taunted is coming close!' The Ferrari accelerated and took the lead with the Porsche right at its tail. Sakura slipstreamed behind traffic and is closing in on the Lotus. There is a low-angled left up front and the 3 cars decelerated upon entry. What about Sakura? She hid behind a huge trailer and accelerated further. When the Lotus is cruising at the center of the road, thinking that they lost the Skyline, it suddenly appeared right in front of the Esprit. He braked hard and was left behind by the red Skyline that is closing in on the Porsche. She's in the slipstream and is gaining more speed. They're reaching 254 km/h with Sakura just at 4th gear whereas the other two are on the mid point of 5th gear. Entering a long tunnel, Sakura makes her chance by turning off her headlights. The 2 locals, who had their lights on, didn't know where the Skyline is at the moment. They slew down thinking it crashed or left them or something. When they got out of the tunnel, they were surpised to see that the Skyline is already in front of them when they passed a Toyota Corolla Altis. The Skyline just kept going and going. They never bothered to taunt the GT-R again as it is already 2 kilometers ahead. Kasumi sweated in her seat and was breathing hard. "That was just a straight but boy was that thrilling." Sakura just gave a sigh and slowed down. "Who ever knew 'racing' on the highways was fun..." she said with a smile.

In a mere 15 minutes past the midpoint of the expressway, they reached the Los Hornillos exit. Sakura brings her car to a slow stop as soon as she parks her car right in front of the huge Eizaguirre gate. Ein sees who it is via video security cam right on top of the posts of the gate. He sees a Red Nismo R-Tuned Skyline R34 with Kasumi stepping out of it. Kasumi sees the camera and gives a quick wave. When Ein identified that it is Kasumi, he opens the doors and lets them in. Grateful for the opening, Sakura brings her car in to the driveway. Once they're in front of the main door, they all stepped out of the car and approached the main door. Ein opens the door to tell them that Adriana isn't here.

"Just you today?" Tomo asked.
"Somewhat. The other helpers are out doing grocery shopping for household supplies while I'm here guarding the house. I'm not just a humble servant of the family, I'm also a bodyguard." Ein replied.
"So, two in one, huh? How long have you been with them?" Sakura asked.
"Most of my life actually. We're not blood related but Adriana and I grew up together. Long story but what you need to know is that I succeeded my late father who was as humble as I am to the family, right up to now."
"Forget that Sakura. Where's Adriana by the way?" Kasumi interrupted.
"Oh... you see... well, she isn't here today. I think she went to the usual area..."
"Like yesterday."
"Maybe but not exactly."
The 3 tilted their heads telling Ein where exactly. He gives in to pressure and tells them.


Adriana is about to step out of the house in bright light when she stops and tells Ein, who is fixing up the hall's furnishes... "Ein. I'm going out for a while..."
"Where to, Mistress?"
"I don't know... it's as if I'm being called..."
"Adriana... you need to rest..."
"..." She didn't follow up that statement. She later softly commented that "just like what my brother used to tell me..."
"Never mind. I'll be back before noon." Adriana says as she closes the door behind her. Ein runs off to see where; he sees the McLaren drive off to the right as soon as she exits the gates. Ein stood there, thinking... He had an idea where exactly. In the past, when the family takes a break from secular life, they go to the picnic grounds at Los Hornillos not too far from where they are; it has quite a narrow road but it was worth the travel, even if it was a short one. When they were little - Ein, Adriana, and Marcelo, who is 4 years older than her, play around near the edge of the lake. Ein fishes while Adriana flies a kite with Marcelo's aid. Ein and his father were part of the family and it was one of those moments that Ein cherishes right up to now... 20 years later. But that was a hunch. There's this other place that the siblings go off to when his dad was requested to take them there and take care of them, mostly in the afternoon. Because Adriana has been to the lake yesterday, he has a pretty good feeling that she went to the latter.

"But if my hunch is right..." Ein says as he holds his chin with his left palm, "she could be going there"
"The bridge... the bridge near the lake where you last went. It is a narrow province path leading you to the freeway taking you to the Rio Tecero Reservoir... a car could pass by that bridge obviously. If you make it on time, you could catch a glimpse of Adriana's McLaren from the pass as the route is somewhat Downhill. There's a good view of the freeway from the peak and you could spot cars from there easily."
"Really? Thanks." Tomo says as he briskly shakes Ein's right hand up and down. They board the car and take the path that they took yesterday.

When they reached the fork road, Sakura went right this time. There's a small bridge with a good view of the lake where they were. The bridge is still whole and no signs of natural wear and tear as much. The road is paved well and not any sign of too much use of the road. Ein was right. The road wasn't used too much - not in the past and not so much in the present either. Kasumi tells Sakura to take things slow and steady. Tomo's keeping a good eye out for that McLaren at the other side of the road. He could also see the huge spec of water near the Reservoir. He narrows his eyes and looks far off to spot an orange rectangle like shape with a black line at the back. It's the McLaren, as Tomo thought. "There she is."
"Ein says that this leads straight to the freeway of the reservoir... Could your R34 do it?" Kasumi asks Sakura.
"Would it? Watch me!" She says as she accelerates down the one-car pass. The road isn't that paved much and there are a couple of pebbles on the way causing the car to budge and lose balance. With a firm grip on the wheel, Sakura maneuvers her GT-R as if it was a rally car. "Guess my trip with Takeshi before in Hokkaido really paid off..." she whispered with a smile.

[10 minutes later...]

They made it out of the narrow pass but... the car is covered with dead leaves on the wipers and a few sand marks on the wheel borders of the car; not to mention the front bumper as well. The R34 also had a couple of unwanted leaves and twigs clinging on the spoiler. Sakura gave a frustrated look after coming out of the pass and as she drives down the freeway. "I'm never taking my R to that route again. No wonder not too many people use it." She grins angrily.
"There's her car..." Tomo pointed to Sakura. Kasumi sees her a few feet away looking at the water. "And there she is."
The wind is blowing on Adriana's face and it lets her hair fly freely in mid air. It's wonderful to look at. Sakura parks the Skyline right infront of the McLaren and the 3 step off the car once again. Kasumi quickly rushed to the sentimental girl to cheer her up. "Adrianaaaaa!" She shouts out. Luckily, it caught her attention. She looked quite spaced out at that moment. She sees Kasumi waving her right hand at her saying "It's me! Over here!"
"Ka-kasumi..." she spoke softly.
"What are you doing here? I thought we're going to meet you at your place?" Tomo asked.
When Adriana faced Tomo, she remembered... him. A split second shows her Marcelo looking at her with a concerned smile on his face. This gave Adriana a sudden but short headache; she held her head and the handle bars to keep her balance. "Is something wrong?" Sakura asks. "No... it's nothing. I just woke up from the wrong side of the bed that's all... or its probably the sun..." When she was feeling a bit okay, she faced the 3 properly. "Now, what is it that you want to ask me?" She asked Tomo. "Mm?" He asked as he pointed himself. "Oh, yeah..." he then remembered. "Adriana... how did you become so good? In driving I mean..."
She looked away from Tomo upon hearing the question. While she looks away, Sakura and Kasumi whine at Tomo for talking about something girls don't bother to talk about. "Is that all that comes out of your mouth, Tomo?" Kasumi complained.
"If it isn't cars, it's food. Isn't there anything else in your head?"
"Oh, come on... ther is. I just have a curious thought, that's all..."
While the 3 kept talking amongst themselves, Adriana gets flashbacks of her with her brother.


It was Marcelo's 20th birthday; and they held a huge celebration of it as it is also the day Marcelo finished College. He took up BS in Marketing and Finance. They were all so happy. Their father, who was in league with the TC2000, a touring car association around Argentina, brought him a present that cost a fortune. "Go on son. See what's behind the covers." their father said. It was quite long and big for a gift. It obviously looks like a car; but what kind? Marcelo opens the covers to see, up close, a replica of the 1997 MERCEDES BENZ CLK GTR street version. "Is this mine?" Marcelo asked.
"Son. You know that I work with the TC2000 and mostly, with the whole automobile associations around here and Buenos Aires. I would always pick the best which I know that my son would love and cherish. This car is surely a rare find."
"You mean... I could drive it?"
"Not in public you won't. That's why I gave you specialized driving lessons, remember? You deserve nothing but the best. The whole family deserves it." The father looks at Adriana with a smile. "And soon. Just a few more years and Adriana would be getting her share of the family business as well."
When young, 16 year old Adriana heard that out of her father, she gave a huge smile on her face. She has loved auto racing and had a passion of it - she got that from her father. Her mother was once a famous race car driver of the TC2000 as well. She was also part of the Soccer association around Argentina as the Public Relations officer of the committee. Their mother wanted to let their children choose what to do in their futures and they went with their father on this. Marcelo agreed to as his father is getting old and soon, he needs to take over. Their mother didn't mind at all as her siblings from her side of the family are professional Soccer players so she wasn't at a loss finding out that neither Marcelo or Adriana agreed to be part of FIFA. In fact, she discouraged it as there's no family team spirit in it, unlike in auto racing where it is somewhat possible.
Back on topic; their father asked Adriana what she'd want when she finishes college - what car she'd like to personally own. She humbly answered ... "Daddy... I want a McLaren..."
"A McLaren you say... Why such?"
"Our late grandfather was a friend of Bruce McLaren, right? I wanted to let GrandFather know that he's still in us; especially his close relation with Mr. Bruce McLaren..."
"Very well... once I earn enough after 4 more years, you'll have your own... now do your best, alright?"
Adriana again gave a huge smile.

That wasn't the only one... 5 years after that, they started their careers as professional race car drivers.

Adriana is now 21 and Marcelo is 25. Back then, they had the same training given by their father about auto racing when they were at their early teens. It helped them a lot in their racing career. Majority of the events they joined, they placed the podium... if not just the podium, 1st and second place. They were well respected by other seasoned professionals and were loved by Argentine racing fans. From the TC events, to F2 events, to WRC rallies, all the way up to pre-le Mans competitions. Marcelo has been racing for nearly 10 years now whereas Adriana has been doing this for roughly 6 years.
When they were on their 3rd Le Mans event, at Circuit dela Sarthe... Adriana and Marcelo were thinking who would drive, concerning the regulations. It was nothing like in the TC2000. Yes, they qualified for the Le Mans and they're doing well... but the rules are stricter for the world league. Marcelo raced for the 1st event while Adriana raced for the second. Now that it's the third, they're quite unsure which one of them would race for Argentina. After a few technical debates with each other, both agreed that Marcelo's CLK GTR has a better fighting chance than Adriana's McLaren F1 GTR, which is built solely for the LeMans. She didn't use her own McLaren and left it at home. Marcelo had his modified for this purpose.
"That day... that faithful day... I won't forget it."
When it was their first run on the course, the weather was a bit unjust towards them. Only 14 of 20 racing teams had the chance to test the course first hand. Papers were arranged for Marcelo Eizaguirre to drive for Team Argentina D2. The 15th driver, Marcelo, is up for the chance until a downpour emerged from above cancelling his run. He was also so looking forward to this. When the rain got worse, their father requested to reset the car for rain purposes. Not only was it a chance to practice around the course, it is also a qualifying match. Marcelo wanted to make his father proud for this qualifying race and demanded that they turn off the driving aids of the Benz.
This brought out what it seems to Adriana, who was watching her father and brother, as a heated argument.
"Turn them off?" His father pleaded.
"I wanted it that way so that we'd be able to get a better time at this. Yes we may be holding the lead in the start of this season's tournament but I want our victory to be flawless, father. It's your dream to show the world that we Argentines are the best in professional car racing no matter what kind of race it is. If that dream is to be in reach, then it's my actions that would fulfill that..." He swore to his father.
"I know you wanted to win this as much as I do... but you know that it is dangerous to turn off your driving aids at this kind of weather."
"Are you saying you don't trust my judgement, father? You trained us not to use them and I got used to driving without it; even at the start of this season's qualifying matches. What makes you sure that this is different?"
"It's the weather, son and as I told you before, the weathe-..."
"Are you doubting your own specialty, father? You told me before that it didn't bother you when you did the same thing."
"You know, son... you're right... why am I doubting myself, when it is I who did the same choice before. I give in to your request, son. But please, be careful."
"Don't worry father. I will. If you have succeeded in it, then I would as well." Marcelo finished as he stepped out of the room to talk to the pit crew. Their father stood still in the office with his head down. Adriana heard it all. She was curious as well... "Tell me father," she asked as she approached him. "Why were you hindering Marcelo from doing what you've done before?" her father looked at her with a solemn face. "Because... a companion of mine died using it. He was confident that he could do it ever since I did the same thing and survived. It was reckless of me to do it before. After I accomplished it with that decision in my young days, I knew from that day forth that it is life threatening. My companion faced the same fate midway but met his demise in the end. I was a bad example to him that time. And now, I fear that it is deja vu all over again; this time... in your brother."
"Why didn't you tell him that before?"
"Because... I don't want to show your brother that I was a coward once in my life. When I did that race without driving aids, my whole body was shaking. I was nervous. I knew death was coming close behind me, tailgating me, waiting for me to mess up and then redeem what is left of me to his. I hid that expression when I faced my comrades but it still hits me from time to time."
"He idolizes you so yet you hid that from him?"
"I don't want your brother to see me like that. That's the reason that I went from front of the house actions of the racing committee to the back of the house - the brains of it all."
"Father... you shouldn't have hid that from him. If he knew, I know that he'll think of you the same way I think of you - a role model. A hero. A father of all fathers in his field."
"Adriana..." He softly spoke as he hugged his daughter tightly in his arms.
"Adriana..." he said again.
"You better go with your brother. You better make sure he's safe. Ask him if you could but don't tell him why. I fear his confidence in himself would make him lose control..."
"Lose control? his self confidence?" she doubted. "Okay, father. I will."
Adriana stepped out of the office and approached Marcelo.
"What is it, little sister?"
"Could I drive with you?"
"In my Benz? Of course not!"
"No, I'll follow you in my F1. I asked dad if it is possible and he accepted. It's a good way for me to know the course as well."
"But it's dangerous there... the rain and all..." Marcelo insisted on letting Adriana not to go with him.

"adriana...adriana...ADRIANA!" Kasumi called out.
Her thoughts were back on the present. She was out of her flashback.
"Anything wrong?" Sakura asked.
"Sorry. I was dozing off... what was it again...? How did I become so good?... well you see..."
Tomo was eagerly listening.
"It's...um..." she couldn't clearly give an answer to him.
"Okay... let me paraphrase... what's your driving style? I'm curious. I just want to know. Don't worry; I won't steal your style..."
"Just the casuals really..." Adriana replied firmly with a pale smile.
"Any tech behind it? Like driving aids or something?"Tomo further asked.
"Just the ordinary...with as how other cars go about" she answered.
"I see... well that's different. Coz' I deactivated mine." Tomo proudly announced to her. She suddenly felt a bullet hit her from behind when she heard Tomo say that he doesn't use such. It's like how her brother used to drive.
"On your own?" Sakura added.
"No-no... somebody taught me..."
"Really? Who taught you? Your mom? a friend? Your father? Your brother? You have a brother, right?" Tomo verified; but as soon as Adriana heard the word 'brother', she went down on her knees. Her eyes narrowed. Her breathing hastened. She is freaking out for some reason.
"Did I say something wrong?" Tomo asked. "All I asked is who taught her to drive with that style..."
It wa a tactless move from Tomo. He shouldn't have mentioned 'brother'. She had remembered Marcelo again and is hallucinating that Marcelo IS Tomo. She looked up to see Tomo extending his hand to her asking. "Can you stand up?" She blinked and suddenly saw Marcelo do the same thing that Tomo is doing and said the same thing Tomo asked... "Can you stand up?" She started to back off as if she saw a ghost. She then turned and looked at Sakura's car only to see Marcelo's Benz CLK GTR after a blink. She is paranoid now and ran off to her car panting and drove off like a mad woman.
"H...hey... was it something I said?" Tomo asked the 2 girls.
"Don't you remember?" Kasumi asked in a concerned manner.
"Her brother... you mentioned the word brother that made her go to a fit." Sakura finished.
Tomo then remembered that time... when they went to her house and he peeped at a separate closet that he feels is a sanctuary for her late brother... much like a small temple for him. He tried to see it but Adriana refused to let him see it.
"Oh... that..." so stupid of me...
"Great... now I need to apologize..." Tomo told himself.
"Again..." Kasumi finished.
"I feel so ashamed..." he said as he walked towards the edge of the reservoire view.
In the next Chapter:

A secret organization
Six medieval ranks
All in Succession
the Angel with the Golden Sword is part of it
yet she remembers none about it
For some reason
Daiki too is part of it
yet he, too, doesn't recall any memory of it
A group that vanished after
that left people who are part of it
dumbfounded about its existence
The pieces come back
bit by bit into their memories
in the form of dreams
but could they be interpreted?
or they are literal dreams?
Would these two realize
the past that they were
when they recognize each other personally?
Or would it be left as a memory
that they considered false?

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Chapter 71 - Unfold Royalty

Another day, another dollar. The group is back in the hotel after that sad end with Adriana Eizaguirre. It was weird. Why would someone sulk over the death of a related member for so long of a time? It seems uncanny and abnormal to notice and observe even. Tomo felt really bad bringing back such times to Adriana. "I'm such an ass..." he kept cursing himself.
"Stop that, Tomo. So you did one itsy bitsy mistake..." Kasumi comforted.
"Itsy-bitsy, you say?" Sakura ironically verified.
"Oh, alright... a big one... but don't you think that you should go and apologize?" Kasumi said.
"Do I hear a discussion over somebody's grieving?" a voice from behind Sakura notes. The voice was quite ominous, and sounds evil-like. Sakura slowly tilts her head in fear thinking it was a stalker or somebody she doesn't know and wants to... well, let's not get too much into those details. She tilts her head to see somebody in a black hood. "Hi..." Ryusen said with an awkward, demonic smile. "Oh, it's just you, Ryusen-san."
"Ryu, don't scare Sakura like that. Yeah we don't believe in supernaturals and all that but I don't think convincing her to believe that way would do any difference..." Tomo answered unjustly.
"What the heck are you talking about? I am just quoting something from a favorite gore-movie I watched before..." Ryusen laughed as he removed his hood. "So, seriously, whose grievances are we talking about now, Tomo?"
"It's about Adriana from Oscar Galvez." Kasumi answered.
"The blonde girl from the track? Anything wrong with her?"
"Well, you see... Tomo said something that kind of got everything in the wrong side of the table you see and she sorta freaked out when Tomo here said the word 'brother'. She suddenly went paranoid and drove off without saying a thing again. We then thought that Tomo needs to apologize asap and... that's where you come along..." Kasumi answered unknowingly.
"Just let her be." Ryusen suggested.
"Let her be?"
"Let her calm down and forget it ever happened. Approaching somebody who's emotionally strangled isn't good and won't make sense. Furthermore, it'll just worsen the problem believe me. I tell Hiei that everytime he 'blows up' and is working fine. Even our other emotionally-impaired friends at school do what I say and things just went fine as it is." Ryusen explained.
"How long should we stay off her then?" Sakura asks.
"This is a first so... at least 2 or 3 days until Tomo here feels that it's an okay time to apologize... what are you apologizing for anyway..."
"For saying THAT word and making her go loco."
"Not your fault exactly but well... it is your fault."
"And your point is? (you're not making any sense, Ryusen)"
"Just leave her be for a while."
Ryusen then walks over to his room.
"Where are the others, by the way?" Kasumi suddenly asked.
"Oh, them? Still at the track. Hiroya-san and I just went back to go get some stuff we need for later..."
"What about my GT-R? Is Tetsuya back?"
"Not yet if you ask me." he replied as he shrugged his shoulders and opens the door afterwards.

[Oscar Galvez race track - 5:49 p.m.]

Hiei, Kitami, Kyosuke and Shimizu are quite busy with changing the suspension settings of the Ford Mustang and the Exige. Kitami wanted his to be a bit more grippy this time while Kyosuke stabilizes his car for less pitch and roll, with the help of Shimizu, who is very well versed with Midship type vehicles. As for Daiki, he's sleeping at his 350Z, with its window blinds attached. Daiki has reclined the driver's seat to relax and get comfortable in his own car. Looking at Daiki's serious face as he sleeps, his dreams are not exactly that pleasant... What is he dreaming exactly? Could he be dreaming about the upcoming race?

Inside Daiki's dream we see....

In sepia tone, we could see what Daiki is dreaming about, in his first person view. He could see a classic 2 door Nissan parked right next to a Lamborghini Miura, a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 427, A Ford GT40 street version, and 2 cars hiding in the shadows of the trees. He blinks and tilts his head to see a couple of middle aged men and women talking amongst themselves. He blinks again and sees strips of white paint on the asphalt and a couple of street lamps. At the background, Daiki could see a circuit track's bordering not too far from where he is standing.

Where is this place? Is this during my childhood?

Daiki bends his head to see what he is wearing. Short denim shorts, long socks, a school kid's uniform... he goes over to the Nissan to see his reflection. He sees himself... when he was 11 years old. This was back in the day. It seems as if this is his past. He blinks and looks at the people talking. Their faces are covered by shadows and he could hardly recognize them.

Do I know these people? I-Is that my father? Are these his accomplices a decade ago?

Daiki approaches his father to listen to their discussion...
"So, what is your progress so far?" "Actually, I've been busy with the American Muscle Owners club to be exact." "Hey, try joining in with the ones up north. Seattle is the place to go." "Nah. I'd rather stay in South America. The tropics are great and all but what aspires me to stay in my home land are the racers I drive with. They're pretty good behind the wheel but not as good as we are." "I'm planning to tell my great great grandson or granddaughter to invest in a private race track for him or her to specialize in his or her driving." "Our heirs to our 'thrones' should be as skilled as we are." "Why do you even bother to doubt that? It runs in the family, you old goat." "Who are you calling old goat?" As the conversation went on, Daiki just stood there thinking what are they talking about. It doesn't seem that important. "So, tell me... who'll be your heir? Is it somebody from your town?" "More like in family. And I got two to choose from and they're quite good. They could even drive without the modern tech that we could see nowadays." "Modern tech you say." "It probably is in the car. Afterall, your car is handcrafted and runs like a rocket." "History wouldn't replace such things..."
The topic is starting to change all of a sudden and Daiki still stands there listening... until the person he's standing next with is called. "How about you? who'll be your heir?" Suddenly Daiki was raised up by this man that they're talking to. "I'd pick him. He's got the blood in him." "Well, once family, always family..." one of them said then everybody lauged amongst themselves.

I don't remember this in my childhood. That person seems to look like my father but he isn't... who is he? Who are these people?

Daiki turned over in his seat as he finds a more comfortable position to sleep. His dream was interrupted then it pictured something else. His dream shows him nothing but darkness. A pitch black, endless hollow. Just then, a mirror appeared to Daiki in his dream. He walks towards it to see himself; but it feels like he's not looking at himself - as if he's looking at a stranger. His reflection scolded him saying. "So you couldn't remember?"
"Huh?" Who is he? Moreover, why is Daiki scolding...well... Daiki? "This is just a dream, right?"
"Of course it is. But this is no ordinary dream... I mean... what you visualized a while ago, can't you remember?"
"Remember what?"
"The lineage. The objective. The goal. You know what I am talking about."
"What lineage? What objective? What goal? What are you trying to say to me?"
"Why is it that you decided to gather up the best in Japan? It's to conquer!"
"You wanted to show the world that you, a Japanese, could stand side by side in power in the world of auto racing."
"I don't know what you're talking about."
"Oh? Then explain to me; why did you instigate this team in the first place?"
"It's to... uh..." he couldn't answer. What his reflection told him IS the answer. He wanted to show the world what Japanese drivers could do - how great they are when compared to the Europeans and the Americans.
His reflection started to give him more things to remember: "Do you recall... the guild?"
"The guild?"
"That's right. People who know you around the world call you 'the Prince of racing', am I right? That title is not just for show. It is a rank. An Entity. A symbol of who you are in this guild."
"What guild?"
"This ought to refreshen your memory." his reflection said as he snapped his fingers revealing what it seems to be a field. An empty, sepia toned field with 6 people and 6 automobiles - the same automobiles in Daiki's first vision.
"Somebody from your family, the Akiyama clan, used to be a member of this guild." Daiki's reflection stated. "He was your great great grandfather who used to drive the very first Fairlady that was ever made in the 60's."
"W...what is this place?"
"YOur grandfather, along with six other world known people have trodded the same path, carrying the same objective, the same goal. The goal to become the unforgotten legend of the streets of the entire world."
"Legend of the Streets of... the entire world?"
"That's right. There are many drivers around the world but only a handful have ever had the chance to see that second world - the world that only the fastest could discover. Your grandfather had that driving ability. A part of it was passed on to you. You're legendary... now could you remember?"
"I still can't" Daiki says.
"There was a reason why you couldn't recall your place in this royal guild. That same event, the 6 masters of the road met - each from different parts of the world. 2 from the east, 3 from the west and 1 from the central continent. They all had that same goal of becoming number 1 in this world. They decided to work together. Until at one session, their minds went against each other. They started to become nationalistic. Heated arguments about national pride intervened which led to the demise of this racing guild."
"I never knew there was a racing guild such as this in the 60's."
"SUch a thing was abolished permanently as though it never existed. But the lineage still lives on. You, Daiki are the Prince. People whom you've met before, whom your comrades got to know are also current heirs of that guild. It is surprising to know that there are still just half of the heirs that couldn't remember this."
"This dream is starting to get out of hand."
"May I remind you, that Kitana Tioseco was an heir of the same guild?"
"Kitana? Now you're making no sense at all!"
"Oh, but she is. in that other vision you once had, one of them quoted that their heir would invest in a private track. Kitana had that track, the skill and the tauros."
"The tauros? Are you talking about her Lamborghini?"
"Correct. Because on that same group, the very first master of the Lamborghini was part of it as well. And what about that Lucas fellow that your 'apprentice' took down?"
"What about him?"
"He is just a new heir and obviously seems that he wasn't ready to hold the post. He never knew it though he had the car and the skill. He ignored every soon-to-become memory of it."
"What!? What are you trying ot say..."
"The Royal blood is moving about in your soul, Daiki Akiyama. You must resume your goal of becoming one of the top drivers of the racing world. Legends would be retained and for you, this is the only way."

Daiki later on woke up. He held his head and placed his palm on his forehead.
"Such a nasty dream. It didn't make any sense. Maybe it's just another pointless dream like all the others."
He then looks at his car's interior. Later on, he peeps at his teammates through the side windows.
"Why did I make this team? I've accomplished being the fastest youth team on the face of Japan... am I going a bit too far on this? The purpose to why this team existed? Could that dream be any less pointless? It could be telling me something..." Daiki thought to himself. "This is just too confusing. This dream, if ever it is a message, does not add up. Best to ignore that I ever had this dream at all." he stated as he steps off his car to go help the team.

Coincidentially, at that very same moment, Adriana is sleeping soundly in her own house at Los Hornillos when she got the same visions as what Daiki had. It was as if, she had a calling. One of her ancestors, a part of an unknown racing guild? She too could hardly believe it. Dominating the racing world sounds a bit too farfetched. Adriana cared less about that dream as compared to Daiki. Who knows, this dream that they coicidentially had could help Tomo answer Nathan Sr.'s thought provoking statement that he and Daiki met before, though they personally didn't back in Canada.

Their place in the racing world had history - Daiki Akiyama, Adriana Eizaguirre, Nathan Archibal, Kitana Tioseco, Lucas Scott... their titles weren't for show at all. It had a background behind it it may seem. Prince, Princess, Jack, Knight, Queen... and obviously, there is a king in this so called guild. The Royal family of racers throughout history... the memory of it is revived. Only now it is recalled. But what is the purpose of recalling it again when more than half of the guild's heirs are now slain? Could there still be meaning to this?

A dream is a dream, yet this beheld more than a thousand stories told to both the likes of Adriana and Daiki...
In the next chapter:

Dreams continue to pay homage
homage to important memories of one
homage to the good times
homage to the everlasting times
these though couldn't be touched
they are just a pigment of a memory and nothing more
When she thought it was all over
Adriana's memories of her brother soon
started to bloom once again
where she wished that it wouldn't
Her heart calls out to him
she ignored this feeling but
gave in to the calling...

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Chapter 72 - Death

In her own room, Adriana dozed off while lying in her bed. She just woke up from that dream she had. Compared to Daiki's, she didn't see her own reflection talk against her. That part of Daiki's dream never existed in her dream; though she did know stuff about the racing guild mentioned earlier. She rose up from her bed and sat on it, remembering what happened between her and Tomo's gang...
"Okay... let me paraphrase... what's your driving style? I'm curious. I just want to know. Don't worry; I won't steal your style..."
"Just the casuals really..." Adriana replied firmly with a pale smile.
"Any tech behind it? Like driving aids or something?"Tomo further asked.
"Just the ordinary...with as how other cars go about" she answered.
"I see... well that's different. Coz' I deactivated mine." Tomo proudly announced to her. She suddenly felt a bullet hit her from behind when she heard Tomo say that he doesn't use such. It's like how her brother used to drive.
"On your own?" Sakura added.
"No-no... somebody taught me..."
"Really? Who taught you? Your mom? a friend? Your father? Your brother? You have a brother, right?" Tomo verified; but as soon as Adriana heard the word 'brother', she went down on her knees. Her eyes narrowed. Her breathing hastened. She is freaking out for some reason.

"My father... he did most of the teaching at first... but it was my brother who helped me perfect it to how I drive today." She whispered. Suddenly, every heartbeat she felt, she starts to hallucinate and see pictures of Marcelo from their childhood to his last moment. It hurts her to see him again. Why does it hurt? It's because Marcelo died infront of Adriana's eyes: covered in his own blood before the explosion that
'eliminated his soul'; she was the only one there and was not able to do anything that could help save him. She could see the spewing blood, the burning CLK, the heart-stopping end to her brother's life.

She stood up and slowly walked towards the 'shrine'; the closet that holds everything that Marcelo left behind, and opened it. She took out a photo album located at the lower left shelf and walked back to her bed with it. Opening the book, she sees a lot of sepia-toned pictures of her and her brother; some of which shows them with their family while others only show them and their cars. She then remembered one time when they were just little toddlers.


     A little girl in her school uniform came through the front door, with her hair freely swaying from left to right as she squanders around the house looking for her brother. It is Adriana. She is just 8 years old while Marcelo is 12 years old that time of year. Marcelo loved his toy car collection and has been playing with his favorite one for hours at home - a red Ferrari F50 toy car. Adriana just came home from school hiding something from Marcelo as she approached him. "Marcelo! I'm home!!" She joyfully called out to him. He stopped playing, looked at her sister, and said "Hey sis. Did mom pick you up?"
She nodded happily and followed up a question to him "Guess what's behind my back?"
He could see right angles from Adriana's shoulders and hips. He had a good idea what is it. "It's a book am I right?"
     "Bingo!" She said as she extended her left pointing finger upward. "But it's no ordinary book." She then showed it to Marcelo - a book covered in SKy blue and white stripes with the initials "A" and "M" adjoined with a plus sign. "Tadaa! So, what is it exactly? Take another guess..." "A photo album?" Adriana's smile went to a sad face when he figured it out. "Party pooper. I was gonna surprise you... this is why dad likes you more than me." "Oh, cut it out sis. So what if I'm smart. You are smart too, you know. Did you make that during art class?"
     She gave another cheerful nod. "I even asked mom to give me some of our baby photos together. See?" she said as she opened it up to Marcelo showing him pictures of when they were just babies. There's a photo there of Adriana's mom holding her in her arms when she was just a year old with Marcelo pulling his mother's skirt from below: he was just 5 years old then. There's another picture showing Marcelo when had his 1st birthday - he had a cake with him in that picture. "I didn't know you were a dead hungry baby..." Marcelo just blushed embarrassingly at his sister. "I couldn't remember!" Marcelo said in an embarrassed tone as he continued to play with his toy cars." Adriana just smiled at her brother from a short distance.

"I remember now... I made this during my early years in grade school for the family. I got an "A" if I remember clearly. Marcelo was so embarrassed when he saw those toddler pics of his. He thought he'd never see those pictures again." she softly said with a somewhat cheerful tone, even though her face doesn't show it - she wasn't smiling at all. She browsed through the album from page 1 showing all those wonderful times they had when they were little. She stumbles upon a picture where Marcelo graduated from grade school and is standing with their parents in his toga. In another picture, it shows him holding up one of his loved graduation presents: a model kit of a Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing. Her father bought it for him and loved to make it during that summer. As she continues to browse through the pages, she found one that struck her the most: when she was in high school...


     Adriana was the top of her class - a lot of her classmates despised her for that. She was good with everything: from sports to academics to non curicullars... everything. One time, the class bullies were so fed up of Adriana earning all the credit and one dismissal time... they ganged up on her, stole her homework and tore it to shreds right infront of her; not to mention they spat at her bag as well. She cried there in the corner while they bad mouth her. They tore up Adriana's finals report - the one that took her half a school year to finish. Even Marcelo helped her do it even if he's already in 1st year college. Marcelo was around to pick her up; he's already in the school gates - close to where Adriana's being bullied at that moment. It wasn't hard for Marcelo to notice as he came by in the family roadster - a 1967 Shelby Corbra 427. He immediately got out of the car and confronted them. "HEY!" Marcelo called out to the bullies. "STEP AWAY FROM MY SISTER!" He said with a baseball bat in hand. The bullies got scared and ran off. He approached his sister and comforted her. "You alright, sis?" he asked Adriana who's crying out her emotions. "(sniff, sniff) Marcelo... they tore up my report to shreds. I couldn't pass my First Year without it. It consists of 25% of my...grade...and..." He embraced her in his arms and told her "Don't worry. I have a back up plan for that..."
"W...wad...waddya mean? You also worked so hard on helping me finish this...and they..."
"I got a soft copy of it. it's in my floppy disk. I kept it for emergencies..."
"you mean... you knew this would happen?"
"Frankly speaking, yes. Because I experienced the same thing when I was in high school as well... it's tough being the best of them all - they envy you and try to put you down... but I stood up again and again. So it's no different with your case, Adriana." He then took out his handkerchief and gave it to her telling her to wipe those tears off her face. "G...gracias..." she said in spanish.
"Tell me, is your head master here?" Marcelo suddenly asked.
"I think so... (sniff)... why?"
"Let's tell the whole thing to the proper authorities and bring justice to this."
They went to the headmaster to tell the whole thing. By the next day, those bullies were given the proper sanction and were expelled."

"Marcelo was there for me everytime. He was truly like a guardian angel. I was truly blessed to have a brother such as him. Through the years, he helped me. He was both like my brother and my parents altogether. Whenever something bad happens to me, he is there to bring justice to my situation... He was always there... as if God told him to be..." she thought to herself. Ending that thought, she browsed through the album and saw one photo that caused her suffering... a picture of her, Marcelo and their supercars at the beginning of the Le Mans. Continuing that flashback that Adriana had yesterday...


     Marcelo was struggling over the decision of allowing Adriana to come along or to stay. Then, he made a conclusion. "Alright, sis. You could come."
"You mean it?"
"Of course I do. Think of it as a chance to go one on one with me." Marcelo proudly told her.
"It's not that I want to race you or anything..."
"I know... but it's just a teaser anyway. C'mon. I'm... We're next to qualify." he finished as he boards his car. Adriana smiled a bit when Marcelo approved. She turned around to see her father looking sorrowfully at the CLK GTR. She then got concerned and looked at it; seeing a huge aura of what she describes to be as genocide around the Benz. "Does it really make a difference? Of racing in the rain with all your driving aids off?"
Adriana talked with the pit crew to immediately switch the tires of the McLaren GTR. Within 10 seconds they finished it. She hopped on board the supercar and followed Marcelo. 4 p.m. on the clock yet the clouds are close to pitch black in color. Thunder roared around the sky and the rain was pouring immensely hard as a storm. The CLK came to a rolling start before passing Sarthe's starting line. Adriana followed not too far back. When Marcelo took off in his jogging pace, Adriana was startled and said "Wait for me!" They punched on the gas at the same moment. Passing through the first S curve, Marcelo's CLK slightly was induced into a drift. He countersteered it and controlled it with perfect throttle control. Adriana is catching up slightly on the corners but is being left behind at the exit. In the small straightway, Marcelo glanced at his rearview mirror. "Just go on, sis. You can make it." He raised the visor of his helmet to get a better glimpse of the stormy road.
     On the clock, at the starting line, Marcelo was able to cut off 7 seconds off the leader's sector time. Their father is happy about it but is showing a concerned look as he stared at the clock.
     Back with the 2 drivers, the gap between the CLK and the F1 GTR is increasing 2 fold. A sweatdrop fell down Adriana's cheek trying her best to keep up after every corner. The rain is hitting hard and is causing infernal racket to her ears. She increased the speed of her wiper to make sure she doesn't lose sight of Marcelo. At the corner before the 6 kilometer straightway, Marcelo instigates a powerslide of deep angle. "Brother, no!" Adriana said to herself addressing it to Marcelo. Luckily, Marcelo was able to reatin his pace and never lost a fraction of his speed. He stomps his foot down the accelerator and goes down the 6 km stretch of straight road.
     Adriana just exited out of the corner only to see his brother's car 350 meters ahead. Quite a huge gap if you ask me. "I could still make it!" she said. She shifts to gear 5, causing a flame burst out of her quad exhaust. The roar of the BMW V12 engine sounds as if it's a lion just starting to get serious. There's only one disadvantage to her car - the gears are quite wide compared to the Benz and there is a less than a hundred horsepower difference.
     500 meters ahead, Marcelo is concentrating on keeping his balance down the long straight. His speed had surpassed the spedometer's reading giving him the thought that his benz is going beyond 360 km/h. Not even the rain could slow him down. He only had one drawback - everytime he shifts, the rear tires are skidding causing it to heat up abnormally. according to his digital tire gauge, his fronts are pale blue but his rears are now bright green. "Does this have something to do with deactivating the TCS in my CLK?" he thought.
     1 kilometer left and the corner ending the long straight is coming in fast. Marcelo's gap with adriana is decreasing to 370 meters now as he had a feeling the corner's coming in. 480 meters ahead, he hits his brakes but... his brakes locked up, causing his tires to lock up too. At Marcelo's braking zone, Adriana caugt a glimpse of his CLK's tail lights. "There's Marcelo!" she said. reaching the 800 meter mark, she slowed down. As for Marcelo, he's heading straight for the tire rack past the sand pit. His Benz is slowing down but a pace that is too slow. From 370 he's approaching the tire rack at 210 down. Adriana heard a huge banging sound 500 meters ahead.

"What was... MARCELO!"

     Adriana immediately stepped on her brakes and brought the F1 to a full stop. She stepped out to see an inflamed Mercedes Benz CLK GTR with its front squeezed, the front windshield shattered, the engine smoking pitch black smog and the taillights lighting like hazard lights.
The door is crushed, thus Marcelo can't get out.
Adriana stood in fear over the wrecked Le Mans car, with her brother right in it.
"Marcelo!" She squealed out as she closed the McLaren's door and ran to him.


Adriana followed her brother's command but asked "WHY? IF I DON'T GET YOU OUT OF THERE, YOU WILL..."
"It's alright."
"It's alright whatever happens to me... I just don't want to see my sister getting injured because of my stupidity."
"Your... stupidity?" She whined while standing 100 feet away from Marcelo. "So you knew this would happen..."
"Heck... I was a fool. I thought I could take on the rain... I guess I was too proud of myself... thinking I was a hero of the circuit... a road warrior just like our father... he was fearless when he told me of his racing days... he was..."
"But our father wasn't fearless not like what he says he is!" She confronted her brother.
"He hid the truth from you so that you wouldn't be disappointed for who he is..."
     Marcelo's eyes narrowed... believeing every word that came out of his father... where not everything was told to him properly... He then realized... his father was no different from the other racers. The only thing that made him special is that... he's their father... that's what Marcelo thought to himself.

"ADRIANA." He called out to her.

     Adriana charged right for him but with the last of his strength told her not to. Blood is pouring down from his face. His left eye was pierced because of the shattered glass - he forgot to put his visor back down just for the sake of the race. His body was also pierced - mainly his chest because of the debris' accident.

He finally said...
"Tell father... I'm sorry... to have praised him so much in my heart..."
"MARCELO NO!" Adriana shouted as she tries to run to the burning benz.

     The gas leaked and the fire out of the V12 impact is getting near the leak right next to the gas tank of the CLK. Then it happened. The Benz, with Marcelo in it, exploded right in front of Adriana's eyes. Adriana was pulled away by the impact, lost her balance and rolled down next to her McLaren with a few cuts and bruises from the explosion. Tears suddenly kept falling from her eyes. She couldn't believe what just happened. Her brother... her one and only brother... her guardian angel... the person who was always with him... died in a freak car accident.

     She lowered her head and withdrew the falling tears but she couldn't. Then, she screamed to the heavens his name...


Remembering that made Adriana shed a tear. It was the most brutal thing that she ever seen and experienced. She closed the album and sat there while the sun sets. Its rays made an elongated shadow of Adriana right infront of her. "Marcelo..." she sniffed and hicked. Outside her room, without sensing it, Ein was there listening to all that has happened. He, too knew this would happen. When things became silent, he slowly walked away from the door and went about his own business.
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