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> The Street Kings, Journey to be the world's urban legend
Posted: Aug 21 2010, 09:20 PM
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Wangan Midnight Sky King

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Alright, welcome to my second story thread. This thread was made for my second novel; the Street Kings. This story will pick up where it was left off and begin with new storyline, new people our characters will encounter on their journey, improved drama genre, improved race scenes, and last but not least is comedy. If you are new readers, probably you should follow the first season and second season of High School Street Racers, so you will have a background of each characters (except the new ones, which will be told here)

What will this thread has? Here is a short summary from previous season:
1. Kei arrived to Japan, helping out Sora and Steve, who is kicked away from their team
2. Aya and Claire went missing to avoid the radar of the police
3. Scott arrived to Japan, helping out Kei with his assignment from Steve's brother Cliff and keeps an eye out for them, which later revealed that Kei has his own agenda; to recruit the two for his new team
4. After Sora gets a new car and race his ex-teammates, he decided to join Kei's new team
5. After reunited with Aya and Claire, Sora battled Kitsumoro Tomogashi, Kei battled Akiyama Daiki, Steve battled Yamazaki Raymond, and Scott battled Tsuchiya Seiji with all of the battles resulted tie once again
6. Sora, Steve, Aya, and Claire bids farewell to Tokyo before all of them aboard special cargo plane and follow Kei and Scott to San Francisco

Well, first thing first, here is the temporary list of character. I will update them as the story progressed.


/Street Kings/
The owners the night streets

Ninomiya Sora
- The all-around ace -
Alias : Sky King
Race : Japanese
Age : 18
Car : 2009 CBA-R35 Nissan GT-R spec-V
Other car : 2008 BNR34 Nismo GT-R R-tune
Other vehicles : 2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000
Desc :
The Sky King of Japan. He follows the persuasion of Scott and Kei to move into United States, getting ready to become worldwide street legend. Little does he know about the background of the two, but he decided to trust them and become their teammate. On 2009 onwards, Kei gave him an R35 Nissan GT-R spec-V and he has been driving it since to replace his R34, even though he still drives it occasionally. Even though he is kicked out from the team along with Steve, he never hates his ex-teammate, let alone keeps malicious feeling in his heart.

Yagami Kei
- The man behind the Kings -
Alias : Highway Jet
Race : Japanese-American
Age : 19
Car : 2002 NA2 Honda NSX type-R
Other cars : 2000 EK9 Honda Civic type-R, 2008 FD2 Honda Civic type-R, 2008 FN2 Honda Civic type-R, 2001 AP1 Honda S2000, 1991 EF8 Honda CR-X, 2007 GD3 Honda Fit, 2008 GE8 Honda Fit
Other vehicles : 2007 Honda CBR 1000RR Fireblade Repsol Replica, 2008 Aprilia RS125, 2008 Aprilia RSV 1000R Factory, 2009 RSV-4 Factory
Desc :
The laid-back guy of the team and avid collector of modern Honda cars. He is a sergeant pilot of United States Air Force; hence he is called the Highway Jet by many of his competitors. After his last mission, he resigns from the Air Force and is being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder when he met Saya, who helped with his rehabilitation. He is the first initiator of the team and he acts more of a strategist for the team rather than the player, even though he is very skilled in handling his car. His reason of becoming street racer is to runaway from bad memories and guilt when he serves his country at Iraq. Being an experienced Air Force pilot, he knows how to use variety of firearms and explosives.

Francis Steve Blackburn
- The variable ace-
Alias : Asphalt King
Race : Spanish-American
Age : 19
Car : 2006 E46 BMW M3 GTR, 2008 Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG
Other vehicles : 2008 Ducati 1098S, 2009 Yamaha YZF-R1
Desc :
The Asphalt King who defeated the Grip King, back in Japan. Steve is determined to leave something for the world as the greatest street racer ever to live, which explains why he decided to stick with Sora, Scott, and Kei, joining his new team. Without any support from his missing brother, all he has now is his friends which he calls the closest thing to family. Different from Sora, he hates every single member of his old team and wishes to have a revenge on them one day.

Fujima Scott
- The drifting wanderer -
Alias : Flying Pegasus
Race : Japanese-American
Age : 19
Cars : 2008 E63 BMW M6
Other cars : 2008 E92 BMW M3, 2009 E87 BMW 120i
Other vehicles : 2008 BMW S1000RR
Desc :
The other initiator of Street Kings and collector of BMW cars. After he heard the story about Yuichi Tarou the Drift King, he wanted to take the name for himself, to give him one step closer to become a street legend. In order to do that, he needs to locate Tarou, while accumulating enough worldwide reputation to back him up and to prove that he is a worthy street drifter.

Octavian Sorenson
- The amazing artist -
Alias : Charging Dynamo
Race : African-American
Age : 26
Car : 2009 GR Subaru Impreza WRX STI Hatchback
Other cars : 2007 Mk.2 Ford Focus hatchback
Other vehicles : 2008 Piaggio Vespa LX150
Desc :
Octavian is an amazing photographer. He is the one that froze the time for his teammates on pictures and photos. Inspired by The Fast and The Furious, he decided to become a street racer and joins the team. Even though he is amazing photographer, he and his family is in deep financial trouble because of his involvement with some loan shark. He is eager to help Kei and his team, not only because he owes him and his friends, but also because he wanted to become something more than just a professional photographer.

Jacob Stuart
- The prodigal son -
Alias : 10 seconds
Race : Jewish-American
Age : 25
Car : 2008 Shelby Mustang GT-500
Desc :
The drag specialist of the team. He wanted to become a man who can run the fastest than anybody else on straight line performance. A rich kid who doesn’t know when to quit speeding and spending his inheritance. Kei decided to recruit him, not only to provide financial boost for the team, but he is also a worthy street racer with same goal in mind.

The girls

Kisaragi Aya
Alias : Midnight Princess, Sky Queen
Race : Japanese-American
Age : 19
Car : 2006 BNR34 Nismo GT-R Z-tune
Desc :
She is the twin sister of Saya, who she thought was dead when they are seven years old. When Kei tells her that her sister is alive, she decided to help him with her sister’s amnesia problem. The first time she saw Saya, she is also surprised to see how identical the two girls were. Along with her past experience in losing her sister, she acts more as an elderly sister to Saya, giving her advice and such. Sora gave her his old Z-tune and she is very skilled in controlling it, deeming her worthy of the mystical car.

Mariko Saya/ Kisaragi Saya
Alias : Weiß
Race : Japanese-American
Age : 19
Car : 2002 NA2 NSX type-R GT
Other cars : 2006 ZE1 Honda Insight
Desc :
She is the landlady of the place where the team lived in. Even though she comes from a rich family, she never acts like a spoiled girl. She is the one that took care of Kei when he is in a state of breakdown after his post-traumatic stress disorder. She is the twin sister of Aya. After Kei confront her with that fact, she did remember her past life but in return, she forgets who Kei was. Being identical twin, she shares Aya’s look and perfect figure and their only difference is her shorter hair.

Mayama Claire
Alias : Scarlett
Race : Japanese-American
Age : 19
Ride : 2008 Z33 Nismo Fairlady Z 380RS
Desc :
A girlfriend of Steve and a friend of Aya who always sticks with her everywhere she goes. She is known as the Scarlett in Japan and decided to keep her name, even though she is rarely racing these days. She and the rest of the girls support their boyfriend completely to become the world’s urban legend.

Sena Asuka
Alias : Roter Teufel, Red Devil
Race : Japanese-Germany
Age : 19
Car : 2008 997 Porsche 911 GT2
Desc :
The prodigy of NYPD is now a rogue street racer. Her information about the real killer of her father leads her to quit from the force and decided to seek vengeance on the true murderer of her father. The team suspects her and distrusts her, with her previous background and action from her time on the police. Scott seems to know something about her that makes him reluctant to judge her quickly.

Other Characters

Maria Sorenson
The wife of Octavian who leaves their only child in the restaurant Saya owns. Kei is the one who is holding the baby when she runs away. When Sorenson joins the team, Saya and Aya managed to track her down, reuniting Octavian with her and return the baby to her. Maria and Octavian ended up moved in to the house per Saya’s request. She is considered to be the senior for the girls with her age and her maturity to act as an adult.

Casey Sorenson
The daughter of Octavian and Maria. She is the baby who is left by her mother in Saya’s restaurant. Kei is the one who is holding her, when her mother ran away. Since she is left without anyone else, the team decided to take her in. Being a baby in the team that has no experience handling them, the boys and girls are quickly brought to panic. She is the one that responsible bringing the laugher and joy to Saya’s house and she is considered to be the daughter of everyone in the team.

Lea Gideon
The kind and loving elementary school teacher at San Francisco. She comes from upstanding family of Jewish American and she loves them, until some local gang murdered her entire family, leaving her alone without anyone else. That trouble with that local gang as well unites her with Kei and Saya. After the two help out with the gang problem, Saya decided to take her in since she doesn’t have anyone else. Her soft nature and good upbringing is what attracts Jacob in the first place. But beneath that soft nature and good upbringing, lies a wild behavior that is shown when she plays air soft sport with everybody else.

Friends and Rivals

Name : Saotome Gin
Age : 18
Ride : 2009 Nissan Fairlady Z (370Z)
Alias : Grey Energy
Description :
He is a street racer that Kei met up by coincidence on San Francisco. The two quickly become friends and he is the source for all of the information the Street Kings has. Brought up from a dysfunctional, yet rich, family, Gin is left to live for himself after a terrible fight with his irresponsible father. His mother is dying of cancer and his sister is hospitalized after a car accident. Gin has no choice but to make money by work and street racing in order to gain the sufficient cash to pay for his mother's treatment. The only thing that his father left behind for Gin is a Nissan 370z. The 370z, however, will change everything Gin has ever lived for.

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Without further ado, here is the first act. As usual, when you see the bold words, it indicated the name of the background song. Look it up on Youtube, since it helps with feeling up the mood.

Don't forget to drop your comments, okay?

ACT 1: The Other Half of Kisaragi Twins

Thursday morning, the two airplanes from Japan have arrived at San Francisco International Airport. The rising sun is shining bright with yellow red color as Kei and Scott gets off the board, walking towards the air control tower. After they take care of the necessary documents, they are free to go. Sora and Aya are fast asleep when they arrived, the same with Steve and Claire. Cold cans of Red Bull energy drink are pressed on their cheeks, startling all of them. “Wake up, princesses… we have arrived on San Francisco” Kei smiled, “Drink this and get ready to go”

“Oh Kei… I almost forgot, what about all of our stuffs back at Tokyo?” Aya asked

“I’ll send someone to pick all of them. Give me the address later, so I can have some of my friends on DHL to bring them here”

“Steve, Claire… wake up… we’re here” Scott said

Claire yawned and drinks the Red Bull, “We’re here?” Claire asked, “Whoo-hoo!”

Different from his girlfriend, Steve isn’t budging at all. “Just five more minutes” Steve grumbled. Hearing that, Scott chops his head- waking him, while he holds his head with a headache. “Ouch…” Steve said, “I'm wide awake”

“Well… let us get our cars out and get going” Kei nodded

“Wow… you are dying to meet your wife, huh?” Scott asked

Kei smacks his head, knocking him down at the floor. “Ouch…” Scott grits his teeth. Seeing that, Steve feels happy because he gets what he deserved. “Hahaha… serves you right” Steve laughs

(Piedras Contra Tanques by Ojos de Brujo – Need for Speed Undercover Original Soundtracks)

All of them gets their car out and exited the airport complex. They headed to the highway and cruise towards highway 380. “Where is your landlady located, Kei?” Sora asked

“She has a big house on Pacifica, west of here... oh look, that is the Youtube headquarter” Kei pointed the building, “See that glass building over there? That is the main office of Youtube”

“Oh wow... that is gorgeous” Aya replied

“Let’s turn to highway 280 and went straight ahead to Cabrillo highway before we turn back towards Pacifica” Scott nodded

“What was her house is like?” Steve asked

“Well... it’s huge and ah... it’s near the west beach” Kei explained

“Beach?” all of them wondered aloud

“Yes, beach... Pacifica state beach, to be exact” Scott added

“Oh wow...” Claire wheezed, “This is just keep getting better and better”

All of them are cruising towards Pacifica, with the beach on their right side. The morning sun shines beautifully, marking their new days abroad Japan. “Sora, look at that beach!” Steve said, “It’s beautiful”

“Oh you ain’t seen nothing yet” Kei shrugs. Scott continued, “That is just the tip of the iceberg, Steve... there is more to come”

“What about your place, man?” Steve asked

“I sold it along with all of the cars I’ve won from street races, so I could move in closer to Kei...” Scott explained, “It’s more convenient when teammates live near each other. I still have my employee run the dealerships, though”

“Yes it is...” Kei sighed, “One time, he tried to assault the landlady and ended up with dislocated joint”

“Ouch...” Steve laughs, “Sounded very hurt”

“It is! Kei didn’t tell me anything about she being our landlady and told me to approach her” Scott sounded frustrated, “Usually, Kei never offers me a chance to approach beautiful girl... No wonder it sounded strange”

“Hm... serves you right” Steve nodded, “Can we play with the sand for a bit?”

“Sure... let’s exit towards Francisco Boulevard, then”

The five cars drive towards the beach, where a lot of people are watching their cars and taking pictures of it. “Head to Montecito Avenue and turn left to Beach Boulevard” Scott nodded, “Let’s park over here”

All of them parked the cars and run towards the beach. “Hey, hey... don’t get overly excited” Kei smirked

Aya and Sora, as well as Claire and Steve are amazed with the scenery on the west beach. “The morning sun is beautiful” Sora said, “This is the first time I ever go outside Japan”

“It’s nice, isn’t it?” Aya smiled to her boyfriend. Sora smiled back to her and replies “It is... I'm glad that we could leave Japan together”

Steve and Claire on the other hand, is playing with sea water, splashing it into each other. “Sora, Aya! Join us!” Claire yelled

“Let’s go” Aya yanks his hand

Meanwhile, Kei and Scott are watching them from afar, sitting on the bench. Kei takes out his iPhone and texting a message to his landlady back home. “So? What are you going to do?” Scott asked. “I don’t know... we can't confront landlady with this fact just like that” Kei replied as he continued to text the message, “I’ll ask Aya about what to do”

“Maybe I can help by a bit... I have a friend who is working as a doctor on Saint Mary’s Medical Center” he explained, “Maybe I can ask her how to deal with this situation”

“You do that” Kei nodded

Scott immediately gets his mobile phone and text a message to his doctor friend. “Kei, Scott!” Steve called, “Come over here and play with us”

“No thanks... we should get going” Kei shrugs, “If you guys are done, let me know”

After playing in the cold sea water for an hour and half, all of them are done. The couples approaches Kei and smiled in excitement. “Alright, Kei... let’s go” Sora nodded

“Sure... let’s continue our way, then” Kei nodded back

All of them gets inside the car and drives back towards the highway. “Turn left to Clarendon Road and re-enters the Cabrillo Highway”

Few kilometers later, they arrived at Pacifica. “Ah... turn left here” Kei turns left, followed by everyone else, “Reina Del Mar... Calaveras... Here we are... Dardenelle Avenue...”

Her house is located in Dardenelle Avenue- the one, just by the hills of this avenue. It’s big and there is a big lot of pleasant garden and big trees. There are a lot of fruit trees here, lined up neatly, forming some kind of natural path. At the end of the garden is a small pond, with a lot of fish on it. On the side of the fruit trees, are a lot of spices and herbs. It was an exact replica of Aya’s garden, with bigger size and bigger field. “This; is the true Eden for me” Kei smirked, “Hm... but where is she?”

“That’s weird… she is usually the first one to see who is coming by to her house” Scott scratches his head

“Oh! Señor Yagami” said one of her gardener

“Oh, hola Rosa” Kei said in Spanish, “Dónde está la señorita Saya?”

“Ella es la prueba de su coche” Rosa nodded to him

“Dónde iba?”

“Roberts carretera” Rosa said again

“Ya veo... gracias, Rosa” Kei smirked

“Bertha, Bertha!” Rosa yelled towards inside the house, to the kitchen to be exact. “Yagami señor y sus amigos están aquí! Repararse para la cena de inmediato!”

“Sí...” Bertha said from the kitchen

“Usted habla Español?” Steve asked

“Sí... También puedo hablar de Rusia, Alemania, Italia, y Malayos” Kei smirked

“Magnífico...” Steve nodded few times

“They are immigrants from Mexico that Saya’s father helped from long time ago. Since then, they have been living here with their husbands to take care of this house for Saya” Scott explained

“Okay... let’s get inside the house and I’ll show you your rooms” Kei nodded back, “Come on...”

Kei and Scott showed them their room and tell them to take a bath. An hour and half has passed and all of them are sitting on the dining room, waiting for the morning breakfast. “You guys can eat ahead; I’m going to Roberts road to check up on landlady” Kei nodded, “Bertha, puede servirles de algo para comer? Gracias...”

Kei drives away to Roberts road to check up on Saya. Scott, Steve, Sora, Aya, and Claire are eating Bertha’s special home cooking. “Bertha, esto es delicioso” Steve said. Bertha replied with a big smile on her face “Gracias, señor”

(Speedy Speed Boy by Marko Polo - Initial D the Movie Original Soundtracks)

Kei gets into his car and ignites the engine. He drives as fast as he could to see how her NSX-R GT turned out. Roberts road is not far from here, and it was a popular place for testing out cars. He slaloms over the traffic cars in order to arrive faster on the place. On his way, he saw a white NA2, speeding past him. Kei pays a careful attention to the details on that white NA2 as it went pass him. “Ah… snorkel” he thought, “It must be her” He shifted down and followed her to the street racing scene on Roberts road.

He arrived five minutes later on the place. He saw a girl, checking on the engine bay of her NA2 at the side of the streets. He parks his car behind it and gets off. “Excuse me” he said

“If you’re looking for a way to speak to me, forget it” she said, “I'm busy with my baby over here”

“You found a new hobby… that is nice” Kei smiled

“I told you forget it” she said without a care

“I see… well, what seems to be the problem? Is the car not acting like you wanted it to?”

“Get out of here, buddy. Scram!” she shouted

Instead of staying away from the girl and her car, he leaned his back on the white NA2. The girl saw what he does and decided to give him a hard lesson. “I told you! Get the hell away from me and my car!” she said as she approaches Kei

“Okay, okay… geez”

Kei shrugged and gets into his car. He ignites his engine and turns on his headlight, annoying the girl. She covered her face with her right arm and tried to see who the annoying driver of that NSX-R was. “Getting worked up too much won't help, ma’am” Kei frowns

She approaches the driver side of the silver NSX-R and smiled. “Oh… it’s you, Kei!” she hits his right arm, “You should’ve told me that you are the one who talked to me”

The girl he talked to is Mariko Saya. She is nineteen years old and is as old as Kei. She has a unique feature of a mixed ethnicity- Japanese and American. She had Asian looks and perfect figure of American woman. Her neck length blond hair and sapphire blue eyes is her gift and it attracts a lot of men on her entire live.

“I was afraid that I'm going to disturb you, which I already did” he shrugged, “How are you doing, ma’am?”

“I told you to quit calling me that!” she hits his arm once again, “Get out of the car, and let me have a look at you”

Kei does what he told to do. He steps out of his car and stands in front of her. “Hm… you get a little bit taller… by two centimeters, I assume” she said, “And you gain more muscle mass, therefore gaining more weight”

“Excellent assumption”

“Have you been eating right, Kei?”

“Sure was… I mean, I know what I'm eating” he nodded

“I see… well, let us go back home now” she replied

She nodded to him and smiled. As she saw his right hand wrist, she saw the WWJD bracelet she gave him two months ago. “Ah… you still wear it” she smiled, “Can I have it back, now that you’re back, I can switch with Jesus to watch over you”

“Okay…” Kei hands over the bracelet to her, “Something wrong with the car?”

“Not really, I was just checking how the rebuild engine runs… and it’s fast as a devil!”

Kei keeps on staring at her face, as if something is wrong with it. “What’s wrong? Something is on my face?” she asked

“Not really… you cut your hair” Kei smirked

“You like it?”

“Very… it makes you look fresh and a lot younger” he grins

“Hey! I’m not THAT old!” she sticks out her tongue

“Let us get back to the house. There are people I want to introduce to you”

Back to the people on the house, all of them are served with pineapple chicken, some tacos, and beef with red bean stew. “Um... Scott, we’re not going to store our flashy cars outside, right? Does this house have some sort of carport or garage, or something?” Sora asked

“Oh yeah... well, let’s finish up our food first” Scott nodded, “Landlady had four floors basement under this house”

“Four floor basement?!” Steve gasped

“Oh man!” Claire said, “You shouldn’t speak when you are eating”

“Wa... water” Steve gasped. Looks like something stuck on his throat

“Shit! He’s chocked on the bean stew!” Sora stands up, hugging him from behind and pressing his stomach. After few unsuccessful presses, the bean that stuck on his throat finally came out. “Ah, much better... thanks, Sora” Steve wheezed

“That is where we keep our cars and automotive related stuff” Scott grins, “So far, only quarter of first floor are filled with cars”

“Quarter? How big is it?”

“Finish your food, I’ll show you”

All of them cannot wait and finishes their food as soon as they can. After that, they put the plates on the kitchen sink so Bertha can wash them later. “Okay... let’s go” Scott nodded. All of them gets out from the house and went to the side of the house. “This is the entrance... after this, it’s sloping down for a bit and we’ve arrived on the basement”

(Pleasant Intrigue by Sakuraba Motoi and Aoyama Hibiki - Tales of Vesperia Original Soundtracks)

All of them gets into their cars and drive inside. After a sloping road, they arrived on a black pitch, dark room. “What the?!” Sora thought. Scott gets off from his car and takes a flashlight with him. “The light switch should be here, somewhere” Scott looks around, “Ah, here it is”

When Scott flips the switch, he smiled as he looks at the expression of his friends. “Let there be a light” Scott smiled

All of them cannot believe what they saw. The landlady must’ve been very rich, so she could have something like this; a big underground parking lot. Cars are lining up in front of them. White FD2 Civic type-R, red FN2 Civic type-R, silver EF8 CR-X, yellow EK9 Civic type-R, red EG6 Civic SiR-II, silver AP1 S2000, black GD3 Fit, and silver GE8 Fit. Beside them, there are orange blue-black Honda CBR 1000RR, red-black Aprilia RSV 1000R Factory, and black Aprilia RS125. On the other side of the basement are a lonely red white E46 M3 GTR and silver E92 M3. “Those Honda collection over there are owned by Kei” Scott said, “And mine is those BMW over there”

“This is crazy...” Steve cannot believe what he saw, “He has Aprilia RS125, Aprilia RSV 1000R Factory, and CBR 1000RR Repsol race replica! Now I have to do the same and get myself a Ducati 1098S and Yamaha YZF-R1”

“In that spirit as well, I bought myself a homologated version of BMW S1000RR” Scott grins, “You are late by a step, Steve”

On the basement, a lot of car related tools that people usually saw on garages are seen, including six hydraulic lifts, Snap-On tool boxes, and many else. Strangely enough, a lot of gym and body building equipment was placed neatly at the corner. Not only has it had some kind of living room with sofa, air conditioner and TV with home theater set, the room is also filled with lots of books and magazines- from lifestyle to automotive. “It’s like another safe haven here” Sora wanders around

“Comic collections?” Aya wondered

“Yeah, that is landlady’s collection” Scott said, “Oh yeah, under any circumstances; never touch that silver Final Fantasy VII anniversary edition PSP”

“Why is that?” Steve asked

“That is her most prized possession, since Kei gave it for her as her 19th birthday gift, which is last November 20th” Scott explained, “And of course, I didn’t tell you that and you didn’t hear it from me”

The sound of two cars is heard, entering the basement. Those cars are white NSX-R GT and silver NSX-R. “Oh... there they are” Scott smiled. Kei nodded as he exhaled lightly. “Sorry to keep you waiting. Guys I want to introduce you to our landlady... Mariko Saya”

The girl who drives the NSX-R GT steps out of the car and as expected of Steve, Claire, Aya, and Sora are very surprised to see her. “Nice to meet all of you” she bows to them, “My name is Mariko Saya, and I'm the owner of this house”

Steve gasped. He then whispered to Sora, “Aya had a twin?” he whispered

Yes. Except her hair style which has been cut to neck length, her looks and her physical body figure is the same. Aya froze for a bit; she didn’t know what to say or what to do. She then inhaled her breath slowly, gathering her courage and smiled happily as she approaches the girl. “Nice to meet you finally” she bows to her, “I'm Kisaragi Aya, we’ve talk on the phone yesterday”

“Nice to meet you... it’s kind of strange to see another woman who has the same facial feature as yours” she grins, “Oh well... nice to be your acquaintance, Aya. Maybe we are sisters in past life, hm?”

“You never know” Aya smiled back

“My name is Mayama Claire and I'm her childhood friend. Nice to meet you, Saya” Claire nodded

“Same here... you girls have a liking on cars as well?”

“We are... we are known as Scarlett and Midnight Princess on Shutoku” Claire explained

“Hm... that must be a Nismo Z-tune, yes? It’s rare to see it in mint condition like this”

“Hello... I'm Ninomiya Sora and I'm Aya’s boyfriend” Sora introduces himself

“Why nice to meet you... oh, pair of lover drives a same type of car” she giggled, “And you must be Steve Blackburn”

“How do you know me?” Steve looked surprised

“Scott told me about you... the one who gets dumped by his brother to Japan to stay him away from trouble” Saya explained

“Yeah, that would be me”

“Well... park your cars, everybody” Saya lets them, “Even though there are still a lot of places to park them, keep them tidy and neat”

All of them parked their cars and gets out from it. Saya parked her car beside the red 2006 ZE1 Honda Insight she owned as her everyday car. “How’s your boost?”

“I’ve set it to 1.5 bars and yeah... it feels nice” Saya replied, “Nice to have you back here”

“Glad to be back...”

“If you call me ma’am again, though, I will kick your ass!” she sighed

Kei smiled for a bit and decided to tease her. “Yes, ma’am”

Saya kicks him and Kei blocks it in reflex. “Damn!” Saya wheezed, “I'm still not good enough”
Kei jumps away from her and grins wide. “Hehe... you can’t hit me with that”

Saya then jumped forward, decided to give it another go to kick him once again. Kei leaned his body to the back, falling down on purpose. He stretches his hands in the mid-air, pressing it against the concrete floor, using the pressure of the fall to launches his body to the back. “Hm… you improved a lot”

“Yeah? I can still read your moves, so you’re not improving at all” Kei said, “How long was I'm away for the mission, I wonder?”

“Two months… I’ve been training everyday and I’ll beat you up in the near future” Saya grins

“Yeah, whatever” Kei smirked

She sighed as she smiled to him. “By the way, I already swapped the engines of those Fit with K20, just like you asked” she nodded

“How did it go?”

“Enough for me to go shop in it while speed around with it” she smiled, “I love the GD3, better than GE8”

“Is that so? I prefer GE8 any day” Kei nodded, “Well... let’s park our cars and go back inside. It’s late”

“Have you eaten something for the breakfast, Kei?” Saya asked

“Not yet… after I take a bath, I immediately go out again to look for you” Kei answered as he parks his car, “Why do you ask?”

“Well… I’ll cook something for you”

“She can cook?” Steve whispered, “Rich kids don’t cook”

“I don’t know… this is the first time I’ve met her” Claire whisper back

“Sure… see you later, guys” Kei walks away from the basement with his landlady

Aya, Sora, Steve, Claire, and Scott looks a bit worried. Will they be alright on their own? “For some reason, I’m worried about my sister” Aya said, “I will follow them and eavesdrop on their adult conversation”

“Maybe what she meant by cooking is to have sex on the kitchen?!” Claire gasped

“Oh no!” Aya runs away, following them immediately. Sora and Steve shrugs and decided to get some sleep. “Hey, aren’t you worried about those two?” Scott asked

“Not really…” Sora shrugged and leaves the basement, followed by Steve. “Just leave them be…” Steve added. “Ah, you guys are no fun” Scott sighed

On the kitchen, Kei and sitting near the counter as he waits for his breakfast to be ready. Saya cooks the meal as she hums happily. She can feel his eyes leering down at his butt as she cooks the food. She is melting two table spoon of butter with chopped garlic. When the nice fragrant can be smelled in the air, she adds a bowl of chicken stock on a clay pot and added a few spice into it, while she roast a part of chicken on the oven. After the latter is fully cooked, she gets it out and cuts it into few pieces and put it on a big plate and sprinkles two pinches of parmesan cheese on the hot chicken. The melted cheese is covering the chicken entirely, letting out a nice smell of delicious looking food.

When the chicken stock is boiled, she added chopped watercress and a bit of cooked rice. She simmers it for a bit and grinds it with her white stick blender. After she adds two eggs on the thick looking soup, it’s ready to be served. “Here it is…” she nodded, “Let’s eat… oh, I have a green tomato salad on the fridge”

She takes a small container with green tomato salad inside it. After she puts it on small bowl, the two eats the salad, along with chicken and the soup. “How is it?” she asked as she pours them nice and cold ice lemon tea

“This is good” Kei nodded, “I like the soup and the chicken is fully cooked. The cheese is sipping through the tender meat”

“I'm glad you liked it” she smiled, “What was Tokyo like, Kei?”

“Same as here… everyone is busy working, day and night. For some reason, I don’t think that San Francisco is different than Tokyo” he explained, “There are a lot of skilled street racers there”

Aya and Claire eavesdrop on their conversation. Scott is also on the scene, since he is curious and he thinks something will definitely happen with them. “I wish you told me when you’re going there” she sighed, “I want to visit the country of my origin”

“I see… well, we can always go back there on vacation” he shrugs

“Do you have anything for me?” she asked

“Of course… wait for a bit, I’ll get it for you” Kei runs off to his room, “I have Tsuchiya Keichi’s autograph on his photo”

“Oh wow! This is cool! Where did you meet him?” she looked excited

“He was a judge for drift contest on Red Bull Competition” Kei nodded, “He’s free when I met him and I decided to get you an autograph”

“What else do you have for me?” she asked again

“I was hoping you would ask” Kei smirked, “Here! I get you a pair of Opak Racing crew shirt- black and white”

“Oh! I love these things” she giggled

“And I noticed that you don’t have any Spoon Sport t-shirt, right? I bought you one… this one is the one with S2000 on it and NSX on it”

“Hm… so much things you bought for me” she smiled, “Thank you”

She kisses him on the cheek and smiled to him. Seeing that, Sora and Steve decided to eavesdrop as well. “I thought you guys already went to get some sleep?” Scott whispered

“Looks like things over here just get hotter” Steve whispered back, “Sora and I decided to eavesdrop as well, since something bad could happen to her at anytime”

“Aya… she is your twin, right? Twin shouldn’t have much of a different taste, even in men” Sora said, “Do you like that guy?”

“Me? Not at all… I have a handsome one over here” Aya shrugs

Saya can see feel him undressing her with his grey eyes. She breathes heavily and asked under her breath. “Something wrong with me, Kei?” she asked, as she stares him back

“Well, I noticed something is different from you”

“And what is that?” she wondered

“You look sexier… your butt and breasts looks firm” Kei said

“Wh, what are you saying?” Saya spins her head in confusion and lowered her head. She blushed and her face is as red as the setting sun. “Are you serious?” she asked

“I am… you’ve done a lot of work out, huh?”

“Yes… I noticed that I get easily tired after I drove my car” she sighed, “It turns out that doctor said that I have a low blood pressure, and told me to get some exercise and work out”

“I see… well, you get the benefits from that” Kei sips his ice tea

“Want to have a taste of what my body feels like?” she threw him a naughty look on her eyes, “I know you want it very much… caressing my naked body on top of your bed”

Everyone gulps hard and they started to imagine what it would like to do just that- even Claire and Aya. Saya leaned her body forward to him, showing her cleavage under that tight leather vest she’s been wearing under her white winter coat. She takes off the white winter coat and hangs it on the chair she’s sitting on. She bites her lip, walking towards Kei and sits on his lap, as she takes a chunk of chicken and bites it with her sexy lips. “What do you say if we skip the breakfast and carry me to your bedroom?” she grins as she approaches Kei’s face, exhaling her hot breaths on his left ear as she grabs his head, putting it against her chest. “Erh… this is awkward” he nodded

The eavesdropper gasped when they hear him agrees and falls into her seduction. “Hahahaha! Got you right there, Kei!” she jumps happily from his lap and gets back to her chair

“Damn it! I fell into her deception!” Kei covered his face with his right hand, showing somewhat regret on the tone of his voice, “I fell into the temptation out of my lust… so much for being a trained Air Force soldier who could resist any kinds of torture”

“You still have to learn a lot of things about women, Kei” she laughed in an evil manner, “Hohohoho! Even US Air Force won't have this kind of endurance training… men, they’re all the same”

“Heh... women” Kei stares at the back of the wall of the kitchen, realizing that the house turn so quiet, as if no one is on the house except the two. “What’s wrong, Kei?” she asked. Kei shrugged and replied lightly, “Nah… I’ve just realized that his house has a lot of ears on it…”

Aya, Claire, Steve, Sora, and Scott are very surprised. All of them already kept their presence as hidden as possible. Kei is indeed a trained air force soldier. “How do you know they are eavesdropping?” she asked

“Well… at first it’s just a hunch, but this house was very quiet… way too quiet, even for morning hours. There is something wrong with it” Kei shrugs, “Well, it’s okay, really… I don’t mind”

“Finish your breakfast and get some sleep” she nodded, “Oh yeah, why don’t we play an air soft sport later afternoon?”

“Good idea…” Kei smiled, “I will give those guys a lesson they won't forget later”

The boys and girls on the back of the wall gulped hard. “We’re going to feel a world full of pain” Scott wheezed, “When he’s angry, he won't forget it easily”

“Ah… he’s just one man army” Steve replied, “What can he do?”

“Giroro Gocho! Don’t you underestimate me, soldier!” Kei yelled to him

“Yes, sir! Sorry, sir!” Steve replied as he jumps from the back of the wall, “Hey?!”

“I'm starting to wonder how you guys still remained sane with a guy like him” Claire leered at Steve

“Natsumi-dono, please don’t stretch the limit of my patience” Kei said to Claire, which Claire replied immediately in reflex. “Sorry… hey?!” Claire gasped, “Why did I have to play along with him?!”

“See? It’s not my fault!” Steve shrugs

“Let’s just go back to our room, okay? If we keep on eavesdropping him, I'm sure he will appear in front of us in no…”

“I'm here” Kei appears in front of them

“Gahaha! That’s quick!” Sora yelled as he run towards his room

“These guys are as clumsy as you are” Saya giggled, “This house is just getting a little bit livelier”

“I have something to tell you about those guys” Kei nodded, “Scott and I will assemble a team full of street racers”

“You already told me that”

“Yeah… and we’re going to travel to the major cities around the world, in order to try to become the world’s urban legend”

“Now that’s an ambition, Kei” she grins as she eats her soup, “I’d really like to see that”

“That’s why I have to try it” he nodded

“Well, do what you have to do” she grins, “I might do the same as well with those girls”

“What do you mean?”

“I will tag along with you guys when you are on expedition” she nodded, “I'm sick waiting on the house while you guys are away. It’s boring over here without you guys around”

“I see…”

“I’ll bring my own car and I promise to stay out of trouble” she said

“Okay… do whatever you want” Kei nodded

“Alright!!” she laughs, “Well… I’ll wash the dishes. Go ahead and get some sleep. Clear your head from that jet lag, since we will defeat those eavesdroppers this afternoon and you’re going to need that head working straight”

“I will have to listen to your advice, Pururu Kangoco”

“That codename again… I hate it very much” she threw a wet rag into his face, without any luck. Kei manages to catch it and smirked wide at her.

(Turks 101 by Hamauzu Masashi - Dirge of Cerberus - Final Fantasy VII - Multiplayer Mode Original Sound Collections)

Later that afternoon, all of them went to air soft gun store to get the things they need… Scott, Steve, Claire, Aya, and Sora bought the guns they wanted; from AK47 to P90 sub machine gun, along with their side arms, ammunitions, gun accessories, gears and uniforms, and gas canisters for the gun. After the shopping is done, everyone gathers around on an old unused warehouse on the east side of San Francisco. That old warehouse was often used for skirmish by air soft sport community, which Kei, Saya, and Scott joins at. With membership, the two can get access to the place to play. Here is the list of the guns each person uses:
1. Sora uses USP .45 with Surefire flashlight attachment and FA-MAS sub-machine gun
2. Aya uses M9 and MP5A5 with Surefire flashlight attachment
3. Steve uses Glock 21 and AK47
4. Claire uses Sig Sauer P229R and P90
5. Scott uses Walther P99 and SPAS-12
6. Saya uses M93R and M4A1 with scope and Surefire flashlight attachment
7. Kei uses M1911 with Surefire flashlight attachment and M4A1 with laser sight

Saya smiled and sighed in excitement “This should be fun”

“Sure is…” Kei nodded

“Still uses M1911, huh?” Saya stares at his M1911

“My friend gave me a Springfield Operator as farewell gift from Air Force… he used to be a SWAT member and he uses one at that time” Kei explained, “Since then, I always fond of M1911”

“It’s too small… seven bullets for .45 caliber? We have a lot of guns with .45 caliber with better ammo capacity”

“Yeah, but it gives a lot of stopping fire and it feels tight and safe in my hand” Kei nodded

Meanwhile, on the other side of the warehouse, Steve, Sora, Aya, Claire, and Scott are trying to come up with a plan to overpower the dynamic duo. Saya and Kei will pair up together in one team, while Steve, Sora, Aya, Claire, and Scott will be their opponent in one team. “I bet even five of us will never overpower the two of them” Scott spins his head

“Nah, we’ll come up with some sort of plan” Steve shrugs

“Steve is right, we will defeat the two of them” Claire feels confident

“Even we know a thing or two about how to fire our guns, you know” Sora added

“Don’t worry, Scott… we’ll make sure they are the ones who lose” Aya continued

Scott exhaled heavily and spins his head. “You guys didn’t know anything, did you?” he exhaled. Hearing that, everyone knows there is more to them that they didn’t know yet. “Is there anything wrong with them?” Sora asked

“Of course… we are not in the fair fight and we come to the slaughterhouse” Scott continued, “In case you guys didn’t know, the two of them got the title of the M4 deadly pair, since the two of them uses the same rifle type and their proficiency in using them”

“What? Are you serious?!” Steve gasped in surprise

“Yagami Kei… He is born from Japanese father and American mother” Scott continues, “His father was a United State Marine soldier who is stationed at Quantico, when he and his mother Anna, met up. Since the two become married, his father resigns from US Marine and move to Los Angeles… that was when I met up with him, and we became friend since then… even before I met up with Steve here”

“Hm… where is his parents right now?” Claire wondered aloud

“Both of his parents were killed on 911 when the two visits New York City and since then, he moves back to Quantico and lives with his grandfather” Scott replied, “And moreover, did you know that Kei’s grandfather was also an ex-officer of NIS?”

“Seriously?!” everyone seems surprised

Scott smirked and nodded in reply, “That is why he is fond of both of the NCIS series, since his father was a US Marine soldier and his grandfather is an ex-operative of NIS, which later becomes known as NCIS”

“Where is his grandfather, now?” Aya asked

“He has passed away on 2006, a year before he met Saya. When Kei received his promotion as Sergeant and on leave to visit him, he is very sick and passed away few days later” Scott nodded, “When he joins the Air Force, I lost contact with him, especially when he was stationed in Afghanistan on his first year. I met up with him again on coincidence, when he was treated for PTSD on the hospital where my friend worked at”

“Wow… what a history and heritage” Sora said

“It is, right? You guys know that Kei’s rank in United State Air Force is Sergeant Pilot, right?” Scott added, “The variety of his firearms training gave him the unbelievably amazing proficiency level of skill”

Everyone seems more and more interested to this ‘Kei’ individual. “Tell me more about Keroro Gunso” Sora grins

“What are you smiling at? If you ever faced him in combat or war and you are still alive, consider yourself lucky. His own unit gives him the nickname of Devil Sergeant” Scott grits his teeth, “Not because he is a strict person, but because he is always given the dangerous task on his duty in Afghanistan or Iraq!”

Everyone turned silent and started to imagine the worst to happen. “Look, if we meet him later, don’t blink, since the moment you close your eyes, you will never ever open it again” Scott explained, “This isn’t a game, since Kei is trained not to play around, even in this kind of sport. His accuracy for his M1911 on short ranger or his M4A1 on long range is 75% headshot. Once he sets his eyes on a target, he will never… and I mean never takes off his eyes until he is dead”

“So… what are we going to do?” Aya smiled bitterly

“Let’s ask him to give us some slack and tell him to use his M1911… even though he is as dangerous as when he uses his M4A1” Scott sighed without any courage

“So that is Yagami Kei…” Steve sighed

“Outside, maybe he is a guy with laidback attitude and carefree nature, but inside he is a deadly weapon of war… Never judge a book by its cover” Claire added

“The reason he is treated for PTSD is because his on last mission, his entire unit who delivers supply for the Marine and Army soldiers was attacked by Saddam’s troops, wiped out entirely but him. If you ever get a chance to visit his room, you’ll see what I mean… you will see his collection of guns and knives there, and a lot of dog tags of the men in his unit, who died in Iraq”

“He is?!” Sora seemed surprised when he heard that

“Yes… he is in comatose himself when the Air Force brought him into the hospital” Scott wheezed, “Before he is treated for PTSD, he went for a final mission; bombing one of the base for Saddam’s Army, the one that responsible for the deaths of his men in his unit”

“I see…” Aya said, lowering her head

“Finished chattering, Scott?” Kei asked from the radio

Everyone is very surprised and their hearts skips a beat when he said that. “You hear everything?!” Scott asked

“I am… you leave the walkie-talkie on, after all”

“Look, sorry man… I never had any intention to reveal your past to them”

“Nah, it’s okay… the past is the past” Kei shrugs, “I'm no longer the Devil Sergeant of United States Air Force”

“Alright, then… can you cut us some slack? I mean, now they know your history and background, I think it’s unfair for us to face both of you” Scott said, “Please, Gunso!”

“Nah… I don’t think so” Kei nodded, “You guys have been gossiping around about me, after all. Okay, enough chit-chat; let’s begin right away”

“We’re dead meat” Steve smiled bitterly

“I'm just kidding… don’t worry, I’ll refrain myself from using my M4” he smirks

Sora, Steve, Aya, Claire, and Scott started to move around carefully. While Saya and Kei splits up to intercept them altogether from both sides. The goal for the two teams to win is to take each other’s dummy hostage, without any knowledge where the opposition team places it. Saya gets to the roof of one of the warehouse and saw them, waltzing around. She decided to wait for Kei’s instruction. “I have the targets on sight” Saya said, “What should I do?”

“Assault immediately… try to disable them if you can” Kei nodded, “I will intercept them from behind”

“Affirmative” Saya nodded and begins to open fire


“Where in the hell’s name is she?!” Aya gasped as she hides behind the empty container

Steve and Sora are hit and they have to stay down, since in theory, they are dead and dead people can't move. Aya, Scott, and Claire are hiding to see where she hides. Saya is clever; she is hiding directly under the sunlight, making it difficult for her opponents to see her exact position. “She is on the roof!” Scott yelled


Kei appears behind them and shots his entire clip of M1911 towards the three. Aya and Claire manage to run away, while leaving Scott to die alone. “Girls! Wait!” Scott calls them

“Dead man don’t speak” Kei smacks his helmet

Out from the freezer to the frying pan, as people used to say. While avoiding Kei’s hail of bullets, Aya and Claire enter the scope range of Saya’s M4 rifle. She wipes out the girls immediately when they are exposed. Without any effort at all, the two of them wins the first match. “Damn! This is unfair” Aya tramples her foot

“I'm going to switch side, Kei” Saya nodded, “I’ll babysit these baby birds”

“Alright… this time, no holds barred” Kei agreed, “Six versus one; if you guys still lose, all of you will have to treat me for pizza, burger, and sandwich later”

“If you lose, you will have to do the other say around” Sora said

“Agreed… the last man standing, wins” Kei grins, “I will have to do my best…”

All of the opponents move away from the combat zone and begins to the starting point. Kei takes out his other toy; PSG-1 rifle and standby on the roof. “Let’s begin” Saya said


The six of them divided into two teams to intercept Kei from both sides. Kei knows what they are going to do and decided to focus on the females first… the motto of ladies first applies to him, since Saya is the most dangerous of them all; he had to disable her- fast. He aims through his scope and gets ready to intercept the moving person. “He’s going to use his PSG-1… be careful” Saya said

Too late. Scott already enters his field of sight and Kei decided to take him out first; on the head.


“Ah! Why must I be the one who dies first?!” he yelled

“Where is he?” Sora asked

“Looks like he’s on the roof again” Steve nodded, “Let’s charge right in”

“No! Don’t!” Saya yelled


When Steve gets out from behind the corner of the wall, Kei immediately shoot him also, in the head. “His aim is fast, so don’t try to charge like that!” Saya explained

Steve wheezed, “Too late for that! You should’ve warned us earlier”

“Coordination is the key to win this game; if you decided to act alone, you’re only jeopardizing yourself” she added, “Sora, regroup at once”

Sora moves back and meet up with Saya and the rest of the girls. “What should we do now?” Sora asked

“He will leave his post and hide someplace else…” Saya nodded, “Now he’s going to switch to his deadly M4A1”

“What about the sniper rifle?” Claire asked

“He will leave it on top of the roof to fool us” Saya smiled, “Let’s go!”

When Sora gets out from behind the wall, Kei shoot him on the chest this time.


“Three down, three to go” Kei nodded as he left his post. Sora is confused with Saya’s earlier explanation, “What the hell?!”

“Looks like I miscalculated” Saya bites her lip, “Sorry, comrade… we will never forget your sacrifice”

“Damn it!” Sora curses himself

(Femmes Fatales by Shimomura Yoko - Parasite Eve Original Soundtracks)

Saya, Aya, and Claire decided to move from their position and tried to intercept him from the other way. “Okay… he will definitely leave his post now” Saya nods, “Let’s see… where he is hiding now?”

A red dot is moving around Saya’s legs to her body, breast and stops at her chest. “Saya, look out!” Aya pulls her away


Kei fires his M4 like crazy and tried to hit everything in his sight. Aya and Saya manage to get away, but Claire end up getting hit. “Ugh…” she coughed, “Aya… Saya… I'm hit”

“Claire! Claire!” Aya yelled, holding her tears, “Hold on! I’ll get help”

“There is so much I wanted to do in this life… I want Steve to propose to me and marry me… have a lot of cute kids and a big house where I can grow old with him” she said with tears in her eyes, “I don’t want to die! I'm afraid… everything is getting dark”

“Don’t die on me! Save your strength and don’t talk!” Aya replied with tears on her eyes

Seeing the drama, Saya’s face turned pale and her whole body lost its color. This story just turned into a crossover between second grade drama and first grade comedy. “Girls… this is just a plastic burst bullet, you know” Saya wheezed with pale face, “You’re not dead, so don’t give the readers that kind of second grade drama”

“Ah, we’re just getting into the good part” Aya smiled as she sticks her tongue out and blinks one of her eyes

Saya heard the heavy footsteps of the Station 6’’ 5.11 boots, coming closer and closer towards them. Kei jumps to the side and shoots the remaining girls with his rifle. “Look out!” Aya push the girl to the floor, and protects her from the hailing bullets.


Aya falls down to the floor and smiled upon seeing her fleeing friend. “Be safe… Saya” she smiled as tears falls down to her cheek. Saya who runs away, looks down to Aya and bites her lip in bitterness. “Forgive me, Aya” she said, holding out the tears on her eyes. Kei’s face turned pale as he saw the drama on the girls. “Give me a break…” Sora wheezed

He changes the clip on his M4 and takes out his wooden knife. Saya could be hiding behind the wall, so Kei takes the necessary safety measures to handle her… with ‘care’
“It’s you and me now, darling” Saya yelled from someplace


A greatest mistake for a scout is to reveal his/ her position. A scout must move as quickly and as stealthy as possible, without alerting others. Kei, who is a true believer, decided not to reply her earlier statement. “If you win, I will add something else to the prize; you can do me anytime you like” Saya smiled as she teases Kei


He changes his weapon into his M1911 alongside his wooden knife. As he gets out from the warehouse, Saya run towards him and kicks his hands, knocking the weapons out of his hand. Kei jumps to the back, and hides behind the wall of the warehouse as he holds tight his M4 rifle. His heart beats fast as adrenaline kicks into his bloodstreams. “This is great!” Kei thought, “I lost my M1911 and my knife”

Saya moves aggressively this time and took the initiative to attack him. “Strike while the iron is hot!” Saya shouted towards him as she takes his M4 rifle from his hands

“Damn it!”

Kei was forced to use his CQC technique to reverse the situation. He grabs his rifle back and points it back towards her. She does the same and draws her rifle and points it to him. Her breath is heavy and she is sweating- a lot. She sighed in excitement as she stares at the guy in front of him. “I know it will come to this…” she nods happily, “You are still hesitating to shoot me”


“Even though you already put the sight on my leg, breast, and chest… you still cannot shoot”


“If you keeps on like that… you will lose, Kei” Saya added


Kei close his stance and points his M4 rifle with his right hand. He takes off the harness and walks towards her as he keeps on pointing it at her. “Don’t move!” Saya said in response. Kei smiled and release his grip of his M4 rifle, while Saya’s eyes are distracted towards the rifle. “Damn it! Big Boss!” Saya gasped

Kei moves forward quickly as Saya tried to points her rifle towards his face, Kei knocks her rifle and moves her hand to the side. She tried it once again. Kei grabs the muzzle of her rifle and grabs the scope, pushing it towards her body. Her shoulder is hit with the rifle’s buttstock, as she holds her shoulder. “Now it’s Liquid!” she said again

“You still have much more to learn…” Kei spins his head, “Check mate…”

With that word, Kei is the victor of this battle. He grins wide as he walks back towards his M4 and takes it from the ground, as well as the rest of his weapons. “What a great battle… I’ve only saw it on Metal Gear Solid 4 and he perform it well” Steve said

“He is great” Claire added

“Atte~ntion!” Kei yelled

All of them lined up, “Salute!” he said. Everyone gives him a salute as Kei salutes them back and smiled happily. “Hahahaha” Kei laughed. After they realized what he is laughing about, all of them seem embarrassed real bad. Not only they lost to him on six versus one, but he also tricks them to follow the stupid frog’s anime. “Man… we’ve lost to the greatest joker in history” Sora spins his head, “Keiroro Gunso”


Early morning at four AM, Kei was seen walking on the hallway of the house. When he’s about to knock on the door to Saya’s room, he heard a strange moan, coming out from inside. Either she is watching a porn movie or she is having one lewd, horny dream. Whichever that is, he didn’t want to find out since it’ll be a very rude thing to do. “I’d better let her be” With that, he went out of the house and takes a light jog around the neighborhood.

Meanwhile inside the room, Saya is moaning about something. Looks like she had some kind of nightmare… not the lewdly horny dream Kei had predicted in the first place. She is walking on an empty field. Cold mist is hovering above the ground and as she walks on, she heard something- a voice of a little girl, crying on someone’s grave. “Why did you leave me and dad? Why didn’t you take me along with you and mom?” she asked with shaky voice

“Who is she? She looked familiar” Saya thought

When Kei close the main door, she woke up because she heard someone is leaving the house through the front door. Her bed sheet is wet with her sweat, even though the room is equipped with blaring cold air conditioner. “That dream again” she moaned, “Who is she? More importantly, who is leaving the house?”

She takes a look on the clock on the wall and she is very surprised. “Damn you, Kei” she grumbled, “Why did you left me and take a jog all by yourself?” Saya changes her clothes in a hurry. She wears her cycling shorts, wears her running shoes and grabs her sweat jacket. She runs toward the front door and gets her bicycle while she wears the helmet. She pedals the bike as fast as she can, so she would catch up with him on his way. “Is he still angry for what happened yesterday?” she wondered

(Time is Running Out by Apollo 440 – S.W.A.T Motion Picture Original Soundtracks)

Few kilometers away on Oneonta Avenue, the guy is running around for a jog with his track pants and sweat jacket while hearing the music on his iPod Touch, heading down to Reina Del Mar Avenue. He exhaled lightly as he looks around the road before he cross it. “Kei, wait!” Saya said from behind him. Obviously, he can't hear it. The music on his ears is preventing anyone to speak with him. “Kei!” she said, “Don’t ignore me!” Saya pedals forward and passes him on the side as she kicks his butt. “Hey, watch it!” Kei said to the bicycling girl. When he takes off the earphones, Saya bites her lip on surprise because she didn’t know he was wearing earphones. “I thought you ignored me on purpose” she said. Kei sighed and replied lightly, “And why would I do that?”

“For what happened yesterday, maybe?”

“Oh that? You were joking and I don’t feel offended”

“Why didn’t you wake me up and decided to take a jog on your own?”

“You were sleeping and I don’t want to wake you up”

“Is that the only reason?”

“You only wear a t-shirt and panties without bra” Kei shrugs


“And you are moaning about something in your room. Are you watching a porn movie? Or are you having a lewd, horny dream?” Kei shrugged, “Which one was it?”

“Neither! I was having the usual bad dream” she looks frustrated, “You like to make fun of me, didn’t you?”

“Geez… sorry” Kei replied, “Any way I can help? You never told me about any of that dream”

“I saw a little girl, crying in front of someone else’s grave” she sighed as the two walks together, “I feel somewhat familiar with that girl, but I don’t remember who she was”

“I see…” Kei nodded, “Well, let us begin the jog”

One and half hour, the two jogs around the neighborhood, talking to each other about Kei’s experience in Japan. The two is resting their feet under one of the big trees, just at the side of the road. “Why are you resting as well? You are riding a bike”

“I am tired…” she wheezed as she takes off the helmet, “I'm going to get up on his tree… to get better morning airflow”

She started to climb the tree. Kei is worried, since she had a phobia of heights. “Saya, don’t climb it, you’ll afraid of heights, right?”

“I'm okay… as long as I don’t look below, I’ll be fine” she nodded

“Saya… if I told you that Aya is your sister, can you believe it?”

“Of course… if she is my real sister” she replied

“Your father… is not your real father” Kei continued, “When you and Aya are seven years old, the two of you got into a car accident with your mother. The man who hits your mother’s car is your foster father…”

“What are you saying, Kei?”

“Your real father is at New York right now…”


She put her left leg on one of the small branches. When she steps on it, the branch breaks and she fells off to the soft soil, panicking Kei who rushes to her aid. “And what did I tell you? You okay?” he asked

“I'm fine… my head feels strange, however” she rubs her head and feels a bump on it, “And it’s aching… it hurts”

“Can you get up?”

“Of course…”

Kei helped her to get up and she suddenly feels weak and passed out on his arms. “Ugh!”

People with amnesia could regain their lost memory when they accidentally hit their head, even though that was a rare case, sometimes it just happen. All of her memories started to return one by one quickly. All of the images are running quickly on her head and her brain couldn’t accept all of them properly, making her very dizzy and confused. “Saya! Saya!!”

He carried her home with the bicycle as she holds her in his lap. When they got home, Aya is stretching her body along with Claire, Sora, and Steve. Scott is sipping his morning coffee at the front veranda. When they saw Kei hurried to the house with unconscious Saya on his lap, all of them quickly run towards him.

(Fear by Uematsu Nobuo - Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtracks)

They put her in her big fluffy and comfy bed. All of them gathered around the bed, trying to get some kind of explanation from Kei. “What did you tell her?” Aya asked

“I told her that you are her sister” Kei answered, “And she was climbing up on a tree when it happens… when she tried to ask about the detail, she fell off from it”

“Don’t do that!” Claire said, “People with amnesia cannot remember everything at once and you can't confront them with fact just like that”

“Sorry… It just slips from my mouth” he sighed, “I was just trying to help”

“Help her with what?”

“She had a constant nightmare…” Kei explained, “She had that nightmare for at least a year”

“That was when her foster father had died” Scott added

“Loss of someone can trigger someone to remember their pain in their deepest memory” Steve nodded, “Or so what I’ve read on the internet”

“Her dream… What’s it about?” Aya asked

“She saw a little girl, crying alone in a cemetery. When she told me that, I immediately assumed the little girl was you” he wheezed, “I should’ve kept my mouth shut”

“I was crying when she and mom passed away” Aya nodded, “My father worried sick about me. We should’ve never come to New York; otherwise, none of this would happen”

“You guys are from Boston, right?”

“Yes… my father landed the job as chief editor at New York Times, so he always goes back and forth with a train” Aya explained, “One day, we wanted to surprise him and decided to come to New York as well… I’ve never thought this would happen”


“After my mom died, she was buried on the Saint Michael’s Cemetery” Aya started to cry as well, remembering her painful memory, “When I miss my mom and Saya, I always take the train to New York and cried alone there”

Sora rubs her head, pulling it on his shoulder. Kei felt really weak when he saw a girl crying in front of him. Girls are delicate creature and their heart is beautiful yet fragile like a crystal. When a girl cried, heaven will split into two as hordes of angel came to her, giving her solace so she would never feel sad anymore. He felt angry to himself and started to blame himself for what happened. “None of this would ever happen if I kept my mouth shut” Kei sighed, “Sorry, Aya… please don’t cry”

“It’s okay… you were just trying to help my sister” she nodded

“Oh look… she’s coming to” Sora said

Saya groaned for a bit and opened her eyes slowly. She comes to and tried to get up from her bed. “Don’t get up just yet” Aya said as she holds her shoulders

“What is everyone doing here?” she asked

“Saya, are you alright?” Aya asked in worry

“I'm fine, don’t worry about me. You’re Aya, aren’t you?” she nodded, “I’ve finally found for all these years! Where is father?”

She hugged her tight, as she cried her heart out while all of them gasped in surprise. Did she remember everything? “You remembered about me?” Aya asked

“Of course… you are my sister” she nodded, “So where is father?”

“Our father is in New York City… if you want, we can visit him right now” Aya smiled happily, “You remembered everything that’s happened on the accident?”

“I am… mother died on the crash and I was badly injured” she explained with shaky voice as she tried to remembers it, “The man who crashed into our mother’s car was my foster father”

“I see…” Aya nodded in belief

“That’s good if you remembered, ma’am” Scott nodded, “Isn’t it great, Kei?”

“It is” Kei smirks, “I thought something bad happened to you back there”

“Excuse me… who are you?” she asked

“What?” Kei thought aloud

A couple of hours later, all of them are waiting for the girls at San Francisco International Airport. The girls are going to depart to New York City to meet the twins’ father. “How is it?” Sora asked. Steve nodded as he points his thumb up, “They got the ticket” he nodded

“That’s weird” Scott said, “He remembers everyone except you, Kei”


“Don’t worry, I bet that is only for temporary” Sora pats his shoulder

“I'm sure she’ll remember everything when her mind is stable” Steve added

“It’s alright… I don’t mind” Kei shrugs, “Hey, at least she remembered who she was and I’ve fulfilled my promise”

“Are you sure, Kei?” all of them asked

“The important thing is she is happy that she is reunited with her family” Kei nodded, “What I feel is not important”

After she is done talking with Claire and Aya, Saya approached Kei and smiled to him. “So you are one of my roommates here” she said, “Pleased to meet you… my name is Kisaragi Saya”

“Maybe we get off the wrong foot” Kei smiled back to her, “So let me try again… My name is Kei… Yagami Kei”

“Nice to meet you, Kei” she nodded, “Well, I'm off for now”

“Have a safe trip, ma’am”

When she heard the word ma’am, she feels somewhat irritated by the title. “You make me feel old when you call me that” she said with an irritated look, “Please, call me Saya”

“Okay… let me try again; have a safe trip, Saya”

“Hm… it feels nice to be called by my name” Saya shrugs, “Can you look over the house while I'm away, Kei?”

“Sure… take care and have a safe trip” Kei nodded

“Well, goodbye for now” Saya said to him

Kei nodded, “Take care”

When the four saw them walk towards the boarding gate, Kei smiled happily. “Even if she forgot about me and this is the price I have to pay... it’s worth and I have no regrets” Kei nodded as he walks away from the airport, “Let’s go”

Saya looks back towards the four, hoping that she could remember who the stranger was, but the stranger already walks away from the place with a satisfied smile. She stares at the guy as he gets his hand onto the pocket of his black jacket and walk towards the door. “Who is that guy?”

Just when things are starting to look pretty good, turns out it doesn’t. What Kei did is helping the landlady, but she forgot who he was. Sad maybe, but there is still more to come and Kei didn’t lose hope. Instead he uses this opportunity to have a fresh start with her all over again. The guys went to the parking lot and gets into their car. “Since we got nothing better to do, what do you say if we hit San Francisco tonight and start our debut?” Kei asked

“That is a nice idea” Sora nodded, “Let’s get prepped and checks out the local street rumors”

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I'm loving the story REX :D

Haven't seen my suggestion char yet but I'm keeping my hopes up on ur next awesome chapter

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^^ nice2x
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oh f**k yeah!!new season!!!what else??read on~
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Thanks for the comments, everyone... this is the second Act... enjoy!

ACT 2: Debut

(Waiting for Something Awakens by Shimomura Yoko - Parasite Eve Original Soundtracks)

Six hours of long flight, Claire, Saya, and Aya has arrived at JFK International Airport, located on New York City. It was a snowy afternoon and Saya feels fond of it. She smiled sadly as she stares at the gloomy sky. “I'm back” she thought, “I should feel happy that I remember about my past, but somehow... I feel something important had lost from me” She wears her black leather jacket and her black Adidas sunglasses, sighing as she bites her lip.

“Saya, is something wrong?” Aya asked her sister. Saya shrugs and replied lightly, “No, nothing, sis”

“Let us call a cab and go to Carnegie Hill” Claire nodded

“Can we stop at Saint Michael’s Cemetery first? I want to visit mom” Saya said

“Sure...” Claire replied, “It’s on the way after all”

Fifteen minutes of taxi drive, the trio has reached the cemetery. Aya leads her sister to their mother’s resting place. As she puts the red roses on top of it, she takes off her sunglasses. “Mom” she said, “I'm back from the dead... well, I suppose you already knew that. This is the first time I visited you here and I’ll be back once a month to visit you with Aya”

“I found her, thanks to Kei” Aya said, “He’s a nice guy and he’s been watching over Saya”

“I didn’t remember who he was, but I'm sure he’s a nice guy” Saya nodded, “Well... I'm off for now. We have to visit dad and tell him this good news”

The trio gets back to the taxi cab and drives off to Carnegie Hill, located on the Upper East Side. “Carnegie Hill, Upper East Side” Aya said

“You got it, ma’am” said the taxi driver

“When did dad moved from Boston?”

“Shortly before I went to Japan with Claire” Aya nodded

“I see...”

“Something wrong, Saya?” Claire asked, “You looked a bit glum”

“I am” she sighed, “I can't seem to remember who Yagami Kei is”

She went through her small bag and found a silver colored PSP. That is the Final Fantasy VII anniversary edition that Kei gave her last November. “That PSP was from him, right?” Claire asked

“Yes... I still have the box and the delivery package, but I can't seem to remember him at all” she wheezed, “I feel bad about forgetting him”

“Don’t worry, dear” Claire pats her shoulder, “You’ll remember him as time goes”

“I guess you’re right” she forced a smile on her face, “I wonder… who is that guy? I don’t how, but I feel really fond of him”

(Race against Time part 2 by Tank featuring Ja Rule - The Fast and The Furious Original Soundtracks)

“Sora, you’ll be racing tonight so you should check on everything on the blue R34”

“Got it” he nodded

The boys are tuning their cars back at Pacifica. Tonight is their debut as a team together, and they wanted it to go with one nice bang. Kei is resetting his Mugen N1 ECU as he types on his Macbook, Sora is tinkering with his GT-R, and Scott with Steve are tinkering with the red M3 GTR. “I'm tearing off this vinyl” Steve said, “I'm going to turn this baby like the one in Most Wanted”

“Do whatever you want, man” Scott shrugs, “This is your car after all”

“Probably you should change the engine oil” Kei said as he continued to type

“Nice start” Steve replied, “Let’s get this car on the lift over there, Scott”

After he finished resetting his ECU, Kei exhaled lightly as he puts the silver Macbook aside. “Hey, I'm going to get something to drink. What do you guys want?”

“Nice cold Cola will do, I guess” Sora nodded, “How about you guys?”

“We’ll follow” Steve nodded

“Much appreciated” Scott continued

(Corridors of Time by Mitsuda Yasunori, Uematsu Nobuo, Matsueda Noriko – Chrono Trigger Original Soundtracks)

Kei close his Macbook and went to the kitchen. He enters through the front door and when he’s about to go to the kitchen, he pass by Saya’s room, which she dubbed Weiss Room. As people know, Weiss is the Germany for white and she loves white color. The room is dominated by soft, white colors. Starting from the door, the wall, cabinets where she kept her things, drawers, and of course her studying desk. On top of the desk is a small, white Acer Laptop which she uses to do her daily things- music downloading, blogging, Facebook status update, forum visiting, online shopping, and many else. Since no one else is on the house aside from Bertha and Rosa, Kei decided to take a look on what’s inside the laptop. He turns it on and tried to crack the password open. He didn’t even try hard enough, since the password is obvious- her white car, which she named Weiss also. “I'm in” Kei thought, “What am I doing exactly?”

He didn’t even know what to look, but when he saw a folder with ‘My Diary’ as a name, Kei started to feel an urge to open it and reads what inside. He tried to push away the thought, but his curiosity gets the best of him. He covered his face with his the back of his left hand, while his right index finger is ready to press enter. “Ah, what the hell… it’s not like she will notice anyway” And in he goes. There are a lot of entries and it goes back from year 2000… looks like she began writing on diary from that year. Kei didn’t have any interest on her childhood and decided to take a look on newer entries; year 2007 to be exact, the year when she first met him. “March 31st, 2007… when I was getting a medicine for my father, I met this good looking Air Force sergeant, being treated for PTSD” she said on her diary, “I wish I could help with something and nurse him back… maybe I’ll visit him again tomorrow”

Kei smiled when he reads that. “April 1st, 2007. I visited him again and he is very delighted that a beautiful girl like me always visited him” she writes, “His name is Yagami Kei and he’s been telling me a lot of stories from his serving time in Afghanistan and Iraq” She tells every detail on their encounters correctly. Kei feels very nostalgic when he reads it and begins to remember why he is attracted to her in the first place. He remembered the things he used to tell Saya when he was treated at the hospital. Reading it was like he replayed the movie about how the two met in the first place. “April 30th, 2007. I never knew that a lot of soldier on his platoon works very hard to serve this country. They keep their guns in control and will never hurt civilians, despite they threw a lot of rocks and pebbles towards them”

Kei continues to read the entry until his final day on the hospital. “May 31st, 2007. Kei was released from the hospital today, and since he resigned from his duty he has no other place to go. I convince my father to take him in to help out with my daily chores and to help with my father’s recovery” she writes, “I don’t know why, but I feel very fond of him… maybe I loved him?”

The reading guy sighed when he came across that word. They shared a lot of experience on their life- from sweet to bitter ones. “November 30th, 2007. My father died today, when I was shopping with Kei for cooking him a healthy food. I was very sad… Kei was always there to cheer me up, and helped out with the funeral arrangements” she writes, “I love my father and I never wanted to lose him. God is unfair! Why did He do this to me?! Sob, sob, sob…”

“Saya…” Kei thought

The newest entry is yesterday, just before she collapsed and regains her lost memory. “I manages to tease Kei with my sexiness!” she writes, “I'm a bit embarrassed for exploiting my body to tease him, but I think he got what he deserves. He always tease me and I think I need to tease him back to make it even… he is indeed attractive, but his laidback attitude is really getting in the way”

He regrets all of his teasing and started to feel bad about it. He loved her very much but he showed it in a funny way. Now that everything is too late, Kei cannot help but to feel bad for the girl. “Man… All of my teasing upsets her and hurts her feelings” Kei smirked, “Well… no she will never know that teasing my way to show that I care for her” He logs off from the account and turns the laptop off. He decided to forget everything he just read and decided to start over a relationship with his landlady. As he brought the cold Cola to his friends, he bites his lips and decided it’s time to get serious about it… without sacrificing his outgoing attitude or rather directed his tease to someplace else; his new friends. “Sorry it took so long…”

“Where have you been?” Steve asked

Scott, Steve, and Sora pour the cold Cola and have a drink. Kei follows shortly after he checked the Macbook on his car. “Ugh… this Cola tasted a bit strange” Scott sighed

“Don’t worry… I added some rat poison onto your Colas to enhance the taste” Kei grins

“So that is why the Cola taste funky” Sora gasped as he opens his mouth and sticks out his tongue

“I was just kidding… the ice is half melted, that is why the Cola taste a bit strange” Kei nodded, “I was... reflecting at what I have done to her for the past years”

“Why? Is there something wrong?” Sora asked

“Nah, I was just wondering it’s a great thing that she didn’t remember me. I can always start over our relationship”

“That’s a spirit… but I think she will remember you soon enough, though” Steve shrugged, “Well, let’s begin the fine tuning”

Back to the girls, they already speak to their father about the news and he is very thrilled to know that his other daughter is alive and well. “Welcome back, Saya” he said as he hugs her, “We missed you” Saya nodded and replied her father, “I know, dad… sorry I make you and Aya sad”

“All is forgotten, my dear…” he nodded, “Stay as long as you like, I have to go to the office to advise the management about cost cutting on the company”

“Sure… take care, dad” Aya nodded

“You girls can sleep on the guest room” he said, “I’ll leave my daughters to you, Claire”

“Yes, sir!” Claire salutes him

As the man left the place, Aya and Saya leaned their backs on the comfy couch. “Huff” Saya wheezed, “He is indeed a busy man”

“You tell me” Aya replied, “When I visit him with Sora, he does that as well”

“Hey, want to have a look around town?” Claire smiled

“Won't you visit your parent while we’re here?” Saya asked

“Nah… my parents are still in China for business trip” she shrugs, “Come on, it’ll be fun”

“Sure…” Aya and Saya nodded

(Love Foolosophy by Jamiroquai – Funk Odyssey)

The trio left the building and went shopping to Manhattan Mall Shopping Center. They hit a lot of clothes store to buy things for themselves and their boyfriends. Saya decided to get Kei few long sleeved shirts and blue yellow hooded jacket. “I think this will look good on him” she thought, “I wonder… will he like it?” As the trio walks toward the counter to pay for their things, they run into their long time friend. “Sena Asuka” Saya smiled. Sena Asuka had a terrifying information network. She knows what they are doing, from the moment they got off the airplane. When they hit the shopping center, she waits for them to make her appearance. “Aya…” Asuka said. Aya showed up when her name is called out, “Yes?” she said. When she saw there are two Ayas in front of her, Asuka is very frightened. “There are two of you?!” she gasped, “Which one of you is the imposter?!”

“Have you forgotten about me?” Saya smiled, “It’s me… Aya’s twin sister”

She started to remember that there are two Ayas who used to play with her on the kindergarten. “But I thought you’re already died on that crash” she gasped

“Unbelievable? Believe it” she said, “Here, let me pinch your cheeks”

She pinched her cheeks and she felt it was real enough… so real that her cheeks started to turn red. “Enough, enough! I believe you” she said

“Ah… Asuka” Claire smiled, “How are you?”

“Even Claire is here” she smiled back to her

“What if we went someplace else to talk? Let’s get a cup of coffee at Seattle’s Best Coffee and talk more over there” Aya said. After they pay for their things, the four girls went to Seattle’s Best Coffee and get a place to sit down. After al of them orders their coffees, cookies, loaf cakes, and sandwiches, all of them walked back to their seats and begins to talk. “I can't believe it… let me have a look at you” Asuka smiled, “It’s been a long time.. How did? Ah, let’s not spoil this meeting with details”

“Nice to see you too, dear” she smiled back

“How’s your work?” Aya asked. Asuka sighed as she leaned back on the chair, “I left the force”

“Why is that?” Claire asked

“It turns out that there is something more to my father’s accident” Asuka sighed, “The one responsible was indeed a street racer, but he is not the person who is sentenced. When I found out about that, I dig deeper into it and found out that the one responsible is still out there and he is the son of the chief of the police before my time”

“I see…” Saya nodded

“They took advantage of my anger and decided to use me” she grits her teeth

“So what are you going to do now?”

“I'm going to locate him and to do that, I will become something that I hate the most in this world; street racers” Asuka nodded

“Everything has already been written on the paper called fate... or so Kei said” Saya smirked, “We are street racers and you hate street racers. Do you hate us?”

Asuka is struck with surprise when she heard that. She hissed for a bit and replied the question. “I don’t… I hate hypocrites and liars even more” she nodded, “Can I join you girls? At least until I locate the man who is responsible for my father’s death”

The trio looks onto each other with puzzled face. Aya took the initiative and nodded to her, allowing her to join their group. “Sure… we are street racers, but all we did was to support our boyfriend” Aya smiled

“Even Saya has a boyfriend?”

She rolled her eyes to her sister and replied lightly. “I have someone in my mind right now…” Saya nodded, “Something is bothering you?”

“Nope... just wondering if anyone would likely attracted to you, since Saya I knew from childhood is a cocky and snotty brat with bad attitude”

“That was a long, long time ago” Saya shrugs

“So what are we going to do now?” Aya asked

“Let’s go back to San Francisco immediately… I'm sure Steve and Sora are waiting for us, not to mention Kei” Claire smirked

“Okay… I’ll drive to San Francisco and meet up with you guys later” Asuka stands up from her chair

“Wait… I'm sure Kei can do something about that” Saya nodded, “Let me call him first”

The girl called Kei on the house. He is typing on his Macbook, trying to give Steve better settings for his ECU when his landlady called. “Yeah? Yagami here…” he said

“Kei… it’s me” Saya said, “Do you have a friend that deals with air cargo?”

“Yes but, why do you ask?”

“I have a friend who is going over to San Francisco with us and we need her and her car to be delivered fast” Saya nodded, “Can you give me his number?”

“Of course… I’ll send it to you right away”

“Speaking of which, what are you guys doing over there?”

“We are preparing ourselves for tonight’s debut” Kei answered, “What about you girls? Will you come back here right away?”

“Maybe… we’ll see, though” she smiled

“Okay… take care over there and don’t be a stranger”

“Will do… see you guys back home”

“So? What did he say?” Aya asked

“He’ll give me his friend’s number. He will help us with Asuka’s car as well as our transport to San Francisco” she nodded, “Here it is… I’d better give this man a call” She stands up and left the others for awhile as she makes the call. After five minutes of conversation, she is ready to deliver good news. “We are going to leave tonight to San Francisco” she nodded, “I hope you already pack your bags”

“I will do it immediately” Asuka stands up and wears her coat

“Rendezvous with us on 9 PM at JFK International Airport” Saya replied, “Don’t be late”

“I won't” Asuka nodded

After she left, a couple of guys are seen, approaching the tables where the girls are at. “Excuse me, lady… can we take you for a dinner tonight?” one of them asked Saya

She grins and replied lightly. “f**k off, guys…” she said with cold stare, “I don’t have any interest in you”

“Saya!” Aya hissed, “Forgive me for her stingy behavior”

“I'm not stingy… you think I can trust you, approaching our table and asking me out for a dinner?” she shrugged. “What do you guys think this man has in mind?” Saya raised her voice, attracting the other visitor of this place. “This man asks me for a dinner… I don’t know him, and certainly he don’t know me either”

“It’s just a dinner” the man replied, starting to get angry as well

Without warning, Saya quickly grabs the knife, used to cut her sandwich. She points it to the guy’s crotch, surprising the other visitors, as well as Claire and Aya. “I think your ‘little thing’ over here says otherwise” Saya smirked, “What does it want, exactly?”

Clearly, the man felt aroused when he saw her. Her body curve cannot be hidden, even though she wears the leather jacket to conceal her tops. “What this ‘little thing’ standing around for?” she grins, “Want me to stab it?”

The man’s face turned pale. If there is a humiliating thing for a man, that is when their dirty minds are exposed. “Scram off, buddy!” she yelled. After the man runs away with his friend, the other visitors in the place cheered for her bravery. Saya felt that something strange is coming through to her mind. She started to recall the day she and Kei camped together with several other people to train their CQC technique on mountainside. When the two hunted together for food, she remembered that she and Kei encounter some bad guys on their training. “Saya, is something wrong?” Aya asked

“I remembered a bit about Kei” she nodded, “He and I are training our CQC on mountainside when there is a lot of bad guys surround us… looks like they are mountain bandits, wanted by the local sheriff”

“Then what happened?” Claire asked with curiosity

“When Kei takes down several of them, they started to attack me” she recalls the event, “I don’t know how, but my body reacts quickly and fend off those guys who tried to harm us”

“You do that for fun?” Aya asked again

“I don’t remember… all I remember was going out to camp with Kei and several other people from CQC forum” she nodded, “When we beat down several of them, the others came to the rescue, bringing local sheriff and his crew to catch the bandits”

“Sounds like you got yourself into quite an adventure” Claire nodded, “Let us get back to your father’s apartment”

As the sun sets on the west, the day turns into night and the sky gets darker. Stars are blinking one by one on it, followed by the moon, shining on the face of the earth with its pale white looks. At 10 PM, Kei, Scott, Sora, and Steve are ready to set out and go defeat some of local teams, marking their debut as a team in San Francisco. “Okay… this is our debut, so let’s make the best of it” Kei smirked

“What about the house?” Scott asked

“Don’t worry… Rosa and Bertha will take care of it” Kei nodded, “Let’s go, let’s go”

(Night of Fire by Niko - Initial D Selection 3)

The four guys rolled out of the basement and drove towards San Francisco up north. After few hours of long drive, they went to El Camino Del Mar, just east of USS San Francisco Memorial. A lot of street racers gather around on the parking area and they are ready to begin. Kei, Sora, Steve, and Scott parked their car and get out, approaching the racing coordinator. “Hey, we are the Street Kings” Kei said to the man, “We came here for a race”

“Which one of you will participate?” the man asked

“This guy right here” Kei pointed Sora

Sora nodded and steps forward. “I see... well, the race is about to begin. Get into your car and move over to the starting line. We will be racing one lap from her to 34th Avenue, Clemens Street and go back here... the faster man, wins” said the man. Sora walks into his car and ignites the engine. The blue R-tune roared to life, attracting a lot of eyes onto it. Kei approaches him and handed him a Garmin nuvi portable GPS device to help him with the way. “Take this... I’ve highlighted your route” Kei said, “It’s a bit far from here, but you won't get lost, since the route is on the main road”

“Okay...” Sora mounted the GPS on the right side air conditioner vent beside his speedometer, “Let’s go”

Sora lined up his car with the rest of the racers. Subaru Impreza WRX STI, Toyota Supra, and Lancer Evolution X... this should be exciting. “How much will you bet on your friend?” the man asked Kei. Kei smirked, “50 grand”

“You seem pretty confident about that guy” the man replied

“I am... he is the famed Sky King, after all”

Steve and Scott leaned their back on their car, waiting for the race to begin. “How is he holding up?” Steve asked. “Very calm and collected” Kei replied with a smile. Scott saw the blue car launches perfectly, leaving the starting line with the other racers. The Mustang takes the lead quickly with its acceleration. Behind it are the GT-R and the Supra, followed by the Evo. “This GPS is indeed a useful device” Sora thought, shifting up to third gear. Without the clutch pedal, his acceleration bested Supra and Evo behind him, quickly leaving the two cars behind him to bite his dust.

As the racers went closer to Lincoln Park, the roads are starting to get twisty and curvy. This is the best condition for his GT-R; as the Mustang decreases his pace to go around the twisty roads, Sora manages to pass him and takes the lead. “Damn! I got passed! But not for long!” said the Mustang driver. Sora shifted down and floors the throttle pedal to accelerate forward, increasing his gap from the cars behind him. “Okay... I have the lead and I will not screw this up” he said as he increases his pace. The other two cars behind them are struggling to take follow the two cars ahead.

As Sora drifted through the corners towards California Palace of the Legion of Honor, the Mustang is seen drifting as well. The driver however, was not able to control it and drifted wide to the side, hitting the parked car on the side of the road. “Damn it!” said the Mustang driver as he got stuck on the parked car. Sora saw what happened on the back through his rearview mirror and wheezed in relief that he is not the one who crashed on the parked car.
Few minutes later, the winner arrived back at the parking lot. The blue GT-R rolls into the parking area once again, with people cheering and applauding him. Kei takes his winning money and he manages to get 100,000. “That’s huge, man” Scott said. Kei shrugs and explained to them how he did it. “If you get aggressive and bet all the money you have on one single person, they will do the same with the other guys” Kei smiled, “The difference is; the skill of the Sky King is way above this average people. Here’s your shares”

“Get aggressive, huh? Nice mind play, man” Steve shows his palm with his thumb up

Sora parked near his teammates and gets out of the car. “You did good” Kei smiled, “We manages to get 100 grand for betting. Here’s your share”

“Thanks... so what’s next?” Sora asked

“We go home now” Kei answered, “Let us leave in peace and leave them with huge question marks on everyone’s head”

“Okay... let us go back, then” Steve nodded

“I'm sure the informant will give us the heads up tomorrow morning” Kei smirked


Red 911 GT2 is parked alongside the red 380RS and silver Z-tune on the basement. Asuka drives a red colored 997 911 GT2 after she gets into a crash with her NSX-R GT. “This is a nice place you got” Asuka said, “So you drive an NA2 as well…”

“Yes it is… now let us get back upstairs and meet with our friends on the house” Saya nodded, “There is something serious we need to discuss”

Rumors have spread as fast as the wildfire on the forest. People are starting to notice the appearance of new street racing team with Street Kings as their name. With their perfect debut last night, people started to get attracted to them and expect them to come on the other street race meeting. This is just like Kei had predicted- the less info you gave out to the streets, the more interested they become. Kei got a message on 2.30 AM in the morning. When he looks at his iPhone, one name popped on the window. “Oh... Saotome Gin” Kei thought, “Just the guy I expected”

Saotome Gin is the name of his informant. He knows a lot of details about street racing scenes and where they will be held. He supplies information to Kei as his network agent. Kei met the guy when he is street racing with his lightly modified NSX-R, just before he went on the mission from Cliff and Scott two months ago. The guy drives newly introduced 370Z and they met on the Golden Gate Bridge. The two has been keeping contact since then. “A lot of people talked about you and your team. You guys did good last night” Gin said on his message, “More and more people asked about the Street Kings and they are hoping that you guys will show up later tonight at Olympic Golf Club... make sure you get Scott to race, since this one will be a street drift”

Kei nodded and replied his text. “Thanks for the info, man... hope your sister get well soon” Kei typed the message and send it. Kei puts back his iPhone and get back to sleep. However, there is a big ruckus on the living room and he decided to take a look on what’s going on. He opened his door and the girls are back- with another companion. “What the?”

He gets downstairs and approaches them. “Are you sure that you’re quitting?” Sora asked. Skepticism can be heard from his voice. “Oh, Kei... glad you’re awake”

“What’s wrong?”

“This girl was once a police officer for NYPD traffic section” Steve continued, “She appears in front of Sora and Aya not long ago when the two of them are visiting Aya’s father, saying that she will capture all of the street racers”

“Now she says that she is quitting and she will join us for her personal reason” Sora added, “What do you think, Kei? Can we trust her?”

“No idea... reasons can be fabricated and records can be faked. Saya, what do you think?”

“I don’t know... that is why I'm bringing her to you” Saya shrugs

Asuka is very surprised when she heard what Saya just said. She smiled and explains her reason of bringing her here. “So you brought me back along to interrogate me? Is that is, Saya?”

“Funny, isn’t it? I'm not naïve enough to trust you just like that...” Saya giggled, “That is why I'm bringing you to these guys”

“I see... well even if you interrogate me, I will say nothing since I'm here on my own free will” Asuka exhaled. Saya nodded and walk towards her. “Asuka, let me tell you one thing- if you plan to stab us on the back, I will not hesitate to shot you with my trusty M92FS over here”

As she pointed her shiny M92FS to Asuka’s head as she smiled to her, while Aya and Claire gasped in surprise. Saya didn’t show anything; neither suspicion nor malice, during their meeting, which means she acted her talk pretty well. “You girls get separated from Sora and Steve because of guys like her and her police officers. The ones who corrupted this fine city is the police” Saya nodded, “If you plan on doing something like that, you are betraying us and our confidence in you... I won't hesitate to kill you”

Asuka close her eyes and nodded solemnly “I understand. If I betrayed you, please do not hesitate to kill me when the time comes”

For some reason, Scott didn’t say anything while his friends are interrogating the girl. What happened to him? Kei notices that he didn’t say anything at all and decided to ask his opinion. “Got anything you wanted to say, Scott?” Kei asked. Scott is startled when he hears Kei said that and decided to keep his mouth shut. “No... Not really” he shakes his head

“I see...” Kei shrugs, “Well go back the sleep, then. It’s still early and you girls need a lot of sleep after long hours of flight”

While everyone gets back to their room, Kei approached Scott to talk more about the suspicious girl. “Keep an eye on her, Scott... I know you have something on that girl that you couldn’t share with us” Kei whispered

“How did you find out?”

“Hey, I befriended you over ten years- I know when something is wrong with your brain” Kei shrugs, “Do you trust her?”

“That is what I ask to myself... she didn’t show anything on her face when she is explaining her current situation” Scott explained, “Just as you said, reasons can be fabricated and records can be faked- expression can also be used to deceive others”

“We’ll check her car in the early morning for bug or transmitter devices” Kei nodded, “Get some rest for now”

As Scott walked back to his room, Saya is still sitting on the living room couch. Looks like she is waiting for him to finish talking with Scott. “Kei, can I talk to you for a second?” Saya asked, “Come over here...”

“Sure... what is it?” Kei follows her to her room

She takes out a paper bag, with a lot of clothes inside it. She takes it out one by one and showed it to him. “Here, I bought you something from New York... few long sleeved shirts and hooded jacket” she smiled, “Try it on, I want to see it”

“Okay...” Kei takes off his t-shirt and put on all of the shirts she bought for him. He tried all colors of the shirt- red, pale blue, blue, white, black, and grey. All of them fit well into him. “It feels nice...”

“What about the jacket?”

Kei puts it on and showed it to her. “Hm... it looks good on you” she said, “Keep it and wear it, okay?”

“Okay…” Kei nodded

Kei smiled and she could remember something similar happened few months ago. She got back home, looking all excited from the Stonestown Galleria shopping mall. “Hey, Kei! Look what I have for you” she said with a huge smile on her face. “Taa-daa!”

“Oh, a black jeans jacket” Kei said

“This is for you... come on, try putting it on” she said

“For me? Sure, I’ll put it on”

After Kei puts it on, he felt really cool wearing it. “Heeh... this is nice to wear and it gives me some sort of secret agent feeling”

“There we go again... too much NCIS: LA for you”

“Is it? Ahahahaha” Kei laughs

“Saya? Is there something wrong?” Kei asked

“Hm? Oh, I was just remembering something” she smirked, “Well, time for me to get my beauty sleep... see you later, Kei”

“Okay... good night, then”

(Holding My Thoughts in My Heart by Uematsu Nobuo - Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtracks)

Kei couldn’t get back to sleep since he is wide awake now. He has only one thing in his mind right now and that is Saya. Did she really forget about him? Did she fake it to tease Kei? Seeing her sudden behavioral change, Kei assumed she did forget him. It’s no use to cry over spilt milk and Kei had already decided that is for the best, as long as she remembers her sister Aya and her real parents. Saya is no different as well. She couldn’t sleep, thinking about Kei a lot. Even though her memories about him are completely gone, she tried her best to put the piece back together of her memories with him. She remembered some of it, but she draws completely blank when she tried to remember who he was from the beginning. All she remembered is, he is a guy that introduces himself at the airport and he is her roommate on her big house. No more, maybe less. She went to her studying desk and opens her laptop. She inputs the password and sighed as she takes a look on the screen. She deletes all of the diary record and decided to write from the beginning, with her present memory- as Kisaragi Saya, not Mariko Saya.

Kei gets back out from his room and approaches the door next to his- Saya’s room. When he’s about to knock on it, he hesitates for a moment, holding his right palm. He is confused and didn’t know what to do. Is it better for him if things stay like this and start all over again? Or should he help her with her memories about him? He leaned his back on the wall and exhaled lightly. It feels hurt to be forgotten and he knows it; hollow pain and suffocating feeling on his chest. He enters back his room and shuts the door. Saya decided to take a glass of cold chocolate milk from the kitchen. When she stumbled across Kei’s door room, she wanted to knock on it but she hesitates as well. Is it alright for her to forget him just like that? Did he angry and hates her for it? With that thoughts on her head, she cancel her intend and leave him be on his room. She walks to the kitchen, seeing his image on the kitchen with her from the other night, teasing him and seducing him with her sexy body. She giggled and she remembers one more thing about him. She opens the fridge and pours the cold chocolate milk to her black Honda Racing mug. “Pour me some as well” Aya said

Saya smirked when she heard her voice. She takes a purple mug and pours it. She hand it over to her and the two sits on the kitchen table, drinking the milk together. “Can't sleep?” Aya asked. “Not really, I was just writing on my diary when I feel thirsty for a nice cold chocolate milk” Saya shrugged. Aya knew that Saya always ended her day with writing on her diary. It is her usual habit from their childhood. “You write diary as well before you remember who I was?” Aya asked again. Saya nodded in reply. “Old habits die hard. I don’t know how, but I always remembered to write it”

The two giggled as they sip the milk on their mug. Sora couldn’t asleep as well, so he decided to check up on the girls at the kitchen. “What’s wrong, Sora? Couldn’t sleep?” Aya asked, seeing her boyfriend walked towards the fridge

Sora nodded as he scratches his head, “Is there anything to be eaten?” he asked. Saya walk towards the fridge and takes a big plastic jar, full of Pringles potato chips. “Here” she said as she gave the jar to him, “Eat it”

Sora takes the jar and nodded to her, “Thanks...”

Rosa walks into the kitchen and speaks with Saya. “Señorita Saya, hay un paquete de señor Yagami” she said, “Su caja de cambios ha llegado”

“What is she saying?” Sora asked

“She said that Yagami’s gearbox package has arrived...”

Kei is walking towards the kitchen when Rosa is talking with Saya. When he enters the kitchen, Rosa immediately told him about the package. “Señor Yagami, el paquete de la caja de cambios ha llegado” Rosa nodded. Kei nodded and replied lightly, “Gracias, Rosa”

“You’re buying a gearbox?” Sora asked

“Yeah... sequential gearbox package from Getrag” Kei nodded as he takes a glass of water, “Custom made order from few months back. Now, since I can't sleep, I'm going to install it right now”

Kei drinks up his water and puts back his yellow colored plastic glass on the fridge and went to the storage house, where Rosa puts the package. He then picks up a small trolley and puts the heavy looking crate to the trolley and drags it to the basement. Sora approaches him, asking for his help. “Need a help?” he asked. Kei shrugs and smirked a bit. “Sure…”

On the kitchen, Aya and Saya stares at each other before the two continued their conversation. “Remembered something more about him?” Aya asked. Saya nodded in reply, “I have actually… first, I was the one who gave him his black jeans jacket and second, I tempted him using my charm and sexiness to tease him yesterday” she giggled, “That is quite fun, in fact”

“Really?” Aya grins

She smiled and nodded lightly. “You know, Aya… we are a twin and I kind of have a liking towards him” Saya shrugs, “What about you? Being a twin, our mind and taste shouldn’t be that much different”

“Sora ask me the same thing yesterday” Aya shrugs, “Well, I met him first and I don’t find Kei’s laidback attitude and carefree behavior amusing, attractive, or charming in particular. Besides if I do like him, would you share the one you love with your sister? Even though our childhood motto was what’s mine is yours, on this one... I don’t think it’ll be applicable”

“I don’t mind” Saya smirked


“On second thought... maybe not” Saya rolled her eyes as she thought about it out aloud


“Well… if you spent a few serious moments with him, I'm sure you’ll find him attractive” Saya finishes her cold milk, “If I remember everything about him, I'm sure I’ll fall in love with him completely”

“I wish you luck” Aya nodded

“Well, I'm going to help him with the gearbox” Saya smirked, “Want to help out as well, sis?”

Aya nodded and finishes her chocolate milk. “Right behind you”

The two went to the basement, finding Kei and Sora already disassembled the manual gearbox. The car is lifted with a hydraulic lift and the owner of the silver NSX-R is tinkering with the gearbox underneath it. “Need extra hands?” Saya smiled as she walks toward the two with Aya. Kei obviously didn’t listen. He didn’t gave any reply or answer to her question. “Kei, Saya is asking a question to you” Sora said. Still no answer from the guy. When Saya takes a peek underneath the car, finding he is listening to the music with his iPod Touch. “What the? He listens to iPod?” Sora scratches his head

Saya smirked as she recalls the event yesterday, when the two went for a jog. He is listening to his iPod Touch when Saya called him on a bicycle, kicking him on the butt because he did not answer her calling. “That is his habit… whenever he is working hard, he usually listens to music on his iPod Touch” Saya nodded, “I remembered one more thing about him”

“What?” Kei gets out from underneath the car

“We want to help” Aya said

“Sure… be my guest” Kei nodded

“Are you sure? This time we don’t have a mechanic to help us out with the installation” Sora shrugs

“Nah… I specially requested for a plug and play gearbox” Kei replied, “Dot worry… let’s do it”

Saya opens the crate, containing a full set of sequential gearbox for his NSX-R. She and Aya carefully get it out and puts on a small hydraulic table. “Okay, we’re all set” Saya said. Sora is taking off the bolts on the housing of the manual gearbox. After he is done, he and Kei put it down slowly and installed the sequential gearbox. Kei secures the mounting and the housing bolts to the engine, tightening it. Everything is done and now it’s time to re-set the ECU to adapt with the new gearbox. Sora is installing the gear indicator with the help of the instruction manual, while Kei is typing on his Macbook. “How is it?” Aya asked. Sora nodded and exhaled lightly, “It’s done… at least, my part is done”

Kei continues to type on the laptop, calculating all of the timings and settings. “Just a bit more and we’re going to test it out” Kei nodded, “Okay… Sora, ignite the engine” Sora turns the ignition key and the engine came to life, roaring at the basement with high pitch, dry sound. “Shift into first gear” Kei said. Sora puts the shift lever to the right and pulls it backward. The gear indicator changes to first, meaning the indicator and the gearbox is working correctly. “Rev it up” Kei said again

Sora pushes the throttle pedal with his hand and the rear tires spins freely, meaning the gearbox has been installed to the engine correctly. “Alright… it is done. Time to test it out, so I'm going to take it for a stroll now” Kei nodded, “Cut off the engine, Sora… and let us get it back to the ground”

Hearing the loud noise, Scott and Steve wakes up to see what’s going on. “Yo... what’s the ruckus about?” he asked. Kei changes his clothes for something casual and wears his boots as he replied his friend. “I'm going out to test my car” he said, “Wanna come along?”

“Sure... I’ll change my clothes first” Scott nodded

“Mind if I came as well with Claire?” Steve asked

“Sure... why not?”

“What about me?” Asuka added


“We certainly cannot leave you alone in the house; you come with me” Scott replied. Asuka hissed, showing her dislike in the two guys in front of her. “Well that kills the mood to enjoy the night”

He grabs his jacket and put it on as he walk towards the underground parking lot. “Alright… I'm all set” he said to his car, “Let’s go”

Saya leaned her back on the silver NSX-R; looks like she wanted to come along as well. “Yes?” Kei asked. “I want to come along… couldn’t get some sleep after I write my diary” she shrugs, “Can I?”

Kei nodded. He decided to find out more about it, even though he obviously has read it before. “Diary? There are still those things in today’s civilization?”

“Of course… it’s a digital one and I just erased all of the previous record of me, being Mariko Saya” she explained, “I write it all over again, this time as Kisaragi Saya”

“I see… well, please get in” he opened the passenger door

“Thank you, Kei” she sits on the passenger seat and wears the harness

The silver NSX-R, blue R-tune, red M3 and orange M6 gets out of the basement and drives away towards Cabrillo Highway. “Any idea for a place to go, Kei?” Sora asked. Kei nodded and replied lightly as he shifted up the gear. “Golden Gate Bridge” he said, “Let’s go...”

(Urban Noise by Shimomura Yoko - Parasite Eve Original Soundtracks)

10 AM in the morning, Kei, Sora, Steve, and Scott went to look around tonight’s place for street drifting. The place for street drift is at the parking lot of Olympic Golf Club. “So this is the place, huh? Parking lot?” Scott asked. Kei nodded as he looks around the roads for tonight’s drift. The road looks good enough for him to slide his car easily. “What do you think, Scott?”

“I think this will be a cinch... Wonder what kind of set-up they will be using tonight...” Scott thought aloud

Kei is driving his silver GE8 Fit and the others are tagging along with him. He specifically mentioned that the cars for street racing cannot be used on broad daylight, since it’s going to attract a lot of unwanted attention- from local street racers or police officers, patrolling the roads. A sound of tuned V6 is drawing closer and closer to the school. “Ah… he is here” Kei looks at the incoming grey 370Z. As the driver of the grey car parked beside the silver GE8, the driver steps out of it and approach the guys. “What’s up, Kei?” the driver asked

“How are you doing, Gin?” Kei replied, “Everyone, meet Grey Energy- Saotome Gin. He is my informant for street racing scenes around here and he knows everything about the streets around here, like the back of his hands”

“How are you guys doing?” Gin bows to them

“These are my friend on Street Kings, Gin… Ninomiya Sora, Steve Blackburn, and Fujima Scott” Kei introduces them to him

“How are you?” Sora replied

“Nice to meet you” Steve nodded

“What’s up?” Scott grins

“I guess you received my text message about street drifting here” said Gin as he looks around the roads for tonight’s street drifting. “What do you think?”

“I think this will suffice for Scott… he is the one who will do the drift with his M6” Kei replied, “How is you sister and your mother?”

“They are fine… the experimental medication is working nicely” Gin explained, “I should be grateful”

“That’s good to hear… what are you up to these days?”

“I'm going to move out of town for awhile… you know, looking for more racing scenes away from here” Gin smiled

“Well, don’t forget to share the info, man” Kei smiled back, “Take care of yourself…”

“I will forward the text message about the racing scenes for the next few months… do your best, everyone” he bows to them

“Okay… I hope your mother and your sister get well soon”

“Thanks” Gin replied as he gets onboard his car and drives off

After Gin left the place, Kei and the others need to go someplace else. “What do you think of him?” Kei asked the others

“He is a great guy and looks pretty skilled” Sora replied

“Oh yes he is…” Kei smirks, “Just wait until you guys race him… well, let us go to the meeting place”

The boys hop onboard the silver GE8 and drives to the empty warehouse on the east of San Francisco; the same place they used for skirmish two days ago. Saya demanded a rematch, with all new team; Aya, Saya, Claire, and Asuka. The boys are trying to come up with some sort of plan to defeat them. “Man… this time we have Asuka, who is also an expert of firearms” Sora said, “What should we do?”

“Speaking of Asuka, how is her 911? Does it have any bug on it?” Steve asked

“Nope... after we get back from testing our car, I didn’t detect any on it” Kei nodded

“That’s a relief, then” Scott sighed

“How can you be relieved? What about now, man? Steve remarked, “Keroro Shotai will have to come up with something”

“You guys are starting to enjoy this as well, didn’t you?” Scott frowned

“Oh, sorry” Steve wheezed

“We will apply the tactic we used on Tokyo, few days ago” Kei said as he turns the car into the main road, “We will lure them towards us and intercept them, without wasting much of our ammo”

“So… your wife and Asuka will be the main target?” Scott asked

“Ouch!” Scott holds his head. After smacking his head, Kei explain the tactics carefully. “Aya and Claire must not be taken lightly” Kei said, “They must’ve been training seriously right now and probably be as good as Asuka or Saya… remember, Aya and Saya are twins, and they shares a common understanding about each other”

“So how are we going to deal with them?” Sora looks worried

“We will try to intercept them from behind… hide as long as possible and try to ambush them if we can” Kei sighed, “I tell you, this is going to be a hard battle to win”

“Even US Air Force sergeant said that… we’re doomed” Steve loses his courage

“I didn’t say that we would lose, right? Just follow my lead and you’ll stay alive” Kei grins wickedly

“This is bad…” everyone started to think of the worst to happen

“By the way, Sora… what happened to your necklace and ring?”

“I gave it to Saya and she exchanged it with the one Aya wears. My initial is the same as her initial, so it’s a perfect fit. She wanted the same pair of jewelry Aya has, so I decided to give her mine” Sora explained, “It’s okay… I can always bought another for me and Aya”

“I see… how much did the jewelry cost you?”

“It’s okay, no problem…” Sora shakes his head, “I don’t mind”

“Okay… if you say so” Kei nods, “Maybe we can get the same kind of ring as them?”

“I doubt it… I bought it from the jewelry store on Sendai” Sora replied, “You remember the race over there, right?”

“Of course… how could I forget? I have to sacrifice my victory to haul your asses” Kei rolled his eyes, “No worries, though… I'm just there to watch over you guys anyway”

“We’ve arrived on the death’s door” Steve said as he saw the entrance gate of the warehouse

“Alright… grab your gear, let’s go” Kei smiled in excitement

Ten minutes of preparation, Kei, Sora, Steve, and Scott are ready. Saya, Saya, Claire, and Asuka are already waiting for them. “Okay, guys... ready to lose?”


“What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue, Kei?” Saya grins

“Not really… I was wondering how will I babysit these clowns” Kei stares at his teammate, “I see you got yourself another M9 handgun”

“Thanks to you… my M93R broke yesterday, so I bought this earlier from the shop” she explained, “Okay… Femme Fatale, move out”

Aya, Claire, and Asuka followed their leader and went towards their posts. Kei turns his back and face his teammates, psyching them up for the rough battle ahead. “This will be a tight one, guys… Giroro Gocho, Dororo Heicho, Kururu Socho!” Kei replied, “Keroro Shotai, move out!”

“Ha!” all of them salutes their leader and follows him to their post. Kei smirks happily, while the rest of his teammates are annoyed by his method of giving out the codenames. However, they cannot decline it and decided to stick with it and tries to enjoy every bit of it, because their ‘survival’ depends on their leader. Here is the list of the guns each person uses:
1. Sora uses USP .45 with Surefire flashlight attachment and FA-MAS sub-machine gun
2. Aya uses M9 and MP5A5 with Surefire flashlight attachment
3. Steve uses Glock 21 and AK47
4. Claire uses Sig Sauer P229R and P90
5. Scott uses Walther P99 and SPAS-12
6. Asuka uses Walther PPK and Scar-L with laser sight
7. Saya uses M92FS, replacing her broken M93R and M4A1 with scope and Surefire flashlight attachment
8. Kei uses M1911 with laser sight attachment, and M4A1 with laser sight

Five minutes later, they are ready in their posts. “Okay… we will initiate the battle now. Over and out” Saya said from the radio. The girls have made their move, and they will be the attacking team. Instead of waiting at the roof, Kei leads his teammates and tried his best to keep them alive and well. As he saw the rusted barrel and hard-cardboard box on the side of the building, he got an idea and decided that his team should exploit it to their advantage. “Barrels and cardboards… let’s use it” Kei nodded as he approaches the stuffs. Saya and the others are busy, trying to figure out where the guys went. They search the empty warehouses one by one, finding nothing but stacked empty containers, boxes, and barrels. “Where are they?” she thought to herself, “I see what they are up… looks like they are going to ambush us on the last warehouse… proceed with caution, girls” As the girls left the warehouse, Kei, Sora, Steve, and Scott hold out their laugh in excitement. They managed to fool them and blend with their surroundings. “Alright, boys… let’s follow them” Kei nodded.

Keroro Shotai keeps their distances from Femme Fatale to avoid open fire, since they will be at total disadvantage if it were to happen. Kei told them to wait and maintain position, since Aya and Claire are patrolling the exterior of the warehouse. Kei and Sora will try to ambush them, without wasting their ammo or alerting Saya and Asuka. The two waits behind the corner, waiting for Aya and Claire to pass them by. As their shadows getting nearer and nearer, Kei pops out from the corner and quickly moves to their backside. “Don’t move…” Kei whispered. Sora appeared in front of them, pointing his FA-MAS towards the two girls. “We got beautiful girls as our POW” Sora said, “Your fate is in my hands, Aya… I have your life”

“Damn!” Aya grits her teeth in frustration. Their hands are tied up and they will act as shields for Sora and Steve. “You know…” Sora said, “You look very hot with those plastic handcuffs, Aya” Aya blushed when he said that. Kei in the other hand feels chill down to his spine, indicating that his teammate has some sort of dysfunctional mind and taste. “Dude, you’re nasty” Kei replied. At the warehouse, Saya and Asuka saw no sign of their teammates, meaning the two are probably get caught or dead. “…” Asuka spins her head in wonder, “That Yagami Kei… he is amazing indeed. Without competent men, he still managed to caught our two of our members”

“Yep… he is Keiroro Gunso, after all” Saya giggled, “Alright… this means we have to proceed with more caution and let us try to rescue Aya and Claire… if they are still alive, that is”

“You are very cruel, even to your own sister”

“She knows that she cannot be a burden to our unit” Saya explained, “We have to avenge them, so they could rest in peace”

“This is just a game, you know” Asuka sighed with pale face

The two leaves the warehouse and tried to locate their missing teammates. Meanwhile, Sora and Steve are enjoying themselves. They feel at ease, knowing they have a living shield in front of them. “Americans… they are all the same. You shoot women as well?” Aya asked Kei

“I'm a nomad- I will do anything necessary to keep my unit alive”

“Hush up, now” Sora gagged his girlfriend to prevent her from screaming, alerting the rest of their teammates. “I will kick your ass later for this, Sora” Aya said. “Sorry…” Sora kisses her cheek, preventing her to get even angrier. “Ssssh!” Kei hushed all of them, “Fall back, fall back”

Scott, Steve, and Sora moves backward to avoid the conflict with the incoming girls in front of them. They are just around the corner and they are approaching- fast. Aya and Claire saw this as an opportunity to make a run for it and have their attention. “Mmmph!” Claire groaned loudly. Saya heard the groans and she runs immediately to the scene, finding Aya and Claire, gagged and dragged from behind. Aya kicked Sora’s leg, while Claire stomps Steve’s foot and make a run for it. “Ah!” Sora yelled

“Damn it!” Steve said as he tried to grab Claire

“Can't you guys do anything right?!” Kei gets out from the corner of the warehouse, “Shoot them!”

The open fire is inevitable. The boys are trying their hardest to shoot the girls in front of them, who have better skills in shooting people.


The girls managed to get into safety, while Sora and Steve are hit on their shoulder. “Damn! I don’t believe this” Kei said, “You guys lost the hostage?”

“Sorry, Gunso… they were too good” Steve groaned, “We’ll do better next time”

Suddenly, Saya appeared out of nowhere and started to fire at them, along with Asuka, Aya, and Claire- looks like they are determined to have a revenge on their capturers. “Eat this you maggot!” Saya said with a huge smile on her face

“Die! Die!! Die!!!” Asuka shoots everything in front of them


Kei rolled into the warehouse, followed by all of his teammates. “Tch!” Sora exhaled as he avoids the hailing bullets

“We have to move away for now, go, go, go!” Steve said as he runs away

“You’re not going anywhere!” Saya shoots him from the back, without any luck of hitting him, since he quickly hides behind the wall. “Weee! You can’t hit me” Kei sticks out his head from behind the wall and sticks out his tongue, teasing Saya who failed to hit him with the bullets. Seeing his head, Saya quickly switches to her sidearm- her M92FS and shoots Kei.


Kei avoids the bullets and tease her once more. “Weeek!” Kei sticks out his tongue

The boys and the girls are regrouping. Once again, they hide and blend with their surroundings. Waiting and waiting for the girls to approach them, the boys are starting to feel bored. “Man, where are they?” Sora thought aloud. Suddenly, one of the blond lass is seen, looking to the interiors of the warehouse across their hiding place. “Ssssh” Kei hushes them, “They are here…”

“What are we going to do, Gunso?” Scott asked

“We wait… and we’ll ambush them when the time is right” Kei nodded

The girls enter their hiding place leisurely, lowering their guard, thinking that they are the only ones inside this warehouse. “We caught them off guard” Steve holds his laugh

“Wait a minute… wait…”

“Seems that no one is here… let’s check the next set of warehouse” Asuka nods

The moment they turned their backs and heads outside, Kei and the others get out from their hiding place and moves slowly towards them. When the distance is close enough, they push the muzzle of their weapon towards the back of the girls. “Check mate…” Kei smiled as he takes off his mask and helmet, “You girls lost”

“Damn it! I should’ve trusted my instinct” Saya grits her teeth in frustration, “I know they were hiding someplace here”


Later that night, everyone is gathering around the street drifting place in the parking lot of Olympic Golf Club, located in the center of San Francisco. Scott is lining up his orange M6 with the black RX7 as he shifted to the first gear and holds out the brake pedal to launch perfectly. As the linesman sways his hands, the race has begun. Kei, Sora, and Steve are waiting at the side of the road, watching his race with the black RX7. “How will he fare up with this black RX7?” Sora asked

“He’s going to win, no worries… 100,000 on the orange M6” Kei said as he hands over their pool of money to the linesman, “Scott is better than the driver of that RX7”

The parking lot has been turn into a mini circuit for drifting, with the help of the plastic cones around the lot. There are long straight lines continued to 180 degree sharp turn or big and wide corners to let the drifters rack up their points, mainly to show off their skills of drifting their car to the side. The winner of this drift battle is not the only one who crosses the finish lane first, but also the one who manages to score great points from the cheering crowd- the louder they go, the bigger the points. Scott is having a good time, playing his trick from behind the black RX7. Sure his car is heavier than the Mazda, but his way of sliding and turning from corners to corners inspired the crowd, cheering loudly for him in this battle.

The parking lot was also splashed with water to make it even more interesting. Cars will initiate their drift easier, even though it’s going to be more difficult to control them. “Will he win, Kei?” Steve asked, “That RX7 is better than he is”

“Nah… wait and see. That is why we’re waiting over here, on the biggest corner of this place” Kei nodded, “Trust me…”

The mentioned orange M6 and the black RX7 appeared in front of them, ready to hit the big corner with high speed. The lighter RX7 has the lead, but the orange M6 is following closely. As the black Mazda turn into the corner, he kicks the clutch and initiate a great drift. Scott follows his trail and turning as hard as he can as he keeps his foot planted on the throttle pedal. Being lighter, the Mazda drifted successfully but there is a nasty upcoming for him. The driver spin out of control since he kicks the throttle pedal overly aggressive while Scott eases his throttle and steers away to avoid the spinning Mazda. Seeing the orange M6 safely passes the black RX7, the crowd cheered harder and louder. The Mazda hits the traffic cone in front of Kei, Steve, and Sora, while the three runs away, avoiding the spinning car. “Damn man!” Sora jumps away from the black car. Scott and his orange M6 pass the finish lane and are greeted by the cheering crowd. The linesman hand over the betting money to Kei, pushing them one step closer towards the world’s urban legend.

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TRIUMPH!!! The story just keeps getting better and better

Thx for using my character REX :) I have a feeling that Gin will be like a premature Fujiwara Bunta.

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Alright, after I got into a side track, thanks to my drawing project, here is the third act... enjoy!

ACT 3: Troubled Family

(The Fourth Avenue Café by L'Arc~En~Ciel - True)

For the last four months, Kei, Steve, Sora, and Scott are doing a great job on San Francisco. April is already here and Street Kings are already well known in the San Francisco to be one of the best newcomer team and everyone is starting to recognize them. With Sora and Steve doing the sprint and street circuit respectively, while Scott does the street drifting, racking up the reputation and fame as well as money every time they show up. The spring is here and year 2009 is going to be very busy year for them. The girls are no different as well. Saya and Aya are watching the local restaurant dubbed the Resto, while Asuka and Claire are watching over the clothing store. Yes, Saya owns both of them. Even Sora, Kei, Steve, Scott are helping out as well. Saya is thinking to expand her business, with the help of the profit from her foster father’s company. Even though she doesn’t involve herself in the company, she owns the majority shares from her foster father. “How is last night?” Saya asked Kei who helped her with taking the payment from customers.

Kei smiled happily as he nodded to answer her question. “It went pretty well, if I say so myself” Kei nodded, “I think it’s time for me to start going to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and so forth”

“Well, good for you” Saya nodded back, “I'm glad that you are making a huge progress”

“Thank you for the support…”

“How is the R35 spec-V you bought for Sora?”

“He likes it very much… unlike my NSX-R, Steve’s M3 GTR, and Scott’s M6, his car is practically violates the emission regulation” Kei explained, “So does Aya’s Z-tune…”

“Yeah, she was thinking to get another car as well…” Saya added, “Don’t know what will it be, though”

“I bet that she’s going to get an R35 as well… what do you think?”

Saya and Kei stares at the girl with her boyfriend on the kitchen. The two is seen cooking for lunch with Bertha’s help. “Not sure… maybe yes, maybe no” she shrugs, “Well, I’d better check out the kitchen supplies” she smiled

Seeing that no customer is left on the restaurant, Kei intended to ask Saya about something. “Saya…” he said

“Hm? Yes?” she takes a good look at him

“Come here for a second…”

Kei takes her hand and leads her to the empty table on the corner of the restaurant, away from people on the kitchen. “What is it?” she wondered aloud

“I… ah…”

“You’re not going to ask me for a sex here, aren’t you?”

Kei blushed and surprised when he heard that. He spins his head in panic and denies it immediately. “No, no… that is not what I have in my mind…”

“Okay… you want to kiss me?”

The questions she threw at him, was practically a joke to tease him and makes him panic. Kei is a very shy person when it comes to these kinds of questions. “Not exactly… I almost forgot that I have eight tickets for the cinema” Kei explained, “A friend of mine gave it to me earlier and I was wondering if you could go with me… Do you have plans for tonight?”

“I don’t… what is the movie about?”

“It’s Fast & Furious… one of the most anticipated movie to come out this year”

“Interesting… I’ll go with you, then” Saya nodded, “What about the rest of the tickets?”

“I was planning to give it to Sora and the others…”

“That is a great idea… tonight’s going to be one interesting quadruple date” he giggled, “This should be fun…”

“I had nothing better to do, and my friend suddenly gave me all of his ticket for the movie… so I think this might be a good chance to go out with you”

“Oh, really?”

“I'm serious”

“I feel honored to go out with the Highway Jet, leader of the Street Kings”

“Okay, stop… you’re making me blush again here”

“Hehehe… I’d like to see that, actually” she exhaled lightly

The atmosphere turns weird and awkward suddenly. Kei didn’t know what else to say, and neither did Saya. “Erh… this is awkward” Kei scratches his head. Saya gets up from her chair and turns around towards the kitchen. “Wait…”

“Yes?” she asked

He takes a look at her and she looks at him back. Her beautiful sapphire blue eyes captivates him, paralyzing his body and making his mind goes blank. “What is it, Kei?” she smiled. He opens his mouth slowly and forces the words to come out from it. “Are you serious about the kiss earlier?”

Saya smiled and Kei smiled bitterly, knowing that she only wants to tease him. “Hm? I was just kidding with you” she giggled, “It’s kind of fun to tease you around, you know”

“Ah… I should’ve known” Kei wheezed

“Hahaha” she laughs, “Got you again, Kei”

“Hey, guys… lunch is ready” Sora said as he looks at the two

“Come on, let’s eat” Aya added

“Be right there in a minute” Saya said to them

Not long after, a black E87 BMW 120i parked beside the yellow FD2 Civic type-R on the parking lot in front of the restaurant. For daylight activity, Scott drives 120i with Steve, while Kei drives FD2 with Sora. It is undercover cars, used to mingle and blend with the others, especially when their cars attract a lot of street racers. The four occupants of the black 120i get off and walk toward the restaurant. When the door chime rings, all of them enter the place. “What’s wrong? You girls close the clothing store early” Saya asked

“We decided to close early, since most of the stocks will come on tomorrow morning” Claire explained

“It seems the clothing company you ordered had some problem with the re-stock schedule” Asuka added, “They had a collision of the delivery schedule, so we told Rosa to go home and take the rest of the day off”

“I see… I thought I already told them not to be late with the delivery” Saya looks exhaled, “Oh well, you guys did well anyway… thanks for you hard work”

“Where is Sora and Aya?” Steve asked

“They are in the back, preparing lunch for us” Kei replied, “Come on. By the way Steve, how is your order of 1098 and YZF-R1 going?”

“The R1 will be delivered later this afternoon and the 1098 will be delivered tomorrow” Steve nodded, “Finally! I have my own motorbike as well”

“Kei, some people from Aprilia called yesterday… your RSV-4 will be delivered today as well” Scott added

“Haha… this is great! One more bike joins my family” Kei smirked

“What about that Impreza you won last night?” Sora asked

Kei won a Subaru Impreza WRX STI last night. It is the brand new hatchback version of the car, which is used for the Fast & Furious movie they’re going to watch at the cinema tonight. “Hm? I don’t know… I’ll keep it for awhile since it is still brand new” Kei nodded, “Maybe we’re going to need it in the near future”

Later that night, the four couple went to the cinema and watches the movie. Fast & Furious is a popular movie and a lot of people watching it. The story takes place before the events of Tokyo Drift, telling what happened to Brian and Dom, before Dom appears in Japan to challenge Sean, the new Drift King in the end of the movie. For the four couple, the movie is very entertaining, especially Sora- his favorite R34 made an appearance as the hero car. “Oh wow… this is great! My car is over there!” Sora said

“Sssh!” Kei hushes him, blocking his mouth with his left hand. On the story, Letty is dead, killed by a goon of Mexican drug kingpin. Everyone who watches it was very devastated, since she is one of the essential characters for the series. There is a moral message as well on that movie; spent your time carefully with the one you loved, before she is gone. The team is taking the message seriously, especially Kei. The movie runs about one hour and forty-seven minutes. After the movie is done, it’s time to get something to eat for dinner. When they are leaving the cinema, Sora cannot stop talking about how great the GT-R on the movies goes. “Man… seeing that movie made me realize just how great my GT-R was!” Sora laughs

“You keep on saying that over and over again… I don’t know how much you said that already” Scott spins his head

A man in his late twenties heard their entire conversation. He then decided to tag along as well. “You guys are local street racers?” he asked

“More or less, yeah? Why do you asked?” Steve asked back. The man nodded to them and introduces himself. “My name is Octavian… Octavian Sorenson” he nodded, “This is my name card”

Octavian Sorenson is a tall, young American-African man with dreadlock hair. With simple shirt and jeans, and an old camera hanging on his neck, people could tell right away that he is a struggling artist. “Octavian Sorenson… the amazing artist” Kei reads the description of his name card, “Are you a photographer?”

“Yes sir” he smiled, “Please call me if you wanted to take photo of your cars or if you guys wanted to take photo for your pre-wedding”

Aya blushed when she heard the pre-wedding photo. “You guys are couples, yes?” he asked

“More or less, yeah…” Kei nodded, “But we’re nowhere near married life, though”

“We’ll be sure to call you when that time comes. Right, Sora?” Steve pats Sora’s shoulder, with him blushing hard. “Ye, yeah…” he nodded

“What team you guys are in?”

“Street Kings” Kei answered

“Street Kings?!” he gasped

His expression already tells everything about the popularity and the reputation of the Street Kings. Knowing who they are, it is safe to say that he is a major gearhead himself. “Are you really the Street Kings?” he asked. Saya smiled to him, explaining everything to him. “Oh yes they are” Saya nodded, “This is the Highway Jet with his silver NSX-R, he is Sky King with his R35 spec-V, the Asphalt King with his M3 GTR, and lastly Drifting Wanderer with his M6”

“I never thought that I will meet you guys” he said in excitement, “Will you join the street race on Friday night at Marina Green Drive?”

“That is the plan… Why do you asked?”

“I surely will put my money on you guys!” he said with a big smile, “See you Friday, then” He left the team with a lot of question marks on everyone’s head, especially Kei. “What a peculiar guy” Asuka said, “There is something wrong with him”

“His camera says it all…” Claire said, “He is a great photographer”

“How can you tell?” Steve asked

“His camera is old, but it was used correctly and it gave out some kind of atmospheric sense of greatness on it” she scratches her head. Asuka smirked, doubting her explanation. “Really?” Asuka asked

“It is… somehow, I pity that guy” Claire nodded, “I’d like to see what kind of pictures he takes, though”

Kei had something else crossing his mind. He exhaled lightly as he leads everyone outside the building. “Well, it’s late… let’s get something to eat” Kei nodded. As the four couple steps outside, Kei decided to hit the toilet for awhile. “Guys… go on ahead, I need to go to the toilet for awhile” he said, “Sorry!”

He runs off, leaving them to walk towards the parking lot. Saya exhaled lightly as she remembered all of those cans of Coca-Cola he drank while watching the movie, which of course, have to be taken out from his body eventually.

Kei exhaled gladly as he finished peeing at the urinal. He then washes his hands and went outside the toilet. He then saw something happened to the earlier guy they saw; Octavian. He is being yelled at by three Chinese guys. From their looks and how they talked to him, they are loan shark that is draining his money with sky high interest. “What are you doing here?! Do you want me to sell your daughter and your wife to pay your debts, huh?”

“No, please don’t do that, sir!” he begged them

“So stop taking crappy pictures like this and do your job correctly” the man said, “Let’s go!”

His bag is thrown off to the trash bin and he reluctantly follows them. After they left, Kei searches the bag and found a lot of scenery picture around San Francisco on that bag. “He is good… how did he end up with those loan sharks anyway?” Kei wondered, “I will take this bag, who knows I’ll meet him some other time” He walks out of the cinema, towards the parking lot where everyone is already waiting. “Where’ve you been, man? What took you so long?”

“All those cola takes toll on my pee” Kei frowned, “Well, what do you girls wanted to eat?”

“I want to try and eat some of those Italian restaurant… they served a lot of good pasta” Scott smiled

“He didn’t ask you” Steve chops his head

“Hahaha… Sorry” Scott sticks his tongue out as Steve chops his head

“I wanted to eat more of the cooking on Resto” Asuka nodded, “What do you girls say?”

“That idea is even better.. So what do you guys say?” Aya asked

“No problemo… I could eat a horse anyway” Sora sighed in hunger

“Well, looks like this dude is going to pass out anytime now… let’s hit the Resto and get something to eat” Kei nodded as he unlocks his FN2 Civic type-R

Fifteen minutes later, all of them arrived at the Resto. Some of the cooks are cooking on the kitchen as the workers cleaned out the lounge area and started to close the restaurant, meaning they arrived just in time to eat their cooking. “Oh, Miss Saya” said one of the waitress, “Would you like to eat something?”

“Yes, please” Saya nodded

The cook handed out some of the plates to the table and serves her cooking to everybody. “Please enjoy” said the female cook as she smiled to them

“Thanks” Sora immediately digs in. He is indeed starving.

When Kei is about to eat, he saw a young woman outside the restaurant. She is staring at the Resto, watching everybody that is eating nice warm food on the table. Kei stands up and approaches the door. As Kei gets closer and closer to the door, she is afraid and decided to make a run for it. Kei immediately opens the door and calls her. “Please, don’t be afraid… do you want something to eat as well?”

“Yes… please, I haven’t eat anything since yesterday” she nodded

“Please come in…” Kei allows her to get into the Resto, “Guys, one more plate please” All of them eat altogether and after they finished eating, the girl bows to them, saying thank you for the food. “Thank you very much…” she nodded, “My name is Maria, and this is my daughter Casey”

Maria is a beautiful American-African woman with curled hair and thin body. Even though she is beautiful, she looks troubled, not to mention frail and sick. “What are you doing this late, Maria?” Steve asked

“I’ve been on the run since three days ago” she explained

When she tells her story, her daughter cried loudly. Looks like she is hungry as well. “Do you have some kind of milk on your bag?” Aya asked

“No I don’t… she is fine, don’t worry” she nodded, “Ssssh… ssssh… Ssssh… don’t cry, baby girl”

“I will go buy something for her… stay here, okay?” Steve gets up from his chair

“I’ll come with you” Claire nodded and follows him to the grocery store

“Do you have a toilet here?” Maria asked

“It’s on the back” Saya nodded

“Can you hold her for a second, mister?” she handed over her baby to Kei. Kei nodded and hugs the baby in his arms, “Sure…”

The baby smiled when she saw Kei’s face. Seeing her response, he showed his funny faces and expression to amuse her. “Kuchi-boo” Kei smirked as he shows his funny expression

“Mam… mam… mam…” the baby giggled

Saya stands up and sit beside Kei, checking the baby. “She is beautiful, just like you” Saya nodded, “What is her name?”

“She is Casey…” Maria nodded

“Hm… it’s a nice name” Saya replied, “How are you Casey?”

The baby smiled and stretches her tiny arms, trying to touch Saya’s face. “How cute…” Aya said, “I think she likes both of you”

Saya gets her face closer to the baby, touching Casey’s nose with hers. “Hello...” she smiled

“Gagaga!” the baby felt excited when she did that

Maria nodded and smiled happily as she walks to the back. Ten minutes later, Steve and Claire are back with a big can of powder milk. “We’re back!” Claire smiled, “Oh, where is Maria?”

“She is at the toilet” Asuka nodded, “She is taking her time too long…”

“I’ll go and check her out” Aya stands up and walk towards the toilet

“I wonder… who is her father?” Kei thought aloud

“Guys, this is bad! Giselle, where is the woman who is just here earlier?” Aya asked

“She went through the back door” Giselle answered, “She said that she is going to get a box of milk for her daughter”

“I’ll go and check the grocery store” Scott runs along with Steve

“Wait… that woman is not going to get milk for her daughter” Saya exhaled. Steve and Scott hold their steps and waits for her decision. “She is leaving her daughter with us… but the real question is where did she go?”

“What do you mean? How can she left her daughter alone to us, who is complete strangers?” Kei said in disbelief. Saya spins her head in wonder, “I don’t know… but she is indeed look troubled”

Aya stares at the bag, while Asuka reads her mind and started to go through the stuffs on the baby bag. “Maybe there is something on the bag that could help us to locate her parents?” Aya said

“It only has diapers, some baby toys, drinking bottles, and nothing else” Asuka replied as she searches inside the bag, “What should we do?”

“We’ll take care of the baby, at least until we can track down her parents” Saya nodded

All of them looked surprised with disbelief in their face. “We don’t have any choice now, do we?” Saya sighed as she puts her palm on her face, “This is going to be a long day for us”

The four couple brought back the baby with them. Asuka and Claire prepared a room for the baby, while Scott and Steve go back to the grocery store to get a baby alarm and baby bed. “Hey, Steve… let’s get this book also” Scott said. The book he holds is entitled how to take care of babies. Steve nodded and puts the book into the shopping cart as well.

After the room is ready Saya, puts the baby into the bed and she prays that the baby wouldn’t wake up accidentally. “Waaaa!!!” the baby cried out loud, alerting Asuka, Aya, and Claire, who is with her at the room. “Oooh! What should I do?” Saya gasped as she holds the baby in her arms, trying to calm her down. “Maybe she is hungry?” Aya asked, “I’ll go and make some warm milk right away” Aya and Saya are very confused, not to mention Asuka and Claire. These young girls had no experience whatsoever with this tiny, devil-like creature called baby. Meanwhile, Kei is hacking into the database of each hospital in San Francisco. “That one… Maria and Casey” Sora pointed out the data. Kei double clicks it, only to find that she has no social security number, credit card bills, known relatives, or even husband. Looks like everything about her is mysterious. “Man… dead end” Sora slaps his forehead

Aya run towards the kitchen and makes some warm milk and pours it into the baby bottle. “Kei, I need a little help here!” Saya called him. “Coming!” Kei nodded and run towards the room. Aya made a mess on the kitchen in panic. “Here!” She handed over the milk bottle to Kei, while she yanks Sora to help her with the mess. Kei forgot to turn off his Macbook and went back to his room, putting the milk beside the laptop. When he accidentally hits the bottle, the unfastened lid is opened, spilling the white milk all over the silver Macbook… his Macbook. “Noooo!!! My Macbook!!!” he yelled hysterically. No time to deal with that, he has to tell Aya that he spill the milk onto his Macbook. “Aya, make some more, I’ve spilt it into my Macbook!”

“Oh, come on!” Aya groaned in frustration

“Come here, Kei!” Saya yelled, “Tell me that you got something on her mother!”

“I have nothing! She is a shadow and I got nothing on her social security number, credit cards, known relatives, or even husband!”

“So what are we going to do?!” Asuka yelled

Everyone is panicking, making the baby cried even louder and louder. Scott and Steve who are just arrived on the house, immediately helps out with anything that needs help. For three hours, the four couple struggles to calm the baby down and make her asleep. Once she is asleep, all of them gathered outside the house, trying to figure everything out. “What do we have on Maria, Kei?” Saya sighed

“I have nothing… no known relatives, social security number, credit card, or even husband” Kei replied flatly, “Now I have to hit the App Store tomorrow to get new Macbook”

“Too bad Rosa or Bertha is not here… so much for family visiting to Mexico tonight” Asuka sighed, “Otherwise, they will be able to help us with the baby”

“If things stay like this, we are doomed. Let alone doing street race, we cannot get our cars with loud engines out from the basement” Scott slaps his forehead

“What was the name of that hospital, Sora?” Steve asked, “You remember it?”

“Sorry… Aya yanks my hand when I tried to take a look on the name of that hospital” Sora shakes his head

“I was trying to clean the kitchen… I’ve made such a mess” Aya exhaled

“You could always clean it up later, you know” Claire wheezed

“Claire is right, what were you thinking anyway?” Asuka added

“Hey, I was only trying to clean up my mess!” Aya replied. She sounded irritated by the two. Saya spins her head and stops them from fighting. “Stop it, arguing won't help us solve our problems” Saya grits her teeth, “This is not the time to fight over something so trivial… we have been through a lot today and we can't afford to fight with each other”


When they heard that war cry, the four couple realized that they just brought chaos along to this house. They are struck with problems- big problems. “Damn it!” Saya runs off inside the house, followed by Aya, Claire, and Asuka. The guys stayed outside the house, trying to avoid the trouble. “Man… babies are trouble” Steve nodded

“If I marry Aya in the future, I will do as best as I could not to get her pregnant” Sora wheezed

“Scott, lend me your HP laptop” Kei slaps his forehead, “I will take a look once again to the hospital earlier”

The book that Scott bought earlier is a magic genie in a bottle. Following the steps on that book helps out the girls in dealing with the baby. All of them get back out an hour later after they succeed in calming down the baby. “Babies are pain in the ass” Asuka said

“I will never… ever… let Sora impregnate me” Aya said in frustration as she stares at Sora. Claire nodded in agreement as she points her finger at Steve. “Same here… if Steve tried to make me pregnant, I will cut his balls” Claire added. The boyfriend of the two could only gulp hard, seeing the two girls in fury. Kei spins his head as he stares at the two scary girls.

Saya on the other hand smiled, as if something great just happened to her. “I don’t think babies are that troubling… yes, they are noisy, they are demanding, and they are fragile” she nodded, “Di you girls look at her face when she was asleep? She is very cute and adorable” Kei looks at her when she said that. She feels very happy and delighted for some reason. She remembered her experience on the company trip with her father and Kei, visiting the children at the orphanage, bringing them a lot of gifts. “You remember that orphanage, Kei?”

“Sure was… your foster father was very tired on the way back, after playing around with those tireless kids” Kei smiled, “California Pacific Medical Center… I will visit this hospital early morning and try to get more information on the parent of this baby”

“So... what are we going to do now?” Steve asked

“Help the girls with the baby... Steve, can you get several cans of Red Bull in the fridge? This is going to be one hell of a night for us” Kei exhaled lightly


(Bicycle Race by Queen – Jazz)

Early in the morning, Kei gets out his new red-black Aprilia RSV-4 and wears his jacket and fingerless gloves. Steve does the same with his Yamaha YZF-R1. “Stay here while Steve and I check that hospital” Kei wears his red X-lite helmet. “We’ll be right back before you know it” Steve nodded as he dons his yellow AGV helmet. The two moves their bike far away from the house, before they ignites the engine. After shifting to the first gear, the two speeds up, leaving the complex quickly. “Maybe I need to buy a motorcycle as well?” Sora asked

“You should… I recommend Suzuki GSX-R1000 for you” Scott nodded

“Let’s go to the local Suzuki dealership” Sora sighed, “Wait up for a bit, I’ll change my clothes”

“Okay… I’ll go get the bike key” Scott replied

Seeing the two guys are trying to escape from the house, Asuka and Aya felt really irritated and angry. “Where do you think you’re going, Sora?” Aya asked, “Help us out with the baby”

“I'm going to go with local Suzuki dealership to buy a GSX-R1000… I can't go anywhere without a car… and you know if I tried to get my car out, the baby will cry” Sora shrugs, “Can I?”

“Nope, no can't do… come on” Aya grabs his collar and carry him inside like a kitty

“Oh, not fair” he groaned, “I’ll text Steve to get me one, then…”

“No need to get the bike key, Scott… Sora will stay here to help us with the baby” Asuka sighed, “Come on, be a man and help out, okay?”

“Okay, okay! Sheesh!” Scott sighed

Meanwhile on the road, Steve and Kei started to enjoy themselves too much. The two speeds up past the traffic cars, trying to beat each other to reach the hospital faster. When Kei rides his bike, he is as great as when he drives his car. His body movement for tucking and turning is fluid and rhythmical. Seeing this, Steve gets overly excited and trying to do the same as well. Ten minutes of riding, the two arrived at the hospital. While Kei asks around at the reception, Steve is busy texting Sora, who asks him to get a Suzuki bike. “What the?!” Steve gasped, “Kei, do you have a check or something with you?”

“Why do you ask?” he asked back

“Sora wanted me to get him a Suzuki bike… GSX-R1000 in particular”

“Extra expenses coming from my wallet again… alright, we’ll stop by at the local Suzuki dealership later” Kei nodded, “Ask around the nurses and doctors about the two”

Steve nodded and decided to help as well, asking the nurse who sat behind the counter. “Excuse me, nurse… do you know a patient with Maria and her baby Casey by any chance?” Steve asked

“Oh, you should ask Doctor Daniels about her” the nurse said, “She’s at her office on the seventh floor”

“I see… thank you for your help” Kei nodded

Before the two managed to move away from the nurse, she handed over a hospital receipt to Kei. It is filled with her medication and the fee for her labor. “More money coming out from my wallet” Kei spins his head and sighed lightly. “Go to the seventh floor, I’ll deal with this one” he nodded. Steve went to the elevator and heads to seventh floor. Kei on the other hand, is paying the fee at the cashier and has to wait in line… long line. Luckily, after Kei manages to pay for the fee, Steve is back with a big bag with him. By the looks of it, the bag was owned by Maria. “You won't believe what I found” he spins his head in wonder, “Check this out…” Steve hands him the bag and Kei quickly goes through the stuffs inside it. He found a picture of a woman and her husband, which Kei immediately recognize. “Interesting… so that is what they mean by selling his wife and daughter” Kei nodded, as he understood everything happened between Octavian, Maria, Casey, and those loan sharks from last night.

“What is it, Kei?”

“Do you know why I took my time on the toilet last night?”

“Explain” Steve nodded, crossing his arms as he waits for the explanation

“I was watching Octavian getting beaten up by some people last night” Kei explained, “Looks like he got into some kind of money issue with the loan sharks, who fooled him with a huge amount of debt- this hospital fee”

“So… what are you going to do, Kei?” Steve asked

“First thing first… here is a check with my signature on it, fill it with the amount needed for the bike. Go to the local Suzuki dealership and bought a GSX-R1000 for Sora before he cried back at home, stressed with the baby” Kei sighed, “I will go back to the cinema and try to locate Octavian”

“And what about those loan sharks, man?” Steve asked again

“I’ll deal with them later... our priority should be the family of the baby” Kei smirked, “Now go”

“Okay… good luck finding him”

Steve went to the parking lot and gets his bike. He ignites the engine and speed up towards the Suzuki dealership to buy a GSX-R1000 for Sora. Kei on the other hand, is riding his bike towards the cinema. He still has Octavian’s photo bag that he took last night, thinking that Octavian will look for it some other time. If he is a great photographer like Claire think he is, he won't let any single shot from his camera go to waste. He parked on the lot beside the cinema and went inside. He loiters around the men’s toilet, hoping that Octavian would show up for his bag… two hours of waiting, he never showed up. Kei exhaled lightly, knowing this isn’t the end for his search and it might be more difficult to find him than he initially thought. “Damn...” Kei thought, “I’ll be back here at night and hopefully, I’ll find him” He gets back into his bike and went towards the nearest App Store in order to buy a new Macbook. As he walks away from the App Store, he promised to himself that he will keep this one in perfect condition, in this condition; away from all liquid substance.

He rides back to the house, finding Sora in excitement as he tries out his new bike around the neighborhood. But instead of talking with him, he parks his bike and takes off his helmet, asking Steve the details about the blue-white Suzuki bike. “How much is the bike?”

“MSRP is 12,890 or so… with delivery they round it up to 12,920” Steve nodded, “Any luck with Octavian?”

“Nope… I’ll try and get back there tonight” Kei exhaled as he sits on the veranda, looking a bit tired. He takes off his jacket and went inside the house to put his new Macbook on his desk. After that, he runs off to the kitchen to make a nice and cold Nescafe cappuccino coffee and sits back on the veranda, watching Sora with his new bike. “This is great, Kei” he smiled

“You owe me 12,920 for it and I expect you to pay me some other time” Kei replied

“Sure, sure…” Sora nodded

“Having fun, Kei?” Saya asked from beside him with dark eye socket, showing that she hasn’t got any proper sleep “Give me some of those”

Kei handed over his cold cappuccino and she drinks all of it in one gulp, which surprised him very much, since he only had one sip from it. Saya exhaled lightly as she puts away the glass beside her and puts her head on his left shoulder. “I'm so tired… so did Asuka, Aya, and Claire”

“Where are they now?”

“They are asleep with the baby”

“I see…” Kei replied

She sighed once again, meaning that she has something else to say to him. “Even though it feels like hell, I like her a lot” she said with tired voice, “If Maria never comes back… I think I will adopt her as my daughter” Saya smiled happily when she said that to Kei. Steve, who happened to hear that as well, glances at Kei, nodded to him so he would confront her with the current facts they knew. “Yeah, about that… we met her father last night on the cinema” Steve explained

“Last night? You mean Octavian is her father?!” Saya gasped

“Take a look at this”

Kei handed her the photo they found from the big bag on the hospital. She exhaled gladly, even though Kei and Steve knew she feels a bit disappointed. Saya rests her head, this time on Kei’s lap, making him uncomfortable and nervous. She is staring at the ceiling of the veranda with confused look. “What is the deal with him and Maria? Why did she runs off from him and left her daughter to us?”

“Octavian gets into some sort of financial trouble, involving loan sharks” Steve explained, “Last night when Kei was at the toilet, he saw him, beaten up by some Chinese people. And by the looks of it, they are the people who tricked him”


Kei gave her the hospital receipt with details of the patient and their problem when they entered the hospital. “I paid for it earlier, which means he was tricked to do anything they wanted” Kei spins his head in wonder

“I see… first thing first, let’s find her parents” Saya nodded

“Agreed… I will go back to the cinema later tonight. If I'm lucky, I’ll be able to find him, waltzing over there”

She smiled as she took a glance at his face, decided to tease him a bit. “Kei, if Maria never comes back, will you help me with the baby as her father?” she asked

“Sure… anything I can do to help you out, just ask away” Kei nodded

“Hm? Something is standing between your feet” Saya smirked naughtily. In return, Kei smiled to her and replied lightly. “Nope… I managed to keep my dirty minds away from my brain, which means I'm a step ahead from you” Kei sticks his tongue, teasing her back, “It’s called perfect peace of mind”

“Aha… so the book I gave you about Zen is useful after all” she smiled, “Hm… your eyes are beautiful… I can see your silver iris from here”


“It is…” Saya reach out her right hand and put it on his cheek, running her thumb on his red lips, feeling its rough and strong texture. “Your lips are rough and tough as a rock… I bet a lot of girls have kissed it, huh?”

“I will take the rough and tough as a rock part as a compliment…” Kei shakes his head, “As for the girls… not really, since you can imagine what kind of women soldiers we have on the base…”

For some unknown reason, the house turns so quiet and feels empty. When Kei takes a look around, Steve and Sora are gone, nowhere in sight. Where are they going? “Mom and dad are going to have some romantic scene, so we children need to stay inside when it happens” Steve grins from inside the house

“They are… we should check up on the girls with the baby” Sora nodded

The two went off upstairs to check up on the baby, while Kei and Saya are still at veranda, talking to each other in romantic fashion. “How is your Aprilia handles?”

“It feels fine and sharp… even though it as bulky as my RSV 1000R, this one feels much more powerful” Kei remarked, “You could try it yourself and ride it with me”

“I'm looking forward to it” she exhaled. The two stares at each other and the atmosphere between them turn awkward. Saya keeps on staring at his eyes, while Kei stares at hers. The beautiful sapphire blue eyes capture his attention, erasing everything on his mind. In reflex, Saya wrapped her hands on his neck, using it to elevate herself to get closer to his face, kissing him on the lips passionately. Kei returns her kisses and the two quickly got into an erotic situation. She corrected her position and sits on his lap as Kei started to nips her neck. Saya moaned in pleasure as Kei nips every inch of her neck. Aya, Asuka, and Claire saw the entire scene. Their eyes are wide open as the trio bites their lip in surprise, thinking what is ahead of them; the worse. The two will go to the basement, making love, which eventually gives them one more annoying gift; a new baby. “NO!!!” Saya yelled suddenly, slapping Kei in reflex

“Ow...” The guy is very surprised when she did that. But instead of angry, he is puzzled and wondering whether something is happening to her. Saya bite her lip, not knowing what to do or say to him. “I'm sorry... my hand just moved by itself” she said, “I guess Kisaragi Saya is not yet ready to do it with you just yet”

Kei smirked, rubbing her pretty head and exhaled lightly. “It’s okay... it’s my fault in the first place, since I gave in to the temptation and lust”

“Hey, I'm the one who kissed you, so it’s my fault... and to add it even more, I slapped you for no reason”

“It’s okay... I don’t mind”

Saya went inside the house, leaving Kei all by himself on the veranda. He exhaled lightly as he smiled bitterly, knowing the restart of their relation is not as easy as he initially thought.

(Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer – Continuum)

Later that night, Kei is strolling with his teammates at the cinema once more, waiting for Octavian to show up. The four is waiting at the lounge of the place, looking to every directions of the place, in case Octavian decided to look for his photo bag. The four are waiting for him almost for two hours now, and no one saw his nose, let alone his face. “Two hours now” Steve sighed

“You guys hungry? If you are, you can always get a bag of caramel pop corn from the counter over there” Kei replied

“Will he even show up?” Sora started to doubt their intentions of waiting here

“What do you think, Kei?” Scott asked

Kei stretches his body and his neck. He sips his Red Bull and gets his iPod Touch, instead of answering his question. “Hey, I'm asking you here” he said again

“You ask that for… ten times already” Kei replied as he plugs his ears with the earphone, “If you guys are bored, go back to the house, then”

“What about you, Gunso?” Steve asked

“I'm a trained scout… trained scout is a perfect candidate for sniping, since they have limitless patience” Kei nodded, “I'm okay, you guys can go back home if you wanted”

Sora stands up and nodded to him. “I’ll see you back on the house, then” he said as he gets his motorcycle key. Steve decided to follow him as well, and go back to the house. “I’ll see you later, Kei”

“Yeah, yeah” Kei replied lightly, “You’re going to stay here, Scott?”

“I’ll wait for another hour” he said as he shuts his eyes and try to get some sleep. But instead of sleeping, he decided to have a man to man conversation about Asuka. Scott cannot help but to notice that she is as sexy as the other girls on the house and he is started to get attracted to her. “Got anything you wanted to say, Scott?” Kei asked. Hearing what his friend just said, he is very surprised. “You startled me! What are you, some sort of mind reader?” he asked. Kei shrugs and replied flatly, “I’ll wait for another hour… yeah, right. You have something you wanted to tell me”

“You noticed?”

“You were always like that for ten years and you never changed” Kei wheezed, “I mean, come on, man… what do you wanted to tell me anyways? Spit it out”

“It’s about Asuka”

Kei raised his eyebrow, rolled his eyes towards him, “What about her?”

“I think I liked her”

“Really? I mean, a wild girl like that?”

“You won't understand the satisfaction of taking down a girl like her…” Scott spins his head, “It will be a great achievement if I could do that”


“You didn’t listen, did you?”

“I'm listening… it’s just that she is not my type, so I'm not interested” Kei replied, “Do you know what happened to me and Saya earlier?”

“I heard from Aya… she kissed you at the veranda, yes? After that she slaps you for no reason?”

“She is… what do you think of that?”

“Her body remembers her feelings to you and her brain reacted to that feelings unconsciously… she has that part of her brain that remembers you” Scott replied

“The thing is, I don’t care whether she will remember me or not; I want to restart our relationship”

“I see… well, you shouldn’t think that way” Scott shrugs, “I mean, Saya has her own mind, and I bet she wanted to remember everything about you before she can move on to the next level with you, man… Okay, back to Asuka… what do you think of her, man?”

“Hm… it’s okay if you wanted to try and get close to her, but I think you should be careful and play it nice and slow”

“You think so?”

“I think so… maybe”


“I don’t know how to give an advice to others… I'm not a guy with successful relationship here”

“At least you felt the same about each other”

“Guess I am that lucky” Kei shrugs, “Well, good luck, though... let me know if you need a help with her”

After waiting for another hour, Octavian hasn’t showed up. Scott began to feel tired and exhausted. He decided to buy two cans of Red Bull for him and Kei to drink. “Here...” Scott puts one of the can beside him. Kei opens up the can and continued the earlier conversation about Asuka. “What did you like about her anyway?”

“Hm? You know since we’re little kids, I always liked a redhead, right? She has that quality of that as well... not to mention that she is slender and sexy” Scott grins

“I see... well, I cannot comment on your taste, since people got to have different taste” Kei nodded, “It’s for the balance of the world”

“Hahaha” he laughs, “You know... I feel something weirdly familiar about her. What that is, I don’t know yet”

Kei takes a glance on his Luminox F16 Fighting Eagle Chronograph wristwatch and it shows 11 PM and they already waiting for almost... three hours now, without any result. “I think we should go back now” Scott said to his friend, “I don’t want Saya to worry about you”

“She wouldn’t... she knows that I'm a hardcore guy” Kei replied, “If you want to go back, just say so, I'm not going to mad or anything”

“I feel something is up with him... what do you have in mind?” Scott tried to get inside his head

“Look at this...”

Kei handed him Octavian’s photo bag, which contains a lot of scenery picture around San Francisco. Scott raised his eyebrows, feels amazed and the emotion he tried to convey in the picture. “This guy is good” Scott sighed, “So... what do you have in mind exactly, Kei?” Kei takes off his earphone and puts away his iPod Touch on his pocket. He smiled to his friend, since he manages to get inside his head and Kei needs to give him a credit for that. “Seeing the guy is good with photo, I was wondering if I could invest in him... not only for my business, but for the team as well”

“You’re trying to say that you want to recruit him to the team?”

“I am... it’s not a matter of how good you are with your car; skills can be acquired when one is trying hard to get them” Kei replied, “As long as he had a passion of racing, which he showed yesterday, he is good enough for our team”

“Hm... a new member, huh? This is getting interesting, Kei”

“It is... since you guys are my front runners, I will need every aspect I can find for the street racing” Kei added, “You are trying to conquer as the Drift King, Sora is the Sky King, Steve is Asphalt King... I will turn him into Grip King and we need one more man for the next one; Drag King”

“That is Yuichi Tarou and Keith Valentine” Scott nodded

“Yeah... we have to defeat them once again in the near future” he continued, “It’s late, Scott... go back already”

“Will you be alright by yourself?”

“Don’t worry... go back home already”

Scott stands up and stretches his cramped body. He then nodded to his friend and left the cinema. “Okay... now it’s just me and myself” Kei exhaled lightly, “Well, looks like it won't be for long”

(Reasoning by Meguro Shoji, Kitajoh Atsushi, Kozuka Ryuta - Persona 4 Original Soundtracks)

After Scott left the place, the anticipated man turned up and went towards the toilet of the cinema. Just as Kei expected, he is indeed coming back to look for his photo bag. He scours around the trash bin, looking for his photo bag. “Man... where is it?” he wondered

“Looking for this?” Kei asked from behind him

As Octavian turned his back, he is very surprised when he saw Kei is the one who has his bag. He nodded in gratitude as Kei hands him the photo bag. “Oh, it’s you…” he replied, “Thank you very much for keeping my bag”

“I figured that you would show up to look for the bag” Kei leaned his back on the wall, “What is your problem with those loan sharks from the other night?”

“They are the people that helped me with the hospital fee for my wife” he explained

“Let me guess… Your wife had a baby” Kei exhaled lightly, “And you didn’t have any money for the hospital fee, right?”

“How did you know?” he gasped

“Let’s just say that your daughter is with me, even though I don’t know where your wife is at the moment” Kei replied, “Those loan sharks fooled you- they didn’t pay for the hospital fee, instead they used you. You want the hospital fee, here is the receipt… I paid for them earlier”

“How could they do that?” Octavian started to cry, feeling betrayed and fooled by those loan sharks, while his wife and daughter are suffering. Kei pats his shoulder and smiled to him. “Hey, you are in my debt… so you’d better start to look for your wife and take her to my place at Dardenelle Avenue, Pacifica. All of my friends are worried about her”

“I will… thank you very much, mister”

“It’s Kei... Yagami Kei” he nodded, “By the way, where can I find those loan sharks?”

“They are around the Nob Hill Cafe at Mason Street around Chinatown"

"Ah, Chinese... how typical"

"The boss goes by the name of Wang Chin" Octav said

"Okay... I'll deal with him later on” Kei smirked, “Now go, find your wife”

Octavian left the building while Kei stretches his body, knowing that he has done one part of the deal to help the girls. He then walks onto the parking lot and get into his bike. “Wang Chin… loan shark must’ve had a lot of enemies, which I can use for my advantage” Kei rides back to the house as quickly as he can. On the veranda, Saya is waiting for him, which of course, surprising Kei. “What are you doing, Saya? Have you been waiting for me all the time?”

“I have… I’m waiting for you, since I think I wanted to continue the kiss earlier” Saya smiled as she sits on his RSV-4. Kei shakes his head in wonder, knowing that she intentionally waiting for him to tease him. “Yeah?”

“Owh, you didn’t took the bait” she smiled bitterly, “Oh well, I'm waiting for you to ask you about something anyways”

“And that is?”

The two walk towards the underground parking lot. Saya opens her mouth and strikes an important question for him. “Will you move into my room?” she asked

Kei raised his eyebrows, wondering what is happening to her. “Why would I need to move into your room?” Kei asked back

“I mean… Claire and Steve, my sister and Sora… maybe you, as Mariko Saya’s boyfriend, could help me regain her memories about you”

“That is so stupid… you don’t need to remember anything about me” Kei shrugs, “Let’s begin everything from zero again… what do you say?”

“No way! I am Kisaragi Saya and Mariko Saya! Without each part, I'm not a whole person” she explained, “Why do you wanted to be forgotten by Mariko Saya anyway?”

“I’ve done a lot of terrible things to her and hurt her feelings” Kei exhaled heavily, regretting all of the things he done to hurt her feelings. “I see… well, regardless what happened to me in the past, it’s all in the past now”

“Are you sure?”

“I am… I read my previous diary as Mariko Saya earlier. I'm starting to regain bit by bit about you, Kei”


“Don’t you say that you will help me if I ask?”

The two walks back to the veranda and sits there. “If that is what you wanted, I won't decline. I will help you as best as I could”

“Okay, that settles it!” she smiled as she sits once again on his lap. “Now what?”

“A familiarize kiss” she kissed him on his cheek, “I know that you love me and I love you in the past, so it’s alright, isn’t it?”

“I see…” Kei shrugs, “Want me to carry you along to your room as well?”

“Sure” Saya nodded solemnly

“Bweee! I'm just teasing you” Kei sticks his tongue and pulls his right eye socket

“Owh!” Saya stands up and walk towards inside the house

“Since the two of you will sleep in the same room, I’ll keep my ears planted on the wall, in order to prevent something like earlier afternoon” Aya said from upstairs

“And there is your witchy sister” Kei wheezed

“Did you just call me a witch?” Aya grits her teeth

“No, Koyuki-dono” Kei smirked wide

“I told you not to call me that!” Aya gets downstairs and strangles his neck

“Gakh! Gakh! Gakh! Saya, help!”

“Serves you right, Kei” Saya walks to her room, leaving Kei to his fate

(Pleasant Intrigue by Sakuraba Motoi and Aoyama Hibiki - Tales of Vesperia Original Soundtracks)

A day later, Octavian showed up with his wife Maria at Saya’s house. The mother of the daughter is overwhelmed when she found out that the strangers are taking good care of her daughter. When Saya handed back the baby, she cried as the two bows to everyone, which made Kei and the others feel bad for them. “So… where are you guys going now?” Saya asked

“We will move as far away as possible from here” Octavian nodded, “We will have another try for a fresh start”

“Hey, you can't go just yet” Kei smirked, “You still owe me- big time”


“That is why I want you to work for me as a photographer at my studio” Kei smiled, “I need a person who knows a lot about photography to take care of my studio and recruits even more of photographers like you”

“We still have a problem with Wang Chin… if he found out that we are still here, he’ll kill us” Maria said, looking scared and frightened

“Yeah, about that… Wang and his boys are probably dead or ended up in jail right now” Kei shrugs, “You see… a lot of Chinese people hates loan sharks like him, so I ask my friends at the shipyards from Chinese Workers Union to take care of it. It turns out that the police are also looking for him… if you are still worried, we can find out more about it on the police station. I was thinking of send them to sleep with the fishes on the Golden Gate Bridge, but I think he and his boys deserved something better”

Everyone gulped hard when they heard what Kei just said. Sleeping with the fish… meaning that he intended to kill them in the first place. “You don’t have to worry about him anymore, so it’s no problem, right?” Sora asked

“We don’t have a house right now and I'm not even sure I can pay for everything you have done for us” he said again

“Stay here, then… we loves your daughter and we treat her like our own” Saya replied, “Besides, me and my friends need some education on how to take care of the baby… you can teach us, so we will be a great mother one day… what do you girls say?”

“I don’t see anything wrong with it” Aya smiled

“The more the merrier…” Claire laughs

“Even though babies are pain in the ass, they are really cute and adorable. We will appreciate it if you can teach us on how to deal with them” Asuka added, “What do you say?”

Octavian and Maria cried even more. The two bows down to them once again, forcing Kei and Saya to stop them from doing that. “Okay, stop!” Saya said as she gets Maria up from the ground, “Alright… I will show you the way to your new room. Come along with us, girls”

Casey laughed happily when she heard that she will be staying here for good, along with her parents. The girls couldn’t feel anything but delight with her presence in this house. After the girls went back inside the house with Maria, it’s time for Kei to show Octavian what he has in mind for him. “Tell me, Octavian… you like street racing scene?” Kei asked

“I am…” he nodded, “Why do you ask?”

“Which one do you prefer… drive your own car for a race or betting in them?”

“Of course driving it myself for the race” Octavian added

“If you do, that is good enough for us” Scott exhaled lightly, “Any particular car that you like?”

“I'm a huge fan of The Fast and The Furious franchise…” he scratches his head, “The car I like the most is of course, the GT-R”

“We had Sora for the GT-R… do you like anything else in particular?” Steve asked again

“Why don’t I give you this Impreza instead? I’m not a huge fan of 4WD cars, so I'm thinking of selling this in the future” Kei showed him the black Impreza, “What do you think? Does this seem good enough for you?”

Octavian couldn’t believe his eyes. A lot of cars are lined up on the big underground parking lot. “Welcome to our base of operation, Octav” Sora said as he lights up the parking lot, “We are aiming to leave something behind for the world; a worldwide urban legend of the Street Kings… are you with us?”

“We wanted to become a legend for this world… will you participate with us? I will turn you into a living legend of this world” Kei smirked

“Do you have to ask? I will help you” he nodded solemnly

“Well… let me introduce myself correctly. My name is Yagami Kei, Highway Jet”

“I'm Ninomiya Sora, Sky King”

“Steve Blackburn, Asphalt King”

“Fujima Scott… Flying Pegasus”

“You’ll be known as Octavian Sorenson… the Charging Dynamo” Kei nodded, “Welcome to our team… the Street Kings”

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^^ so sweet and MOAR
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So sweet , keeps getting better and better.

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Thanks for your support, Lethalbiscotti, GTI-R34, and crav3... I've been busy with another side project and I got little sidetracked... here is the next act and sorry for the hold up. I also added the new character on the character's list section. well, enjoy... BTW, there are some scenes here that is Rated M, so please be careful ^_^

ACT 4: Balance of the World

(Brake Pipe and Hose by Junkie XL - Need for Speed Pro Street Original Soundtracks)

Just as Kei expected, Octavian is great with car. Pair him with the Subaru; he manages to control it like his own feet for only few short days. On his Friday night debut with the Street Kings at Marina Green Drive, a lot of people liked him a lot and welcomes him on the team as he manages to beat every single competitor he has that night, acquiring not only respect from the fans, but also the respect from his new teammate. Their piling reputation and fame attracts even more street racers around San Francisco. “That Highway Jet guy is great at molding street racers” said one of the fans of Street Kings, “I wish I could join his team”

When Octavian parks his car beside the blue R35, Sora is expecting him and welcomes him back with a huge smile. “High-five, man” Sora raised his hand, as Octavian claps it

“Nice job” Steve asked

He nodded in confidence and replied to his teammate, “Thanks”

Kei smiled to him, “So? What d you think of our team?”

“I like you guys… young, with a lot of talents” he answered, “I wish that you guys were as old as I am- we’ll be world legend by now if you guys do”

“Yeah, you wish… well, we managed to haul a lot of money tonight, so let us get back” Scott grins

“Wait a minute!” said a man with a silver Mercedes-Benz, “I'm calling you guys out for another race with me”

“Hm?” Steve thought as he takes a look at the guy with the Benz

“We are done for the night… some other time, maybe” Kei replied

“Let us have a drag race between me and the Sky King” he nodded with a smirk in his face, “We will race for pink slips”

Hearing that word boils the blood on his entire body. With excitement in his mind, Sora takes a glance at Kei, while Kei looks back at him. He raised his eyebrows, grinning and nodded to Sora, giving green light to do it. “Okay… pink slips it is” Kei nodded

“Alright… get ready to lose, man” Sora nodded to him

As the two lined up their cars on the starting grid, Kei called his friend who worked for towing company, since he is very confident about Sora’s skill. Add it up with his spec-V, not even Mercedes-Benz SLK350 had a chance. The driver of the blue spec-V takes a glance at the driver of the silver Benz, trying to intimidate him as he revs the engine of his blue GT-R. Hearing the loud exhaust sound of the spec-V, the driver of the silver Benz is starting to get very impatient, meaning that he took the bait of Sora’s tactic. Kei nodded to his teammate as he keeps on revving the engine, pushing him even closer to the edge. The driver of the silver Benz is so nervous that he didn’t pay careful attention to the linesman, who is about to sway his hand to start the race.

As the linesman swayed his hands, Sora kicks the throttle pedal as quickly as he can, leaving his competitors zoning out at the starting line. Sora manages to get a lead by half a second, before the driver of that silver Benz realized that the race had already begun. Feeling stupid and irritated, he shifted up from neutral and follows the blue spec-V, even though it won't be enough since Sora’s spec-V is not a normal spec-V. With the increasingly popularity of the R35, the parts for it was found everywhere on the face of this planet, especially a big city like San Francisco. The acceleration of the blue spec-V was simply monstrous, thanks to the application of larger turbocharger from HKS, along with its intercooler, allowing Kei and Sora to take the boost up for a notch.

Eleven seconds later, Sora manages to take home a new car for their collection, while the loser is walking away with shame. “Hey, nice race you did back there” Kei smiled to him, “Next time, why don’t you get something more decent for a drag race… say like, Shelby GT500 or something, okay?”

The man nodded with a smirk on his face. “I’ll be back with brand new car” he said as he left the scene, “Thanks for the advice”

As the tow truck arrived, all of them went back to the house and puts all of their cars on the underground lot. Steve decided to ask Sora on what he’s going to do with the Benz. “Sora… what will you do with the Benz?”

“Not sure… why do you ask?”

“Can I use it? I’m thinking of getting new car as my partner” he answered

“Sure… we are a team, all you need to do is just ask” Sora hugs his neck

“Gee, thanks” Steve replied, “I will try and get AMG to tune it up for me. So… I’ll return the M3 back to you, Scott”

“Sure” Scott nodded

All of them went to sleep after long and tiring day. Octavian always ended his days with pillow talk between him and Maria. He suggested the other guys to do the same; Sora and Aya, Kei and Saya, Steve and Claire, and lastly, Scott and Asuka. Scott with Asuka? Yes, he also did the same with Asuka. The interesting fact about Asuka is that she is not a shy girl. Even though she and Scott are not a couple, she went ahead and gave out the idea that she and Scott should sleep together in one room. What she had in mind, God knows. Maybe it was her way to gain the trust from her companions? No matter what reason she has in her mind, Scott saw this as an opportunity to get to know her better.

At Sora’s room, Aya is already asleep. She is very tired after helping out Saya with the Resto. Even though he can't talk to her, Sora caresses her soft blond hair. Aya smiled when she felt his fingers on her hair. She opens up her eyes and looks at Sora. “Oh, sorry…” Sora said as he reclined his back on the bed

“How is the race?” she kissed him on the cheek

“Octavian did well… thanks to Kei’s endless lecturing and training, he lived up to his expectation” Sora smiled, “Let’s get some sleep… we’re going to went for shopping tomorrow, right?”

“Yes… good night, Sora“ Aya closed her eyes

“Good night, Aya…” Sora exhaled lightly

At Steve’s room, Claire and he are having a small talk about the work she had earlier today. “So? What do you think of that customer?” Claire asked

“Nest time, you should be careful with that kind of customer, Claire” Steve answered, “That customer knows everything about the product lines… just play along with what she wanted, and try to exploit it”

“I see… I’ll do that” she nodded, “Thanks for the help, Steve”

She kissed his forehead and the two went to sleep. On Octavian’s room, Maria is reading the book about baby that Scott and Steve bought the other day. She is always waiting for her husband’s return with a huge smile on her face. “How is the race? Did you enjoy it?” she asked. Octavian responded with a kiss on her forehead and smiled to her, full of satisfaction. “I did… everything went just great, like Kei had predicted” he nodded, “Even though he is my boss, he didn’t treat me like I'm his subordinate- he preferred to treat me as an equal”

“Why is that, dear?”

“Well… he always came up with the lamest excuse, such as… you are an advisor on my studio business, and technically you’re not my subordinate; you’re working alongside me to expand my business further” Octavian shrugs, “Or so he says”

“That is very kind of him” Maria puts away her book and turn off the lamp

“I decided to pay his kindness with everything I have in this life” Octavian nodded, “We owe him everything; this good life we have, our complete family, and of course my job”

“I'm glad to hear that… the girls are treating me pretty well also. I'm sort of their big sister in this house”

“I see… must be tough for you. Hahaha” he laughs happily

No sound is heard on Scott’s room, meaning that they are not having any conversation. Well, that is to be expected, I mean, they are not a couple after all. At Kei’s room, no conversation is heard also, which is strange in everyone’s mind. Aya and Sora gets up from their bed and eavesdrop on the wall, with Steve and Claire, Asuka and Scott, Maria and Octavian does the same. What is going on exactly on the room?

Soft cried can be heard from a woman’s mouth as she gasped slowly. When all of them heard the cry of the woman, everyone gasped, meaning that the two is ready to do something kinky in the room. Aya jumped in panic, heading to the door of her room and knocks on the door of her sister’s room pretty hard. “Yagami, open up! I know you’re trying to do something kinky with my sister” Aya said with angry tone. No answer from the room. Either that means the two of them did it silently or they stop doing it. Aya doesn’t want to take a chance; she bangs on the door and tries to open it forcefully. Strangely, the door was unlocked and Aya enters the room as quickly as she can, with everyone follows her shortly

When the door is opened what they saw was Kei and Saya, watching a thriller movie of Saw II. Saya closes her eyes with her hands while Kei widened his eyes, seeing the horrid scene of the woman’s wrists, slit by the sharp looking razor blades to get an antidote on the small box. “I can't watch it anymore” Saya sighed, “I feel like I'm going to pass out anytime soon”

“Hm? You guys wanted to watch this also? Saya bought the DVDs online after she got persuaded by the horrid story of this film” Kei said as he stares at everyone who saw them watching the movie, “Come on, sit here with us and watch it all… hehehehe”

No one can say no to him, and they ended up watching the third movie afterwards. Steve and Sora could feel their stomach hurling on them while Aya and Claire passed out already, seeing the first scene where a man is hit by a bomb, splattering his guts all over the room. Maria and Octavian are closing their eyes to avoid seeing the scene, different from Scott and Asuka who enjoyed it, since the two of them are a huge fan of horror movie. At last, they have something in common. One and half hour later, they are done and everyone went back to their room. With all of them probably ended up with a nightmare or something on their sleep, Kei and Saya finally had their pillow talk in peace. “Whew… what a torment” Saya sighed, “I can't believe I got persuaded by the ratings of the film”

“Well, at least it has some sort of moral message into it” Kei smirked

“Yeah, right… value of your life” she shakes her head in wonder

“That’s it…”

“How is the race earlier?”

“It went great… I am a great guy with talent spotting after all” Kei remarked proudly

“Really? Maybe you should join as one of the judges in American Idol or America’s Got Talent or something”

“I’m not interested in that kind of stuff” Kei wheezed

“I see…”

“Everything is great with the Resto?”

“Of course it is… just a normal day for me” Saya smiled, “I need some kind of excitement once in awhile”

“You have your car… why don’t you race the locals around here?”

“Well… a lot of guys around here does have flashy cars, but they doesn’t have the talent to race” Saya shrugs, “It’s boring”

“I see…”

“Hey, can I come along if you went for an expedition?”

“Why not? You can be my team’s cheerleader”

“It’s tempting, but I’ll pass” Saya smirked, “Well… good night, Kei”

“Good night, Saya”

“I wanted to kiss you so bad, but I'm afraid it’ll end up with us having sex and you knocked me up” Saya giggled

“It’s okay… I wish you would reconsider before saying those kinds of stuff out loud” Kei replied as his face blushed red

(Keroro Fresh by Saeko Suzuki with TOMISHIRO - Keroro Gunso Original Sound Kerock)

Next day in the morning, the team is getting ready to go shopping and Saya is not an exception. All of them are having a breakfast downstairs, leaving one chair unoccupied. Seeing that, the guys cannot help but to wonder where their leader was. They stared at the empty chair for quite some time before Saya knew what they meant. She smiled lightly after she finished her food and sips her orange juice. “Hm… I’ll go and wake him up” Saya wipes her mouth with the napkin and stand up, walking towards her room. Kei is still fast asleep on the white room, looks like he is dead tired and very exhausted. He went all out, training Octavian for the past few days and hasn’t got any proper sleep since.

Saya is walking cheerfully at the side of the bed. She opened the big curtain on the side of the room, filling the white room with bright lights. In reflex, Kei covered his face with the white pillow. “Bats are nocturnal!” he said

“Well you’re not Batman” Saya wheezed, “Come on, wake up and get something to eat for breakfast! After that, go and take a bath to freshen yourself”

One hour later after he eats his breakfast, all of them went for shopping.

(How Much? by Meguro Shoji, Kitajoh Atsushi, Kozuka Ryuta - Persone 4 Original Soundtracks)

They went to the shopping mall to buy the things they need for the house. While Octavian and Maria went to buy some new baby clothes for Casey, Kei with Saya, Sora with Aya, Steve with Claire, and Scott with Asuka hits the supermarket to stock up the food supplies. “Hey… what is this anyway?” Sora asked

He showed Kei a plastic package of Sea Monkey. “Look it up yourself, man… it’s a sea monkey, just like what it’s written on the package” Kei replied, “Don’t you ever heard of that stuff?”

“Nope… never did try one” Sora raised his eyebrows, “Can I buy this, Aya? I want to try it”

“Sure, put it on the trolley” Aya nods

“Your boyfriend is funny. Didn’t you ever heard of sea monkey, Sora?” Saya giggled

“I seldom spend too many times on supermarket like these” Sora replied

“Yeah, men like us always buy the things we need, and get out as quickly as we can” Steve added

“Hey Steve, Corn Flakes or Fruit Loops? Which one do you want?” Claire asked

“I'm more into fruit loops” Steve licks his lips, “I love the way it taste”

“Yeah, sweet and sour” Scott grins, “Okay… oranges, mangoes, pineapples, guavas, cucumber, tomatoes… what else is there? Hmm… Onions, shallots, lettuce, gah, so many things to buy”

“That is why we went all out with five cars, man” Steve replied, “Landlady specifically told us to get more stuff, since she replaces the fridge with bigger ones… five fridges to be exact”

To accommodate more people on her house, Saya exchanges her fridge and bought five bigger fridges to keep a lot of food. “Hm… Saya, the chicken meat is kind of funky over here” Asuka said as she showed some of the meat to her. Saya takes a look and decided to ask the butcher to get them fresher meat

“Cheese… five cartons of milk… three dozens of egg… spices… cream cheese… pasta…” Kei thought aloud as he wanders around the place. After Asuka and Saya got the beef, lamb meat, chicken meat, the two started to look around for fruit yoghurts. After Octavian and Maria are done with baby clothes, they showed up to the supermarket to help them with the stuffs. “Okay, Maria…” Saya said, “Can you help me find the soft drinks for the guys”

“Okay…” she nodded as she follows Saya

“Octavian, can you get me two… err… no, four bags of rice?”

“Sure, landlady” the man nods

“Thanks, you guys are great help… oh, don’t forget the baby milk for Casey” Saya smiled as she rubs Casey’s nose. Casey is laughing happily when Saya does that and ask her to carry her along, which Saya did. While the girls are busy with their stuffs, Kei, Scott, Sora and Steve decided to get something else as well; toys. “Nerf gun…” Steve said

“We already have a lot of guns” Scott shrugs, “Why do we need to get more of it?”

Steve takes one of the display guns and shoots it to Scott’s forehead. The red rubber suction dart sticks onto his forehead, leaving red circle marks on the center of it, like the one Buddha has. “Buddha bless me” Steve laughs

“Damn you!” Scott is very irritated and decided to have a Nerf gun war on the supermarket. “Hey, stop it, guys” Sora said as he tried to stop the two. Instead of stopping, Scott shoots his forehead, making him furious and decided to join Steve’s side. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” Sora claps Steve’s hand as the two tried to take down Scott and his evil regime. A child passes by with her mother, staring at the three of them and decided to ask her mother about it. “Mom, what are they doing?” she asked. Seeing what she pointed at, the mother decides to pull away her child, telling her not to look at them. “Sssh! Don’t look at them” she said as they walks away

Hearing what the mother said about them embarrasses them a lot. They put back the Nerf gun and smiled bitterly as they realized their embarrassing childish behavior. “Was that fun?” Kei asked, “You guys are adults now, not high school students anymore. Thus I advise you to behave like one” A lot of Gundam model are seen, stacking up on the rack. “Oh, there is a Unicorn Gundam ver. Ka with titanium finish in display” Kei nodded as he takes the last box, “Lucky me…”

“Look who’s talking” Sora frowned

“Gundam Unicorn?” Scott asked

“Yep, they say next year, they will make it into OVAs” Kei replied, “I will buy it now, since the price will go up by next year”

“Speaking of Gundam, Kei when is my stuff come from Japan?” he asked

“It should be arriving by tonight” Kei replied, “Why? What is wrong?’

“I have four Gundams from Wing series…” Sora replied, “You are collecting RX series?”

“More or less, yeah… even though I still need to find GP02 and Uraki’s Dendrobium” Kei frowned, “I need to order them from Hobby Link Japan website”

“You should get into his room… you will find a lot of RX series lined up on the special, dust-free display, Sora” Scott laughs, “I told him RXs are lame, but he wouldn’t listen”

“Hey, if there isn’t any RX, there won't be another Gundam!” Kei replied

“No wonder you call yourself Keroro Gunso… the stupid frog collects a lot of models from one year war series” Steve sighed

“What are you guys doing? Oh, Unicorn” Saya smiled as she stares at the model kit

“Yes! Finally I got one!”

“Well, congrats… that is another RX series for you” she grins, “What about Physalis and Dendro?”

“Still couldn’t find any” he wheezed

“Need to order from HLJ, huh? Well, good luck with that” she smiled to him, “You guys are done? We’ll need to pay for all of these things now”

As they marched towards the cashier, everyone on the grocery store is staring at them, since no one bought so many things at once. The way they talk indicates them as one big, happy family. They tried their best to be one and they managed to do just that, since the more they spend time together, the closer they will become. Ten trolleys are brought into the parking lot. Sora will drive Kei’s GD3 Fit, Steve will drive Octavian’s Ford Focus, Kei will drive his GE8 Fit, and Scott will drive his 120i, while Octavian will drive his Impreza. The cars they brought into the mall are hatchbacks, since they accommodate a lot of things into it. “Okay, people… let’s get back to the house” Kei nodded as he drives out of the parking lot, with everyone behind him

As Kei takes a look on the clock display on the head unit, it shows 12 PM and it’s time for lunch. “Oh… I'm hungry” Sora said

“You just ate two plates of sandwich earlier” Steve replied

“Hey, I'm still in growth here” Sora said back, “Kei, can we stop by someplace to get something to eat?”

“I'm hungry as well… we should’ve eaten rice earlier” Aya sighed lightly, “What do you guys say?”

“Sure, let’s head to… anyone got an idea on where to eat?”

Kei rolled his eyes, not knowing on where they should go. “Let’s get some tacos this time…” Octavian nods, “What do you think?”

“That is a great idea… sure, let’s go to Taco Bell and get something to eat”

The five cars stopped by at Taco Bell and ordered something from the drive through. After few minutes of wait, while Kei pays for the food, all of them parked their car and eat up. As expected of Sora, he ordered a lot of food to fill his empty stomach. “Careful when eating it, Sora… if you spill something in my GD3, you will have to clean it thoroughly” Kei said as he gets into the GE8

“I will, dad” he replied lightly

“Hmph” Kei shrugs as he eats his tacos

“Hm… if he is our father, then who is our mother?” Aya asked

“Of course your sister” Sora smirked wide to tease him

Saya blushed as she eats her taco. Kei on the other hand, glances at Sora, showing his trademark Pandora look with evil grin. “Do you really want to die that badly, Sora?”

“Ah! Sorry, dad” Sora replied with a huge smile on his face

“Watch your back… if you are asleep or half awake, I’ll be sure to send you quickly and painfully to hell” Kei added

Sora gulped hard. He quits joking and tries to finish his food as soon as possible. “Look who is laughing now” Kei laughs

“Not fair” Sora frowns and replied his teammate

“But if the two of you really got married, you will be brothers in law, Kei” Scott added

“I'm sure you guys will be a perfect family” Steve continued

“Okay, guys… stop teasing them” Octavian shrugs

“Me? Who wanted to be brothers with him?”

“Hey, that is my line” Sora raised his eyebrows

Saya and Aya are very irritated with their behavior. The two simultaneously pulled their ear and told them to stop immediately. “Okay, guys… stop!” Aya said as she pulled Sora’s ear

“You heard the lady” Saya added as she puller Kei’s ear

“Ow, ow, ow!” said the two of them

“You guys will be brothers in law one day, so you’d best get along now” Claire giggled

“What’s wrong with each other of you anyways?” Asuka shrugs

“Work it out immediately, so you won't have more problems in the future” Maria continued

“When I marry Aya, I want to have my weddings ahead of yours” Sora wheezed

“No, mine should be first” Kei shakes his head in disagreement

“Why you!” Sora gets off from the GD3 and approach the driver of the GE8. He started to strangle him and grits his teeth in excitement. “Gakh! Gakh! Gakh!” Kei gasped for air, “Stop it, Homer! Gakh!” Kei takes the plastic bottle for his drink and hits it few times to Sora’s head, giving him taste of dizziness. “D’oh! D’oh! D’oh! D’oh!” Sora said in return. The two does that for some time, until Saya and Aya decided to step once again to stop the two from killing each other. “Okay, we’ll married altogether at the same time” Aya wheezed, “Stop it, you two”

“Break it up boys” said Saya as she helps out her sister, “We’ll marry at the same time, at the same church, with the same priest… sounds good enough for you?”

“These guys are major idiots” Steve shakes his head in wonder, “I bet they will kill each other in the near future”

“Go figure…” Claire followed

“We’re done eating… so we should get back to the house” Scott sighed

“What about them?” Asuka asked

“It’ll take some time to reconcile the two, so we’d best leave it up to the sisters” Octavian continued

“Let’s go…” Maria nods

As all of them left the two idiots, they come to their senses. “Hey, wait!” Kei said

“Don’t leave us here!” Sora added

“Hmph… men” Saya and Aya said altogether

Twenty minutes of driving, all of them arrived and started to fill the fridge on the kitchen. “Okay… we are done” Saya nodded as she pours a cold lemon tea for everyone, “Pass this onto everyone, Kei” All of them drinks the cold lemon tea and exhaled in relief as they decided to take a rest throughout the day. “How is everything going with the studio, you two?” Saya asked

“We already invested more money for the equipment and three more photographers, as well as ten employees” Kei nodded

“All we need to do next is to find clients for our studio” Octavian added, “We will begin to operate by the end of the month”

“Let me know if I can help out with more capitals, okay?” Saya smiled

“Sure thing, ma’am” Octavian nodded

“How about the boutique, girls?” Saya asked Claire and Asuka

“Bertha is back, so we need to focus more on keeping the level of stock” Claire explained, “We need to hire one more employee for looking out the stock”

“I already interviewed five people so far… but I think there is only one candidate that is diligent and honest” Asuka added

“Okay… I’ll leave it up to you girls” Saya nodded, “You guys?”

“We already solved the shoplifting case on the men’s clothing store” Steve nodded

“So to prevent something like this happen again in the future, we decided to hire one more security guard as well as placing the CCTV and surveillance camera on three more position”

“Nicely done” Saya replied, “What about you, Maria?”

“Your friend at Youtube told me that I can get into a contract with them for online cooking lessons” she explained, “Since this is Youtube’s own program, everyone is very excited to start”

“I see… I hope you got a lot of recipe for your arsenal”

“Of course… my grandmother from Jamaica and Octavian’s grandfather from Africa left me a lot of recipe books for simple dishes and family cooking” Maria replied, “This will be a hit!”

“I'm sure it will” Saya agreed, “Well now that Kei is busy with his studio with Octavian, I'm relying on Sora and Aya to help me with the Resto”

What Saya did is simply amazing. She learns a lot from her foster father on how to keeping family bond tightly with family business. Except the photo studio, every place that the girls and boys worked at is owned by her. Kei is tinkering with his new Macbook; installing the programs from his previous Macbook, musics, his collection of NSX pictures, and of course…
“Hm? What is this? You have a lot of my pictures in your Macbook” Saya gasped

Kei is very surprised when she appeared behind him. He quickly covered the screen with his arms and body. “What the hell?!” he said, “You should knock before you enter my room!”

“Look who is talking… this is our room, Kei” Saya puts her hands on her hips, “Besides, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed, considering you have a feeling for me”

“Still, this is a private stuff and you can't just barge in when I'm organizing it” Kei replied, “You might call these as my stack of porn”

“Porn?! You’re not using my pictures as your materials for ma…” Saya grits her teeth, looking very angry

“No, heck no! I don’t do that kind of thing!” Kei replied in panic

“Good! Cause I will cut yours if you do” Saya widens her eyes, “Come on downstairs and help us tidying the stuff at the kitchen”

She left the guy on the room to continue tinkering with his Macbook. Kei wheezed in disappointment, after getting yelled by Saya. “Aww, man… I lost my spirit to tinker with you” Kei wheezed. He closes the Macbook and went downstairs to help Saya

Meanwhile at the front door, Sora got a package from Heckler and Koch; a brand new handgun for his arsenal of weaponry. “Finally! I have Solid Snake’s signature weapon on Metal Gear Solid!” Sora shouted from the front door

“Aah… the extinct Mk.23…” Kei replied

“Extinct?” Sora wondered aloud

“Yeah… on 2010, which is next year, H&K will cease the manufacture of the Mk.23” Kei explained

“I see… good thing that I bought it now, then”

“Put it on your desk, so Casey won't be able to touch it… guns and babies don’t match and won't end pretty well” Kei added

“Yes, sir!”

Kei turned on the TV and switch it to CNN. “This just in… a local gang war has broken out at the local Jewish community neighborhood” said the newsreader, “There are several Jewish people, killed on the break out. The police traced that a woman is kidnapped by the gang members. There are also several houses damaged on this break out”

“What the hell?” Octavian said as he watched the TV

“Local gang? Do we have something like that around here?”

“Local gangs… we have Bad-Ass Biker Community, Tang Brotherhood, and last but not least is… Children of Madness” Scott named out the local gangs

“The police have identified the missing woman to be Lea Gideon, a female teacher of Marin Day School- Sherith Israel… she is 23 years old and here is her picture” the newsreader nodded, “If anyone find her by any chance, please don’t hesitate to call 911… she is the sole eyewitness of this breakout. Being the only one left in her family… it must be tough for her”

“Man… those are real dangerous cats we have” Sora replied, “What about that gang war?”

“Looks like… the police are still investigating it” Kei reads out the news ticker, “Better be careful around those cats… even though I can wipe them out easily, it’ll be best not to attract attention from people like them”

“Poor woman… hopefully the police could find her soon enough” Steve sighed


(Out of Phase by Shimomura Yoko - Parasite Eve Original Soundtracks)

“And that is the forecast for our next project” said one of the staffs

“I see… what about the third quarter income report? I see something unusual about it” said Mr. Desmond

“I also wondered whether something is wrong…” Mrs. Rona added

Today is the special meeting with the board of directors, which takes place in case the representative of the company had a project they liked to discuss. Saya, being the owner of the company as well as major shareholders is also at the meeting. The third quarter income report has a significant increase in its cost, puzzling the entire board of director after the smooth first and second quarter of the year. “Can someone explain this?” Saya asked

“We deliberately increased the cost for the project’s purpose, depositing them back to the company’s cash in order to fund the next project” the staff explained, “We are afraid that, being a new project, we wouldn’t get an approval”

Saya, Mr. Desmond, and Mrs. Rona discussed on how to respond regarding the project. They decided to give their approval, being given with enough data from the forecast, as well as the data from their independent study. “I see… you guys made a wise decision” Mr. Desmond nodded

“Well… seeing the forecast on the next project, as well as the statistical facts from your study on its market, we give you our approval” Mrs. Rona continued

“Alright… report it back to me on the next meeting, everyone” Saya nodded to all of her staffs, “Thank you very much for all of your hard work, you can all go home”

“Yes, ma’am” everyone nodded to her

All of her staffs in the meeting room get out with happy look on their faces. It’s another successful meeting with their directors. “How are you doing, Ms. Saya?” said Mr. Desmond

“I'm fine, thank you… how is your family, sir?”

“They are doing great, thank you” Mr. Desmond replied, “How is your husband, Mrs. Rona?”

“Aw, he’s doing fine on his golfing course and his golf club” Mrs. Rona smiled, “What do you say if we go for a dinner? This is another successful meeting, after all”

“I’ll have to politely decline your offer, ma’am” Saya shrugs, “My boyfriend is waiting at the my office, and I made a promise to him that we would eat together after the meeting is done”

“I see… next time, then” Mrs. Rona smiled, “Take care now, dear”

They are friends and mentors of Saya’s foster father and the two helped out making the company grow bigger, back from when it’s running with ten employees. Since then her father include their names on the company’s major shareholder, just like she did. After watching the two went down on the elevator, followed by all of her staffs, Saya takes off her necktie and unbuttoned the two first buttons on her shirt. She opened her office and Kei is sitting on the couch, reading the newest edition of Time magazine he bought earlier. “Sorry for making you wait” she exhaled lightly, locking the door and she walks slowly towards the guy on the couch

“No problem…” Kei replied flatly, continued his reading through the lines of the article

Saya sits beside him, taking off her high heels, lift her smooth legs and fold it as she leaned on his body. “You look good on that Armani suit” she smiled

“Yup… it’s expensive indeed but it feels good to wear it sometimes”

Yesterday, Kei bought a brand new dark grey Armani suit to escort Saya to the office. Once in awhile he heard some of her employee speak ill about him, just because he wears casual clothes to the office. Since then he replaces a lot of his t-shirt collection with shirt and tried to look as nearly formal as possible, whenever he goes. “So… any idea on where to eat?”

“Of course” Kei smiled as he close the magazine and put it on the desk, “I booked a place for us already”

“Hm, candle light dinner?” she rest her head on his lap

“You bet… come on, let me take you there” Kei nodded

“Let’s spend some more time here… there is nobody but us here” she blushed, “Let’s have sex here”

“Is that supposed to be a joke?”

“Nope… here, let me take off my jacket”

She stands up in front of him and takes off her navy blue jacket, exposing the white silk shirt she wore inside it. After that she pulls out her shirt and sits on his lap. “I'm serious, Kei… since Aya is not here, let us do anything we want”

“What about Kisaragi Saya?”

“I am Kisaragi Saya and I want to have sex with you; right here, right now”

“Are you sure that is a good idea?”

“Stop talking!”

She kissed him passionately as she takes off his jacket. Kei played along with her and started to nip every inch of her neck. He unbuttoned her shirt and pulls it to the side, revealing the pair of her big breast behind the black bra. Saya takes off his shirt and undershirt, tossing it aside. The two continued to strip each other out, leaving Saya with black bra and black panties while Kei with white underpants. The two stared at each other, decided to continue the show with foreplay.

Kei kissed her shoulder and unhook the bra from behind her. Saya turned her body, facing her with her big bosom in front of Kei. The guy elevated her body with his left arm on her butt, while his right arm started to massage her left breast. Saya bites her lip, holding out her voice and the tingling sensation on her breast. The guy continued by sucking it and pulls it with his hard lips. “Aaah… it feels… weirdly good” Saya moaned as her body jerked hard to the back, pushing her breast even forward to Kei’s face

“What feels good?” Kei asked

“Eh?” She wakes up from her sleep. It turns out; she is having one lewd dream when she rests her head on Kei’s lap. She even rubbed her own breast and caressing her own body. Kei shakes his head in wonder, thinking what she had for a dream. “Okay… what did I do on your dream?” Kei asked, “You watched too much adult movie with Aya for the past few days”

“That’s… that’s none of your business!” she replied, looking a bit irritated as she gets up and leaned her back on the couch, “Man… it’s only a dream? I feel so foolish”

“Are you okay? You look very tired… want to skip the dinner and went back home?” Kei looked very worried, “I can always cancel the booking…”

“No, I'm fine… let us go now and eat something” Saya shakes her head, “I wonder… will my dream come true someday?”

“What kind of dream is it?”

“We have a hot sex here… we strip each other out and we were just starting with foreplay” she sighed, forcing a smile onto her face, “Just as you said; too much adult movie for me this week”

“Why do you want to have sex with me?”

“And why do you say that?” she leered her eyes towards him, “You have everything a woman could possibly want from a man”

“Wow… I'm flattered” Kei shrugs

“I'm serious, Kei…” she wheezed, smiling to him, “Propose to me soon, Kei”

“Well let’s not think too much about that; I still have a lot of things to do before I do that” Kei wheezed, “Ready to go, Saya?”

“Yes, dear…”


“Is it alright if I call you dear? We are a couple after all… so why not make it official?”

“Yeah, you could say that” Kei blushed

The two went down the elevator and gets into the car, driving towards the expensive restaurant where Kei booked. Fifteen minutes of driving, they arrived on the place. Saya smiled as she looks at the place, showing her that she is very pleased that Kei decided to dine with her here. “Really? Gary Denko Restaurant?” she smiled

“I scoop around the net for some expensive and luxury restaurant… does this restaurant suits your taste?” Kei raised his eyebrows

“Of course it is… I like this kind of place” she rolled her eyes, “Come on, let’s go inside” The two walks inside and get something to eat.

(Roses and Wine by Uematsu Nobuo - Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtracks)

“Here… drink some of this wine” Saya pours him a glass of wine

Kei shrugged as he takes a sip from the glass. “You know I can't drink too much… I’ll pass out if I drink more than a shot. Besides, I'm driving us back later”

Saya rolled her eyes to the table. Small candles are lined up neatly on the table, giving out a romantic feel at the atmosphere of the restaurant. The visitors are coming as couples, adding up the positive mood here. “Best candlelight dinner I could ever asked for” she exhaled lightly, “Thank you, dear”

“You’re welcome… listen, can we go to the park after this?”

“Why not?” she nodded

Kei raised his hand, calling the waiter “Waiter, the bill please” he whispered

After Kei paid the bill, the two went out from the restaurant and headed to Golden Gate Park, located in the heart of San Francisco. After he parked the car, the two got out from it and walk inside, holding each other’s hand. “Is there any particular reason we’re here?” Saya asked

“Not really… I just wanted to be alone for a bit more with you”

“You know, Kei… I never got the chance to thank you. I feel happy that you bought Sora and my sister with you to USA” she said as she sat down at the park chair, “If it weren’t for you, I will never remember who I really am”

“No problem… your foster father told me to help you with that and it is his dying wish” Kei shrugged, “No thank you is necessary”

“And to think that I forget about you in the process… it kind of broke my heart”

“No worries… don’t let it bother your pretty head”

“I see… even though you said that, I still feel an obligation, a need to remember everything about you” Saya replied, “That’s okay with you?”

“Sure… it’s not a problem” Kei nodded, “Hm?”

He saw something behind the bush. “What is it, dear?” Saya feels worried, seeing his serious expression towards the bush. “Wait… is that a body of someone?”

Kei and Saya walk towards the bush. Kei carefully turned the body of the person and the two immediately recognizes who she was. “Lea Gideon?!” Saya gasped, “What is she doing here?”

“She is still breathing… good” Kei checks her pulse, “Looks like… she was indeed kidnapped. See her wrists? It’s a bruise from some kind of rope”

“What should we do?” Saya looks puzzled

“I don’t know… whoever is kidnapping her, probably is around and looking for her” Kei remarked

“Okay, let’s bring her back to our house for awhile” Saya lifted her weak body

The two carried her to the car and brought her back home. At the house, everyone is gathering around her, trying to cope up with the current situation and facts. “Okay… so she is Lea Gideon from the news few days ago” Octavian nodded, “You guys found her on the park?”

“Yeah… someone is kidnapping her alright. I mean, look at her wrist” Saya replied

“I can smell trouble brewing already” Sora sighed, “I thought it was you who told us not to get involved in this kind of trouble”

“And what do you suggest Kei and I should do? Left her on the park to be discovered and captured again by those gang members?” Saya asked

“Saya is right… I don’t think it’s wise to left her alone and walk away just like that” Kei shrugs, “Hey, I'm an ex-soldier; my purpose was to help these kinds of trouble people”

“So? What should we do now?” Steve asked

“We do the right thing… keep her safe here for awhile and treat her” Claire nodded, “I'm sure Aya, Asuka, Maria, and Saya agrees with me”

“Of course we are…” Maria said as she treats Lea’s wounds

“We should help out whenever we can, especially when she has no one else in this world” Aya nodded, helping out Maria with her medicine, “It’ll be better for her if she had someone to help her, easing her pain”

“Okay, so you guys better get out from the room and let us ladies get to work” Asuka pushed all of them outside

They bought another person to this house. Even though it’s becoming merrier and merrier, their problems are dragged along as well to the house. Kei knew it’s going to get ugly for them, especially the girls. “Asuka, Maria, Octavian, I will give you guys something-something for protection” Kei nodded, “Follow me…”

Maria, Asuka, and Octavian followed him to his room. Kei dragged out a cabinet, full of guns and give them something easy to be handled. “Asuka, here is PPK for you. Octavian and Maria… here is S&W Sigma and CS45” Kei nodded, “Keep it safe on the house and ALWAYS bring it with you when you are travelling alone without me”

“Why do you give this to us?” Maria asked

“Just keep it… guns do not kill people. It is people that kill other people, so you should defend yourself to avoid getting killed. Understand?” Kei asked, “Inside the house, keep it on the cabinet of your room and lock it…”

“I understand” Asuka replied


Octavian is still hesitating. Asuka nodded to him and Maria, trying to assure that guns are safe, as long as they know how to use it. “Just remember what it’s for and know who you are shot” Asuka added, “America is a dangerous place for us and our family. And when we can't rely on the police, all we need to do is to defend ourselves. Understood?”

“Okay… I will keep this gun with me and protect my family” Octavian nodded solemnly


The next morning, Lea wakes up, not knowing where she was and what she is doing in this house. The girls and Maria are staying with her to monitor her condition closely. “Oh you’re awake” Saya smiled to her

“Who are you girls?” she asked

“My name is Kisaragi Saya… this is my twin sister Kisaragi Aya, over there is Sena Asuka and Mayama Claire… and that woman over there is Maria Sorenson”

“How did I get here?” she asked

“My boyfriend and I found you at the Golden Gate Park last night” Saya added, “Were you running away from someone?”

“Yes… I was kidnapped by the members Tang Brotherhood”

“Why were you kidnapped in the first place?” Aya asked

“Their boss had a stupid crush on me… I told him not to bother me anymore, but he didn’t listen” Lea sighed, “What about my family? Are they safe?”

All of them lowered their heads, giving out a signal that something is wrong with her family. “I'm very sorry, dear…” Maria shakes her head, “Your parents are killed on the breakout”

Lea gasped. She cannot hold back her tears, which is running from her eyes down to her cheeks. Saya gets onto the bed and leaned her head to her shoulder while Aya rubs her shoulder, trying to calm her down. “I'm very sorry for your loss, Lea” Aya nodded

“I'm the one to blame for the misfortunes of my family” she cried

“They died, protecting your dignity and right for freedom” Asuka remarked, “Don’t waste it…”

“Who is the Tang Brotherhood, exactly?” Claire asked

“The leader of the gang is Tang Wei… he is a son from a wealthy Chinese family on Chinatown” Lea explained

“I see… that is a tough one indeed” Saya nodded, “Well, rest here, Lea… you’re not safe out there, since most of his men will probably try to find you so he could kill you. This house is safe; just don’t wander around too far. I will try to contact my lawyer. Maybe she can do something to help you put that guy behind bars”

“That won't do… he is charged for five murders and no once can make it stick to him” Lea added, “His parents bought the judges and kill most of the eyewitnesses”

“What do you suggest we do?” Claire asked

“Hm, that is troublesome indeed” Aya rubs her chin, wondering what they should do

“I should get out from here and away from you girls as soon as possible” she said, “Thank you for all of your help”

“Stay here and don’t go anywhere! It’s too dangerous for you” Saya added

“They will find me here! You don’t understand! They will kill all of you is they know that I'm hiding over here”

Aya, Claire, Maria, and Asuka gulped hard upon hearing that. Saya on the other hand, smiled and replied with ease to her statement. “Nah, let’s not worry our pretty heads about it” Saya shrugged as she stares at the door of the room

She knew that Kei is eavesdropping from the outside of the room, meaning that he is aware of their current situation. He heard everything about the Tang Brotherhood and its leader; Tang Wei. He is indeed the sort of people he hate the most, down to his spine; rich, powerful, yet likes to toy around with other people’s life. Since he heard enough, he went back to his room and focuses on finding a way to protect the new member of his family. “Okay… I can always rush to their hideout and kill them” he shrugs, “But even that is too much of a hassle for me”

“What’s on your mind, Kei?” Steve asked

“Hm? Nothing much… I was wondering about our racing place tonight”

“What about Lea?” Octavian asked

“She has come to just now… let’s keep her inside the house, so no one will know that we hid her here”

“I see… what about the gang and her being the sole eyewitness?” Sora asked

“Let me handle this problem… I'm the one who found her, so she is my responsibility”

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Come to think of it, I think u missed gin for the character update. Just saying, I know he's not gonna appear for a while but he is the important informant after all.

Again, nice story. Liking the 'uncensorship' u put in

EDIT: can you also put Gin as Japanese-American for Race as well?

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QUOTE (Lethalbiscotti @ 27 minutes, 38 seconds ago)
Come to think of it, I think u missed gin for the character update.  Just saying, I know he's not gonna appear for a while but he is the important informant after all.

Again, nice story.  Liking the 'uncensorship' u put in

oh yeah... seems like I forgot about him. I'll add it up now

There it is, Lethalbiscotti... going to update his info as the story goes. and also, thanks for reading, crav3

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yummy ^^ u just make my day better...thnkz rex
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awesome development....i juz like the..away from racing and yet not too far from it feelings...haha
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Hi REX had a character idea for much later in the story when the team go to london. could i tell it to you closer to that time please?
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Wow... It's been so long since the last update... sorry for the holdup, everyone... I've been busy with work these days. I'll try and update it regularly once or twice every two weeks...

@devilzvsblackbird: If you have any suggestion, please send me a PM... as for the London, that is halfway of the story

ACT 5: Full Team Assemble

Another day has passed and the sun is starting to hide itself on the west horizon. Kei is washing his NSX-R outside the house, while Steve is trying out his newly tuned Mercedes-Benz SLK350. “Wash… wash… wash… my baby” Kei hummed to his own song as he dried the silver body of the Honda with a water magnet towel, “Clean… clean… clean… the body. What a wonderful day to give my R a bath”

“Since when you decided to call your NSX-R with a simple R? GT-R is the one that supposed to be called that” Sora got his blue R35 out to wash it as well. Kei shrugs and decided to call his NSX-R with something else. “Okay… I'm a pilot, so my car should be a fighter jet. Cool anime with jets is Yukikaze… I know! From today onwards, I’ll call my NSX-R with Sylph… it comes from Super Sylph; the first Yukikaze”

“Sylph? As in attractively thin and delicate girl?” Steve asked, “Or other English for celestial women?”

“The two English terms of it are tempting, so I’ll use both of it, of course… ” He continued to hum around as he wipes clean his NSX-R. “He is awfully chipper today” Sora said, “Scott, can you help me with this?”

“I heard that he and Saya is officially a couple now” Scott nodded

“Are you sure? What about her lost memory?” Asuka asked

“Well… she said that she will eventually remembers everything about him, so she decided to take their relationship to the next level” Aya explained

“I can hear you guys just fine from here, you know” Kei sighed, hearing his friend talked about him loudly

“Yeah, we did that on purpose” Aya nods

“Whatever… Steve, we’re going to use your car for drag” Kei said as he points the silver SLK, “Make sure you familiarize yourself with it”

“Yes sir… by the way, where is Octavian?” Steve asked

“He should be done by now… the studio had an order for pre-wedding photo shoots, which is why he is kind of held back” Kei answered

“What about Maria?” Claire asked

“She is inside, giving Casey a nice warm bath”

“Well… I'm going to feed the fishes on the pond” Claire walks to the side of the house. Inside the house, Lea is walking around, trying to familiarize herself with it. She is filled with wonder as she looks around Saya’s big house. “Such nice house you have here, Saya” she said

Saya raised her eyebrows, nodded happily and replied lightly with a smile. “Why thank you… my foster father likes a bright house, which is reflected by his own design”

“Foster father? This is his design?”

“Yes… my real father is a senior advisor for New York Times… as for my foster father, he owns a design company that works in conjunction with several building contractors. My real father is still alive and well, but my foster father died from illness a year ago” Saya added, “We have twelve rooms for people, and each of it have its own bathroom. So far, seven rooms are occupied already and with you, it turned eight now. Come on, let me show you around my house”

Lea nodded and followed the landlady. She leads her to the second floor. “First up, this one is mine and Kei… my sister’s and Sora… Claire’s and Steve… Asuka’s and Scott… and last but not least Maria’s and Octavian with their baby”

“Hm? Your room smells like bakery’s kitchen” Lea sniffed the air of the room

“Probably my Chocó aromatherapy candles” she pointed the lining chocolate candles on the table, “I have a great liking with everything that smells sweet”

“Even your boyfriend?”

“Kei? Hm… he is indeed smells pretty sweet” Saya rolled her eyes to his desk, “He has a nice fruity scent with him, everywhere he goes… I was wondering what kind of perfume he used and it turns out he uses the Classic by Banana Republic… see his desk over there?”

“Five of your rooms are occupied by you and your friends, what about the other two?”

“It was used by the caretaker of this house and its garden” Saya continued, “Rosa and Bertha, along with their husband. They are off to visit their family on the south right now. Their room is near the kitchen, which is located on the first floor”

“What’s over there?”

“It’s the veranda, which is located half a story above the second floor… you can see a lot of stars on the night skies with the telescope I have there”

The two continued to walk around the house again. “This is the kitchen with… a lot of refrigerators” Lea counted the fridge, “One… two… three… four… five?!” she gasped in surprise. Seeing her natural response, Saya giggled. “Well… I love cooking. A lot of my ingredients for cooking are over there. As my family member grows bigger and bigger, I decided to keep a lot of food, which requires lot more space” Saya explained, “Over here we have a lot of electronics to process the food… And this is my wonderful spice cabinet”

“Seeing all of this here… I can tell that you are a very dedicated girl”

“Speaking of which… you are Jewish, yes?”

“Is there something wrong?”

“Do you always eat kosher food?”

Lea paused for a moment before she giggled in return, replying the question. “Hahaha… no, not always” she giggled, “My family is moderate American Jewish, which explains why we seldom eat kosher food”

“I see… we can always shop for kosher food, if you want”

“I’ll be fine, don’t worry. I haven’t got the chance to say thank you yet… after all the things you have done for me; helping me out at the park, giving me a place to stay, a warm bed and warm food…” she wheezed, “You accept me; a stranger with no family, into your house”

“Well… you don’t have to thank me” Saya shakes her head, “You see… when I lost my foster father, I have Kei by my side to help me go through it. When I saw you on the news, I was reflecting at myself… you have no one else left, which is why I decided to take you in”

“Nevertheless, I thank you…” she bows to her

“Ah, don’t do that… come on, come on… let’s move along”

She nodded to her and followed her around some more. “Earlier, I noticed strange colored panels on the roof; are those solar panels?” she asked

“You guessed right… 50% the electricity of this house is from the power from the panel. When night falls, the house uses normal electricity” Saya nodded, “Pretty neat, huh?”

“It is”

“The inhabitants of this house love their car, including me. And as you know, car uses fossil fuel that is hazardous for the planet” Saya explained, “So in order to compensate them; I applied this way of living”

“I wish a more people think like you do” Lea shrugs

“Yeah… hey, who knows? Green living is a new trend these days, so I'm sure someday it’ll be even more popular. Okay, let’s move on…” Saya said, “Over here we have… the dining room and next to it is the living room with TV and home theatre set… and over there is my back porch, with medium sized swimming pool. Well that concludes the tour of Kisaragi Saya’s house… what do you say if we go outside to get some fresh air?”

“After you” Lea nodded

The two walks out towards the garden beside the house. At the side of the fish pond, Claire is seen feeding the fishes as she waves her hand to the two. “A nice garden with a lot of fruit trees, spice and vegetable plants and… a fish pond?” Lea thought aloud

“Yep… those are my father’s fishes” she nodded, “Don’t overfeed them, Claire”

“I won't…” she exhaled lightly, “Okay, I'm done… let’s check how the boys are doing with their cars”

The three walk towards the front yard, seeing that Kei is done waxing his silver NSX-R with Scott’s help. He is heating the engine right now, opening the engine cover on the back of the car, trying to listen what the engine has to say to him. Sora decided to give his blue R35 a nice coat of wax after he washed it. Steve on the other hand, is busy polishing his black Michelin tires. Aya is sitting on the porch, immediately greets the three, mainly Lea. “Feeling better already?” she asked with a smile

“Yes, thank you…” Lea nodded

“Come sit here for a bit” Asuka added

“Let’s sit here and watch the boys with their car” Saya said as she pours her a cup of tea, “Here you go…”

(Yujyo by Amano Masamichi - Stratos 4 Original Soundtracks)

The five girls are sipping their tea from the clear teacup. Lea feels fortunate already, surrounded by kind and loving people. Even though she lost her family, she has a new one. She knew her real family cannot be replaced, but in this kind of situation, all she can do is feel grateful. Seeing Kei giving lecture about cars to Sora, Steve, and Scott, made her wonder about his relationship with Saya. “Saya… have you guys done anything yet?” Lea asked

“Done anything… meaning?” Saya asked

“You are a couple, yes? How many rounds did he holds?”

Saya seems puzzled with her question. Same thing happened to Aya, Asuka, and Claire as well. They didn’t know what is the meaning of the question she asked. “Rounds? As in fighting?”

“His body looks rather built for a boy his age… How old is he?”

“This November… he is twenty years old, right?” Claire asked

Saya nodded. After giving it more thought and logic, Aya nodded few times, finally understood the question she asked. “Oh… I see what you’re asking over here” Aya blushed

“Hm? What do you mean by rounds?” Asuka asked

“You know the thing that people used to do together as a couple” Lea said, “Is he good on bed?”

When they heard the good in bed part, Asuka, Claire, and mainly Saya finally understood the question. She blushed in embarrassment, trying to remember the first question that Lea popped to her. “Uh… We haven’t done anything yet” Saya exhaled lightly

“Oh… does he like to go to the gym? Even though his body is kind of lean, he is quite muscular compared to Steve, Sora, or Scott”

“You see, he is a former soldier for US Air Force, which is explained in his physique. I have some of the pictures here on my mobile phone” Saya explained as she gets out her Sony-Ericsson Xperia X1, “See? This is him on 2006, a year before we met each other… see how big his body is?”

“Looks like his mental treatment and the medicine take toll on his physique” Claire nodded

“These days, he always goes to the basement to do his exercise at five PM… he is the owner of all of the gym equipment downstairs”

“I see…” Lea smirked

“Soldiers tend to exercise their body according to their needs to achieve best result on every operation” Asuka explained, “For Air Force soldier, however, is a little bit different; they have to maintain their body to withstand the G-forces on their assignment, mainly in air”

Saya put away her mobile phone in her pocket and sighed lightly. “So back to the main question… why didn’t you do anything with him yet?” Lea asked

“The reason that I haven’t done anything with him is…” Saya rolled her eyes to the other blonde lass. Lea, Claire, and Asuka followed her eyes, which ended up at her twin sister; Aya. The other blonde lass quickly responded with frowning, looks back at her with pointy eyes. “What’s that look mean?” Aya asked

“I see… so your sister is jealous?”

“No! I'm not jealous or anything… it’s just that, I don’t trust him completely yet” Aya replied in panic

“Why did you get so worked up? I'm just teasing you and throw off some joke question here” Lea giggled

“And here I thought you entrusted her with him” Claire shrugs

“I can't let him have his way with my sister yet, ever since he confronted Saya with the fact, just like that… That action forces me distrust him”

“Or maybe you’re just plain jealous… I don’t know that Aya could be jealous of someone else’s boyfriend” Claire added

“I mean, really, Aya? You also have hots for him, right?” Asuka continued, “Admit it already”

“No! No! I'm not!” she blushed and shakes her head, denying her statement

Saya saw this as a cue to tease her sister even further. She bites her lip in excitement and throws her more of naughty question. “If you have, it’s alright, Aya… I can understand. We are twins, after all. You know… we can always do threesome together” Saya giggled, “I’ll share him with you… what’s mine is yours, right? Tee-hee-hee…”

“Ah, I don’t believe this!” Aya looks the other way and closed her ears

“Hahahaha…” Saya laughed happily, followed by Asuka, Claire, and Lea. Aya however, feels displeased with her twin sister. “Why you! That is not how you supposed to address me; your older sister!” Aya pinches her cheeks

“Ow, ow, ow! Stop it, Aya!” Saya replied as she pinches her cheeks as well, “We are twins! There is no older or younger sister!”

“I got out from mom’s womb a minute before you do, dummy!” she grits her teeth, looking very irritated

“No! I AM the one that come out a minute earlier, you dummy!” Saya replied, looking evenly irritated

“No, YOU are a minute later, dummy!” Aya said

“Only dummies call other dummy” Saya replied

“So you’re calling me a dummy?!”

Seeing their joke stated to get out from hand, Lea decided it’s the best time to separate the two sisters. “Now, now… don’t get overly excited, girls” Lea shrugged, trying to separate the two. When the two did not stop, even after Lea tried to separate them, she started to get very irritated. “Help me out here!” Lea said to Claire and Asuka.

(Code 966 by Saeko Suzuki with TOMISHIRO - Keroro Gunso Original Sound Kerock 2)

The noisy girls quickly attract the attention of Steve, Sora, Scott, and Kei. The four of them looks at the girls with puzzled look, wondering what might go wrong with them. “What happened between the sisters?” Steve asked

Starting only with Aya and Saya, the girls right now are pinching each other’s cheeks. Seeing how the conflict turns worse even faster, they are very confused with what they are doing. “Is that a… pinching contest?” Kei wheezed

“Looks like they are arguing” Sora shrugs, “Just leave them be”

“I wonder… did they fight over you, Kei?” Scott teased Sora, “Aya is Saya’s twin right? Their taste in men should be similar or in this case, the same”

“I will pretend that I don’t hear that, Scott…” Sora shakes his head

Seeing how he responded to Scott’s joke earlier, Kei had a bright idea to tease him and irritate him even further. “Hey Sora, I have a good idea… let’s switch girlfriend!”

Sora’s face started to lose its color as he bites his tongue while his eyes turn bright and angry, upon hearing what he just said to him. “Damn you!” he approached Kei and started to strangle him, “Aya is Aya, and Saya is Saya- Aya is mine and Saya is yours! Quit being a jerk!”

“Gakh! Gakh! Gakh! Gakh! Stop it, Sora! I'm just kidding! Gakh!”

“No kidding on this one, you jerk!”

Kei reached out to his Meguiar’s shampoo bottle and hits Sora’s head with it few times. “D’oh! D’oh! D’oh! D’oh!”

Now the two of them are the ones who arguing. Steve shakes his head in wonder as he continued to work on his tires. “Man, you guys are stupid” he shrugs as he ignored the two of them. Scott wheezed in response, leaving the two with their childish attitude. “Let’s leave them be to avoid getting the stupid germs as well”

Back to the girls, the sisters are done arguing and pinching each other’s cheek, thanks to Lea, Asuka, and Claire. The two however, ended up with red, swelling cheeks. “Why do you ask anyway, Lea?” Saya asked

“Well… knowing that he has real physique, I'm sure he’ll satisfy you on the bed” Lea smirked as she rolled her eyes to Saya, leering at every inch of her curves. Saya seemed surprised as she lowered her head, blushed hard. Lea continued her assessment on Kei, pointing every plus points that guy has. “The proportion of his muscle is perfect and he focuses on every part of his body” she continued

“That is what you get from military training” Claire nodded, “Especially him, being a sergeant airman, who has to pilot a fighter jet and cargo airplanes”

“Oh yeah… did he sleep naughtily?” Lea asked

All of them wondered by what she meant this time. “Meaning?”

“Kicking here and there when he sleeps… always restless on his sleep?”

“Now that you mention it… Yes, he did” Saya nodded, “One time he kicked me from the bed, so hard that I fell off right away… my butt still feels sore, thanks to him. Does that mean anything?”

“It gets better; he has great passion for loving his couple” Lea explained, “Here we have a soldier with good physique with well endowed, sexy girl on one bedroom… I'm surprised that the two of you didn’t have a lot kids on your own yet”

“You know a lot of these things…”

“It’s a common knowledge when you are schooling at medical institution… even though I gave up along the way and get a teacher degree instead” Lea shrugged, “Just make sure you keep up with him, once your times are up”

“Yes, ma’am!” Saya nodded in reply

“If you ended up as husband and wife in the future… I'm sure you’ll have a lot of naughty kids, which takes after their father”

Aya takes a careful look on the boyfriend of her sister and unknowingly started to compare him with her boyfriend Sora. “He is indeed has bigger body than Sora…” she thought, “Damn it! What am I thinking?!”

“Something on your mind, Aya?” Asuka smirked

“Aha! I think she blushed just now after seeing Kei” Claire continued to tease her

“Oh, please!” Aya brushed her off

“Here you go!” Sora splashed Kei with water on the black bucket, wetting all of his clothes. “Damn it, Sora!” he hissed, “Now I'm all wet and sticky! That is soap water!” His clothes are wet and sticky. Thanks to the soap in the water, he feels itchy and funny on his entire body. He takes off his shirt and threw it to Sora’s face.

“Damn you! Here, take it back” Sora replied as he throws it back to him

All of the muscles in his body are seen perfectly. Sora, Scott, and Steve who saw it feels amazed by him, not to mention Aya, Claire, Asuka, and Lea. “Hey!” Steve said, “Let’s compare!” He takes off his t-shirt also and stands beside him. “See? I have a lot of it as well” Steve nodded, “I'm keeping my shape in good condition, after all… what? You have a tattoo on your back?!” Kei had a tattoo on his back; a white angelic wings and black bat wings. “What do you think? Cool, huh?”

Saya smiled in satisfaction upon seeing his half naked boyfriend. Even though this is not the first time she saw him without his shirt, this is the first time all of her female friends, as well as her sister, saw Kei without any shirts. She smirked wide as she presents it to her friends. “Ladies, I present you my boyfriend; US Air Force Sergeant- Yagami Kei” she said, smiling proudly, “What about Sora? Did he have those smoking hot tattoos?”

“And there she goes…” Aya sighed. Sora takes off his clothes also, not wanting to feel inferior. “And that is my boyfriend! Lean and muscular” Aya responded to her bragging. Even though Sora’s muscles are not as big as Kei’s he showed it off proudly to everyone. “Hm… You still have a long waaay to go” Kei shakes his head

“Ah, what’s important is not body… but mind and soul” Sora brushed off his remark

“I can't help but to wonder… when did the muscle beach moved here?” Scott takes off his shirt also, lining up with his friends

“And now that idiot Scott gets carried away as well, taking off his shirt as well” Asuka shakes her head in wonder, “Hey, stop showing off your muscles and get dressed already. The four of you look very gay, lining up like that. This story will not turn into yaoi ones”

“Hater…” Kei, Sora, Scott, and Steve replied to her altogether. Kei scratches his body, “I will need to take my showers now. You will pay for this some other time, Sora” He walks away towards the girls.

“It’ll be better if you start doing a harder exercise, Sora… it’ll do your body good” Steve nodded, “Well, you realized that we can't beat Kei, even when Scott, Octavian with us, right? He is way stronger than us all”

“He is… he is a one man army after all” Sora replied, “Thanks for the advice; I’ll try and do that”

“Just try to match his pace… everyday on 5 PM, he goes to the basement to do his exercise” Scott added, “We should too, Steve”

“Yeah, that’s a great idea” Steve followed

As Kei approached the girls, Saya stands up, smirking as she decided to continue her bragging. “Kei, wait for a bit” she said, pulling his right arm

“What’s up ladies? Having a good time?”

“Line up with me” she nodded


The two lined up in front of the other girls. “Is this some kind of competition?” Kei asked. Saya smiled to him and grits her teeth in excitement in front of her sister and friends. “Okay… ready? My boyfriend is hotter than yours” Saya smirked, “Come on, admit it already. You’ve lost”

“Alright, alright, I admit it” Aya close her ears, “Enough bragging already! Geez”

“Kei, catch!” Saya jumped to his arms


Kei catches her body in time, carrying her in his arms. “Hm… I feel safe, cuddling here” Saya smirked wide, “Want me to rub your back?” Hearing that, Aya stared at the two with sharp eyes. Kei can feel her murderous intent clearly, as well as the other girls. “I think that would be a bad idea” Kei smiled bitterly, “Your sister will kill me if I say yes”

“Damn right you are” Aya stared at them

“Man, you’re cheap… I just want to rub his back” Saya sticks her tongue

Later that night after they had the dinner Lea cooked for them, they are gathering at the living room for a quick rest. “Whew… this is the first time I eaten traditional Jewish cooking” Saya nodded, “It taste amazing and… how can I put this? They look gorgeous and beautiful as well. You are a great cook, Lea. Guys, what do we say when someone cooks for us?”

“Thanks for the food” said everyone to her. Lea replied with a big, satisfied smile on her face. “Hehehe… you’re welcome” she nodded as she washes her hands, “I’ll be happy to cook more for all of you”

Kei nodded and stands up from the couch. “Okay, guys… let’s go” he nodded to Sora, Steve, Scott, and Octavian. They ready to go for their next race. “Where will the race be tonight?” Saya asked

“It’s on the east side of San Francisco… at San Francisco Naval Shipyard, 6th Avenue and J Street, to be exact” Kei nodded, “Want to come as well?”

“Can I?”

“Sure you can… I'm not going to race tonight, and Steve will go forward instead” Kei nodded

“Can I come too?” Aya asked Sora

“If Saya can, I'm sure you can” Sora nodded

“Yeah, of course” Kei shrugs, “I don’t see why not”

“Are you sure, Kei?” Scott asked, “I mean, what if something bad happened?”

Asuka seems unhappy with his paranoid behavior. She stamped on his leg, sending pain signal to his brain. “Ouch! What gives?!” he grits his teeth. Kei knew that she tags along with the group for a reason, and she has yet to find anything about it. “Asuka has yet to get any leads from the streets about her father’s murderer” Kei explained, “If anything bad happens, I'm sure we can take care of it, right?”

“If you say so” Scott scratches his head in wonder

“You’re a guy, aren’t you? Be a man once in awhile” Asuka frowned

“Wha?! What’s that supposed to mean?”

“No, nothing” Asuka replied

As they get out from the house, Kei widened his eyes to Scott, telling him that is not a plus point for him in front of Asuka. “Not good, Scott…” Kei whispered

“Sorry… I just thought that something bad will happen tonight” Scott replied

“Stop being so friggin’ paranoid” Kei rubs his head, trying to clear his negative thoughts, “Okay, guys, let’s go”

The cars rolled out from the neighborhood and drives quickly towards the San Francisco Naval Shipyard, located in the east of the city. Maria won't be joining them since she has to take care of Casey and keep an eye out for Lea on the house. “Drag you say?” Saya asked again

“Yeah… My friend on the Navy hosted a small competition of drag racing” Kei replied, “It’s a kind of street legal competition, so I don’t see why not. Octavian, you brought your cameras with you?”

“Of course”

“What about the camcorder I ask you to?”

“I brought them as well”

“What’s it for, Kei?” Claire asked

“Let’s just say I'm expecting somebody to show up tonight and Octavian is going to take the video of him”

Scott had something in his mind when he heard about the camera and camcorder that Octavian brought along. “You said that we’re going to look for a candidate for our new teammates, right? Any idea who?” Scott asked

“New teammate?” Asuka thought aloud

“Yeah, the Drag King, right? Any idea, Kei?” Sora continued

“Drag King?” Aya sounds puzzled

“Exactly… we need a Drag King” Kei exhaled, “We’ll pick one from the competitors later… hopefully, we get to see some real talents. Make sure you keep your eyes on the people you think is appropriate, okay?”

“Got it” everyone nodded

“You are an incredible leader…” Saya smiled, “This is the first time I’ve seen you as the leader of the team”

“Yeah? What do you think? I'm cool, huh?”

“Don’t let it go from your head” Saya rubbed his head


(Lean Back by Terror Squad - Need for Speed Underground 2 Original Soundtracks)

Half an hour of driving, they arrived at the shipyard. As they expected, the place was overrun by street racers. They parked at the empty lot, provided by the event organizer. Strangely however, the contest hasn’t started yet. “Street Kings… here” Steve said. All of them got off from their cars and gather around for a briefing. “Okay… this is drag event” Kei nodded, “Stand by when Asphalt King is called, Steve”

“What? Here? What about you guys?” he asked back

“Be confident in your ability!” Kei slapped his cheeks simultaneously, psyching him up “Ready for action?”

“Hell yeah, man! Get it on!” he grits his teeth in excitement. Saya, Aya, Claire, and Asuka are looking around the place, couldn’t believe their eyes and what they saw. “What’s wrong? You girls looked surprised” Kei smiled

“It’s just that… we never thought it will be this crowded” Saya looked around, “This is legal?”

“See the guards outside? This is legal… whoops, my friend is expecting me” Kei nodded, “Okay, Steve… good luck, man. Line up your car on the starting grid when your turns are up, okay? Let’s go, Saya, Sora, Aya, Claire… I’ll introduce you to my Navy friend. Girls, stick close to your boyfriend, okay?”

“What about me? I don’t have any boyfriend” Asuka replied

“Stick close to Scott… Scott, you help her out asking around on what she is here for” Kei replied

“Yeah, boss” Scott nodded

“What about the camera and the camcorder, Kei?” Octavian asked

“Find competitors with Shelby Mustang GT500 and try to take his video when he’s doing the drag” Kei nodded

“Got it, boss” Octavian followed

“I’ll stay here with Steve” Claire said

“Fine… take care of the lady, Steve”

“Sure, boss” Steve added

“The three of you started to sound like McGee and DiNozzo” Kei shakes his head, “Stop doing that! I'm not as old as Gibbs!”

“Hahahaha…” Scott, Steve, and Octavian laughs happily, finally able to tease him

“Okay, let’s go” As the Kei and the others left Steve, he is approached by a representative of the event. He needs to get his machine on dyno to measure his horsepower amount. Steve nodded and moved his car to the machine, measuring the horsepower on his engine. The contest here plays out like the usual beginner’s competition stuff. We have a lot of classes here and each class will have their own champion. The class ranges from the horsepower amount and whether the contestant uses Nitrous system or not.

Kei walks on with holding Saya’s hand, followed by Sora, Aya, and Claire. They continued to walk towards the end of the shipyard, entering a big warehouse on the edge. “Hands in the air! This is a robbery!” Kei yelled inside

The entire crew inside the warehouse panicked. They grab their guns and pointed it to the yelling guy. Saya, Aya, and Sora are very surprised, feeling nervous with guns in their face. Kei however, knew they will not shoot him. “Hahahaha” Kei laughed happily

“Damn it, Yagami!” said a man from the back of the warehouse, “You and your stupid jokes”

“Sorry, man… how long has it been, JC?” Kei shrugs

“Three years now… I’ve made it to gunnery sergeant now, thanks to your commendations” the man nodded, “Thank you, Sergeant!”

“Everyone, this is Jason Carlyle” Kei introduced the man to his friends, “He’s a friend of mine from the Navy. We’ve met on Afghanistan and since then we’ve been keeping contact with each other”

“Yeah, right… he saved the corp. from hailing bullets when the Taliban raided the border” Jason laughed loudly, “If he didn’t show up to help us and drive them away, I don’t know whether I’ll stand here to talk about it with you guys or not”

“Yeah, yeah… that’s a long time ago! Forget it!”

“Nah, we can't, Sergeant… we owe our live” Jason nodded, “My wife and my son is very thrilled and happy when they knew I survived. That same action is also the reason that you got promoted, right?”

“That is why I told you not to brag about it! It’s embarrassing!” Kei shakes his head in wonder, “What is wrong with you, soldier?”

“Sorry, man… what are you up to these days?”

“Doing street racing, here and there… I'm trying to pass on an urban legend throughout the world” Kei nodded, “Oh yeah… let me introduce you to my friends… this is Sora, the Sky King and this Aya, his girlfriend”

“And this beautiful lady is your wife, right?” Jason nodded, “How are you, ma’am?”

Saya smiled to him, blushed in embarrassment. “I'm fine, thank you” she replied

“She is not his wife… girlfriend” Aya said suddenly

“Oh, sorry… I thought that you are his wife” Jason scratches his head

“No, it’s okay… I don’t mind” Saya shrugs, “I’ll end up to be his wife in the end, anyways”

Kei whispered softly in front of him. “Overprotective twin sister” Kei whispered

“What was that?” Aya asked

“Nothing, ma’am” Jason shakes his head

“How much did the Navy spend their budget for this competition anyway?”

“About… 300,000. Why do you asked?”

“300,000? Really?”

“Yeah… or at least, half of it” Jason shrugs, “I mean, you know how we used to do things, right? Hahahaha”

“Hahaha… Okay… it’s good to see you, Jason. Send my best regards to your wife and son, okay?”

“Will do… any intend to return to the field, Sergeant?”

“No… after what happened to my unit when we delivered the cargo… I was lucky to be alive myself” Kei exhaled heavily, “I'm sorry that I can't protect your brother Jared”

“Don’t beat yourself to it, Sarge… he knows that you did your best to protect your unit” Jason sighed, “He is a soldier… he’ll understand”

“Well… be safe, soldier. I’d better to check up on my teammate”

“Will do, Sarge… drive safely now”

Kei shakes his hands and all of them went back to Steve’s spot. Surprisingly, he has yet to do any drag race. “What’s up, Steve? Your name hasn’t been called yet?”

“Not yet… I just finished measuring my car on the dyno few minutes ago” Steve replied lightly, “I hope I’ll get called soon…”

“To contestant Asphalt King, please get your car to the starting grid” said the female announcer

“Whoo-hoo! I'm up!” Steve gets into his car

“Good luck, Steve” Claire rooted for him

(On Fire by Neon Plastix - Need for Speed Pro Street Original Soundtracks)

The silver SLK350 rolled out of their spot and lined up his car beside the blue E46 BMW M3. “Hm, early model E46 M3… which has manual transmission. I feel that Kei’s assessment virus has gotten into me as well” Steve thought, “I wonder… what is inside his head all this time?”

Claire seemed worried for some reason. Kei noticed her strange behavior and decided to give her a piece of his thinking. “Let’s see… that blue M3 is an early model with manual transmission while Steve has Tiptronic. To add it up, that M3 looks like has nothing on his engine, meaning he has naturally aspirated engine while Steve has AMG supercharger in his engine” At first, she didn’t know what is he blabbering about, but when she give it more though, Claire knew that he did on purpose, trying to ease her mind by spouting off some of the facts about the competitor’s car. She smiled to him and nodded firmly. “Thanks, Kei” she said happily. Kei shrugged in reply, “Have a little more faith in your boyfriend… I do know what he and his car can do and I believed that he’ll pull this one off just fine”

He took a glance to his watch and decided to go someplace else. “Well, I'm going to see what Octavian is up to now” Kei nodded to Saya, “Want to see as well?”

“Nah…” Saya nodded in reply, “I’ll wait here with Aya”

“Okay… wait here” Kei nodded as he walks away to look for Octavian

“Ready?” the linesman asked him, “Three… two… one… go!”

As the linesman waved his hands down, the two cars launched forward like hell. Steve relied on the big torque of his AMG tuned engine. He had a slight advantage over the M3 with his supercharged engine. “I'm winning, I'm winning!” Steve said as he started to pull away from his competitor. Even though the M3 has better top speed, on a half a mile drag race, it’s a useless thing to have. As Kei expected from Steve; the Asphalt King, he knows a good way to tune his car so he can take it to its edge. Steve passes the line with 22 seconds dead, taking home his winning.

On the other side of the place, Octavian is busy filming each Shelby Mustang GT500 he saw. He didn’t understand why Kei gave him that kind of task, so he decided to give him a call. “Kei, I'm at the other end of the drag strip and I'm filming every contestant that drives a GT500 here” he said, “Can you come over here and tell me what’s going on? What exactly are we looking for?”

“I'm right behind you, Octav…” Kei said from his phone, “I noticed that the person I was waiting for did come here”

“Yeah?” Octavian puts away his phone, “Which one is he?”

Kei looks around and found someone that he recognizes from the other day. “That guy with the suit over there” Kei pointed the man with the brown suit. When Octavian looks at him in detail, he remembered that he is the one that lost against Sora a week ago. “That is the guy with the SLK350” Octavian said in surprise

“Yeah… he took on my advice and gets a GT500 for this drag racing. Looks like he is at big horsepower class, huh?”

“He is… that guy looks great, even better than the last time” Octavian nodded, “Is that him?”

“Yeah… I'm guessing that he is looking for us as well” Kei shrugs, “We’ll see”

The two gets back to Steve’s place and cheering for him, giving him morale boost and confidence on his races. And by the end of the night, he manages to win every single match he’s in, bringing home the trophy for 500 HP class. The person Kei interested at is also winning his every race, bringing home his trophy for 800 HP class.

When they thought everything went smoothly, there is always someone who is unsatisfied with the race results. “This is shit!” he yelled out loud, attracting the attention of the entire racers and people around him, “This is unfair competition! I want my money back”

“Look, mister… you’re already lost, so why don’t you help yourself and go back home”

“Shut up, b*tch! I'm not talking to you” the man replied, “Don’t you know who I am? My name is Tang Wei; the leader of Tang Brotherhood and the person who is responsible for the damage on the Jewish neighborhood”

“Did you tape that, Octavian?” Kei asked

“Clear as daylight” he nodded

“Ah… so you are the one that is responsible for the damage of the Jewish neighborhood a week ago” Jason said, “Every police in the city is looking for you right now”

“Sure they are… after all, I'm the number one guy here” he said proudly, “Nothing can stick me to the damage I made… nothing”

“I'm sure…” the man with the brown suit said, “The police are onto you, you know?”

“What are you talking about you stupid Semitic” Tang Wei said to him

Kei stepped forward, stopping him from saying anything more. “Hey! You owe this man an apology” Kei said to him

“Oh man… I hate it when my hunches are hit” Scott slaps his forehead

“So you say you are Tang Wei, the leader of Tang Brotherhood, am I right so far?”

“Yeah, who are you kitten?”

“I'm just nobody… you don’t need to know who I am, so I suggest you go back to you home and eat some sweet and sour pork” Kei shrugged, “Walk away now, and you’ll be saved from humiliation”

“You fish eating Japanese” Wei replied, “Do you think you can tell me what to do, cat?”

“You glutton Chinese pig cockroach eater!” Kei humiliates him back, “Go back now or you’ll be sorry, asshole”

“Yeah?!” he gets his gun from behind his hip, “So what are you going to do now?”

All of his boys gets their gun out and pointed it to his face. Kei sighed lightly and gets his gun from behind his jacket, pointing it directly to his head. “Now let me ask you… what will you do now?!” The entire soldier gets their gun out, as well as their big rifle, helping Kei out to drive the foul man away. “See? Most of the people here are car enthusiast, as well as street racers like you and me… what differs us is, a lot of them are my friends from the Navy… even if we kill you here, no one will say anything to the police. Don’t blink and walk away now, if you value your life”

“I will get you next time…”

“There will be no next time” said a man from behind them, “San Francisco Police Department. Tang Wei, you’re under arrest for the damage you caused at the Jewish neighborhood and other cases of extortion, murder, loan sharks, and drug dealing. Take him away, boys”

“We have one more evidence, officer” Octavian said and handed him over the tape of his confession

“Thank you… we will make sure he gets what he deserved and enjoy the rest of the night” said the police officer

“You heard the man, boys! Enjoy the night!” Jason yelled

After the police officers brought him off the place, the Jewish man approached Kei to talk about something to him. “Thanks for stepping in back there” he nodded, “So we meet again”

“Yes we are… how are you?”

“I'm fine… I took on your advice and went all out in tuning my GT500” he added

“You did? That is great”

“Hey uh… I know this will sound strange, but… can I join your team?”

“Kei…” Sora said, “Ah, so you are the one, huh?”

“The one?” he seems puzzled

“Yeah… the one we’ll recruit to our team” Steve added

“You did well on tonight’s contest, man” Scott continued

“Thanks, man…”

“Well… are you going to ask him or not, Kei?” Octavian asked

“He asked me first” Kei smirked, “Isn’t that right?”

“Yeah… can I join your team?”

“I don’t see why not… what do you guys say?” Kei looks at his teammates

The others shake their head, meaning that they didn’t object to his decision. “Okay, so it’s decided… what’s your name?”

“My name is Jacob Stuart… I'm 25 years old”

“I'm Ninomiya Sora, Sky King”

“Steve Blackburn, Asphalt King”

“Fujima Scott… Flying Pegasus”

“Octavian Sorenson; Charging Dynamo”

“Okay Jacob Stuart… you will be known as 10 seconds from now on” Kei said, “Welcome to the Street Kings”


It’s been a few days after the competition at San Francisco Naval Shipyard. The police are working as hard as they can to stick the chain of crime cases to Tang Wei. Lea is also asked to give the testimony as a sole eye-witness for the damage on Jewish neighborhood, which also linked to several murders of Jewish people, including her family. Saya’s lawyer as well as Jacob’s lawyer will cooperate to prosecute Tang Wei, as well as his entire member of Tang Brotherhood, this time with the help from the union of district attorney of San Francisco.

However, what Lea said the other day about Tang Wei and his gang comes to realization. They managed to get away by blackmailing the juries. By the time the verdict was read out loud on the court, the prosecutors are very surprised as hell. “What the hell does this mean?! What has gotten into you people” said Jacob’s lawyer. A lot of noise was heard, reflecting the disappointment of all of the people.

“Order! Order!” the judge yelled to calm down the entire people on the courtroom, “Are you guys really sure with your decision?”

The juries nodded in reply, forcing the judge to hit down his hammer to the table- with Tang Wei walks away as a free man. He smiled cockily to Kei and his friend, who is also in the courtroom to support Lea. “Damn it! Even after all that money and labor, we still can't catch him!” Jacob shakes his head, frustrated since his lawyer cannot prosecute the man, “Okay, calm down… I have to think of a way to deal with this situation”

He specially mocks Kei by pointing his middle finger to him, looking for a way to make him snap. Kei replied by simply exhaling in return, pissing him off instead. By the time he passes Kei, he whispered faintly to Kei. “I will surely tell my boys to get you… you’ll hear a word from me as soon as possible”

“You’ll be dead by then… mark my words” Kei replied faintly, “I will kill anything that threatens me or my family”

And so he walks off from the courtroom and gets back to the street where he belongs. Later that night, Kei is preparing himself to go out for a drive. He said that he needs to look around for their next spot for street racing, which is why he, Sora, Steve, Octavian, Scott, and Jacob went their separate ways to find a suitable racing scene, as well as gathering Intel on their opponents.

But in reality he is preparing himself to undergo what he does best; killing people. After he drives away from the house along with his teammates, he went to the pub where the soldiers used to hang out. The pub itself was owned by a member of Jason’s family, which means it’s a safe base of operation. “I received your message, Sarge” Jason nodded, “My men are ready to go. The alibi is already prepared; we force you to drink until the morning”

“Okay… the weapons are the choice for rival gang, which could be found anywhere on the black market” Kei nodded, “Just like old times, huh?”

“Yes it is… I don’t remember when is the last time we get together like this”

“Okay, men… I thank you for helping me with this free mission or rather a massacre” Kei said to Jason’s men, “The Jewish girl he kidnaps is currently staying at my house and he told me that he’s going to kill me and my whole family… you know I can't let that happen, right?”

“Don’t think about it, Sarge” said one of his men, “We have our own score to settle with Tang and his gang… one of our men was killed, few weeks after he was stationed here”

“I see… well, let’s do this and once again I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart” Kei added, “Let us go…”

Thirty minutes later, all of them arrived in two, big civilian vans. They entered their usual hangout place, located in the north side of San Francisco, as if they are taking a walk in the park. “The boss is not on the mood to speak with anybody” Jason shot him in the head, using a silencer-equipped handgun, quickly neutralizing him to prevent making a lot of noise. They continued their penetration inside the compound of their warehouse. By the time they reached the place where they at, the firefight is unavoidable.

Kei and the soldier from Marines shoot everything they see. Luckily, the place was restricted from the beginning, meaning that no one else, except the member of Tang Brotherhood were in there. By the time they were done, blood and empty cases of hailing bullets earlier were scattered on the floor. The plan was to kill them and wipe the entire member of Tang Brotherhood by making it looked like a strike from another gang attack. In this case, Jason picked Children of Madness. The two gangs did have a long history of violence between them as well as bad bloods among their members. “No one left, except him” Jason said from behind his black mask

“Yeah… I’ll take care of him” Kei nodded as he approached the remaining man alive; Tang Wei, “How are you Mister Wei? Remember me?”

Wei cannot say anything. Most part of his legs and hands are hit by the stray bullets. Kei unmasked himself and take one final glance at him. “You think you can do anything you want with your money? You think you can kill people and just walk away as if nothing happened? And the biggest question of them all is… do you really think you can threaten me? Me and my family?” Kei grins wickedly, “That is the biggest mistake you ever made”

Kei shot him on the head, finally ending his life and his reign of terror and violence. Most of the people must have heard the noise and they decided it’s time to go. The guys who is standing by outside have painted the signature, owned by the Children of Madness, making it looked like they are the one who attacks Wei and his gang. “Let’s go back to the pub and drink until morning!” Jason yelled as they drove away from the scene

Their entire weapons were thrown away to the sea along the way, after they thoroughly cleaned all of it. Even though they wear gloves, it’s better safe than sorry. Finished with everything, Kei drinks up every alcohol beverage that he usually doesn’t drink. All of this however, was an alibi to cover up for the soldiers. Since Kei owes them a lot, he thinks it’ll be best if her were to play along with their plans.

Early in the morning, Saya called his mobile phone. He reluctantly picks it up, since he has a bad hangover from all of the drinks last night. “Yeah?” he said with a grumpy voice

“Where were you, Kei?! I was very worried about you!” Saya yelled from the phone

“Stop yelling, Saya… I can hear you just fine” Kei replied as he gets up from the floor, “I was drinking with Jason and his boys until four AM in the morning”

Jason and his boys woke up from the ruckus. They shook their heads to help them sober, relieving their pain from the hangover. “You don’t drink!”

“I do… Jason made me” Kei wheezed, “What’s wrong? Why are you worried?”

“Look on the news!”

Kei turned on the TV and there it is; the news about the massacre of the members of Tang Brotherhood. Jason shakes his head, followed by Kei. “The police have classify this incident as the case of another gang war” said the reporter on the scene, “They believed the rival gang from Children of Madness was responsible for this massacre”

“What the hell?” Kei sounded puzzled, “Children of Madness?”

“Whatever that is… I feel kind of relieved that you didn’t get caught up on the mess” Saya sighed, “Come back soon after you drink a coffee or two”

“Yeah… I’ll do that” Kei nodded few times

Jason handed him a cup of black coffee to help him sober. “Here you go, Sarge” he said, “We did it”

“Yeah… we sure did” Kei nodded as he drinks the coffee, “Gah! What’s this?!”

“Black coffee, Sarge… it helps with the hangover”

“Thank you, everyone… for helping me out with this problem”

“No problem, Sarge… no problem at all” said the entire soldiers in the pub
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awesome ^^
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Great Act storyline, but if you keep adding new characters to each act I feel that some who are expected to play crucial roles are going to get neglected. Just saying

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getting better and better.
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Hmm...November 14...If you're still here and reading this, Happy Birthday R_E_X! Long live Street Kings!
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hey rex any updates?
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I know i kept promising to do this...and i'm sorry for putting it off...but i finally just finished reading it all...And i got to say i'm very impressed man....had me on the edge of my seat
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