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> Sankarea, romance+comedy+drama REVIEW, Best Anime I watched since Fruits Basket
Posted: Aug 2 2012, 10:35 AM
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i wanan b da berry best

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Spoilers will be marked accordingly.

Welcome to the Review Corner of Anime Section!
This is my first review on an stand alone anime series...

I present and emplore you all, this really great, Anime... called; Sankarea.
An short 12 EP anime adaption series based on the Manga.. and the review starts now.

Short Summary:
A fruistbasket emotional trip style, of drama, romance... although it uses a cliche device such as zombie-romance. But with many genres, its quite and addictive and entertaining, emotional rollarcoaster. And i highly find it a must watch by everyone who is an anime fan, usually the Fruist Basket type.

Just a normal weird teenager, uninterested in anything, except zombies.
Unfortunately for Furuya, his beloved adopted Cat dies, and he finds a strange memo about ressurection, he studies and attempts to recover his beloved pet, who later hearing constant talks of a beautiful girl, one night by fate, meets her, and their meeting and relationship will change both their lives. He made potions to test if he can resurrect his pet, and it didin't work, although she helps him in the ingrediants, it later shows the story on her view.

How she was just a rich girl wanting to be a normal person, but her strict rich father was obviously, a manipulative rich, creepy man who in facts, loves her daughter obviously, but to the level where its seemed wrong.
He forbids her one day from going outside as he is overprotective.
So she previously stole a smaple of the potion, and takes it (despite having highly potent ingredients she still lives)

This is where the story begins.
Non spoilers
YOUTUBE ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzEEyTG7wGc )

Upon this destiny, Furyua has to live with the responsibilty and promise to take care of her.. and protect her as she lives, albiet still human, but as a zombie - still sane.

And the drama begins. How can he live like this, when his fantasies and dreams come true, reality will soon hit both their lives.


Why This Anime? Whats so special About it?
Upon facebook, I caught attention of an image of a zombie girl with lots of likes and shares. It was a bluray scene of a (beautiful yet disturbing scene)

Basically, if you like fruits basket.

Art Direction / Style: Very modern, and cutesy, but the colors are very unique to this show as it really catches the mood... for most scenes, though it may be mellow to very bright at times, the style is really familliar but lessed detailed, but more sharp. than Fruist Basket

Sound - Great.

Story - All episodes are greatly tied together... even though 2 episodes were side stories to the supporting character,s it made contribution to the plot.

OVerall, must watch.

and lol im not advertising, im trying to share this awesome anime.

Forgive me for the bad writing.
Posted: Aug 2 2012, 06:07 PM
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watched the anime too

like the anime

but could be longer
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