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> Infinite - The Roleplay, Here's something different.
Posted: Sep 8 2014, 08:45 PM
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The Red S30

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I'm not sure how many people here played Bioshock Infinite, but back when I did, I was obsessed with it. With the character of Elizabeth, specifically. A good friend of mine also loved the idea, so he and I started a roleplay (something I do often, in case you don't already know) and it really got far. It was recently finished...and I'd like to share it with you all if you'd like to read it.

This, of course, requires you to have at least played/watched someone else play Bioshock Infinite to completion. Otherwise you probably won't understand what's going on. Also, for the most part, because it was just me and my friend roleplaying, I refer to him as 'you' throughout, so if you would like to read it, keep that in mind. Finally, keep in mind that this will be a VERY RANDOM story. YES, there is a plot and it IS gripping (especially if you HAVE played Bioshock Infinite to completion), but it will go through a lot of randomness. You'll see.

With that out of the way, I'll go ahead and post up the first part of the first 'stage.'

- - - - - - - - -

Infinite - The Roleplay

Stage 1

Part 1

*As the afternoon falls upon the land, you look out at your crops from atop your John Deere tractor. You've just finished sowing your seeds of corn. A job well done; all in a day's work. You feel fulfilled as you look out across the rolling fields that you call your own. A dream, realized.*

*The diesel engine rattles underneath you. It's somehow soothing.*

Rusty: *Feels the gentle wind as he sits and looks across the field*

*The sky begins to turn a dull orange as the sun begins to set. It's time to turn in. You put the tractor in gear and turn the heavy wheel. As the old machine bumps along the dirt and gravel, you hear a sound from above and behind you: a jet plane flies directly overhead. It's a fighter jet. Odd...you don't usually see those guys all the way out here...*

Rusty: Hm?! What's going on? What are they doing all the way out here?

*The jet continues onward and is soon gone. You shrug, thinking nothing of it, and continue on your way. As you reach the farmhouse, you see a silver SUV sitting outside. It's not yours.*

Rusty: *Pulls up to the SUV, dismounts the tractor, and pulls out his shotgun from behind his seat*

*You're on-edge...until you hear a familiar voice.*

???: Hey.

*You turn to see a familiar girl with short, light-blue hair and dark eyes. She wears a blue hoodie and pink shorts, with goggles attached to her head, flipped up to her forehead. Your girlfriend...Ramona.*

Rusty: Oh hey. Sorry about that. *Puts down the shotgun*.

Ramona: It's cool. *Walks up, hands behind her back* Hopefully you weren't going to shoot me. *Smirks*

Rusty: *Smiles* Nah...I wasn't going to shoot you. I just didn't recognize the SUV, that's all. Past experiences can make you a bit paranoid.

Ramona: Well, that's understandable.

Rusty: So what brings you here today?

Ramona: Actually...I'm glad you asked.

Rusty: Hm? *Raises an eyebrow*

*Just then, a man with slick, long black hair and glasses steps out from behind the SUV. He wears a slick white button-up and black slacks, and has a smirk on his face.*

Ramona: I'm here to say goodbye, Rusty.

Rusty: Gideon...but why?!

Ramona: Look...*Finds it hard to look you in the eye*...it's great that you realized your dream and all, but......this isn't the kind of life I want to live. I grew up in the countryside. I left it for a reason. *She begins to back away, towards Gideon.*

Rusty: I did this so I can forget my past!! All of it!!

Ramona: Well......here's something else you can forget while you're here. *Opens up the door to the SUV, looking back at you one last time* Sorry, Rusty. I have some things to forget as well.

Rusty: ...*Eyes shadowed, he speaks in a different voice that's not his own* Well...don't bother trying to get back with me then...

Ramona: *Shakes her head* You never change. *Shuts the door as Gideon starts up the SUV, driving away*

*You stand there alone as the sun sets on the day.*

Rusty: ......Ramonaaaaaaa!!!

*Your voice echoes across the fields, and then all is silent. The windmill cranks in the background as you stand there...alone.*

Rusty: That's the second time that she's done that to me... *Walks into his house and goes to bed*

*That evening...you have a dream. You always seem to have weird dreams...and they always seem to come true in the end. In this dream...you stand in darkness, out in your fields at night. A girl with long black hair stands in front of you, back facing you, her jet-black hair flowing in the wind. It's...almost haunting...*

Rusty: Who are you? And why do I keep seeing you in my dreams?

???: What do you believe in? *The wind blows gently, hauntingly...*

Rusty: ?! What do I...believe in?

*Suddenly, the jet from before can be seen flying in the sky...and heading straight for you. You want to move, but your legs are heavy. It nosedives right into you, and you awaken in a cold sweat.*

Rusty: Gah!!! *Breathes heavily* That same dream again...but why?

*You look outside, the sun rising as morning comes*

Rusty: *Goes downstairs and into the kitchen to get himself something to eat. As he sits eating his breakfast, he's trying to make sense of that repeating dream*

*Just then, you hear the roar of jet engines above from outside. It's that fighter again.*

Rusty: What the hell? That fighter again... *Runs outside*

*You run out in time to see it disappear over the horizon. Strange.*

Rusty: That jet is somehow linked to my dream...and I need to find out why and how.

*You're about to go back inside when something out in the fields catches your attention.*

Rusty: Hm? *Decides to take the tractor out and investigate*

*As you near, everything suddenly becomes very bright. There seems to be some sort of strange energy emanating from...nothing. Just floating in mid-air. A portal to some other dimension, perhaps? Who knows...but whatever it is, something is inside...and coming fast. Everything goes bright again. You hear a girl screaming, and see a figure stumble out as your eyes adjust. It goes bright again, and a blast of energy sends you back, slamming into your tractor.*

*As you begin to open your eyes, you see that the tear in reality is gone. Lying on the floor in front of where it was, however, is a girl. She has short brown hair and wears a silky velvet blue dress with a white corset. It seems very old-timey...definitely not from this time...perhaps even this world...*

Rusty: *Runs over to the girl* Uh...hey, are you okay?

*The girl stirs, obviously a bit out of it. She opens her eyes to reveal them to be a brilliant blue. The wind gently blows across the fields, blowing through her short, silky brown hair as her eyes meet yours. You feel something you haven't felt in a long time...*

???: U....uh...I...

Rusty: Easy. You just fell out of...of the...air?

???: *She carefully sits up, looking around. She then looks back to you and sighs with relief* I......I'm okay...

Rusty: I guess you could say that...considering what just happened. It looks like you fell out of some sort of temporal rift.

???: *Looks down at the grass between her fingers, then back to you* Wh...where am I...might I ask?

Rusty: You're at my farm, and the year is 2014.

???: Two-thousand and fourteen?......*Looks away* Wow...*Looks back at you* Uhh...I'm Elizabeth. And...you are? Mister...?

Rusty: Rusty. It's nice to meet you.

Elizabeth: Mister Rusty! I-it's nice to meet you too. *Her face cracks into an uneasy smile*

Rusty: Just Rusty is fine. *smiles*

Elizabeth: Oh! Sorry...aheh...*Runs her fingers through her hair awkwardly. After sitting there for a few seconds, she rises up. As the sun shines brightly upon her, she offers you her hand*

Rusty: *Takes her hand* Thanks.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry about this. I'm sure you're very busy. I don't mean to take up your time.

Rusty: It's okay. Since yesterday, I've had nothing but spare time... *Looks away in pain*

Elizabeth: Are...you okay? I mean, I don't mean to pry or anything but......

Rusty: No, it's not your fault...it's just something that happened yesterday that I wished that didn't...that's all...

Elizabeth: *Looks at the ground for a moment* I......understand the feeling. *Looks back at you* Look, I'm really sorry. I should go-

*As she turns away, you hear the sound of the fighter jet again. You narrow your eyes as you look towards the sound. Something is definitely up.*

Elizabeth: *Frightened* What is that sound?!

Rusty: It's that fighter again! What the hell is it doing?! *Hops up on the tractor* C'mon!

Elizabeth: I...*Shakes her head, backing away* I don't understand! What is-

*The fighter comes into view*

Elizabeth: What is that sound?! What's a fighter?! I have to get out of here; I have to-

*You look back as the sound of the fighter gets closer. It's coming straight for you. Before you can say anything, it's already upon you and Elizabeth...and transforms. You watch in shock and horror as the field before you is torn up, soil flying into the air and making it difficult to see. You and your tractor are tossed aside, and you hear Elizabeth scream. The giant robot has a red and blue color scheme, and seems to be looking for something. HER?!*

Rusty: What the shit?! That thing's a transformer!?

*It looks around its feet as Elizabeth screams. Through the dust, you manage to see her scurrying around, but she's too frightened to know where to go. And even if she did...this field is far too open to run from such a thing...*

Rusty: *Grabs his shotgun and fires at its foot* Get the hell away from her!

*It stops, turning to see what the commotion is...and sees you. It aims its arm at you, a missile on it. You stop dead in your tracks, hearing it charge up. Suddenly, you hear the sound of an engine come up from your right. You and the robot both look to see a car coming: that old yellow Beetle that someone abandoned here a couple years back?! As it nears the robot, it too transforms, slamming into the jet and causing the both of them to fall to the ground, debris flying everywhere.*

Rusty: Now I understand what that dream meant! The transformers are real!!

*You look at your tractor. It's destroyed.*

Rusty: Crap!

*You look for Elizabeth past the robot brawl. You see her just in time. She opens up a tear in the air; the same kind she came from! She looks back at you with a look of apology, then leaps through, closing it behind her...leaving you with the deadly robots. And unfortunately, the Beetle is losing...*

Rusty: What the hell is going on?!

*The jet bot punches the Beetle bot in the face...hard. He goes down, and the jet bot turns to you, standing tall. He chuckles, then aims his arm at you again.*

Rusty: *Stands frozen in horror*

*As the missile charges up, you hear something behind you. Someone grabs the back of your shirt and pulls you.*

Rusty: Gah!

*You're pulled through a tear much like what Elizabeth left through, and in closes in front of you.*

Rusty: What the hell!?

*You turn around to see Elizabeth. She looks away, almost seeming ashamed.*

Rusty: Elizabeth? How?

- - - - - - - - -

I'm only going to post more of this if people are interested. Let me know if I should continue or not.
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Posted: Sep 9 2014, 03:43 AM
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<3 InuSakuya~

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general waifu roleplay thread?

gee why not...
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Posted: Sep 9 2014, 02:47 PM
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The Red S30

Group: Members
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Location: Virginia


But no, really. It may seem like that but it's really because my friend (Rusty) is clueless and has no grasp of the reality of what happens when you meet a girl and find you like her.

- - - - - - - - -

Part 2

Elizabeth: I......I'm sorry...

Rusty: Wait...that jet bot was after YOU, wasn't he?

Elizabeth: *Looks at you apologetically* I nearly left you there to die...

Rusty: Well it's not the worst thing that has happened to me lately...

Elizabeth: I'm so sorry...*Looks away* I didn't want to get anyone else involved in this...*Looks at you pleadingly* I'll send you back straight away! To a version of your world where you never even met me!

Rusty: Don't...look, I know it sounds crazy, but I'd rather live in the world where I met you.

Elizabeth: B...what? But...you nearly died!

Rusty: True...but now that dream that I had makes sense.

Elizabeth: So...you're okay with dying...just because a dream you had makes sense now?

Rusty: I didn't say that...I'm just glad that I met you.

Elizabeth: ?! Ahwhat? *Blushes* How could you even-

Rusty: *Hugs her*

Elizabeth: H-hey! *Pushes you away* Get OFF of me! Kuh......*Steps away* You're very bold, Mister......Rusty...

Rusty: Sorry! *Chuckles* Look, I need you to send me back. I got a feeling that the Beetle needs my help.

Elizabeth: Wh...what? What could you even do to help it?

*You look around at your surroundings as you think. You stand in what looks like a gathering of tons of small lighthouses in the middle of the sea.*

Rusty: Hmm...well I AM a mechanic, so I can try to fix him up, at least.

Elizabeth: That other thing...that...fighter......it'll kill you before you even get to the...er...Beetle.

Rusty: I know this sounds crazy, but I have a feeling that he's not there anymore.

Elizabeth: *Unconvinced, she shakes her head* And how can you know that?

Rusty: Ever since I was a kid, I've had this sixth sense...and I'm always right.

Elizabeth: *Watches you, unsure what you think. Finally, she walks up to one of the lighthouses and carefully opens the doors.*

Rusty: Well...it's been fun. *Steps through the door* If you need me, I'll be in my barn.

*You step through the door, leaving Elizabeth behind. Sure enough, the jet bot is gone, the Beetle bot lying in the ruined field, still alive but on the ground in pain. He's badly damaged.*

???: Gh......

Rusty: Hang on. I'll get you some help.

???: Wh...what? Who ARE you?

Rusty: The name's Rusty...or sometimes...Outcast.

???: Huh......I, uh......I don't remember being briefed on you. I guess now it's too late...

Rusty: C'mon. I can fix you up at my barn.

???: A girl. *In pain, struggling to get up* There was a girl here.

Rusty: Elizabeth? She's okay. She got away and helped me escape as well.

???: Where is she?!

Rusty: I don't really know...but there were a lot of lighthouses...

???: Damn it! *Slams the ground, making a crater in your already-ruined field*

Rusty: Hey, take it easy!!

???: I have to find her! It's imperative that I do!

Rusty: Why?!

???: I've been tasked with protecting her.

Rusty: From what?

???: *Looks straight at you* The Decepticons.

Rusty: Gh! So that jet that's been flying around every day...now it makes sense...

Elizabeth: Who are they? *Suddenly behind you, walking up*

Rusty: Jesus!! *Jumps*

???: It's hard to explain. Look, I need to take you someplace safe.

Elizabeth: How do I know I can trust you?! That...thing...nearly killed us BOTH! *Points to you* How do I know you're not with them?

???: Because......he says you already DO know.

Elizabeth: ......Who ARE you?

???: The name's Bumblebee. I've been tasked with keeping you safe until help arrives.

Rusty: Bumblebee, huh? If he was here to hurt us, he could have done so already.

Elizabeth: *Looks at Bee* What kind of help is coming?

Bee: *Looks at her* ......Our leader.

Elizabeth: *Looks at you uneasily*

*Later on that night, in your barn, you wait with Bee and Elizabeth. Suddenly, you hear a diesel engine outside as lights approach the barn. You look to Bee, and he nods. You open the doors, and a red and blue flat-nose rig slowly drives in, Bee stepping back to give it some room. Elizabeth watches in awe as the rig transforms into a towering robot. It exudes an air of strength and pride. Elizabeth steps back, afraid, as the bot gets down on one knee and looks straight at her.*

???: Are you Anna DeWitt, also known as Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: *Shocked* I......I...yes? *Looks at you, afraid*

???: *Raises up* My name is Optimus Prime. Leader of the Autobots.

Elizabeth: Optimus...Prime? What-...what do you want with me?

Rusty: Holy shit...

Optimus: We have reason to believe that you are a target of the Decepticons. And you cannot, therefore, fall into the hands of Megatron.

Elizabeth: Mega-...what?! What are you talking about?!

Rusty: I'm guessing he's the head hauncho of that jet bot who attacked us.

Optimus: *Nods* We are autonomous cybernetic organisms from the planet Cybertron. We...are the Autobots. And we have been at civil war for millions of years...with the might of the Decepticon army. *Looks to Elizabeth* Their leader, Megatron, will stop at nothing to further his gain of power by any means necessary.

Elizabeth: So...then...what does that have to do with ME? You...you're...*Looks at her hands, then back to Optimus in wonder*...incredible! I...I don't see how I could possibly be of any interest to-...

Optimus: Elizabeth, I believe you have an ability that Megatron would find most useful in his quest for power and domination. And therefore, we must keep you safe. *Stands, looking down upon you and her* Or your world...and all others...are doomed.

Rusty: I want to protect her too! But I was useless in the field!!

Bee: *Shrugs* There's not really much a human can do against a Decepticon.

Optimus: Whoever you are, I understand you wish to aid us as well as her. But you must understand: this is no game.

Rusty: Yeah I got that much when we encountered that jet bot! If I was on an equal playing field, I would've had a better chance!

Bee: Starscream is Megatron's second-in-command. Not even I could hold my ground against him. I'm just glad you both are safe.

Optimus: You can best help by returning to your life, the way it was. Allow us to keep the girl safe...and all will be as it should be.

Elizabeth: *Looks at you*

Rusty: Too late for that. That thing was about to kill me until she pulled me through her rift! So I'm as much of a target as she is!

Bee: It's true. Starscream knows his face, Optimus.

Optimus: *Looks away, disappointed* Hrrmm...

Bee: We'll have to protect him too.

Optimus: *Looks distant* ...

Elizabeth: *Walks up* What if I don't NEED protecting?

Bee: Liz, look. *Bends down to her level* We don't know the extent with which Megatron and his cronies can extend their reach. They're not just gonna sit around and do nothing.

Elizabeth: But-! But I can just open up a tear and-

Optimus: If Megatron has set his sights upon you, it can be conjectured that he has a plan. I believe it would be very dangerous to continue to use your ability so long as you are being hunted.

Elizabeth: Then......I really have to remain here?! In this world?

Optimus: This is the only way. I am sorry.

Elizabeth: *Looks away, disappointed* ...

Rusty: Look, if you want, you're more than welcome to stay here. And that goes for you two as well.

Bee: I don't know if that's such a good idea. Starscream's already been here. Probably wouldn't be such a good idea to stay in the same spot.

Optimus: Agreed. It would be most pertinent for us to find a safer location to hide.

Rusty: He's only been in the field. And besides, this old metal barn should be able to mask your signatures.

Optimus: Hmmmm...*Narrows his eyes, thinking* Could the foundation be modified to house an underground base?

Rusty: Yeah. Should be able to...

Optimus: Very well then. Bumblebee? Call our friends. We have found a new home...for now.

*The next day, you wake up on your couch as the sun rises. Was it all a dream? No...it couldn't have been. You were sleeping on the couch because-*

*Just then, Elizabeth walks out of the hallway into the living room, yawning and stretching her arms. She still wears the blue velvet dress. Unfortunately it's all she has at the moment.*

Rusty: Morning. *Yawns*

Elizabeth: Hey, good morning. *Rubs her back* Your bed isn't really...exactly what I'd been used to.

Rusty: Yeah sorry...I'm used to sleeping on hard surfaces. It helps me sleep more soundly.

Elizabeth: *Looks at you, confused* Well...should we check up on the, uh...Autobots?

Rusty: Oh yeah! Let's go!

*You ride out on your 4-wheeler with Elizabeth on the back, arriving at your barn and opening the doors. The Autobots are all hard at work carefully modifying the foundation of the barn while keeping the building from collapsing. There are a lot of Autobots now.*

Rusty: Wow! Did you guys work all night?

*A medical bot looks up, wearing a white and red color scheme*

Ratchet: Not like we have anything better to do. *Beside of him is a bulky bot with large shoulders and a red color scheme*

Ironhide: *Cracks his neck* Gotta do what needs to be done, kid. Ain't no rest for the wicked. *Next to him is a bot that looks a lot like a red Bumblebee, but with a sleeker design*

Cliffjumper: You got THAT right. We gotta be ready when the 'Cons attack again.

Rusty: True. So listen...I'm going to take Elizabeth into town to get her some new clothes. One of you wouldn't mind tagging along, would you?

Elizabeth: Wait...what? What's wrong with what I've got on?

Rusty: Nothing! It's just...I thought that you would like more of a selection.

Elizabeth: But I don't have any money...

Rusty: No sweat. I've got plenty.

Elizabeth: O-oh. Really? You'd...buy clothes for me?

Rusty: Hey, I said that I'll help out anyway I can.

Elizabeth: Well...that's...*Can't help but smile, looking a bit bashful*...very generous of you! But are you sure you-

Bulkhead: Quick! Someone's coming!

Rusty: What?!

*You run out of the barn just in time to see that silver SUV return*


*Ramona steps out, Gideon behind her. She motions him to stay where he is, then approaches the barn. She wears shades and seems to wear some more slutty clothing.*

Ramona: Hey.

Rusty: I thought I said that I didn't want to see you around here anymore...

Ramona: I figured you might want some of your things back. *Holding a small box* How's the farm coming along?

Rusty: My field got blown up!! How do you think it's going?!!

Ramona: Oh. That sucks... *Glances over your shoulder* What are you doing in your barn?

Rusty: That's none of your business.

Ramona: I heard you talking to someone. *Walks around you*

Rusty: Wait! Don't go in there!

*She walks through the slightly-open metal door and stops.*

Ramona: Woah...

Rusty: *Facepalm*

*You walk in to see all of the Autobots in vehicle mode.*

Ramona: Since when did you start a collection?

Rusty: Wha- Oh that...well...I kind of got depressed after you decided to dump me like the slut you are...

Ramona: Rusty, that was two days ago.

Rusty: Yeah, no shit.

Ramona: So...in two days, you got depressed, went on E-bay, and bought a ton of cars?

Rusty: Uh...yes?

Ramona: .........

Rusty: If you don't leave, I will shoot Gideon right here and now. *Cocks his shotgun*

Ramona: I'm not afraid of you, and neither is he. You're just a little mad. It was MY choice to leave you for him though. Remember that.

Rusty: Yeah, he's got it coming...

Ramona: Oh, yeah right. Says you.

Rusty: Says the girl who's dressing like a slut.

Ramona: Says the guy with manure on his pants.

*You hear a snicker from the Porsche. Cliffjumper.*

Rusty: That's part of the job, AND YOU KNOW IT!

Ramona: Let me know how many girls you get with that.

Rusty: This is the shit that I got from you when you brown-nosed Gideon.

Ramona: Oh, ha ha. You think you're so funny. Like I said: no girl's gonna stay with someone like you.

Rusty: You're right: sluts like you won't stay with guys like me.

Ramona: Calling me a slut over and over doesn't make you sound cool or anything, you know.

Rusty: I know. I just keep stating the obvious truth!

Ramona: You're a child.

Rusty: All I'm saying...is that there is the kind of girl out there that would respect the kind of job that I have.

Ramona: Pfft. Like who?

Elizabeth: Like ME. *Walks out of the barn*

Ramona: ?!......*Looks annoyed* So. THIS is who you were talking to in there. *Looks at Elizabeth's dress. She's obviously put off by its beauty, but tries to play it off, scoffing* You dress like my grandmother.

*One of the cars, a white sports car with blue racing stripes, turns its wheels*

Smokescreen: *Mumbling* Dresses better than YOU...

Rusty: Well then, your grandma must be smarter than you when it comes to fashion.

Ramona: You really think I give a shit about fashion? *Chuckles* This isn't the ballroom, sweetheart. It's a shithole. Dress accordingly. *Gives a sly smile*

Elizabeth: Ugh...what's WITH this girl?

Rusty: That's what I'm trying to figure out...I guess you could say that she's my ex...

Ramona: Too bad you're too brain-dead to figure out anything. What ELSE would I be? You know, I was only here to give you back your stuff, but since you're being like this? *Throws your box of stuff down on the ground and stomps on it*

Rusty: *Aims the shotgun at her* Don't push me...

Ramona: *Stops cold* !!

Elizabeth: Hey!

Rusty: Don't worry: it's just rock salt. It won't kill her, but it'll hurt like hell!

Ramona: Shoot me and I'll see you in court.

Rusty: What court? In case you forgot, there isn't a courthouse in town.

Ramona: *Turns and walks away*

Elizabeth: *Watches, concerned*

Rusty: And besides! You're trespassing on private property! So I'm allowed to shoot you! Go ahead and try me!

Ramona: I'm already done with you, Rusty. *Gets in the SUV, Gideon driving away*

Rusty: *Fists clench*

Smokescreen: *Walks out, peeking out* Wow...she sure was uptight.

Rusty: If she shows up again, maybe you guys can scare her by transforming.

Smokescreen: Nah. Love to help, but Autobot rule number one? Keep a low profile.

Rusty: Shiiit!

Smokescreen: So, uh...someone said they needed a ride?

Rusty: Oh yeah... *Looks at Elizabeth* Let's head out, shall we?

Elizabeth: *Nods, forcing a smile* Okay.

Smokescreen: Alright! *Transforms into the white sports car with blue stripes* How's THIS for your ride?!

Rusty: *Whistles* Not bad!

*Later on at the store, Elizabeth tries on clothes as you wait in the store for her to finish.*

Rusty: *Stares at his hand distantly, trying to make sense out of everything that has happened*

*Elizabeth approaches you, wearing form-fitting blue jeans and a blue button-up shirt*

Elizabeth: Hey...you okay?

Rusty: Huh? Oh... *Sighs* Well...I've been better...but...I'll be okay.

Elizabeth: ......*Looks down at what she's wearing* Is...this okay? For blending in? *Frowns* I'd hate to dress like a grandma, after all...

Rusty: You look fine! *Smiles* And don't let what Ramona said get to you. She gets like that when she's jealous!

Elizabeth: So......be honest with me. Do you like this outfit? Or the dress I came here with?

Rusty: Is it okay if I said that they BOTH suit you?

Elizabeth: No, I mean-

Rusty: Hm?

Elizabeth: ......It just doesn't feel right, is all.

Rusty: Well...I liked the dress that you came here in, but maybe you should wear that outfit when you're in town. Just to blend in.

Elizabeth: *Smiles* Right. Keep a low profile, right?

Rusty: *Smiles* Exactly.

Elizabeth: *Spins, excited as you both walk out of the shop* Oh, there's so much you need to teach me! There's so much to learn! This world is so different from the one I'm from!

Rusty: I'll do my best.

*Smokescreen honks his horn*

Rusty: *Walks over to Smokescreen and gets inside* What's up?

Smokescreen: You two need to get a room! You're flirting like crazy with her!

Elizabeth: *Climbs in* Hey. What's going on?

Rusty: Uh...nothing!

Smokescreen: *Chuckles* If you say so. *Drives*

*Back at the farmhouse, you settle in and begin to make dinner using the produce from your farm*

Elizabeth: You know...where I come from, men don't really cook.

Rusty: Really? Huh...that's weird. I always cook...I don't mind cooking.

Elizabeth: Huh...I find THAT weird.

Rusty: Hmm... *Shrugs his shoulders and continues cooking*

Elizabeth: *Gets up, looking at the microwave* What's this do?

Rusty: It's used to re-cook food. Like leftovers. Sometimes frozen food, or instant food......when you live by yourself, it becomes the most-used appliance in the kitchen.

Elizabeth: But how does it work? Where does the fuel for the fire come from?

Rusty: It uses electricity for its power, and thus producing microwaves to cook the food. That's why it's called a microwave.

Elizabeth: What? *Looks at it in awe* Wow...I don't understand it at all, but...it sounds incredible! Can you show me?

Rusty: I guess... *Puts a piece of chicken inside and punches in the settings for it*

*As the microwave beeps from your input, you see Elizabeth's eyes light up out of the corner of your eye*

Rusty: Just don't put anything metal in it, otherwise it will cause it to explode.

Elizabeth: What?! That's crazy! Haha!

Rusty: It's true.

Elizabeth: I believe you! *Chuckles* So strange... *Looks at the microwave in wonder*

Rusty: Uh...I need to finish making dinner... *Goes back to cooking the food*

Elizabeth: Oh! Right! Sorry! *Goes to the table* I won't get in your way.

Rusty: *Smiles*

*Soon, the meal is finished. It didn't turn out as well as you hoped it would...but you hope it'll be good enough. You set the table and serve the meal.*

Elizabeth: Oh my gosh, this looks delicious! And it smells so good! I......I've never seen a man cook a meal before!

Rusty: *Chuckles nervously* Well I hope it tastes as good as it looks...I don't get much practice in...

Elizabeth: *Takes a bite out of the chicken* Mm! *Chews and swallows* This is so good! I can't believe that box made this! And so fast!

Rusty: I'm glad you like it. *Smiles*

*After the meal, you once again give the bed up to your guest, who now wears her new nightgown as she tucks herself in. You lay down on the couch, your back hurting from the farmwork earlier. Repairing the field was tough work, but you got it done.*

Rusty: *Grunting in pain as he lies down, he drifts off to sleep*

- - - - - - - - -

That reminds me...about how tolerant is this board of vulgar language? Because Rusty likes to cuss a lot. I can edit it to censor everything if you all want. Let me know. I already am for a lot of it, really... <_<
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QUOTE (Benovelence @ Today, 3:43 AM)
general waifu roleplay thread?

gee why not...

can my waifu come along? She maybe out in hiding though; being a runaway shinobi and all. :teehee:
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The Red S30

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Are you all even reading?! There are TRANSFORMERS! OPTIMUS PRIME! :evilbrows:
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The Red S30

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Part 3

*Far above the planet Earth, a wicked starship, dark in color, floats above the planet's atmosphere: the Nemesis. On the bridge, a large, silver Decepticon tosses Starscream to the ground.*

Starscream: Wait! Megatron, please!

Megatron: *Steps forward, fury in his eyes* You let the specimen ESCAPE?!

Starscream: *Cowers* Th-the human opened some kind of portal! I had no idea where she had gone! And the Autobots were present as well! There was nothing more I could do!

Megatron: NnnnggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Starscream: Eep! *Cowers*

Megatron: Now we've lost the trail! *Turns to a dark blue, boxy bot with a single, long red visor* Soundwave! Continue your search! We will not rest until the human girl is in our hands!

Soundwave: *His voice is mechanical and monotonous* Yes, Lord Megatron. *Returns to a large screen*

Megatron: *Walks over to Starscream* And Starscream...

Starscream: *Whimpers* Y-yes, Lord Megatron?...

Megatron: Should you fail me again......*Looks at him threateningly*...I shall not hesitate to render you...NON-FUNCTIONAL.

*Meanwhile, down on your farm, you awaken to the sound of the rooster. That god-damn rooster.*

Rusty: One of these days I'm gonna kill that damn rooster!!

*You sit up, then suddenly realize......the chickens are out?!

Rusty: What the hell?! Why are the chickens out?!

*You rush outside, ready to round them up, but the sight you see stops you: Elizabeth wears one of the many outfits you purchased for her: a long, blue button-up dress. She hums merrily as she feeds the chickens seed.*

Rusty: Eh? Elizabeth? Wh-what's going on?

Elizabeth: *Looks up to see you* Oh! Good morning! *Spins around happily* This place is wonderful! It seems so peaceful out here! *Looks down at the chickens* Our friends told me it's probably a good idea to feed the animals around here since you had overslept.

Rusty: Overslept? What time is it?

*You look at the clock to see it's nearly noon*

Rusty: *Facepalm* I must've been really tired...

*Optimus walks up*

Optimus: Good day to you, Rusty. Are you well?

Rusty: Oh, hey Optimus. Yeah, I'm managing. How goes the construction for the base?

Optimus: We have recently finished constructing our base of operations. I must thank you for providing your barn to our cause.

Rusty: Sure, no problem. But...I have a small favor to ask.

Optimus: And what would that be, my friend?

Rusty: Is there any way I can help you fight the Decepticons?

Optimus: *Looks out distantly across the fields* .........I would not wish harm to come to the humans for our cause. *Looks down at you* I would deem it wise for you to remain neutral in our struggle if at all possible. This is for your safety...as well as Elizabeth's.

Rusty: Well...Starscream made it kind of personal when he tried to kill me...and tried to hurt Elizabeth.

Optimus: *Looks to Elizabeth, then to you* .........Perhaps you are right. This is your fight just as much as ours. But you are currently unequipped to face the Decepticons in armed combat.

Rusty: What if...what if we built some kind of...transforming battle suit?

Optimus: Such a thing would be convenient, but I am afraid we lack the tools necessary to create such a thing at this time.

Rusty: There HAS to be a way...*Clenches his fists*

Elizabeth: ......There...could be ONE way you could fight them.

Rusty: How?

Elizabeth: Back in the world where I come from, there were robotic suits that were made for people that wanted eternal life. They were called 'Handymen.' *Looks at you and Optimus* I could open up a tear and bring one here. *Looks at you* You could use that to fight the Decepticons.

Rusty: But it would have to be the same size as Starscream...

Bee: *Walks out* Hey! Who says size matters?

Rusty: Trust me: I want to get up close and personal with Starscream...

Elizabeth: It's all we have.

Rusty: Would there be a way to get ahold of the tools?

Optimus: There is no doubt in my mind that the Decepticons would have the tools necessary to make such a creation possible.

Smokescreen: Yeah, but I doubt they'd feel like sharing.

Rusty: True...*Looks at Elizabeth* If you could bring one of those Handymen here, I'm sure we can modify it.

Ratchet: *Walks up* There's just one problem you all are overlooking.

Rusty: What's that?

Ratchet: *Gestures to Elizabeth* The Decepticons are looking for this girl. No doubt they can track her from the energy signatures from these...tears she opens up. *Looks at her* You open up a tear...and Megatron will be on us in an instant.

Elizabeth: *Nervous, she looks down, thinking* ...

Rusty: Well...what other option do we have?

*A sleek, slender, blue female Autobot walks up*

Arcee: You COULD just listen to Optimus and leave the fighting to US.

Rusty: Not an option, Arcee...you know as well as I do that he will come after us, regardless.

Arcee: You have her open up a portal and you risk her life. Is that what you want?

Rusty: No...that's not what I'm saying. But...I need some kind of an edge...

Arcee: You're not listening. You don't have to fight. There's no reason for this argument at all.

Optimus: *Raises his arm* Arcee...stand down.

Arcee: But Optimus-

Optimus: If Rusty wishes to fight, that is his choice. *Looks at you* But know this: if you decide to open up the portal, any casualties are on your hands.

Rusty: What if we opened one up away from the farm? *A large, green bot with a massive chin walks up*

Bulkhead: Someone would still have to be out there to protect Elizabeth when she gets back.

Arcee: *Looks at Elizabeth* Besides, how big are these Handymen? Did you think about how you'd be transporting it back here?

Elizabeth: I-...*Looks down* I guess I hadn't thought that far ahead yet, no.

Arcee: This entire plan reeks of failure. Optimus, please...don't let them go through with it.

Optimus: ......

Rusty: What if Bumblebee helped us carry it back?

Bee: Me? You want me to go through there with you?

Optimus: That would require Bumblebee to forego his top priority in keeping a low profile.

Rusty: Wouldn't they assume that he would be one of their robots?

Elizabeth: Weeee...don't exactly have something like THAT where I come from.

Rusty: Well...shit...

Arcee: Just drop it. It's not worth the risk.

Rusty: ...There has to be a way.

Elizabeth: It's the only way. *Shrugs* Take it or leave it.

Bee: ..........*Looks to Optimus*

Elizabeth: Look, there are MILLIONS of different realities out there; different worlds. One world seeing this giant robot isn't going to hurt as much as you might think it would.

Optimus: ......

Bee: ......Optimus. *Stands* Let me go with them.

Optimus: *Looks to Bumblebee*

Smokescreen: And I'll guard the tear 'til they get back!

Cliffjumper: I'll be his back-up!

Optimus: ......This is what you have chosen, then?

Elizabeth: ......*Nods* Yeah. Yeah, I-......I think it is.

Rusty: Thank you...

Optimus: *Stands up* Very well then. Autobots? Prepare to protect the humans. The mission is a go.

Smokescreen: Woohoo! THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! Soon, Rusty'll be fightin' alongside us!

Rusty: Er...let's just go...
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The Red S30

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No one's replying to this, but I wanna keep posting it! It gets really good later on! I promise! My friend just loves Transformers so I had to for the first stage.

- - - - - - - - -

Part 4

*Out in the middle of the fields of your farm, you, Elizabeth, and Bumblebee stand at the ready. Smokescreen and Cliffjumper stand behind you, watching the rear.*

Elizabeth: *Takes a deep breath, then exhales, forcing herself to relax* Okay......you ready?

Bee: Anytime.

Rusty: *Nods* Let's make this quick.

Elizabeth: Okay. Here I go. *She puts her hands in a position as though she's trying to open an extremely heavy pair of drapes, pulling in opposite directions. You watch in awe as a hole rips open, another world on the other side.*

Rusty: Alright, let's go for it!

*Meanwhile, up in the Nemesis, Soundwave's computer retrieves readings.*

Soundwave: Alert: inter-dimensional energy readings detected.

Megatron: *Walks up behind Soundwave, ambition in his eyes* That's it. That is the human we seek. *Walks away* Set a course for those coordinates. Starscream!

Starscream: *Jumps* Y-yes! Lord Megatron! *At the ready*

Megatron: Take a small team and retrieve my human subject. *Walks right up to his face* And do NOT fail me again.

*Meanwhile, Elizabeth steps through the portal, then hands you her hand*

Bee: Huh...not sure I'll fit through that little thing.

Rusty: Just transform and you'll be fine.

Bee: Roger that. *Transforms into the Beetle* Coming through! *He drives past you and Elizabeth, into a brand new world. Transforming back to robot mode, he looks around in awe.*

*You are in awe as well. You stand in a beautiful, flying city in the sky. It seems to be the year 1912 from the looks of things. The sun shines brightly on the beautiful city.*

Rusty: Wow...

*Just then, you hear something from the other side of the tear, behind you. You all look through to see Starscream fly in, followed by four Decepticon flyers.*

Bee: Oh no!

Rusty: Well it was bound to happen!! Run!

Elizabeth: *Closes the tear before the Decepticons reach it*

Bee: *Looks to you and Elizabeth* We gotta hurry! Those two can't take on that many Decepticons at once!

Elizabeth: This way! Hurry! *Runs out into the street, then stops as everyone sees her*

Man: Look! There she is! The lamb!

Man 2: And she's being kidnapped by some sort of...false shepherd!

Rusty: False shepherd!? What?!

*Police officers surround the three of you, aiming pistols at you and Bee*

Officer 1: Step away from the lamb!

Officer 2: Don't try anything stupid!

Elizabeth: Wait! Please! You've got it all wrong!

Rusty: Any ideas?

Elizabeth: I'm not the person you're looking for! I just look like her!

Officer 1: The shepherd has brainwashed her...

Officer 2: No...

Bee: Some kind of fanatics...this doesn't look good...

Officer 3: And they have some sort of...Super-Handyman with them to fend us off!

Bee: What?! Hey, look! I was never going to hurt anybody! You've got it all wrong!

Rusty: *Aims his shotgun at one of the officers* Don't try to get in our way!

Officer 1: Hey!

*All of the officers suddenly aim at you*

Elizabeth: No, wait!

Rusty: *Keeps his gun trained* This gun can hit all three of you at once...so don't try me!

Officer 2: Put the gun down now!

Rusty: *Fires off a round*

Elizabeth: *Gasps, covering her mouth*

*Though she expects the officers to be killed, they are instead simply disoriented. Rock salt!*

Elizabeth: ?!

*Bee immediately takes the opportunity to transform into vehicle mode, driving in front of you and putting himself between the two of you and the officers, opening up his driver-side door.*

Bee: C'mon! Get in! Hurry!

*People in the streets scream in fear and confusion at the sight of the car*

Rusty: Floor it!

*Bee spins his tires as he takes off through the brick streets, dodging people left and right.*

Bee: Which way?! Which way?!

Elizabeth: *Frightened beyond belief at going at such high speeds, having never experienced such a thing before*

Rusty: Elizabeth! Which way?!

Elizabeth: I-......I-......*Frantically looks out the windows, trying to see. Finally, she points.* Th-that way!

*Bee turns on a dime just in time, driving down the directed street.*

Elizabeth: Left!

*Bee turns left at the next intersection, nearly hitting a lady as he does so.*

Bee: Woah! Excuse me, miss!

Rusty: Jeez! They act like they've never seen a car before!

Elizabeth: That's because they haven't!

Bee: Directions?!

Elizabeth: Right!

*Bee turns right, and you see a factory up ahead.*

Elizabeth: That's the place!

*Bee lets you both out and transforms into robot mode, looking up at the large building*

Rusty: So this is where they make the suits?

Elizabeth: I think so!

Bee: C'mon! We have to hurry before time runs out!

*You all run for the front doors, Bee knocking them down. The guards inside immediately take cover, firing at you all as Bee stands in front.*

Bee: Scrap! There are too many of them! I can't protect you both!

Rusty: *Switches to his slugs and cocks his shotgun* We've got no choice!

Elizabeth: Wait. What are you doing?

Rusty: I plan on shooting their limbs!

Elizabeth: But-

Rusty; We don't have much time left!

Elizabeth: ......*Backs down, allowing you to fire*

Bee: Let's go! *Moves through*

Rusty: *Takes aim and fires at the guard's feet*

*The guard doubles over, in extreme pain*

Elizabeth: *Winces* They were just trying to protect me...

Bee: Come on! I can see the doors to the factory up ahead!

*You continue to fight all the way to the door, finally making it*

Bee: Alright, this is it! I'll grab a Handyman and we'll get out of here!

Rusty: I’m sorry Elizabeth…if there were another way…

Elizabeth: ......No...you're right......we had no choice...

Bee: Okay, I'm going i-

*Suddenly, everything seems to go in slow-motion as a massive metal man flies into Bee, knocking him over and rolling with him on the floor*

Elizabeth: Handyman!

Rusty: *Fires at the Handyman*

*The Handyman shrugs off your bullets like it's nothing, punching Bee continuously as he struggles to gain the upper hand and get the Handyman off of him.*

Bee: Gh...*Tilts his head to dodge a punch as the Handyman hits the floor with its massive fist* Go!! Get inside!

Rusty: But-

Elizabeth: *Grabs your arm and pulls* Come on! We can't fight that thing!

Rusty: You're right...but we have to do something...and fast!

*You and Elizabeth run through the doors and shut them behind you, hearing the sounds of the brawl outside*

Rusty: So what now?

Elizabeth: *Leans her back against the door, staring blankly at the floor as she slides down, sighing in defeat*

Rusty: Elizabeth...this is all my fault...I never should've pushed you...

Elizabeth: No, it's MINE. I should've stayed behind. Then none of this would have happened. We could...die here. YOU could die here.

Rusty: ...It would have happened some point. I've learned that there are some situations that can never be avoided...and this is one of those situations. All you can do is take it head-on...at full strength.

Elizabeth: ......You're right. *Looks up at you with dead eyes* Eventually, everyone dies. Sometimes...there's just nothing you can do to stop it.

*Just then, the doors are hit hard*

Elizabeth: *Gasps, jumping away from them*

Rusty: Gh... *Pushes Elizabeth behind him*

*The doors are hit again, and again, and again*

Rusty: We need to move, NOW!

Elizabeth: There's nowhere to go.

*Just then, with a final slam, the doors fly open, dust and debris covering the area*

Rusty: Then we stand and fight.

*The sound of metal footsteps get closer, moving through the smoke and debris as you aim your shotgun forward*

Rusty: Grrr!!

*Finally, the smoke begins to clear as the figure steps out. Bumblebee!*

Bumblebee: *Sees you aiming at him* What? Was it something I said?

Rusty: Bee?! You're ok?

Bee: Of course I am! You think some old junk heap like that'll take ME down? I'm crushed you have such low expectations of me. *Grabs a vacant Handyman off the racks and puts it over his shoulder, then points his thumb out the door behind him* Ready to go?

Rusty: We'd better hurry. I got a feeling that the others are in over their heads...

Elizabeth: They're not the only ones...

Bee: Hey, we got THIS far.

Elizabeth: And now we have to go back.

Bee: Wait...you mean ALL the way back? To that portal you made?!

Elizabeth: *Nods* Yes. It's the only way to get back to the exact place we were before.

Rusty: Is there any way that I can use that suit as it is?

Bee: Uhh...unless you feel like chopping your body off, I don't think this'll be of much use to you as it is.

Rusty: Yeeeah, no. Full-on sprint to the portal, then?

Bee: We can give it a shot. I can't carry this and drive at the same time though.

Rusty: Hmm...I guess we'll have to run on foot, then.

Bee: I could carry one of you if you want.

Rusty: Carry Elizabeth. I'll be fine.

Bee: What a gentleman! Haha!

Elizabeth: Are you sure?

Rusty: *Smirks* Trust me.

*You follow Bumblebee, with Elizabeth in his left hand, as he rushes through the city. Officers and people leap out of his way as he tries to remember where the tear was. Elizabeth points him in the right direction.*

Elizabeth: That way!

Officer: *Gets in your way* Hey! Stop!

Rusty: *Kicks him in the face* Sorry, but we're in a hurry!

Officer: GAAAH!! *Falls to the ground as you run past*

*Bee slides around a corner, metal grating on bricks, as he sprints through the streets with you hot on his tail. A turret flying with the help of balloons flies above, chasing the three of you down. It opens fire on Bumblebee, who keeps his head down as he turns a corner*

Rusty: *Shoots the balloons* Flying turrets?! Really?!

*The balloons explode into an eruption as the hydrogen inside meets oxygen and the explosive power of gunpowder, destroying the turret. It falls into the street, nearly hitting you. You all round the final corner, the tear in sight.*

Elizabeth: *Points straight ahead* There!

Bee: I see it! *Slows down in front of the tear, letting Elizabeth down* Stay here. *Points at you* BOTH of you.

Rusty: Right. The 'Cons might be on the other side...waiting for us...

Elizabeth: But can you take them alone?

Bee: Hopefully, I won't BE alone. *Turns to the tear* Do you think you could make this bigger?

Elizabeth: *Takes a deep breath* Sure. I can do that. But won't the energy readings get even stronger? *She opens the portal up even more, and you can see the battle going on inside. Two of the four Decepticon bots are down, Cliff and Smokescreen fighting the other two...and Starscream, who watches from a distance, firing missiles...right in front of the portal.*

Bee: They already know where we are. Time to make an entrance... *Jogs through the tear, taking the Handyman over his shoulder into his hands and swinging it like a club, bashing Starscream in the back and sending him flying forward*

Starscream: GAH!! *Rolls to his feet, turning and firing a rocket. Bee dodges, and it goes straight for the tear*

Elizabeth: *Gasps* !!

Rusty: Oh shit!

*Elizabeth takes her arms, stretching them out to the side, and pulls inwards with great force. She manages to close the tear just in time, then falls to her knees, putting a hand up to her chest, obviously shaken up.*

Rusty: Elizabeth! *Helps her up* Easy...

Elizabeth: *Takes a moment to relax* That...was TOO close.

Rusty: No kidding!!

*Back with the bots, Bee looks back to see the missile fly at the portal. Elizabeth closes it just in time, and it soars off into the horizon, blowing up far behind him. He turns back in time to see Starscream right in his face, about to punch him. Bee brings up the clunky Handyman, uppercutting Starscream in the face with it and disorienting him, giving Bee enough time to do a 360-degree spin, bashing him hard in the chest and sending him flying back. Meanwhile, Cliffjumper finally finishes off one of the 'Cons with a shot to the face, then turns to see Starscream on the ground, struggling to stand and continue to fight Bumblebee. He fires at him, forcing Starscream to focus on him instead. Smokescreen finishes off the final 'Con just then, turning to Starscream just as Elizabeth opens a small tear, peeking through. Starscream is surrounded.*

Starscream: *Grits his teeth* Grrraah!! This isn't over, Autobots! *He leaps up into the air, transforming into jet mode, and blasts off, the Autobots firing after him but unable to hit his small, agile jet form. Finally, he disappears above the clouds.*

Bee: *Watches him go* ...

Cliff: He got away...

Smokescreen: *Looks back at the tear, now opening up more as Elizabeth and you walk through* What matters is that our friends are safe.

Rusty: That was a close call...I think that we should head back as soon as possible.

*You all look at the Handyman in Bee's hands, now all battered. Its right hand falls off, sparks flying.*

Rusty: Bumblebee! I needed that!

Bee: Aw...sorry, Rusty.

Rusty: Ahh...well...could've been worse...

Cliff: You got that right. C'mon, let's get back to Optimus. Maybe Ratchet can fix it up.

Rusty: Yeah. Let's go!
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The Red S30

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Part 5

*Meanwhile, back on the Nemesis, Starscream hangs his head in the presence of Megatron.*

Megatron: You fail me yet again, Starscream. *Narrows his eyes* Why am I not surprised?

Starscream: My...deepest apologies, Lord Megatron...

Megatron: And it seems the Autobots have, indeed, intervened in this plot of ours. No doubt the humans are now under Optimus's strict protection. *Walks, hands behind his back, across his bridge* Still...it is fortunate that this has happened.

Starscream: It...it is?

Megatron: *Turns to Starscream* By opening up yet another inter-dimensional portal, the human specimen I desire brings me ever-closer to the information I seek.

Starscream: Then......I am to be...spared?

Megatron: I may have use for you as of yet, Starscream. Though you failed to bring the human to me, this encounter may yet yield...something of use to me. *Turns away, looking out his window seriously* But to know for certain, I must enlist in the aid of someone who is familiar with such subjects as inter-dimensional travel and the like.

Starscream: ?

Megatron: Soundwave. Open up a bridge at once. *Turns to Soundwave* To Cybertron.

Soundwave: As you command, Lord Megatron.

*Back at your barn, the Handyman armor sits in pieces along the floor. Ratchet scratches his chin as he examines it.*

Rusty: Yeeaah...Bumblebee used it to knock Starscream around.

Ratchet: Unfortunate. Some of the parts are damaged beyond normal repair. It would need to undergo modification in the first place, but there are a few parts I need that I can't fix here.

Rusty: Well...*Looks at the remains of his tractor* What if we used this for spare parts?

Ratchet: This contraption? *Walks over and picks up a part, examining it closely* ...Yes......this might just serve as a suitable replacement for the-...*Goes back over to the Handyman*

Optimus: For now, we must let Ratchet work in peace. You have proved your mettle here, Rusty. I can only hope that we do not regret this decision.

Rusty: Me too, Optimus...me too...

Elizabeth: So...this won't end until these Decepticons are gone, will it?...

Optimus: I am afraid you have the truth of it, Elizabeth. *Looks distant* Megatron will not stop until he has gained what he has come here for......or until he is dead.

Elizabeth: *Rubs her arm, sighing with defeat as she looks sadly at the ground*

Rusty: It seems no matter what, I always get involved in some sort of conflict...

Elizabeth: From the look of things, these Decepticons outnumber you all a hundred to one. *Looks at Optimus with uncertainty* How will you stop them all?

Optimus: It is true that they outnumber us, and even should we defeat Megatron, a new leader will rise to lead them......but my fellow Autobots and I will not rest until you are safe from harm. Megatron will not lay his hands on you...*Narrows his eyes*...so long as Energon flows through my circuits.

Rusty: And as long as I'm still breathing, I'll make sure he doesn't harm you as well.

Elizabeth: *Looks down, holding her hand close to her chest* You all don't have to go through all of this trouble for me......I've...known imprisonment all my life. *Looks up at Optimus* If it came down to it...if it was your lives on the line in the end......I wouldn't care so badly if you let him take me.

Optimus: Elizabeth...it is my firm belief...that freedom is the right of all sentient beings.

Rusty: ...I would never forgive myself if I let that happen...I would rather be dead than see you taken by Megatron.

Optimus: Your freedom is our utmost concern. Never forget that.

Elizabeth: *Looks back down with a painful expression, and slowly nods* ...I get it.

Ratchet: *Walks up* If you want to truly become a soldier on the battlefield, this suit will require a few more components that I don't currently possess.

Bee: What does it need?

Ratchet: Most notably? Weapons. And a T-Cog.

Rusty: What's a T-Cog?

Ratchet: The T-Cog is the biological organ of our species that allows us to scan and transform into vehicle mode.

Rusty: So that's how you guys are able to transform...

Ratchet: It won't be so easy, however. A T-Cog requires Energon to function as well...if you could even find one in the first place.

Elizabeth: Can't you just make one?

Arcee: A T-Cog isn't just some part you can find lying around in a junkyard. It's a fundamental part of our genetic makeup. You can't just build one.

Ratchet: If you truly wish to join our soldiers on the field...you must acquire one. And sufficient weapons to integrate into the structure.

Rusty: Well, I guess we need to find a T-Cog first...but where can we find such a thing?

Smokescreen: Well, there DO just so happen to be four defunct Decepticon husks sitting out there in the field. *Smirks* I'm sure none of them would argue if we borrowed a couple parts from 'em.

Rusty: Oh yeah! Let's go get one, then!

Optimus: Bulkhead? Ratchet? Scout the deceased Decepticon warriors in the field for any spare parts we may need...and dispose of the bodies.

Bulkhead: You got it, Optimus.

Ratchet: Right away. *Walks out with Bulkhead*

Elizabeth: ...*Looks at the Handyman, then at you* But how do they plan on fitting you inside of there?

Rusty: Hmm...where DO I sit in that thing?

*Back up in the Nemesis, a spacebridge opens up in the bridge. Megatron stands ready, hands behind his back, waiting*

Megatron: My ace in the hole is about to arrive. *Grins*

Starscream: My liege...SURELY there are more suitable alternatives to...THIS.

Megatron: I have no need of your opinions on the matter, Starscream. Your incompetence is reason enough for that. It is time to bring in someone with more...ah...experience on such matters. And the reliability to get the job done. ALWAYS.

Starscream: *Whimpers disappointedly*

*Through the spacebridge, a figure begins to emerge. Large, with a bulky upper-torso, and very blocky. It has a purple color scheme, with a large cannon for a left arm, and one glowing purple receptor on an elongated head.*

Starscream: Gh......

Megatron: *Grins* Shockwave.

Shockwave: *Emerges slowly from the spacebridge, then kneels before Megatron as it closes behind him. His voice is serious.* Lord Megatron.

Megatron: Shockwave. Welcome aboard. It is good to have you here for this...excursion of mine. *Turns and begins to walk, Shockwave following him* I require your...expertise...on a number of matters that have been brought to my attention. Chief among them being a human...that seems to have unlocked the ability of inter-dimensional travel.

Shockwave: Truly? This is unprecedented. I must see this specimen firsthand...if I am to conduct tests and experiments on it.

Megatron: Indeed. I have endeavored to retrieve the human. It is a task my second-in-command consistently FAILS at completing.

Starscream: *Pouts* Rmm...

Megatron: She seems to elude our every attempt at capture...by retreating inside of these inter-dimensional tears of hers. We cannot give chase...for we do not know how they work.

Shockwave: Then you will require my aid in discerning how they function. This should be a trivial pursuit compared to my more...pressing studies.

Megatron: Yes, and the sooner you are able to crack the code, the sooner you may return to them.

Shockwave: Understood, Lord Megatron. It shall be done. *Turns* If the specimen proves too difficult to detain......I propose...an alternative possibility.

- - - - - - - - -

Well, I hope someone here is enjoying this.
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The Red S30

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Here's another for those who are reading.

- - - - - - - - -

Part 6

*Back at the barn, Ratchet nearly finishes with what will soon be your suit of armor. The body has been hollowed out and modified, with controls and screens. It's all coming together...though it looks nothing like the Handyman suit it once was.*

Elizabeth: Wow...this is...really something. You Autobots are...amazing!

Rusty: No kidding...they took something like this and made into something...more suitable for combat.

Elizabeth: Not that the Handyman wasn't already suitable for combat, but...

Ratchet: If it works, this thing should keep you safe in combat...assuming you don't take a blow to the chest.

Rusty: Yeah...that would suck.

Ratchet: Indeed, it WOULD 'suck.' So try not to get in over your head or anything, would ya?

Rusty: I'll try not to.

Ratchet: Now, because of the nature of this contraption, the T-Cog can only be used to transform. The scanning function simply won't work on something so hastily-put-together. But it CAN transform. It's nothing low-profile or anything...but you won't be using this in public anyway. *Looks at you suspiciously* Will you?

Rusty: Not really...

Ratchet: Well, good. Also, I doubt the vehicle form will be possible to climb in and out of. You'll have to do that in robot form. And don't let the head get shot off, or you're blind in there!

Rusty: I understand.

Optimus: Ratchet? How are things coming along, old friend?

Ratchet: I've just about finished. Though I'm not quite sure how I'll train him on using it...

Rusty: That's something that I'll have to figure out on my own.

Elizabeth: Are you really sure about this?

Rusty: *nods* I've never been more sure in my life.

*Just then, you hear a rumbling outside*

Cliffjumper: Decepticons?

Optimus: *Narrows his eyes* I could think of no other reason for such a tremor.

Rusty: Well...no time like the present. *Gets in the suit*

Ratchet: Hold on a second! It hasn't even been tested yet for full functionality!

Rusty: We don't have time for that!

Ratchet: You'd better! A proper test could mean the difference between life and death for you.

Rusty: Sometimes you just gotta go for it!

Ratchet: Rusty, wait!

*Ignoring him, you climb inside, a seat with fasteners sitting within. Sitting in and finding the ignition switch, the fasteners engage as the machinery whirs to life, tons of screens coming online as the head flips up, closing you inside. Its receptors light up gold, and screens around your head activate, showing what the head is seeing.*

Rusty: *Grabs the controls*

*You carefully test each control, figuring out how to move the limbs. It seems fairly easy. You take a deep breath, then walk towards the door as you hear jet engines fly over the barn.*

Cliff: Decepticons, closing in!

Bulkhead: Looks like they know where we are...

Rusty: Ratchet...keep Elizabeth safe. *Walks out*

Ratchet: Rusty, wait!

*You walk outside with the others, seeing the Nemesis far overhead. Starscream and a few Decepticon flyers swing by overhead, circling the farm. You look down at the controls, trying to find the button to activate the weapons systems. Finally, you find it. Hitting it, a blaster appears on both arms.*

Rusty: *Smirks* Oh, this is gonna be good...

*A flyer swings around, breaking off from the group and flying towards you, firing its cannons*

Rusty: *Fires his blasters at the flyer* Have some of THIS!

*The recoil catches you off-guard, the shots going off to the side and above the flyer as it flies by. Shooting the ground near you, it knocks you off of your feet. You groan as the impact with the ground rattles the cockpit.*

Rusty: Ugh!! That one hurt...okay, let's try that again!

*As you get up, two more flyers fly by, taking pot shots at the Autobots. Optimus manages to shoot one out of the sky, and it explodes near you as you stand, looking around through the smoke.*

Rusty: ...*Fires off another round* Take that!

*Compensating for the recoil this time, your shot is far more on-the-mark, but the flyers are just too fast for you*

Rusty: Damn it!! I can't seem to get a hit in!

Smokescreen: They're too fast!

*Starscream flies above, laughing*

Starscream: Hahahaha! You're no match for the speed and might of Starscream!! *Fires a missile at the ground in front of Optimus, knocking him off of his feet*

Optimus: *Flies to the ground* Rrragh!

Rusty: Optimus!!

Optimus: *Gets to his feet* Rrgh... *Aims up at Starscream, trying to aim for a good shot*

Rusty: *Takes aim as well*

*Suddenly, your sensors detect something behind and above you...and closing fast. You turn around just in time to see a massive Decepticon, green in color, with two tank turrets sticking out of his back, falling straight for Optimus*

Rusty: *Fires at the tank bot*

*The tank bot lands with a slam and starts running, shrugging off your shots like it's nothing. As he nears you, he simply punches your arm. It's enough to set off tons of alarms in your cockpit as red lights flash. The right arm has taken 94% damage and the gun is offline. You look up at your screen in time to see another fist coming right at you. A terrible shock hits the suit, and you go flying back, the systems shutting down before you even land on the ground.*

Rusty: *Coughs* Ugh...

Optimus: *Turns around in time to see what's going on* Brawl...

*Brawl walks up to your broken suit of armor, chuckling*

Brawl: Stupid human Autobot! You weak! Brawl is STRONG! *He aims a rocket launcher at your chest* You dead...

*You're in a ton of pain, blood running down your face. You want to get up so badly, but neither your body nor the suit is responding*

Optimus: NO! *Rises up, firing at Brawl's back with his dual blasters. Unfortunately, Starscream flies right behind Optimus, locking onto his back and firing missiles. They hit him and send him flying to the ground* Graagh!! *He slams to the ground, sliding to a stop*

*Just as Brawl is about to fire, everything goes black-and-white as a bright flash illuminates the area around you. Elizabeth stands to your right, and has opened a tear! The tear engulfs you and her, and the rockets shot by Brawl therefore don't reach you.*

Rusty: Elizabeth!! R-Run!!

*Meanwhile, up in the Nemesis...*

Megatron: And there it is...

Shockwave: .......Analysis complete.

Megatron: Then you have enough for a test run?

Shockwave: Affirmative. Though it should only be tested once, I believe that I may be able to replicate a weak yet functional version of this...'tear.'

Megatron: Excellent. Decepticons! Return to the Nemesis! The mission was a success. *Grins*

*Back down on the ground, Elizabeth dissipates the tear, falling to the ground, exhausted. You watch helplessly as Brawl looks at her, chuckling. Optimus tries to get up in the background, but is in a lot of pain, himself.*

Rusty: C'mon...work!! *Hits the controls* WOOORRRRK!!

*Suddenly, Brawl stops. Looking at the girl, he backs up, then blasts off toward the Nemesis above. The other 'Cons follow suit.*

Rusty: W-what...the hell?...

*Optimus stands, watching the Decepticons retreat, then the Nemesis flying away*

Rusty: *Crawls out of the suit, blood running down his face* Owwww...

Elizabeth: *Tired, she crawls to you* Rusty......oh my god, you're bleeding...

*The Autobots rush to your aid immediately*

Rusty: *Spits some blood out of his mouth* Among other things...

Smokescreen: I'm not sure Ratchet knows what to do to fix up a human...

Elizabeth: Well then what do we do?!

Optimus: *Kneels down to her side* We require your assistance, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: *Looks up at him nervously* ?

*Back up on the Nemesis, in the laboratory section of the ship, Shockwave meticulously works with Megatron supervising anxiously. Finally, he seems to be finished.*

Megatron: I take it the device is ready?

Shockwave: Affirmative. We may start when you are ready, my lord.

Megatron: Excellent. But just what, exactly, should we use it for?

Shockwave: If I may...while analyzing the created tear and the specimen that created it, though my information is severely limited, I have come across some interesting concepts...as well as an entity that may very well be the key to the success of your current mission.

Megatron: Really?

Shockwave: Though it will require further examination, I believe that this contraption may be exactly what you require......to obtain the desired specimen. The only setback...will be the inability to control it.

Megatron: *Narrows his eyes, weighing his options* ......

Shockwave: As I mentioned, however...with further study, I may discern the solution to the mystery of controlling this contraption. Thus, victory will be achieved.

Megatron: *Turns around, walking out* Make it so, Shockwave. I await word of your success.

Shockwave: As you command, Lord Megatron. *Bows, then continues his work*

- - - - - - - - -

I'd like to know what you all think so far. I'm not sure if there are any Transformers fans here or not. I'd like to think I did them justice though. Any thoughts on what Megatron plans to do with Elizabeth?

You know, it's funny: this story was originally called the 'Random Roleplay' due to it simply being a bunch of random stuff. But then I got focused on Elizabeth and there was just so much there that I could do just with this one character that it stuck. There's still random stuff galore, though. Did anyone notice that Rusty's original girlfriend was Ramona Flowers from the Scott Pilgrim series? :lol:

There are some other crazy random things in it as well. We're halfway through Stage 1, by the way. Just wait 'til Stage 2 starts!
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The Red S30

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Part 7

*Meanwhile, you awaken in a hospital bed, all bandaged up*

Rusty: Ugh...where am I?

*You look around, and everything begins to come together. You must have been brought here. By Elizabeth, no doubt. Your wounds were severe...you passed out not long after emerging from the suit.*

Rusty: Huh? *Struggles out of bed*

*Your wounds pang with pain as you move*

Rusty: Gah!!!!!!

*Suddenly, nurses rush in*

Nurse 1: He's trying to get up!

Nurse 2: Hold him back down!

*They surround you, trying to get you to lie back down*

Rusty: Let me go!!

Nurse 1: Your wounds are serious! You shouldn't move!

Rusty: I don't care!!! I need to get back to my farm!!'

Nurse 2: Well we DO care! You'll die from your wounds if they aren't treated!

Rusty: LET...ME...GO!!

Elizabeth: LISTEN TO THEM!

*You stop, looking towards the door to see Elizabeth. She has a stern look on her face as she looks at you.*

Rusty: *A cold chill runs down his spine* Fine...

*The nurses relax as they hook you back up to the machinery*

Rusty: What happened after I passed out?

*The nurses leave as Elizabeth walks in*

Elizabeth: Our......'friends' told me to bring you here. These are the only people that can treat your wounds.

Rusty: Huh...you know, I used to come here a lot whenever I got hurt...I don't like coming to this hospital...

Elizabeth: It's the only way you'll stay alive.

Rusty: How bad were my wounds?...

Elizabeth: Bad enough.

Rusty: ...I feel like shit...

Elizabeth: *Looks upon you with a look of disappointment* ......

Rusty: I'm sorry...you had to save me like that...I wasn't strong enough to protect you...*Looks away*

Elizabeth: ......*Looks away sadly, then turns away* Get well soon, Rusty. *Walks out*

Rusty: Wait! Elizabeth!

*She walks out, leaving you by yourself*

*You lie there in the bed, alone with your thoughts.*

*Meanwhile, back up on the Nemesis, Megatron enters Shockwave's lab again. The scientist stands at attention.*

Megatron: What have you discovered, Shockwave?

Shockwave: *Turns to his work* A cipher.

Megatron: Some sort of code, then?...

Shockwave: Correct. The key to controlling the contraption......hidden within the meaning of a picture. *Shows Megatron his findings*

Megatron: Hmm...and what does this...picture...represent?

Shockwave: The humans can be quite clever...but their secret codes are no match for our superior intellect. This picture is spelled with four letters. These letters, when used in conjunction with a certain instrument, will yield the results we require.

Megatron: Hmm......and just what sort of instrument do we require?

Shockwave: ......

*Later on that evening, you're finally discharged from the hospital. Smokescreen waits outside for you as the moon rises into the night sky.*

Smokescreen: *As you get in...* Hey, buddy. Feeling better?

Rusty: ...She couldn't even stand to look at me......it's the same look that Ramona had...

Smokescreen: What look is that?

Rusty: Disappointment...

*Smokescreen remains silent, then after a few seconds, starts up his engine and solemnly drives you back to the farm. You drive up to the farmhouse, and he lets you out.*

Smokescreen: Get some rest, Rusty. It'll all blow over in the morning. Like a bad dream. Am I right?

Rusty: If only it was that simple...

*You walk into the house. Elizabeth isn't there, but the lights were left on. You look out to the barn, the door open a crack. She must be staying with them tonight...*

Rusty: *A tear rolls down his face* Why?

*You fall asleep, restless and exhausted. The next day, you walk into the barn to see Ratchet trying to fix the suit.*

Ratchet: *Looks up at sees you* THERE you are! What did I tell you? NOW look what you've done! *Gestures to the suit, lying ruined*

Rusty: ...Sorry...Ratchet...look, if anyone needs me...I'll be out for a while riding my four-wheeler...

Ratchet: Not so fast. *Points down the back of the garage* Optimus would like to have a word with you.

*You look down to the back of the barn to see Optimus speaking with Ironhide. He then turns, seeing you, and gives a stern look.*

Rusty: *Sighs* Look, I'm really not in the mood right now to get lecture from Prime!! I just want to be left alone right now!!

Ratchet: I wouldn't keep him waiting.

Rusty: Well he's going to wait!! I want to be alone right now!! I don't care what anyone else thinks or wants!!!

Ratchet: Do you realize the trouble you're causing us?! What you've caused Prime?! If you want to be a soldier, it's not just about fighting on the front lines! You also have to face up to your mistakes!

Rusty: Face up to my mistakes!? Are you flipping kidding me?! I already made Elizabeth disappointed in me!! Now leave me alone!! All of you!! I need time to myself; to think!!

Ratchet: Have it your way. *Stands* But until you face up to what you've done...*Throws his tool on the ground*...I'm not fixing this suit any more. *Walks away to Optimus*

Rusty: Fine!!! *Takes off on his four-wheeler*

*You drive out to the open field on your own, finally finding a quiet spot underneath a tree*

Rusty: *Sits there, trying to clear his head from everything that has happened so far* Why? Why couldn't I protect her?! *Decides to sit under the tree for about another hour, then sighs* I guess I have to head back...and face the music... *Mounts his four-wheeler and heads back*

*Back up on the Nemesis, Megatron stands upon his bridge, arms behind his back.*

Megatron: Our time of glory is nearly upon us, Decepticons. The pieces are all falling into place. Just as I had designed...

Brawl: Lord Megatron. *Walks up and kneels*

Megatron: What is it, Brawl? Why are you not at your post? *Threatening*

Brawl: I have something that you'll wanna see.

Megatron: *Relaxes, narrowing his eyes* Very well, Brawl. Show me.

*Brawl walks to the center of the room and projects a picture in front of Megatron. It's a video of what he saw earlier. Right before he was about to kill you, his missile was redirected to another dimension...and then, as the tear closes...Elizabeth can be seen, clear as day.*

Megatron: *Slowly begins to chuckle, his chuckle gradually turning into an evil laugh* Now we know exactly what the human specimen looks like. A superb effort, Brawl. Your efforts speed us along on our way to glory!

Brawl: *Bows* Happy to help, Lord Megatron!

Megatron: Now, we need only the means to control the contraption Shockwave spoke of......and victory will be ours! *Grips his hand into a fist in front of his face, grinning*

- - - - - - - - -

Drama on the homefront.
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The Red S30

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Imma still post this. It's starting to get good!

- - - - - - - - -

Part 8

*Back at the barn, you pull up and walk inside. The suit remains in ruins. And something catches your eye: Elizabeth, sitting against the wall, head resting on her knees*

Rusty: Hey...

Elizabeth: ......*Her voice is but a whisper* Why?

Rusty: Why, what?

Elizabeth: *Stands, angry as she gets in your face, poking your chest* What you did was reckless and stupid. Ratchet TOLD you not to go out there. He SAID you'd be in danger if you did. Why didn't you listen? WHY?!

Rusty: Why did I do that?! It's because I want to protect the ones that I love!! Okay!? But I couldn't even do that... *Looks away in pain*

Elizabeth: What good would that do the people you loved if you died?! It was a SELFISH ACT. *Shakes her head* No matter how you try to spin it. There are people that care about YOU too, you know. *Turns away* Show them a little respect. *Walks out of the barn*

Rusty: *Punches the wall, tears rolling down his face* It's not that simple!...

*You painfully look to the back of the barn, seeing Optimus*

Rusty: *Walks over to Optimus* You wanted to see me?

Optimus: *Upon hearing you, he looks down* Rusty. It is good to see you are well.

Rusty: Yeah, well...that makes one of us...

Optimus: ......*Looks at you*

Rusty: ...Why?...Why can't I protect those that are close to me?

Optimus: ......*Bends down on one knee, looking you in the eye* Rusty. I understand, above all else, the desire to protect. But understand: there is a GRAVE difference......between bravery...*Narrows his eyes*...and recklessness.

Rusty: ...Optimus...when it comes to protecting someone...sometimes you have to be a little reckless...and I speak from experience...

Optimus: As do I, when I say that that is not true. You are young. In time, you will understand.

Rusty: Maybe so…but I can't just sit idly by when all of this is happening...

Optimus: Understand your limits. And endeavor never to surpass them recklessly. Though it is always a good thing to wish to improve...ambition is ever-more-likely to be your end...*Stands*...than anything else.

Rusty: ...*Nods*

*Optimus nods and walks away. As he passes Ratchet, he puts a hand on his shoulder, then continues on his way. Ratchet passes you by without a word, resuming his work on the suit.*

Rusty: *Walks outside*

*The wind blows gently. Suddenly, you hear something inside the base. A transmission from Bumblebee, who went out scouting.*

Bee: Optimus! Optimus, come in! Do you read me?!

Optimus: *Walks up to the terminal* I read you, Bumblebee. What seems to be the problem?

Bee: Decepticons. At the museum!

Optimus: *Looks down, confused* The museum?

Rusty: But what could possibly-...

Optimus: Autobots? We must keep the Decepticons from whatever it is they require from that museum!

Bulkhead: Alright. *Slams his fists together* Time to kick some Decepticon tailpipe.

*Bulkhead, Cliffjumper, and Smokescreen transform and drive out of the barn in a hurry. You watch as they drive down the road.*

Ironhide: *Walks up next to Optimus* I don't like this, Optimus. The Decepticons have been acting odd lately.

Optimus: This is something I am well-aware of. *Narrows his eyes* Megatron...what are you planning?...

*Meanwhile, a group of Decepticons are ransacking the town museum. The Autobots roll up, remaining hidden.*

Bulkhead: Whaddya think they're up to?

Cliffjumper: I dunno......looks like they're searching for something...

Smokescreen: But what?

Cliffjumper: I don't think we have time to sit around and find out. Let's get 'em!

*The bots transform and open fire, the 'Cons taking cover behind the rubble of the parts of the museum and firing back. Smokescreen circles around them, firing all the way.*

Cliffjumper: That's right! Keep 'em pinned down!

*Bulkhead manages to get a headshot on one of them, taking them down. The 'Cons look at each other, worried. Just then, a groundbridge opens up above them...and Soundwave falls out from beneath, landing on the ground.*

Smokescreen: !!...*Grits his teeth* Soundwave...

Soundwave: *His chest cavity opens up, a large cassette ejecting* Rumble: eject. Operation: disorientation.

*The cassette transforms into a human-sized Cybertronian with hammers for arms. He lands on the ground with a thud, the two hammers creating a massive impact and causing the Autobots' shots to miss as they struggle to keep steady.*

Rumble: Heh heh! Get ready to crumble...BEFORE RUMBLE!! *With that, he slams one of his hammers into some rubble, sending it flying at the Autobots. Bulkhead takes it to the face, throwing him to the ground.*

Bulkhead: Gah!

*Soundwave's chest opens up once again, another cassette ejecting.*

Soundwave: Laserbeak: eject. Operation: retrieval of instrument.

*The cassette transforms into a slick, bird-like Cybertronian, cawing a metallic caw as it flies into the museum.*

Bulkhead: Ugggh...*Stands, holding his head*

Cliff: Oh no...he's sent Laserbeak into the building for something!

Smokescreen: We can't get close enough with that little runt out there!

Rumble: HEY! Who you callin' a 'runt?!' *Slams his hammer into a wall, sending it towards Smokescreen*

Smokescreen: *Gets behind a van just in time* Scrap! What are we gonna do?!

*Soundwave begins firing on the Autobots as well, making it near-impossible to move. Laserbeak finally returns, landing on his left shoulder with something in his mouth.*

Soundwave: Mission: accomplished. Rumble; Laserbeak: return. *The two mini-'Cons transform back into cassettes and pop back into Soundwave's chest cavity, the groundbridge still above him.

Bulkhead: NO!

*Before he can leap into the bridge, something invisible stops him. As it pulls on him, the cloak dissipates to reveal Bumblebee!*

Bulkhead: Bee!

Bee: *Holding Soundwave down* I...won't...let you get away!

Soundwave: ......Soundwave: superior. Autobots: inferior.

Bee: ?!...Gh...

*Just then, from the cylindrical device on his right shoulder, harmful waves of sound begin emanating, bringing Bee and the other Autobots to their knees as Soundwave stands tall, unphased. He deactivates it as the Autobots are disoriented, holding their heads in pain, and leaps into the ground bridge. It closes up behind him as the other 'Cons follow suit, leaving the Autobots defeated.*

*Back at the barn, you listen intently to what goes on, waiting for word of what happened*

Optimus: ......

Ironhide: ......

Bee: Optimus?...

Optimus: I am here, Bumblebee! What is the situation?

Bee: ......They got whatever it is they came for. They got away.

Optimus: *Lowers his head, closing his eyes in pain* ...

Bee: I'm sorry...

Rusty: *Sighs* They've been beating us at every turn...if only we could turn the tides...

Optimus: Autobots...return to base. *With that, he walks away from the console*

Ironhide: Optimus...

Rusty: Hmm, I wonder...maybe there's something in my dream that I've been having that might give us some sort of clue, or an edge...

Ironhide: I don't think so, kid. Ain't no war gonna be won on hopes and dreams...

*Back at the Nemesis, in Shockwave's lab, Shockwave holds what it was that Soundwave retrieved*

Megatron: Excellent work, Soundwave. With this, my victory is guaranteed. *Looks at Shockwave threateningly* Is it not?

Shockwave: With utmost certainty, Lord Megatron.

Starscream: Bah! What use is such an archaic human instrument to our cause?! I refuse to believe that our victory hinges on THAT thing! *Points to it* What even IS it?!

Shockwave: This device is an instrument used to funnel air through pipes in such a way that it creates a specific sound. The humans call this phenomenon...music.

Starscream: Pah! And what does this 'music' have to do with anything?!

Megatron: Yes, Shockwave: What DOES such a primitive Earth custom have to do with securing my victory?

Shockwave: It is quite simple: this contraption, of human origin, is controlled by just such a thing: music. Four notes, in particular. These 'notes' are created by 'keys,' and each 'key' is assigned a letter. *Holds up the picture from earlier* This picture depicts a cage. C - A - G - E. It is, as I explained earlier, a cipher. This word depicts the notes required...and the order with which they are to be erected from the instrument. All we required...was the proper instrument to do so.

Megatron: And now, all of the pieces have fallen into place.

Shockwave: Correct. We need simply open a tear to this other world and summon the contraption. From there we can then bend it to your will.

Megatron: *Grins, gripping his fist in anticipation* Excellent. Shockwave! Begin at once!

- - - - - - - - -

If you all played Bioshock: Infinite, you probably know what's going down!
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The Red S30

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Part 9

*Back at the farm, you sit on your back porch, looking out at the rolling fields as the sun sets*

*Keeps thinking about what that girl said in his dream* What do I believe in? What does that even mean? *Rubs his head in frustration* Gah!!!

Rusty: That so?

Elizabeth: *Looks at you* I meant what I said back there...but...maybe I was a bit harsh.

Rusty: ...I guess I had it coming...but I also meant what I said, as well.

Elizabeth: *Takes a deep breath and sighs, crossing her arms* Just don't go trying to kill yourself again, okay? Listen to the Autobots. They know what they're doing.

Rusty: Okay okay okay, I get it......look...I'm sorry, okay?

Elizabeth: *Stares out at the field as the wind gently blows her shoulder-length brown hair* ......

Rusty: *Turns away as he blushes*

*Just then, far in the distance, you and Elizabeth both hear something that sounds almost like a high-pitched, forced muffled horse whinny*

Elizabeth: *Worried* What was that?...

Rusty: I don't know...but I don't like it...let's head to the barn.

*The sound calls again, and Elizabeth seems distressed*

Elizabeth: Oh my god......no...no no no no no, it can't be! It CAN'T be! I-

Rusty: Elizabeth, what is it?!

*As you ask, you see what looks like a massive mechanical bird fly over the horizon*

Elizabeth: *Nearly falls to her knees* Songbird... *Begins to panic, looking around, then running off for the barn as the bird calls again, now focused on her specifically*

Rusty: Run!!

*You realize you didn't even have to say so, as Elizabeth is bolting for the barn. The Songbird dives, going for Elizabeth. You're right behind her.*

Rusty: Optimus, we got a big problem!!

*You leap in between Songbird and Elizabeth just as he reaches her, and Songbird looks at you, his eye red. He grabs you and throws you backwards. You go flying through the window of your farmhouse, busting the dining room table and a few cabinets as you land in the kitchen. Your body is in extreme pain.*

Rusty: Ugh!!

*Meanwhile, Elizabeth makes it to the doors of the barn, with Songbird right on her tail. Just as he's about to grab her, the doors to the barn burst open, slamming into his face and knocking him back as Optimus emerges with a roar, the other Autobots behind him firing their blasters in unison at the metal creature. You struggle to get to the window, then watch in awe as Songbird is quickly beaten back, his left eye shot so much that it shatters. Unable to take them on, he grabs his wings and takes to the skies, calling out in anger as he retreats. Optimus and the Autobots watch him go.*

Optimus: *Narrows his eyes* ......

Rusty: Hell yeah!!! *Winces in pain* Ouch!!! Damn it...

Optimus: Megatron...

Cliff: What WAS that thing?!

Elizabeth: *Trembling as she walks out of the barn* Songbird......my god...

Smokescreen: Songbird?

Elizabeth: ......He was...my warden......back where I came from...

Smokescreen: Your...warden?...

Elizabeth: It's a long story. Basically, I was kept in captivity since I was very young. Not a cruel captivity, but...it was still a cage. He was my only companion, but...*Looks down in pain*...he was still my warden. *Looks at the Autobots* His sole purpose is to keep me in that cage. Please! You can't let him take me back!

Optimus: ......*Kneels down to her level* That's NOT going to happen.

Elizabeth: *Looks him in the eyes, reassured, and nods* Thank you.

Rusty: *Limps outside* Good thing I called you...

Elizabeth: Rusty!! Oh my god!

Ratchet: Not again...

Rusty: Not my fault! It was the Songbird who chucked me like a ragdoll...

Elizabeth: *Puts one of your arms over her neck* I'll get him back to the hospital.

Smokescreen: I'm drivin'! *Transforms into vehicle mode and opens his doors*

*The two of you get in, and Elizabeth leans back in her seat, sighing with relief.*

Rusty: I hate to say it, but I don't think we'll be eating in the dining room for a while...

Elizabeth: *Looks back at the house, then chuckles as Smokescreen drives off*

*Back on the Nemesis, on the top deck outside, Megatron stands before the empty-handed Songbird*

Megatron: *Furious* It failed to retrieve the specimen?! SHOCKWAVE! WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!

Shockwave: *Examining Songbird's damage* It appears that our technology far-outstrips the technology from the age when this contraption was built.

Starscream: *Rolls his eyes* Peh! Big shocker there!

Shockwave: The Autobots easily-overpowered it, not only with sheer numbers, but also firepower.

Megatron: Then it would seem that this contraption would be in need of a few upgrades. Shockwave! See to it that my new PET receives the most high-grade armor and systems available. *Turns away, but stops before leaving* And pray it does not fail me again. *Walks away, inside the ship*

Shockwave: *Bows* As you command, Lord Megatron.

*Songbird tilts his head, confused, as Shockwave approaches ominously...*

*That evening, back at the farm, everyone is in the barn*

Rusty: Well...*Sighs* The doctor was pissed...again. Called it, by the way.

Ratchet: Focus on the issue at hand, Rusty.

Elizabeth: *Sitting on the ground, hugging herself tightly, looking away in fear* I can't believe it......they brought him here...

Smokescreen: Hey! Let him try and come again! You saw how quickly we kicked that tin can! He's not a match for us!

Elizabeth: *Shakes her head* But he'll keep coming back for me...until he finally has me in his grasp...

*Everyone is silent*

Rusty: Unless...we can kill it. But I have a feeling...it's not going to be easy...

Optimus: *Nods* Whether it carries out its original mission or not, so long as Megatron has his sights set on claiming Elizabeth, we can be assured that the Songbird will strike again.

Ratchet: And if I know Megatron, he won't be sending Songbird out again without some sort of trick up his sleeve.

Elizabeth: *Worried* What do you mean?

Arcee: In a nutshell? He'd probably deck the Songbird out with some Cybertronian upgrades.

Elizabeth: *Stands in a cold sweat, panicking* What?! N-no, that...*Shakes her head* That can't happen! If he becomes strong enough to defeat you all, I-... *Stops, turning away*

Optimus: ......

Elizabeth: I can't go back...

Rusty: Then there's no choice: we will kill it next time...fight it with everything we've got. *Turns to Elizabeth* I won't let him take you... *Looks at the suit* Looks like I'm going to have to get some practice in...

Ratchet: We can't know that our current strength will be enough. If I'm right, and Megatron improves on the Songbird......we may not be able to stand up to him after all...

Optimus: If that is the case, we must have a trick up our own sleeves.

Arcee: Like what?

Optimus: ......Unknown.

Cliff: *Shakes his head* If only we had something that could defeat the Songbird...

Bee: Wait! Elizabeth! You have the ability to go to different worlds, right? Pull stuff into THIS world! Like that Handyman suit! *Points at the suit, now fully-repaired and ready for action*

Elizabeth: *Looks away* ......

Bee: What if you could find a world out there with something powerful enough to defeat the Songbird?!

Elizabeth: It doesn't work like that!

Bee: ?...

Elizabeth: That would take forever. And by the time I ever DID find something, it'd be too late. They'd find me...or kill all of you...

Smokescreen: Scrap...

Rusty: Elizabeth *Puts his hand on her shoulder* Why don't you tell us exactly how you're able to find the worlds?

Elizabeth: I...I don't know! They're just...there!

Bee: Hmm...I wonder how such worlds come to be, anyway...

Elizabeth: *Stops, staring into nothingness* I don't know......I guess there are a lot of different ways. Differing choices...constants and variables......

Smokescreen: *Trying to make sense of what she says*

Optimus: I read something once while browsing the World-Wide Web on this planet.

Elizabeth: World...Wide...Web?

Rusty: It’s something we use to obtain information, electronically accessible for everyone.

Optimus: In an article, someone once wrote...that it is possible that what we perceive as real and nonexistent is all in our minds.

Elizabeth: *Nods, looking at the ground* That...sounds familiar.

Optimus: It explained that something that does not exist in this world may exist in another. *The other Autobots listen in wonder as he continues* It went on to conject that perhaps, even, people can create worlds...or connect to them telepathically...thus creating the worlds within such things as books and cinema.

Elizabeth: That would be...amazing. That every book is a real world somewhere out there...

Rusty: So...what? We could summon some giant Transformer?

Elizabeth: Not exactly...*Starts to stand, a spark you've never seen before in her eyes* More like...if we knew someone...a great artist or something......I could- *Stops*

*Everyone looks at her as she pieces things together*

Elizabeth: I could connect to the world they created.

Ratchet: Is...such a thing even possible?...

Elizabeth: I don't know......and I guess I'll never find out. *Sinks back down to the ground* The odds of one of us knowing such a person......a person able to create an entire world......are second to none...

Optimus: ......

Rusty: ......I know one.

*Everyone looks at you*

Ratchet: Really...

Elizabeth: Do you? A famous writer?!

Rusty: Not exactly. I know someone who can create worlds...but his work hasn't been published. But I'll tell you something...

*Everyone looks at you*

Rusty: He definitely created an entirely new world.

Optimus: ......

Elizabeth: *Eager* Bring him here.

Rusty: I'll see what I can do.

- - - - - - - - -

Here's where it gets real interesting.
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<3 InuSakuya~

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Pacings is a bit too fast...Waaaayyy too fast...No real character development by the looks of it..Getting the story out fast doesn't mean its going to be good..Alas the story has reached up to the point of no return and only forward..Like i said in Go! Shutokou,you are the storyteller of this story..You HAVE all the time you need to make explanations and elaboration....

Relax and don't rush the story is all i can say at this point...
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The Red S30

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I appreciate your feedback. Perhaps I should have made it more clear, but this isn't something I sat down and wrote an outline for. Everything that you read here is made up on the spot with no planning involved at all. It was something quick and fun to entertain my friend. It was called the 'Random Roleplay,' and most of the things put into it are things Rusty was familiar with. Oftentimes people may be brought in, only to do a few things and then leave. It was all in good fun.

You must ask yourself, though: is it going too fast, or have you underestimated its length? ;)

This is...say...Stage 1. It has 13 parts. Then we have Stage 2, which has 16. Stage 3 also has sixteen. There's also Finale Stage. Then section 2 starts, which follows the same pattern of 13, 16, 16...

I'm not so sure how good it is altogether as I'm critical of anything I make (even something for fun like this), but this story made one of my friends cry, and I'm STILL getting people saying how much they loved the conclusion in particular.

It is, as always, up to you whether or not you continue reading. If you do, I hope you enjoy it!

- - - - - - - - -

Part 10

*The next morning, a green Buick Century drives up into your driveway. You know the car well. It's been through a long life...in the hands of one of your closest friends. It drives up and stops in front of your farmhouse, and the driver door opens. A young man steps out, the same age as you but much smaller in size and stature, with messy brown hair and green eyes. He wears glasses, blue jeans, and a dark blue polo shirt.*

Rusty: Kevin...

Elizabeth: He's the one, then?

Rusty: He is. Elizabeth...meet my friend...Kevin.

*You walk up as you say so.*

Kevin: *Nervous. He was never good with new people, but he nods and tries to be friendly* Hey.

Rusty: We have a bit of a situation. I guess I can start by saying that Licorice appeared in my dreams a few night ago.

Kevin: *Raises an eyebrow* So?

Elizabeth: Licorice? What's so important about a spice?

Rusty: It's the name of the Oracle of Shadows.

Elizabeth: The...what? *Looks from you to Kevin. As her eyes meet his, she begins to understand.*

Rusty: I think it would be best if the Autobots explained everything that has happened up until now...

Kevin: Heh?

*You lead him into the barn, full of different cars sitting in the shadows*

Kevin: ......*Narrows his eyes, suspicious* It's them. *Looks at you* Isn't it?

Rusty: *Nods* It is.

Kevin: ......

*The Autobots remain in vehicle mode, silent.*

Rusty: Guys, it's okay! You can trust him.

*After a few more moments of silence, Optimus starts up his engine, driving up alone. He transforms before Kevin's eyes as he watches in awe, then kneels down to his level.*

Rusty: Kevin...this...is Optimus Prime.

Kevin: *Wide-eyed* Yeah......yeah, it is...

Optimus: Welcome to our base, Kevin. It is an honor to have met you, creator of worlds.

Kevin: *Still wide-eyed, he slowly turns to you* What...did he call me?

Rusty: You heard him right!

Optimus: We are in dire need of your help. You...are our last hope.

Kevin: *Turns to you, still stiff and wide-eyed* What. Did. You. Tell them?

Rusty: That the stuff you write creates worlds.

Kevin: What?

Rusty: Licorice invading my dream is a good example...

Kevin: Rusty, she's not real. As much as I'd LOVE them all to be......they aren't real.

Elizabeth: *Steps forward, looking him in the eyes* ......You don't really believe that...

Kevin: ?!...*Looks away from her piercing gaze*

Rusty: Kevin...I saw her as clear as day...standing out my field. *Puts a hand on his shoulder* Your world...IS real.

Kevin: *Stares at you in shock*

Rusty: I know it's a lot to take in...but it's true.

Optimus: And we need your help. *Stands up* Before it is too late.

Kevin: *Looks from you to Optimus, searching for the words to say* Wh...I...well then...what can I do to help?

Optimus: We are not quite sure. *Gestures to Elizabeth* Only Elizabeth can know for sure.

Kevin: *Looks to her*

Elizabeth: *Takes a deep breath, fiddling with the metal nub on her right pinky*

Rusty: Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: *Purses her lips, then steps toward Kevin, taking his hands in hers*

Kevin: ?! *Jumps from the touch*

Elizabeth: *Whispers gently* Come here...

Kevin: *Blushes, unable to look away*

*Elizabeth closes her eyes, touching her forehead to his, and they stand there like that*

Kevin: *Trembling slightly, unsure what's going on or who this girl is*

Ratchet: *Walks to Optimus's side* Now we can only watch...and wait.

Optimus: It is in their hands, now.

Elizabeth: *Eyes still closed, forehead still touching Kevin's, she shakes her head, amazed* This world you created......it's...amazing...

Kevin: *His voice cracks as he finds the courage to speak, excited by the prospect of someone else seeing what he sees in his story world...his dream* I......really?

Elizabeth: It's incredible. The human mind is incredible...to create such a thing on its own...

Kevin: You......you see it, don't you? You see everything...

Elizabeth: I...*Opens her eyes, glowing blue*...see EVERYTHING.

*Just then, a tear begins to open up to their right. You and the Autobots watch in awe, and even Kevin opens his eyes wide, anticipation rising within him. Was it true? Was it really real? He looks to his left, seeing the tear appear. Elizabeth gently lets go of his hands, smiling reassuredly to him as he stares at her in amazement.*

Smokescreen: *Nudges Cliffjumper* Uh-ohhhh. *Smirks* I see a love triangle forminggggg.

Cliff: *Pushes him away* No way!

Elizabeth: *Looks to Optimus* It's done.

Rusty: I don't believe it...it's Valuxia...

Ratchet: The question is......is there really something in this boy's mind that can give us an edge against Songbird?

Kevin: *Opens his mouth, about to speak up*

*Suddenly, Songbird calls out from outside*

Elizabeth: *Gasps*

Kevin: ?!

Elizabeth: No! NO! We aren't ready yet!

Rusty: Let's go! *Mounts up in his suit*

Kevin: *Watches you climb in* So you really got your suit.

Rusty: *Smirks* Hell yeah.

*The head snaps into place, and your voice becomes metallic*

Optimus: Autobots?

Rusty: Roll out!

*You follow Optimus as the rest of the Autobot warriors run out to meet Songbird...and what you see makes your heart sink. Songbird has a silver finish, his eyes now purple. Cannons decorate his wings, and as he lands, a shockwave blasts you all back.*

Rusty: Okay! I wasn't expecting THAT!

Optimus: By the All-Spark...

Arcee: He really did give the bird an upgrade...

Bulkhead: That's not just an upgrade...that thing's fully-decked out!

Rusty: So now what do we do?!

Optimus: *Stands firm* We FIGHT!

Rusty: *Aims his cannons at the Songbird* Polly want a blaster?!

*Songbird turns to you at the sound of your voice, the cannons on his wings charging up*

Bulkhead: Aw, scrap...

Rusty: *Dodges in time and fires his cannons simultaneously* I don't think so!

*Your shots ping off of his new armor finish, harmless. He fires again, this time hitting the ground beneath your feet, sending you flying backwards. You land with a thud as the cockpit rattles.*

Smokescreen: *In shock* Did you see that? It bounced right off!

Rusty: What the hell?! *Struggles up*

Optimus: Autobots...open fire!

*Everyone fires all at once, but all of the shots ping off of Songbird's armor harmlessly. He spreads his wings as everyone continues to fire, then creates another sonic blast that knocks everyone off of their feet.*

Rusty: Don't let up! *Struggles up again*

Arcee: It's no use...our guns are useless against it!

Optimus: *Stands, narrowing his eyes* Then we take it on by hand. *A blade extends from his arm, and he rushes forward with a roar, dodging blasts from Songbird's cannons and leaping up, thrusting his blade forward. The blade clangs off of the Songbird's metal body, however, and Optimus falls to the ground.*

Optimus: Hrk?!

Bulkhead: *Watches, unable to believe it*

Rusty: Graaaaahhh!!! *Picks up a metal beam and hits the Songbird*

*The Songbird grabs the pole, unphased by the strike, then swings it itself, the Songbird far stronger than you. You go flying high in the sky, falling uncontrollably down to Earth and landing in your house...hard. The ceiling in the living room collapses as you land, trying desperately to stand up.*

Rusty: Damn it!! *Holds his head in pain*

*Meanwhile, the Songbird thrusts through the Autobot ranks, brushing them aside with his wings as though they were a joke. He then tears the face of the barn off like it was paper, revealing Ratchet and Elizabeth inside.*

Ratchet: !! No! *Stands in front of Elizabeth*

*The Songbird simply bashes Ratchet aside. Elizabeth screams in terror as Songbird goes for her, grabbing her by the hand carefully, then turning and walking away, ready to take off.*

Optimus: *Gets up, shaking off the blast that knocked him back, then sees Elizabeth in Songbird's hand, screaming. He narrows his eyes and goes for it, running at full speed. He manages to grab on to Songbird's right foot as it takes off into the sky, hanging on with all he has as he climbs the length of its leg* Rrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Elizabeth: Optimus, help me! Please!

Optimus: Hang...on...Elizabeth! *He struggles to climb the Songbird's leg, but is not deterred by the struggle*

*Songbird notices Optimus on his leg and swings them left and right, trying to juke him off. Optimus holds on tight, but then Songbird slams him into your windmill, knocking it over...and knocking him off.*

Optimus: *Falls, reaching for Elizabeth as he does so* NOOOOOOOO!!

*He falls to the ground below, watching helplessly as Songbird takes Elizabeth into the skies...and is gone.*

Rusty: Noooooooooooooooooooo!!! Elizabeeeeeeeth!!!

Optimus: *On his hands and knees in defeat, staring at the ground* ...

Rusty: *Gets out of his suit* Damn it!! I'm still not strong enough!!

Optimus: Autobots...this may just be our darkest hour...

Bee: Optimus......

Rusty: If only we were more powerful...

Optimus: *Stands, clenching his fists* It matters not.

Arcee: Optimus?

Optimus: We will save Elizabeth......or die trying. *Looks at Rusty*

Rusty: You know I'm on board.

Bee: Me too.

Smokescreen: Don't count me outta this just yet!

Cliff: Hey, me neither! You think I'm gonna pass up a chance to wipe that smile off Megatron's faceplate?!

Bulkhead: Ya got THAT right. *Pounds his fists together*

Arcee: I think we ALL want a chance at redemption from this. We're with you.

Ratchet: There's just one problem: we have no way of getting to Megatron's ship.

Optimus: ......Either way, we WILL find some way. It is high time the tables turned in our favor...

Kevin: You have no idea...

*Everyone looks towards the barn in surprise*

*Meanwhile, aboard the Nemesis, Songbird lowers Elizabeth down as Shockwave puts her in shackles*

Elizabeth: No! No! What are you doing to me?! Let me go!

Megatron: *Steps outside* Now now, young Elizabeth. Is that any way to treat your new hosts?

Elizabeth: ?!

Megatron: *Grins*

Elizabeth: It's you, isn't it? You're Megatron...

Megatron: It seems my reputation precedes me. *Walks forward* Welcome aboard my ship: the Nemesis. *Clenches his fist in front of his face* Rejoice, my lady. For you will be aiding me in my final steps...to TOTAL...DOMINATON.

Elizabeth: *Grimaces* Never.

Megatron: *Chuckles as he looks down upon her* You humans are all the same. But you must realize...you have no choice.

Elizabeth: Gh...*Turns away*

Megatron: Shockwave. Prepare the specimen for testing. I want results. And quickly!

Shockwave: It shall be done, Lord Megatron. *Bows as Megatron leaves, then takes Elizabeth away*

Elizabeth: *In an act of desperation, she reaches for Songbird* Songbird! SONGBIRD! *Sobs* Please! Please help me! Protect me! Take me away from here! PLEASE!!

*Songbird doesn't respond, his purple eye staring at her*

Shockwave: Your pet is no longer your own. It will not take orders from you.

Elizabeth: I...what?! No...NO...PLEASE!! NOOOOOOOO!!

- - - - - - - - -

On a sort-of-related note, if you DO want to see something more thought-out, I COULD try to post up something else I made. I write an original series (that I mentioned I made a game of) called Legends United. One season in particular everyone seemed to enjoy. It ends on a cliffhanger but if you just wanted to see it for the story contained within, I could post it up sometime as well.

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The Red S30

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I need to start posting more of this so we can get past Stage 1.

- - - - - - - - -

Part 11

*Deep within Shockwave's lab, Elizabeth is held up by shackles to a specially-made machine as Shockwave fiddles with something on the side*

Elizabeth: *Drowsy, her jacket taken off* You......you can't......do this......I......I'll......

Shockwave: *Walks up to her* You can do nothing. Every attempt so far for you to escape has led to your torture...through electric shock. It is obvious that you will not survive for much longer if you continue.

Elizabeth: *Pants, in pain from the procedure*

Shockwave: But do not worry: the procedure will soon be complete, and the secrets of the universe that you possess will belong to Lord Megatron.

Elizabeth: I'd rather die than give them up to him!

Shockwave: Your decision is highly...illogical. *Turns to operate a machine* And I cannot allow it.

*Elizabeth is jolted with a powerful electric shock, screaming in pain.*

*Meanwhile, on the bridge, Megatron stands with his hands behind his back, smiling.*

Megatron: At last, victory is mine. I will use the power of the human female to travel to the different dimensions, ALL across eternity...and wipe Optimus Prime and his precious Autobots from the face of existence before they even have a chance to exist in the first place! *Ambition fills his eyes*

*Suddenly, the Nemesis shakes. Megatron looks around, suspicious. Just then, Starscream runs in.*

Starscream: Lord Megatron! It's the Autobots!!

Megatron: What? Impossible! We are far in the atmosphere of this planet! The Autobots cannot fly!

Starscream: If you don't believe me, come on out and see for yourself!

Megatron: You do not order ME, Starscream!

*The Nemesis shakes again*

Megatron: Nnnggrrraaaaaaaaaah! *Storms off to check out the disturbance. As he walks out to the top deck, looking around, all seems fine. Songbird stands at attention.* That fool, Starscream, could be taught a lesson or two about proper information-gathering being given to his commander! *Turns away*

*Suddenly, something slams into Songbird from above, slamming its face to the deck. Megatron stops, turning around slowly. As the smoke clears, a girl with long brown hair in a ponytail and golden-colored eyes kneels on top of it, fist planted in the side of its face. She rises slowly, turning to face Megatron.*

Megatron: What?! A human?!

Alicia: You WISH I was human.

*Suddenly, the Autobots rush in from the sides, firing their guns at the Decepticons on the deck as Megatron watches in confusion.*

Rusty: Yeah, that's right! Run! You don't mess with HER!


*Songbird rises, Alicia still on its head, and throws its head back, knocking her off. She flies into the air, unphased as she does a backflip. Songbird blasts into the air to meet her...and takes a swift punch to the face from her, so hard that it spins around, careening to the ground. Alicia follows it down, past the ship as the battle rages onboard*

Rusty: Take care of that thing! I'm going to find Elizabeth!

Optimus: Autobots! Spread out and fight!

Bulkhead: You got it, Optimus!

*As you rush through the 'Cons, Starscream suddenly blasts towards you, transforming and kicking you down as he lands on you, aiming a rocket at your suit's face, chuckling*

Starscream: Didn't we kill you, already?

Rusty: Starscream...I'll rip out your spark!!

Starscream: With what? Your frail, human hands?

*Suddenly, Bee comes in with a mean right hook, punching Starscream off of you as the missile he was about to shoot at your face flies off into the sky*

Rusty: No...with my robot hands!!

*You rush Starscream, going to punch him in the chest, but he darts to the right*

Starscream: You don't deserve them in the first place. *Grins smugly*

Rusty: Yeah, well YOU don't even deserve to live! You smug jackass!

*You fire your blasters at his face. He dodges your shots and spins around, aiming a rocket at you and firing. You duck, and he fires another at your lower torso. Leaping out of the way, you slide to the ground, firing as you do so. You manage to knick his left arm.*

Starscream: Gah! Grrrr! Is that all you've got?! You cannot take down the might of Starscream!! *Transforms into jet mode and plows into you, flying off the Nemesis as you hold on for dear life*

Rusty: *Pounds on his cockpit*

Starscream: How does it feel, you pathetic worm? To know that your life hangs precariously in my hands? *He jolts to the side, and you nearly slide off* Hahahaha!

Rusty: *Hangs on for dear life*

*Back on the ship, Arcee kills a 'Con, then looks out to see you on Starscream*

Arcee: Oh no......Optimus! *Points*

Optimus: *Looks out* !! Hang on, Rusty!!

*Starscream jolts to the left sharply, and you lose grip in your right hand*

Rusty: If I go...I'm taking you with me!!! Land on the ship or I'll rip out your T-Cog!

Starscream: Do that and you fall with me!

Rusty: *Reaches for his T-Cog* Try me!

*Feeling you go for it, Starscream suddenly does a barrel roll...and you fall right off as he's upside-down. You watch in shock as he flies off without you.*

Optimus: NOOOOOOO!!!

Rusty: *Desperately shoots at Starscream*

*Everything seems to go in slow-motion for you as Starscream flies away. Your shots miss as you fall to the ground far below, Optimus's screams heard from what now seems like forever away*

Rusty: Ahhhhhhh!!!!

*You scream, but then, as you continue falling, you begin to accept your fate. Maybe you won't survive...but Elizabeth will! You have faith that your friends will be able to save her. But in the end...you will always be alone......an outcast...*

Rusty: So this is to be my fate as an outcast...

*Suddenly, you feel the embrace of someone...as though you are being hugged tightly from behind.*

Rusty: Gh!!

*A voice whispers in your ear*

???: I have you...

*Your muscles tense up, the armor around you beginning to fall apart as though being torn asunder. Dark magic begins to surround you, and then solidifies. You feel her presence......and the growing power she plants within you. Clenching your hands into fists, large shadow wings burst from your back as the suit falls to pieces, and you stop yourself from falling.*

Licorice: My Outcast...

Rusty: It's you!! You ARE real!

*Your realization is interrupted by the sound of jet engines above*

Rusty: Starscream!! I’ve got a score to settle! *Swings his arm out and forms a shadow blade*

*You blast forwards, closing the distance with Scream with a hunger growing inside of you*

Starscream: What?! What is-

Rusty: Remember me?! *Swings his blade*

*You cut off Starscream's right wing as the Autobots watch in awe from the ship. Starscream spins out of control and lands on the top deck of the Nemesis, forced out of transformation by the extreme pain. You land as well, sliding to a stop as Starscream rolls to a stop up ahead, near the edge.*

Starscream: Gh...*Struggles to stand*

Rusty: Not only am I going to kill you...I'm going to kill you with your own T-Cog!

Starscream: No! Wait! Please! *Gets on his knees, begging* I'll serve you! My new lord and master! Just please! SPARE ME!!

Rusty: You never change... *Goes to rip his T-Cog out*

*As you thrust your right arm forward to grab his T-Cog from his chest, Starscream quickly aims his right arm at your face and fires off a rocket with a smug grin. But his grin is immediately wiped off his face as you grab the still-thrusting rocket, holding it in place with incredible strength. Starscream watches in horror as you turn it around, then lets it go right into his face. The explosion knocks him off the ship, and you leap down, following him. You reach him as he tries to transform, blasting forward and shoving your fist into his chest. You feel around, finding the T-Cog, and rip it out of his chest.*

Starscream: GAAAAAAH!! AAAAAAHH!! *Holds his chest in pain*

*Holding his T-Cog in your right hand, you dart back and fourth, blow after blow, beating him to death with his own T-Cog, as promised. With a final blow, you shove it straight through his spark chamber, piercing the chamber as blue Energon showers you from above. Finally, you let him go, gripping his T-Cog tightly in your hand as you watch his lifeless husk fall to the Earth below. You then fly up and land on the Nemesis's top deck once more.*

Outcast: You should be honored, Starscream: you fell at the hands of Outcast.

Bee: Rusty!! *Runs up to you* Is...that really you?...

Rusty: It's still me, Bee. Only more badass!

Optimus: Autobots! *Just then, there's a thud from behind as Songbird lands on the deck, battered and dented. It attempts to rise, but Alicia slams down, finally finishing it off. Optimus turns to her and nods, then points toward the door leading down to the lower decks* ROLL OUT!!

Outcast: I'm on it! *Bursts through the ship's entrance*

- - - - - - - - -

Two more parts to Stage 1!

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The Red S30

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Part 12

*The Autobots rush the interior of the ship with battle cries as the Decepticons retreat. You close your eyes as the Autobots run past you, trying to focus on where Elizabeth could be.*

Licorice: Where...where...oh where could you be?...

Rusty: There! *Runs off towards Elizabeth's direction*

*You run through the fighting...the explosions...the death...focused on keeping the promise you made to Elizabeth: to keep her from the clutches of Megatron. You dodge shots, roll over attacking Decepticons...and even cut a few down. Finally, you reach the room you sensed her in. The door opens, and sure enough...Elizabeth lies inside, shackled to a metal slab. Her skin is a bit blackened by scorch marks from being shocked.*

Rusty: Elizabeth!! My god, what have they done to you?! *Unshackles Elizabeth* Don't worry...we're getting you out of here.

*She doesn't respond; unconscious. It doesn't look good. Did they...kill her?*

Rusty: Elizabeth!! Wake up!! Please!!

*She still doesn't respond*

Rusty: *Tears start rolling down his face* Was I too late?...

*You hold her limp body helplessly. As your tears flow from your face, Licorice disengages, your armor vanishing. The tears fall onto her face, slightly washing away some of the blackened scorch marks. Her face twitches slightly.*

Rusty: Huh?

Elizabeth: Rm...

Rusty: Elizabeth?! You're okay!

Licorice: *Smirks, her long black hair flowing gently as she looks Elizabeth over with her glowing purple-colored eyes* Heh...I wouldn't call this 'okay.' She's lucky she's still alive.

Rusty: Can you heal her?

Licorice: You think I'm a healer, now?!

Shockwave: *Trudges up from the shadows* What are you doing with my specimen?

Rusty: *Eyes shadowed* What did you call her?...

Shockwave: Only what she is. To me, specifically.

Rusty: She's not some specimen, you psychotic cyclops!!

Shockwave: Ah, yes...sympathy. A logical emotion for such a creature to have at seeing another of its own kind tortured...like a lab rat.

Rusty: *Enraged* She is not some lab rat!!!

Shockwave: Perhaps not anymore. In truth, I have no further use for her. She was about to be disposed of, so this is of no consequence.

Licorice: Wait...then...you're not even going to bother trying to stop us?

Shockwave: I have finished what was required of me. I have far more pressing matters to attend to. You will not escape the wrath of Lord Megatron. Therefore, I find no reason to stay here any longer.

Rusty: Oh, you're not going anywhere, Shockwave. You still have to answer for what you've done!

Shockwave: But I am. I warn you: attempt to follow me...*Flips a switch, a node lighting up on Elizabeth's back*...and she will be terminated.

Rusty: Gh....fine...

*You stay put, eyes shadowed as Shockwave casually walks past you*

Rusty: How can I trust that you won't just kill her after you leave?

Shockwave: I have watched you from my lab, human. Your abilities are...commendable. Therefore, invoking the wrath of you...or your friends...is HIGHLY.........illogical. *With that, he walks out, the door closing behind him*

Rusty: Smart robot. *Looks down at Elizabeth* We need to get her to Ratchet...he's the only one who can remove that node from her!

Licorice: Just remember who your girl is. *Wraps around you once more, your armor appearing again* THIS...could be yours.

*You stand, Elizabeth now weightless in your powered-up arms*

Rusty: Jealous? *Smirks* Don't worry. She's just a good friend of mine.

*As you walk out, the Autobots take over the rest of the ship, storming the bridge. Since Ratchet is inside, you walk in as well, hoping to ask for his aid. The Decepticons hold up their hands in surrender.*

Cliff: Yeah, THAT'S right. Drop your weapons and keep your hands where we can see them.

Rusty: Ratchet, we need your help!

Ratchet: *Looks back at you* What seems to be the problem?

Rusty: Shockwave implanted a node on the back of her neck!

Ratchet: *Examines her* Mmm...should be simple enough. All I need are the proper tools, and-

*Suddenly, the main console that Cliffjumper stands in front of transforms behind his back, standing up*

Bee: Cliffjumper! Look ou-

*Before Cliff can turn around, Soundwave shoves a blade through his back, blue Energon dripping off of it*

Smokescreen: CLIFFJUMPER!!

*Before the Autobots can act, Soundwave activates his wave emitter, sending them to their knees. Though it doesn't affect you, you can't abandon Elizabeth. The other Decepticons rise, grabbing their weapons as Soundwave keeps the Autobots down*

Rusty: Big mistake!! *Form his shadow blade*

Soundwave: *His chest cavity opens up, and a cassette emerges* Ravage: eject. Operation: annihilation. *The cassette transforms into a large, black cat-like Cybertronian, landing in front of you with a snarl*

Rusty: Here, kitty-kitty!

*You lunge at Ravage, but he leaps to the side, then leaps onto your back, sending you to the ground. He's fast!*

Rusty: *Knocks Ravage off*

*Ravage is slammed into the wall, sliding to the ground, and quickly recovers, leaping out of the way as you shove your sword into the wall where he once was*

Soundwave: *His chest cavity opens up again, another cassette emerging* Frenzy: eject. Operation: annihilation. *The cassette transforms into a human-sized red Cybertronian*

Frenzy: Heh heh hehhhh! C'mon, human! Just you and me! Oh...and Ravage! HAHA!! *Ravage joins him at his side*

Rusty: So I have to fight a runt...aaand his pet?

Frenzy: A RUNT?! Look who's talkin'! *Dashes at you, super fast, Ravage right on his tail*

Rusty: *Dodges with ease* Awww, did I upset the little guy?

*Suddenly, you feel a punch in the gut, coughing up blood*

Frenzy: Yeah. Ya kinda did. But I'll get over it! *Punches you in the face, sending you flying back. You land on the ground, and before you can get up, Ravage lands on your chest, pinning you down as he snarls in your face*

Rusty: I said get OFF of me, you furball! *Punches Ravage in the face*

Licorice: *As you get up* You see fur? Where do you see fur?!

Rusty: Now is NOT the time for quips like that!

Licorice: I'm just sayin'! I don't see any fur!

*Her talking distracts you, and you get punched in the left side of the face by Frenzy*

Rusty: Bleh!! Oh! You want to throw punches!! Okay. How's this!!? *Throws a powerful punch at Frenzy*

*Frenzy goes flying back past Ravage, the cat snarling angrily. You think you got the upper hand, but then Frenzy simply gets up from the punch, still in the fight.*

Rusty: Okay...*Getting tired from all the fight* Damn.. *panting* I cant keep this up much longer!

*Just then, someone runs past you. It's Kevin! You were expecting him to be wearing the trenchcoat outfit from the story, but he still wears what he was wearing earlier. However, he wields a black sword with a white hilt, a jewel on the pommel. Rushing past you, straight at Soundwave, he holds the sword with the pommel facing Soundwave. The jewel on the pommel pushes the sound waves back, finally relieving the Autobots of it and allowing them to stand. Smokescreen struggles to stand, holding up his blaster and carefully aiming. Finally, he fires, the blast hitting Soundwave's head. He falls, down, out of commission.*

Smokescreen: Geh...*Gets down on his hands and knees, relieved*

Frenzy: *Runs over to Soundwave's side with Ravage* Master!

*Before he can do anything, guns are trained all over him*

Bee: Stand. Down.

*Frenzy is forced to raise his hands in surrender*

Frenzy: Scrap...

Rusty: What about Cliffjumper?!

Bee: *Runs to his side* Brother!

Ratchet: *Kneels at Cliffjumper's side, touching his chest piece* ......I can't say for certain what his fate is at the moment. I need more time to fully-examine him.

Rusty: ...I hope he's okay... *Looks at Elizabeth* Let's see if we can get that thing outta you...

Ratchet: Again, I'd need the proper tools to perform any sort of special surgery. Especially on a human.

Bee: I haven't heard from Optimus in a while...you think he's okay?

Rusty: I hope so...

- - - - - - - - -

Stage 1 is almost done! Ready for the epic conclusion?!
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The Red S30

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Part 13

*Meanwhile, on the top deck of the ship, Alicia stands off to the side as Optimus faces down Megatron, lightning streaking across the sky as the Nemesis enters a storm cloud*

Optimus: Megatron...

Megatron: Optimus. And so we meet again, on the field of battle. How our fates seem so...intertwined. And yet......we work so fervently to rid ourselves of one another.

Optimus: *Narrows his eyes* Megatron......*Takes a step forward* I will not allow you carry on the way you have any longer! This...ends...here.

Megatron: For once, we agree, Optimus.

Optimus: You must be stopped...no matter the cost...

Megatron: Geh heh ha ha HA HA HA!! Don't you SEE, Optimus?! I have already WON!

Optimus: *Narrows his eyes as lightning streaks across the sky* ...?

Megatron: You gave your all to protecting the human girl, but in the end, -I- was the one to be victorious in this struggle. Your coming here is of no consequence to me. I have already unlocked the secret that she has held within her pesky little organic brain! *Raises his arms* The secret...to INTER-DIMENSIONAL AND TIME TRAVEL!! *Lightning streaks across the sky*

Optimus: *Frowns* ...

Megatron: Even should you escape with your life and the girl, I already HAVE what I wanted! Now...I will travel back in time...across the millions of realities across all of eternity......and wipe you and your precious Autobots from existence before you even have a chance to exist in the first place!

*Lightning streaks across the sky*

Optimus: *Clenches his hands into fists* Not if I end you...before you have a chance.

Megatron: Geh heh ha HA HAAAAAA! Come, then, Optimus!

Optimus: This ends here, Megatron! One shall stand; one shall fall.

*Just then, you and the other Autobots emerge from the interior of the ship to watch the battle*

Rusty: Kick his ass, Optimus!

*Lightning streaks across the sky as Optimus runs for Megatron, going for a punch in the face. Megatron blocks his blow and aims his arm cannon in Optimus's face. Optimus quickly knocks it to the side as the blast shoots off into the sky, punching Megatron in the face with an uppercut. Megatron stumbles back a bit, but as Optimus rushes in for another punch, Megatron grabs his arm and swings him past him, then kicks him in the back. Optimus stumbles forward. As he turns, Megatron is already there, and punches him hard in the face. Optimus is taken to the ground.*

Optimus: Rrrgh...

Rusty: *Clenches his fist*

*As Optimus tries to get up, Megatron walks up and kicks him hard in the lower torso, sending him rolling off to the side.*

Optimus: Gah!!

Megatron: *Walking slowly towards Optimus* You are WEAK, Optimus. You FIGHT for the weak. That...is why you will always lose.

Optimus: ......*Clenches his hands into fists, then quickly rises as Megatron nears him, going for a punch in the face.*

*Megatron dodges to the side, then kicks Optimus away. He stumbles for a bit, then regains his composure, blades sliding from inside his right arm. Megatron smirks, his own blade emerging from his right arm. They run at each other, Megatron leaping into the air as the get near each other. They clash blades, sparks flying as they spin, the blades clanging against each other as lightning streaks across the sky.*

Rusty: C'mon, Optimus...you can do this!!

*Optimus and Megatron continue their blade duel, finally locking blades.*

Optimus: *Narrows his eyes as he stares into Megatron's gaze*

Megatron: This is where it ends, Optimus. Across ALL the planes of existence...you and your Autobots will be no more...and -I- will reign SUPREME.

Optimus: NEVER! *Pushes hard, knocking Megatron back*

*Megatron is hardly phased by Optimus's burst of strength, spinning 360-degrees as Optimus swings his blade again...and cutting Optimus's blade in half. The other half of the blade flies through the air, landing right in front of you and the others.*

Arcee: *Gasps* !!

Rusty: Optimus!!!

Megatron: *Points his blade at Optimus, chuckling* It's finished, Optimus. I have won.

Optimus: Not while Energon still runs through my circuits! *He suddenly transforms into vehicle mode, the flat-nose rig hitting Megatron like a wrecking ball as he drives down the length of the deck*

*Megatron is a bit out of it from the impact, unable to get free from the front of the truck. Finally, Optimus slams him into the wall with full force, then transforms back to robot mode and punching him repeatedly, first with the right fist, then the left, then the right. He then grabs him by the shoulders and throws him behind him, Megatron sliding on the deck to a stop. As he struggles to stand, out of it, Optimus gets a running start, his right fist ready to punch.*

Optimus: HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! *Optimus punches Megatron hard, sending him over the edge of the ship and into the dark clouds surrounding it. However, he slams into something that cannot be seen through the darkness, stopping him in mid-air* ? *Looks up*

*Everyone looks out to see a massive, smiling face looking down upon them from the clouds. Megatron has landed in the left fist of Yuripa! It clenches its fist, crushing Megatron and killing him. It then opens up its fist, revealing a crumpled, dead Megatron, and his lifeless husk falls to the Earth below. Optimus stands up straight. There is pain in his eyes...but he did what had to be done...*

Rusty: He's finally been defeated...

*The Autobots suddenly erupt in cheer, rushing to Optimus, thrilled*

Rusty: *Smirks* Well how about that...

Ratchet: *Looks at Optimus in awe*

Smokescreen: Woohoo! THAT'S why he's a PRIME!!

*You walk up to Optimus with Kevin, still holding Elizabeth in your arms*

Optimus: *Kneels down, looking into your eyes*

Rusty: It had to be done.

Optimus: *Lowers his gaze to Elizabeth, then turns away. Finally, he nods.* So it did. *Stands* Autobots...friends...I thank you. ALL of you. This victory could not be achieved without you.

Rusty: ...*Nods* It was an honor. You know...if you want to...you're more than welcome to stay here. With us.

Optimus: Thank you, my friend. Our future is uncertain...but for now, let us return to Earth's soil. Where we all belong.

Kevin: *Nods with a smile*

Rusty: *Nods* We need Ratchet to take this thing out of her neck...

Optimus: And end this...once...and for all.

*Later on, in your barn, as Cliffjumper stirs, a bit out of it, on a medical slab, Ratchet carefully removes the node from Elizabeth's neck. She seethes in pain, haven woken up earlier.*

Ratchet: It might sting for a bit......but you'll be fine.

*You put her blue coat over her shoulders*

Elizabeth: *Catches her breath* ......You all......thank you. I-...*Shakes her head, her hand on her chest* I can't imagine what would have happened if I hadn't-

Smokescreen: Hey. Don't sweat it. All in a day's work! Right, guys?

Arcee: *Arms crossed* Speak for yourself.

Rusty: Hell, it could've been worse.

Bee: MUCH worse.

Kevin: I'm still not completely sure what happened here. But mission accomplished.

Rusty: Yeah...but I still have some unfinished business...with a certain girl, and her boyfriend...

*Elizabeth stands, then looks at you. She manages a small smile.*

Rusty: So what will you do now?

Elizabeth: ...I don't know. There are millions of worlds out there... *Looks over at Kevin, then down at the bird pendant on her neck* And I'm finally, truly free to explore them all.

Rusty: That's true...you should go to Valuxia some time.

Elizabeth: *Glances at Kevin* I'm sure I will.

Rusty: You know...if you ever want to settle down eventually, you'll always have a home here.

Elizabeth: *Smiles at you, nodding* Thanks. I really do appreciate that. But...something tells me I'm not needed here. *Nods towards Kevin with a smile. You look to see Kevin take the hand of an Asian-looking girl with short, brown hair, with a white dress that reflects the sunlight. She looks at Kevin with a look of disapproval, but he seems thrilled to see her nonetheless.*

Rusty: Huh... *Can't help but smirk*

*You look over to see Elizabeth open up a tear, walking through. She looks back with a smile and waves. Finally, the tear closes up behind her.*

Licorice: *Standing beside of you* Well, now. What's this about unfinished business? You KNOW I want in on any juicy revenge you have planned for anybody.

Rusty: *Smiles* Well, if they show up, I want to introduce them to our friends!

Licorice: And me?

Rusty: Oh, ESPECIALLY you! Just don't go too overboard...

Licorice: *Almost seems hurt by the warning* You don't mean that!

Rusty: *Blushes* Uh...we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

*She leans on your arm as you walk her back to the destroyed farmhouse...with plans to rebuild*

- - - - - - - - -

Sooo, that's the end of Stage 1! Thoughts? Opinions? I hope to put up the rest of the stages if you all are interested in the rest of the story. This...is only the beginning!
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