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> The Ultimate Racing Game, Because sometimes WMMT isn't enough
Posted: Nov 20 2014, 04:13 AM
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22B - Ultimate Impreza

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QUOTE (N643 @ Oct 9 2014, 05:57 PM)
they cant really make money off it as most ppl just buy the machines & play offline, as they thought online would be expensive back in the day

eventually bg4 will die off, due to being too real & most ppl would just drive a real car (thats why most ppl went back to playing mt/id as it was less real & more fun in the longer run)

also no other game gave u a e-brake & clutch as well as (almost) real life physicals, this aint no cruising usa or rush hour

I remember Ferrari F355 Challenge playing that once when i was like 10, that had the whole clutch & all but im not sure about handbrake. I just recall having no clue how the f**k it worked hahaha
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Posted: Nov 20 2014, 08:09 PM
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only used by a chinese guy who has nothing to do while playing the game

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user posted image
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Posted: Nov 22 2014, 02:09 PM
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i wanan b da berry best

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Currently procrastining on designing my Pixel Racers game based on Gameboy/GBA type graphics>

Thinking of making it on PC, its like a mini treat bite sized version of MT/ID... simplified and prolly generic.
But i will finish designing a map course one day...

It's not like I haven't forgotten the plans, ideas, conception etc.

It's my vision of makign the "ultimate fun handheld/pc mini game" for android i guess.
I mean I intend to make it a big game in small forms, exactly MT and ID combined. With story mode. and stuff.

Hell, I designed the sprites here, AND i wrote documents AND I made 8bit famitracker songs for them already.
Posted: May 31 2015, 10:08 PM
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Mist at Dawn. Maybe in Greater Rifts.

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Asphalt. No better mobile racing game than this!

I've been playing since the very first game back in the mobile phone days. However, my favourite game is 7. 8 is good, but too much grinding for the credits, and it's not easy to get tokens.
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Posted: Jun 10 2015, 06:12 PM
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Global Terrorist

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Shutokou Battle vs Kaido Battle,
or maybe
Shutokou Battle X Kaido Battle. Aimed for PlayStation devices.

Setting takes place in many countries RTW, good reference of available countries is every supported PSN region (about 60). Depending on availability some countries may not have both a metro highway network or a mountain pass, so they are limited to one environment (Singapore has no mountain roads, Ukraine has no city freeway etc). Image found from GT6 FAQ.


You start a career based on the country you're based in, unless certain conditions are met where you cannot start in your own country (IP address interferes PSN account nationality, offline guest). Players start with local currency of the country they begin with, each balanced to allow the player to purchase their first car. Based on region, the car's specifications are also exact to the models sold in real life (LHD or RHD, size of license plate space for the bumpers (stretched or rectangular), car name (Nissan Silvia or 200SX), like that).

After clearing the first stage you progress by moving to another country. You need to take account the currency exchange and price of moving in. You can also decide whether to leave your car in the country and start with a normal car again, or import it to your next country. After moving, you now have the ability to change regional specs of the car you buy. Unlocking the second stage is done by moving in to your third country, and 100% requires you to move in to all the available countries.

Progress can be also done by traveling to other countries and race as a visitor of the country. This is limited to general opponents and wanderers. Boss battles are only available if you move to the country the boss originates, have made residence and cleared 3 countries in the first stage, or have visited the country more than 5 times. You can choose to import your car, rent a car from an official renter, or borrow a friend's car from your friends (based in that country), or from contacts established by opponents you've met (for offline players). Defeating a general opponent as a visitor will give you half the full progression rate and half the prize money rate, but clearing the gang boss will award you the full rate, excluding money, of all the gang opponents.

You can also create your own crew members who can either drive your cars or bring their own car to the table. Crew members you have can be sent to scatter the roads and parking areas for other players to challenge, each giving rewards for participating against online players, or even winning against the opponent (offline opponents included).

The game uses a hybrid forum system where offline characters and real-world online players can use, similar to the BBS messaging system in the Kaido Battle series, but it has the ability for players to post their own messages. In-game opponents will create and send messages the same way as in Kaido Battle by script. The forums and the rivals list will hint clues for you to complete Wanderer requirements, at least one Wanderer has a requirement hidden under text of the local language of their country as a forum post (slangs and short-form words included to make it harder), this gets online players to cooperate together to translate the messages and find the requirements.
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