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> Shutokou Battle, Fanfic based on TXR
Posted: Jul 26 2015, 08:18 AM
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Story inspired by fettman53's Go! Shutokou!

Well, hi there. Project: Shutokou (name is work in progress) is a fan story written by me, the Newb. Heavily inspired by both fettman53's Go! Shutokou! and Tokyo Xtreme Racer, I hope you guys would enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. (which is a lot)

The story is set in modern day Tokyo, the Shuto Expressway racing scene to be more precise. I wouldn't spoil the story so much, but it tells the story of a touge racer who just started racing on the Shutokou. Somewhere along the line, he'll meet friends and rivals who will test his skills. Will he succeed?

There'll be some characters you'll be familiar with appearing in the course of the story.

Without anymore delay, let's get started!

Act 0-Dethroned

“The world of street racing is a constantly changing one, a single night could change everything. In this world, even Gods can be slayed, let alone a King…”

2 Years ago,

Mount Haruna, Downhill 11:42pm

“This is the finish line!” The transceiver cracked. “ We can hear the roar of their engines! They’re almost here!”

The monstrous roar of engines echoed through the mountain pass as two cars battled it out on Haruna’s downhill. One was an Evo 3, the other…

“Jesus, just listen to that squealing!” One of the spectators exclaimed. “They’re coming in fast!”

“There!” Somebody pointed out, everyone’s eyes shifted towards the final corner of the course.

“Here they come!” The transceiver cracked, “Which one’s in the lead?!”

A pair of square pop up headlights emerged from the darkness, followed by another pair of rectangular headlights.

“It’s the FC! Blackout’s Evo 3 is coming too!” The transceiver continued, “but there’s too much of a gap for him to cover! The FC wins!”

As the two cars crossed the finish line, the driver in the Evo 3 was too flabbergasted by his defeat to do anything else but to stop and stare at the car that defeated him as it disappeared over the horizon.

“450hp…” Hiroki thought to himself, “my Evo 3 defeated by a FC? 450hp defeated by a FC?! Who is this guy?!”

Hiroki Koukami, known to many racers as Blackout or Emotional King, the fastest man on the Aso pass...no, the fastest on any course was defeated on Mount Haruna’s downhill by a new racer in a FC3S. Having left the racing scene for many years when he realized there’s no one who could surpass him, he only returned when he heard rumors about a racer who was defeating teams on all the mountain pass in the country in just a few months. At first, he thought that it was some punk who got beginner’s luck and that he’ll eventually be defeated by someone faster than him. But when news of Kingdom Twelve’s defeat, the fastest touge team, reached him. Hiroki started to realize that this kid might be no beginner. Still, it was no reason to challenge this racer yet. His level was way out of Kingdom Twelve’s league and he thought that this kid wasn’t that much good of an opponent yet. Nonetheless, he picked up the keys of his Evo 3 once again, awaiting the day where this kid would eventually challenge him when there’s no one left.

That challenge came just yesterday. When Hiroki met the mysterious racer who suddenly appeared and defeated all the racers on the pass, he was quite surprised. He thought that he would be racing against someone who was alot older than he was, someone who drives a monster machine capable of rivaling even his 450hp Evo 3. Instead, a young man in his mid twenties showed up in a white FC3S.

What the...you’re kidding right? This is the racer who conquered all the mountain pass? And he drives an FC?

From the sound the rotary engine made, Hiroki knew that the FC had 260 horsepower. Which was a greater surprise for him since he knew a few members of Kingdom Twelve who had way more power than that. How did a car with only 260 horsepower defeat the nation’s fastest touge team?

Something doesn’t seems right. Hiroki was initially sure that this race would end in his victory, but now that he has seen this racer and his car, maybe he wasn’t so sure after all.

When the countdown went to zero, Hiroki immediately blasted off, leaving the FC in the dust. Rarely does he uses the straightaways to get some distance between him and his opponent, however this race was different. For a 20 year old FC to defeat the country’s strongest Touge team, Hiroki obviously wasn’t taking any chances. His plan was to get as much distance away from his opponent, then widen the gap even further by taking the corners at high speed on the 3rd gear. He will not give his opponent any chance to catch up to him, or so he thought…

“What the?!” Hiroki cried out when he realized that the FC was already closing the gap even though they only had gone through seven corners of the course.

“Impossible!” Hiroki said as he shifted down to 3rd gear for the corner ahead. As both cars went through the tight hairpin at over 100km/h, Hiroki took this chance to look at his rear mirror to see what the opponent driver was doing. Only to realise that the FC has already disappeared from his rear view mirror.

“Don’t tell me!” The racer exclaimed as he looked to his starboard, the outside of the hairpin. A blur of white immediately shot past him.


By the time the race was over, despite having the power advantage of over 200 hp, the man who was once the king of all mountain pass has been dethroned. The news of a new racing legend soon spread across the nation’s street racing scene like wildfire. Many would soon come and challenge this legendary FC, hoping to either prove their skills as a racer or to see for themselves if this racer was that good as everyone said.

There was one problem however. What do you think is next for a racer that has reached the ultimate status as the fastest? Continue racing? Go professional? Or retire? Some of the racers thought that the driver of the FC has taken either of the latter two options, while some of the more absurd suggested that the FC crashed during a downhill battle and the driver died. Either ways, one thing was for certain…

He vanished.

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Posted: Aug 4 2015, 07:25 AM
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I know the prologue is abit fast, but that's exactly what it is. A prologue.
Chapters will start to get longer from here on.
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Posted: Aug 26 2015, 05:58 AM
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Act 1-Thunderous Turbo

Tokyo, Shinjuku 6pm

“That concludes today’s meeting. Good work everyone, we’re done for the day.” A burly man in a black suit stood up from one end of a long table and said. Soon later, the conference room began to empty out with offices workers discussing their plans after work.

“So where do you want to eat?”

“Hey, don’t forget. You still owe me a beer!”

“You want to go to Shibuya after this?”

As the room continued to clear, a young man stay seated as he counted his folders and papers before arranging them in one stack. His shirt was slightly creased and his hair was ruffled as well.

"YAWN" A loud yawn escaped from the man’s mouth.

"Its bad for your body if you keep staying up late you know." A voice came from behind.

"Sorry boss, just a habit of mine."

"Well as long as you report to work on time as usual, I don't care what you do at night." The man smirked before leaving the room. Rensuke was the only one left inside.

"I guess I should go now." Rensuke looked at his watch as he stood up from the oakwood table.

Tokyo, 9:01pm

Somewhere in a maintenance garage in Tokyo…

“What the? Oh this is just great, where the heck did the ECU go? It was here a few minutes ago!”

A dirty man in an oil stained overalls suddenly went on all fours in the large chaotic room. On one side were a bunch of disassembled engines, some were almost complete, while most were actually gathering dust bunnies from neglect. On the other side were two hydraulic car lifts, one of which is holding a black BNR32 with it’s hood up, waiting patiently for it’s upgrade.

“There you are!” The man exclaimed in delight as he reached for a silver square metal piece lying under a tool cabinet, only to realize that part of it was bent. In short, it was useless.

“F***! It’ll take a whole week to order another one like this!” He said as he furiously threw the broken metal square into the bin. That’s $600 down the drain, and it also meant that the order had to be delayed. Taking out a cellphone, the man dialed a number before putting it to his ear.

“Uhh, hello. Mr Nakazato ? This is Hideo, yeah.... About the modifications you wanted… Oh no! There’s nothing wrong with your car! It’s just that a slight issue occurred and work might have to be delayed for about a week...Uhh yeah...I am very , very sorry sir, there’s will be no extra charges in the bill… Yes...Yes...I understand…”

As sweat furiously dripped from his black oily hair, Kai heard the soft purr of a Wankel engine rolling into the garage. Realizing who it was, he quickly made up the quickest (and lamest) excuse he could think of so he could put down the phone.

“Well, look what the cat dragged in.” Hideo smirked as he put down his phone.

“Shut it ,” Rensuke laughed as he closed the door of his car. “New order?” He said as he noticed the black Skyline sitting on top of the lift.

“Yeah, the guy wanted a new ECU that focus more on acceleration.” Hideo sighed as he pointed to the trash can. “But apparently, Lady Luck decided to play a joke on me.”

“For a tuning shop, you sure don’t stock up in advance.” Rensuke said as he took a look around the shop. The walls were coated with a thick layer of dust and stains and rest of the room doesn’t look any better.

“Hey, you know how expensive the good ones are.” Hideo replied as he pressed a button, which lowered the Godzilla on the floor. “It’s called stock and demand.”

“More like ‘stock when there’s demand’. Any way, have my parts arrived yet or do I have to wait for another goddamn week?”

“Yessiree,” The oil stained man suddenly disappeared into a back room before appearing again, this time holding a large yellow box with 3 big red letters stamped on it. “Muffler, twin turbo...And a good one too! The lot!” The man listed out the content of the box as he settled it down onto a workbench.

“So, when do we start?” Ren asked.

“Right now.” The mechanic replied as he lay out the content of the box onto the floor and took a spanner from the workbench. A Racing Beat performance silicone radiator hose kit, Mazdaspeed muffler, a K/N Filtercharger Intake Kit together with a Twin Turbo kit were placed orderly on the floor.

Tokyo, C1 Inner Circular Route, 10:36pm

The C1, the instance you step foot, reason instantly flies out of the window and the instinct to race is awakened. Once tasted, it is never forgotten, and becomes a dangerous addiction. For this reason, it has attracted many racers from around the city daily.

Tonight was no different either, Toji Sakamoto has just clocked out from his workplace and the only thing he had on his mind was the C1. It has been like that for the past 6 years, every night without fail, he would always show up on the C1 in his trademark lemon yellow Sileighty.

A lot has happened during this 6 years for him and his Sileighty, from the formation of the Shutokou’s fastest team to its disbandment, it’s subsequent revival for the kaido scene and it’s later disbandment to his lone wolf’s days. He was there.

Now, the only reason he drove at all was to kill some time amusing himself with the twists and turns of the C1, occasionally accepting challenges from noobies who didn’t know who he was. At first, it was funny that some kid in a 86 thinks he could take on a Sileighty only to be left in the dust just seconds after. But the moment where you take on another AE86 or Civic for the 36th time, you’ll start to wish for someone better.

“I guess I’ll do a few laps before turning in for the day then.” Toji sighed.

Meanwhile, just a few kilometres behind...

“How you like the new settings? I tried to match what you wanted.” Hideo’s voiced came up on a speakerphone.

“It’s good. More of the weight shifts forward when braking but the foot setting cancels out the severe oversteer that might result from it, allowing for tighter cornering.” Rensuke complimented as he shifted into fourth gear.

“Oh come on! I’ve spent hours tweaking your car and all I get is a ‘Good’? I should get more than just that.” Hideo exclaimed.

“And you just did,” Rensuke retorted. “Considering the size of the hole you put into my wallet.”

“Ha! Good one!” The voice on the speakerphone laughed meekly. “But at least the money was well-spent since you’re still keeping up with me. The new turbo and muffler must’ve did something good.”

“I’ve always been keeping up with you,” Rensuke replied as he focused on the red NA1 in front of him. “To be fair, I’ve always overtook you as well.”

“Well, uh...erm…” The speakerphone came to a dead silence as the callee found himself speechless. “Just drive.”

“Don’t mind me.” Rensuke smiled as he gently pressed down the accelerator, bringing his car side by side with the Honda. Both cars were accelerating at 220kmh approaching the Kanda bridge section, where even the most veteran of drivers know to slow down due to the two dividers that were infamous for causing crashes. The first divider was coming up fast and both drivers seemed unwilling to let the other get ahead of him.

Hideo still wanted to keep the pace, but the fear of crashing into the quickly approaching divider got the better of him and he released the accelerator.

“Darn!” Hideo gritted his teeth as he watched the FC dashed ahead of him, disappearing momentarily behind the divider before appearing out on the other side.

“Jesus, you got a screw loose!” Hideo exclaimed as he saw the white vehicle slid down a slope and fit perfectly into the opening of the second divider. “How did you do that?!”

“I don’t know. Luck?” came the reply.

As the two cars approached the intersection that splits to either into the C1 Inner again or Shinkanjyo, they unknowingly passed Toji in his Sileighty.

“Whoa!” Toji exclaimed as he watched a blur of red and white sped past him. He was dumbfounded for a while before a devilish smile emerged from his face as he shifted into 4th gear, sending a burst of flame from his exhaust as he accelerated. “This might be interesting…”

“Hey,” Rensuke asked as he gently steered left for the downward corner. “Don’t you think the C1 looks abit empty tonight?”

“The traffic here starts to clear up after 10, but most of the people we know comes out after 11. It’s 10:41 now, so we’re currently in the middle of the No Man’s Land.”

“So that means we have the entire C1 to ourselves then?”

A white flash suddenly came from behind Hideo’s car, and Hideo immediately knew what that means.

“I don’t think so. Looks like we have company.”
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