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> Summary of ROADS.., The end of a 7 Year Series.
Posted: Jul 30 2015, 05:32 PM
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i wanan b da berry best

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I've decided to compile all of my plot that I've built upon, from my life experience since 2008 until now, a project that grew with me, filled with a journeyful of wonderful and painful encounters with all my friends, rivals, and basically, it was a life of mine. But it's time I really put an end to my series, personally. Since I never finished the project despite having over 50 word files.

This is a very big TL:DR but it's only important to you all if you cared to read it.
I lack writing skills, but I try to make it an impactful, emotional and even life-splice journey.
Life in the fastlane, in the highways of MT in the arcade, everything I've experienced, reflected in the story in multitudes of themes, differing and also similarly related to each different new saga/ sequel and seasons.

It's meant to be philosphical, but its also my take on viewpoints of life.
Basically, the entires series was/is my life, So let's begin...

Racer on a Desire: (2008) Mastering the Legendary Speed.

ROADS II - Successor of Legendary Speed

ROADS IV: Crowns of Fortuna

ROADSV : When Shet gets real.

So the series has become really dark and depressive, so negative it was just really offputting.
So i never wrote it entirely because I just couldn't deal with the pain in real life just as much.
Because it has affected me and the people around me. In fact I almost lost my sense of reality.

Because what started as an original emotional journey became an addiction of negativity.
It still became philosphical but it became so dark, it just wasn't positive or even optimistic in life anymore.

To everyone, I thank you all you have been with me in life, and influenced me to write this story since 2008/9 to now, but it has became a dark journey in which I stopped writing.

For my better health and recovery. It's time to put an end to the dark side of myself and my ROADS project. This is the End of ROADS.

Special Thanks:
WME_Skype/MSN back in 2010. Neto, Andre, Jammy, Touya. you guys were cool.
Gunma34: For being a mate and being with me since 2010, we been through a lot and who woulda known we're brothers in the same wavelength?
Rin; You were a mate, but you changed. We fell apart but I'm glad you're writing your stories at least for yourself and productively than I ever could. I wish we were still friends.
R: for making me realize some things in life, I appreciated that you actually tried to help me back then despite not giving a damn Some things aren't meant to happen and for that I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble.
S: You're one hell of a tolerant dude, thanks man.
my friends and enemies etc.: for being there for the right time, the right moment. For shaping me to what I am now. supporting me and what not. I love you all.
Geo and Dare and the Admins: For dealing with my shizzle BBQ and giving me so many chances here, I really thank you guys for putting me back on track.

Perry: For making this forum, without this forum's existance, I pretty much would've been a spammer elsewhere. Or lived a boring generic life like everyone else.

It's been 7 years?
Posted: Jul 31 2015, 01:00 AM
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22B - Ultimate Impreza

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wow no mention for me? rip
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Posted: Jul 31 2015, 10:18 PM
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ey b0ss

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QUOTE (WRX22B1998 @ Today, 1:00 AM)
wow no mention for me? rip

what about meeee
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Posted: Aug 1 2015, 04:25 PM
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WME King Tiger

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m8, where's me special mention????

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