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> WMMT Gamer's Journal Book 3, a new thread for new stuff :)
Posted: Jun 15 2018, 05:16 PM
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Danmaku Racer

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QUOTE (TovarishTony @ Today, 5:48 AM)
Journal: Finally a good machine to play with this time in Timezone with my spare credits and I became fired up after the blunders of last session with the broken gear stick with the 5th gear bouncing back to neutral that ruins my rhythm. My GT86 had a nice fun run where I got up to the beginning of 3rd stage and I noticed a huge improvement of me handling FR cars since I was used to the 4WD of the Lambo but I got into driving lessons with a real car so could adapt skills learned to the game besides watching some of Keiichi Tsuchiya's videos so managed to learn some footwork like the heel and toe technique of braking on corners like Initial D.

At this rate I'm gonna get the gold tach for my GT86 but the event is still long way to go and not taking a toll on my budget yet as I was so happy with the machine being in good condition which imagine I'm in 3rd stage already on just the 2nd session of me playing this event. Next time gonna be the El Cheapo so I could save some money for getting more tokens since I have learned from the last event since I did not utilize the promos much for an event like this.

Diagnosis: technician is <Bleep!>ing eediot

Why? I'm pretty sure they didn't place the shifter cover in the correct area/position, also sure that they place rectangular upward enough to loose shifting to 5th gear considering the rectangular part is pretty new

Also I felt that crappy error on TZ Ermita, and shrug that crap just because the technician is also an eediot <_<
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Snow the Panda
Posted: Yesterday, 3:07 AM
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Request Title - PM Mods

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Did I mention China players are pretty trash?
YOUTUBE ( https://youtu.be/euw27oqa9x4 )
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Posted: Today, 4:19 AM
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Highway Emperor

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El Cheapo marathon today with 60 tokens where I got up to the half of the first section of Challenge Stage 2. It's an endurance and I only lost once the whole run with a break halfway where I had to eat something as I felt hungry. Nobody play much in that arcade because of 1 machine being out of order, 1 freezes, 1 had a broken gear stick and 1 which I used had gears 1-5 being okay but the 6th is busted so had to slam the stick just to make it bite to 6 instead of neutral which is annoying on some courses. Too many Kobe on this run with the Chinese players having weird setups on Kobe the most with 720hp with 2nd being Nagoya and Ikebukuro while I have yet to see Hiroshima on this one. I guess 2 and a half sections to go before the tach so next run hopefully to be the last at El Cheapo before I take a break from WMMT again just like after December's event.

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Posted: Today, 11:24 AM
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WME King Tiger

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QUOTE (Snow the Panda @ Yesterday, 3:07 AM)
Did I mention China players are pretty trash?

I heard that one of the hong kong champ's friend ask him why he didnt shake the devs hand and his reply was "我看不到手先生"

As for china players are thrash, these guys probably just tag team all the way up in a ffa tourney

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