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> Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4 OST
  Posted: Feb 15 2012, 01:07 AM
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Album Cover Art, Lyrics, and Extras - 300dpi -
(Click to Enlarge)

(IMG:http://finaldistance.net/mp3/WMMT4%20OST/albumart/tcover.jpg) (IMG:http://idforums.net/spacer.gif) (IMG:http://finaldistance.net/mp3/WMMT4%20OST/albumart/tcover%20back.jpg) (IMG:http://idforums.net/spacer.gif) (IMG:http://finaldistance.net/mp3/WMMT4%20OST/albumart/tcd%20disc1.jpg) (IMG:http://idforums.net/spacer.gif) (IMG:http://finaldistance.net/mp3/WMMT4%20OST/albumart/tcd%20disc2.jpg)

(IMG:http://finaldistance.net/mp3/WMMT4%20OST/albumart/tfirstbatch.jpg) (IMG:http://idforums.net/spacer.gif) (IMG:http://finaldistance.net/mp3/WMMT4%20OST/albumart/tcase%20back.jpg) (IMG:http://idforums.net/spacer.gif) (IMG:http://finaldistance.net/mp3/WMMT4%20OST/albumart/tcase%20inside.jpg) (IMG:http://idforums.net/spacer.gif) (IMG:http://finaldistance.net/mp3/WMMT4%20OST/albumart/tcase%20side.jpg)

(IMG:http://finaldistance.net/mp3/WMMT4%20OST/albumart/tcardholder1.jpg) (IMG:http://idforums.net/spacer.gif) (IMG:http://finaldistance.net/mp3/WMMT4%20OST/albumart/tcardholder2.jpg) (IMG:http://idforums.net/spacer.gif) (IMG:http://finaldistance.net/mp3/WMMT4%20OST/albumart/tpassportfront.jpg) (IMG:http://idforums.net/spacer.gif) (IMG:http://finaldistance.net/mp3/WMMT4%20OST/albumart/tpassportback.jpg)

(IMG:http://finaldistance.net/mp3/WMMT4%20OST/albumart/tcardholder3.jpg) (IMG:http://idforums.net/spacer.gif) (IMG:http://finaldistance.net/mp3/WMMT4%20OST/albumart/ttracklist.jpg) (IMG:http://idforums.net/spacer.gif) (IMG:http://finaldistance.net/mp3/WMMT4%20OST/albumart/tlyrics01.jpg) (IMG:http://idforums.net/spacer.gif) (IMG:http://finaldistance.net/mp3/WMMT4%20OST/albumart/tlinernotes.jpg)

Downloads - CBR 320kbps q0 LAME -
(Right Click to Save As)
    === DISC 1 ===
  1. Entry Maxi4
  2. Get Your Engine Going
  3. Pleasures of Speed
  4. Nostalgia
  5. Drifting into You
  6. Who's Your Rival?
  7. Glory Days
  8. Never Throw Away
  9. Highway Discipline
  10. No Turning Back
  11. The Final Count Down
  12. Result Maxi4
  13. Eternal Circle
    === DISC 2 ===
  14. Feel a Thrill
  15. Driving Energy
  16. Dark Side Style
  17. Time Trial Maxi4
  18. Control Your Music
  19. Re-Birth
  20. Madly Driving
  21. There is No Way Out
  22. Black Zone
  23. Live with You
  24. Taillight
  25. Peace and Comfort
  26. Midnight City
  27. Entry Maxi4 (Terminal mode)
RAR File: Entire Album Download Link (233.69MB) (Includes Album Art)

Album Purchase Instructions
If you are a member of the forums, you are eligible to purchase this album for 50% off the original price. It will be $20.00 (including shipping & handling) shipped to your door by USPS First-Class Mail. If you live oversea, please contact E86 for further inquiry.
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Posted: Feb 15 2012, 01:27 AM
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Legendary Emperor

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Awesome, E86! I'll be sure to want to listen to these high-quality tracks!
Too bad that there's no "secret track" as such to have the 3DX/3DX+ tracks inside...hopefully some kind of "Special Project" like they did for WMMT1 might occur again, but given that the loops of all songs (edit: minus the openings, endings and 10 Outrun tracks and maybe a few others) in WMMT soundtracks from 3 onwards are a loop twice instead of an extended track, I don't think this is going to be possible. Still, one can dream as the WMMT1 Special Project did have the missing Stream of Tears (more tranced remix), so if it were to happen for WMMT3 I'm sure we'd see the 3DX/3DX+ tracks...

This post has been edited by TouyaShiro on Feb 15 2012, 01:30 AM
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Posted: Feb 17 2012, 09:21 PM
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Request Title - PM Mods

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Posted: Mar 13 2012, 12:24 AM
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Loving the OST! Is there a link to where I can buy the CDs?
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Posted: Jun 18 2012, 10:10 AM
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Highway Emperor

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I am interested in buying the OST if it includes the special banapassport as well!

However, I am leaving for China tomorrow so I will not be available for 2 weeks.

Nevertheless, I would like to complete this transaction when I come back XD

Does it include the banapassport as well?
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Posted: Feb 19 2013, 05:57 PM
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WME C1 Runner

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Sorry I'm late to the party, but does the offer still stand?
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Posted: Dec 2 2013, 08:38 PM
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This is awesome ;)
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Posted: Oct 24 2019, 06:31 PM
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Thanks for giving a suggestion.
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